Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s01e11 Episode Script

The Knight's Fall Part 2

Dragon Master!
Please help!
They're gone.
- Down the hill.
- You should get going.
Now, hold still, Po. You're hurt.
What happened?
My son was left to clean up your mess.
I even defended you,
but look what's happened!
Po I
Don't talk to him!
If you want to talk to him,
you gotta talk to me first,
and then maybe I'll relay the message.
I, I didn't mean for this to happen.
She says, "This is all my fault,
and now it's your turn
to punch me in the arm
with a magical punchy glove thing."
The Knight's Code Being your page
All of it was a lie.
It's my fault that he died.
He told me to stay home
that night, but I followed him.
Sir Alfie, the mages have
attacked. The Queen calls for your aid.
Go, I'll meet you there. Go!
Are you going on a mission?
I want to help!
Not tonight. It's too dangerous.
What about you?
Do you know what I named it?
Luthera's Shield.
But it's a sword!
Yes. But its purpose is to protect you.
I'll always protect you.
And your mission is to stay here
and protect her until I get back.
Ah! Woohoo!
Leave my brother alone!
Get back!
I told you not to follow me.
But Alfie,
I knew you needed my help.
If it wasn't for me,
my brother would still be alive.
I have to fix this.
I have to avenge my brother's death.
Come on, you were just a kid.
You're more than your mission, Blade.
And you never have to lie to me.
So what if you're not a knight?
I'm not a Dragon Master.
Now, come on.
We got some weasels to catch.
You're still going to help me?
Of course I am.
Oh, we have to catch up.
Not so fast!
Wherever he goes, I go.
This is a new rule I have,
ever since I met you.
I might have an idea.
Zhen is your idea?
Trust me.
Nice try, Po,
but you're not escaping on my watch.
Oh, Weimin, buddy.
You're gonna regret that.
Woohoohoo! Yeah!
Yeah! Oh, boy! Yeah!
So long, suckers.
Yeah, baby!
Ursa Major!
- Whoa!
- Hold on!
Alright, push!
Hand me the reins.
Dad, do you even know how to drive a sled?
I won the North Chinese Sled Racing
Championship three years in a row.
Now get in, and hold on to your tenders.
- Woohoohoo!
- Whoa!
Come on!
We'll use the chicane to close the gap.
I'm sorry, the chi What now?
Now, we'll get into their slipstream
and make my move.
Got you!
Dad! You're awesome!
Dragon Master!
You came to save me!
Oh, now I'm the Dragon Master, huh?
Hand over the whip, Rukhmini.
We had a deal! I leave with the whip!
The whole world is doomed
if they get that whip.
That sounds like
the world's problem, not mine!
- Sorry about this, Weimin.
- Huh?
Wait, what?
Hey! You c-can't.
I'm the Emperor!
Well, that's something
you don't see every day!
Hm Or every night.
Hey, you
Outsmarted again! Boop-de-boop
Ugh. Mages.
Right on the arm.
Such a nice boat.
Give our thanks
to the Emperor for the loan.
Now then, we'll just be taking
the whip off your hands.
Where's it at, eh?
Ha ha!
Hand over the whip, bears.
No, you hand over the gauntlet, weasels.
No sense making this harder on yourselves.
You're both delusional.
The other mages are gone.
You two are all alone.
Even if you got all four, you couldn't
defeat all the knights of England.
Oh, but we can.
It's all right here in this scroll
that we took from the Lotus Village.
A gauntlet to move the Earth
A whip of endless flame
Wheels to ride the storm
And a helmet to master the wind.
The ancient warriors
created these weapons for one purpose,
to trap the souls of their enemies.
But once
you bring all four together,
the souls inside
come out to play, play, play!
Did you know about this whole
evil army of resurrected monsters thingy
with the weapons?
You don't think I would have mentioned it?
Communication isn't exactly
your strong suit.
I'm giving you one chance, Pandy.
Join me.
What? Wait, what?
No. No way.
Not in a hundred
thousand million years would I ever,
you know,
even consider possibly thinking
Yeah, yeah, got it.
Your loss! I'm a catch!
Whoa! Did you see that?
I've been waiting for this for 15 years.
I should be thanking you.
If you hadn't shown up that night,
we'd be deady, dead, dead!
Our hero.
Take that!
Do you know what you're doing?
Oh, I'm getting the hang of it.
Isn't it peachy to see
you two back together again?
Blade, are you okay?
It's over, bears.
Not so
Not so fa
- Where is it?
- Looking for this?
Blade, we gotta go.
Uh Two magical weapons.
No magical weapons.
Maybe I'm not more than my mission.
Okay, think, Po.
What do we do? What do we do?
I'll come with you, Veruca.
But you gotta leave Blade alone.
Ah, offer's off the table, got it.
That's my whip.
Not anymore.
You can't be serious.
Let go!
I can't!
Black Steel of the Equinox!
You let them get away.
I had to. I couldn't let them
Thank you.
You would have done the same for me.
No. For being my friend.
My first friend.
And I shouldn't have lied to you.
You're making water come out of my eyes.
We don't know where they're headed,
and we have no weapon that can match them.
Uh, not quite true!
How did you
If you have the whip, what do they have?
Always good to have a fake.
You switched it out?
So what, you want to help us now?
I didn't say that.
But, we are after the same things.
The whip was supposed to be the first
on my hunt for all four Tianshang Weapons.
- But now
- Uh, no, no, no.
If you wanna say something to my son,
you say it to me first,
and then maybe I'll tell him.
Same goes for you, still.
We aren't done.
Dad, it's okay.
You know how to find the other weapons?
It may cost more
than you're willing to pay.
Hm, sounds promising.
Uh, too bad we're heading home.
We're late for the dinner rush.
I have to go, Dad.
You heard Klaus and Veruca.
If we don't stop them,
they're gonna resurrect the evil army
and take over the world.
So if that means
I have to trust a fake knight
Seems a bit harsh.
- And a con artist slash thief
- Master con artist slash thief.
Then that's what I have to do.
Then I'm coming with you.
I'm sorry, what?
Stay out of this, Meandering Knife.
I'm not gonna let you do this alone,
with the two of them.
You clearly need someone to protect you,
and that's always been my job.
Then we're off on a treasure hunt.
And that means we're leaving China.
Wait, what?
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