Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s01e10 Episode Script

The Knight's Fall Part 1

Are your feet, like, super-cold?
I got icicle toes over here.
Oh, duh. Boots.
Never been a shoe guy.
Feels like being in foot prison.
I suppose it's the same with shirts, then?
If that's an issue,
this is the first I'm hearing of it.
I wish the lift was running,
'cause before we climb
this ridiculous mountain,
how can we be sure
that Klaus and Veruca are even here?
I think we can be sure.
Veruca, focus.
But wait. How can we even be sure
the monkey came here with the whip?
I think we can be sure.
I'll take that!
Uh, and that!
Stop her. Stop her!
Come on! What was that?
Just taking my cut!
I could use a couple of these.
Stop her!
I'll just take a few more for the road.
If you think you're walking out of here
with half of my treasury,
you truly underestimate
my might and power!
You don't know might and power.
Wait, what?
Sorry we couldn't come to
some kind of an agreement.
I'll be on my way
Well, that was easy.
Whose idea was it
to put a booby trap there?
You get a promotion.
I'll call you
Captain Booby Trap from now on.
First assignment: clean up this mess!
So much power in something so tiny.
With power like this,
I shall capture the Dragon Master myself!
Klaus, do you hear something?
- What?
- Behind us.
Hold on, hold on, hold on!
Well, well, well.
This is perfect.
Why don't we let them
take care of the bears, eh? Eh?
We can snag that whip
and kill two bears with one stone.
Then we mop up what's left.
Don't look so surprised.
I can make plans too, I can.
Po, stop it! Quiet down.
Did you see
my drift around that corner?
That was awesome.
Ugh, we're too late.
Or we're right on time.
Everyone, remain calm!
Hands off that whip!
Former Dragon Master?
Ooh, that still stings.
Stand down, weasels!
Weasels? You mean the monkey?
- The monkey?
- The whip!
He's got the whip.
Arrest them!
Hold it right there.
The former Dragon Master
has turned himself in,
afraid to stand in defiance
of his mighty Emperor.
She actually sold you the whip.
The monkey? No. She tried to play me.
Uh, sorry, who are you?
This is Luthera of Landreth,
the Wandering Blade,
Daughter of the Saxon Guard,
Knight of England.
You actually got it right.
Yeah, I did.
And we're on a mission
to stop the weasels,
because see, they got the gauntlet.
And there's these Tianshang Weapons
that nobody thought were real,
but we saw them in a comic book,
so we went to Li Gao Stu
I was dressed as Bamboozle,
'cause you see, I was in the Wankun,
and I had the gaunt
Uh, well yeah, that was embarr
We captured Klaus and Veruca,
but she's got this crazy mage power
where the vines come out of the ground,
and it's like, blah! Blade was
Then we found the Lost City,
which wasn't even really a city
The weasels are collecting the weapons,
and we thought they were coming here.
So, I'm supposed to believe
that you've been destroying towns
and beating up my guards
because you're after two other criminals?
Oh! Yes. You nailed it.
They have one magical weapon,
and they're coming for that whip.
We're here to save you!
Send them to the dungeon!
No, you have to believe us.
You're in danger!
Oh, really?
And I'm supposed to take you at your word?
Maybe you can't take mine,
but she's a knight,
sent by the Queen of England.
She's the most honorable person
I've ever met.
She's got a whole code and everything!
You don't have to believe me,
but you gotta trust her.
I do.
With my life.
She's no knight.
Is today Dramatic Entrance Day?
Who's this guy now?
A knight of England.
- Trappy rope launcher guy is a knight?
- Uh
What a twist.
Sent by the Queen herself.
To arrest her.
What is he talking about?
- There may be a misunderstanding.
- She is a thief.
You stole
that suit of armor and that sword
from the knights' barracks in London.
But here, your lie ends.
And I do have proof.
Ooh, a decree,
signed by the Queen herself.
You can take my personal ship
back to England.
Just be careful. It's a lease.
Much appreciated, Emperor.
Take her.
But you're a knight.
You have the book and the sword
and the no-nonsense attitude.
Po, I'm, I'm not a knight.
Hey! No, no, no! Hey, look.
You can't lock me up. We're in danger.
Klaus and Veruca are coming for that whip,
and they've got this crazy dark magic
that controls roots
and plants and leaves and stuff!
Oh no! Hide the chrysanthemums!
Why don't you grab us some dinner?
I'll take it from here.
Buddy? You mocking me?
Ol' Weimin's fallen from grace.
Demoted to a lowly dungeon guard,
all because of you!
What? That's so unfair.
Why don't you let me out of here
and I'll go tell the Emperor myself.
Ha! Nice try. Get comfy
Dragon Disaster.
Nailed it!
Oh! Oh, my boy!
Not now, imaginary Dad.
I'm kind of in the middle of something.
Oh, turn around, Po.
Dad! You're not made of moss, are you?
I don't think so.
I can't believe it!
What are you doing here?
Well, the Emperor tried to torture me
and get information on where you were.
But I didn't give them anything!
They'd have to drown me in the ocean,
revive my waterlogged body,
wait 20 or 30 minutes for me to dry,
and light me on fire
before I told them where you went.
- I didn't tell you where I went.
- That was very helpful, thank you.
What happened, Po?
Did you find what you were looking for?
Theft of royal armor and weaponry,
evading and resisting arrest,
fleeing the country as a fugitive, and
impersonating a knight.
Bold, but absolutely mad.
You had to know we'd catch you.
Do you realize why I'm here?
You're a criminal,
so to do crimes, I suppose?
Flaunting your assumed status as a knight,
chaos, destruction, what have you?
I'm here for vengeance.
Klaus and Veruca DuMont are in China.
Should I know who they are?
The last of the mages,
the murderers of Sir Alfred of Landreth!
Sir Alfred.
That's whose sword you stole, right?
Listen closely, Colin.
They killed my brother
and now they're seeking
the four Tianshang Weapons.
They already have one -
a gauntlet that can destroy a city -
and they're about to get another
if I'm not there to stop them.
Did you say a gauntlet?
And then the Emperor
was all, like, "Take them away."
Don't get me started on Blade.
This whole time
she made me feel like an idiot
for not meeting her knightly standards,
and now I feel like an idiot for
believing her in the first place.
Ow, ow, ow! Come on!
Maybe it's not so black and white.
No. It is.
It's all up to me now. Klaus and Veruca
could attack at any second
and I'm trapped in a dungeon with my dad.
Sneak attack!
Oh, you gotta be kidding! Ah, come on!
Looking to bust out, eh?
Me three.
- It's the Raider of Raipur!
- Huh?
Told you I was famous.
Can you really get us out?
Oh, yes. But nothing comes free.
If I help you
I leave with the whip.
- You let them get away?
- How was I supposed to know?
Nobody even talks about the mages anymore.
And it's not as if they carry signs
that say, "England's Most Wanted."
We can still make it
if we turn back now.
Turn back?
Surely you aren't going
to let them get away again?
They're not my mission, you are!
And a knight
always completes their mission.
It's more complicated than that.
I'll inform the Queen of their escape
and the knights will take care of it.
I'm not getting on that ship.
It'll take us a month just to get back.
Po is in trouble now!
Keep walking.
After my brother died,
I watched the knights train every day.
Am I supposed to be intimidated
because you're a fan?
Because I know all your moves.
Uh, excuse me, guard? I have a question.
The Raider of Raipur in action. Oh!
E-Escape artist
of mystical status.
A master plan, feats of legend.
You're going to tell
your kids about this one day.
If this is about a bathroom break,
you can use the
Not as intricate as I expected.
But still, an absolute treat to watch.
If you need a bathroom break,
well, I suggest you hold it.
- Oh, son.
- Dad.
Oh, hey.
What are you doing here?
Eh, something about destruction
of "imperial property" with fireworks?
What are you doing here?
Alright, come on.
Nah. I'm gonna stay here for a while.
What is that?
Oh, come on!
Why do I even have doors?
Hello, hello, hello
You'll never be one of us.
You're a disgrace to England!
Ah! Black Steel of the Equinox, eh?
When I bring Klaus and Veruca
to the Queen's feet,
she'll see that I'm worthy.
The Queen wants you in chains!
Ursa Major!
An honorable knight
would let their opponent live.
Well, like you said, I'm not a knight.
This isn't over!
I'll find you.
I'm sure you will.
But you'll have to chew
through those ropes first.
Hm. That glove is pretty powerful.
That was just the pinky. Hide.
Rukhmini Where did she Ah, great.
On my own. Cool, cool, cool.
Let's do this.
Give up now, before I unleash the thunder!
What's so funny?
Thunder's just a bunch of sound, isn't it?
- Yeah, not very intimidating.
- No!
Ah, maybe you meant to say,
"unleash the lightning!"
Yes, lightning.
Much more dangerous, lightning.
Fine, I'll
I'll unleash
the very sharp and punishing fury!
We gave you "lightning,"
and you still went with
a very kind of vague
Never mind.
How are you doing, son?
No you don't.
- Ah!
- Dad, what are you doing?
Looked like you could use some help.
Wow, you make this look so much harder!
I like your new partner, Pandy.
'Bout as useful as the last!
Not so tough
without your whip, eh?
Not so tough
without your muscle, eh?
Why don't you
let me take it from here?
In the name of China,
I demand you stop right there!
I've tasted freedom, old man.
Looks like you'll have to
chase me down!
Your friend lied to you.
And your own Emperor
ripped away your title.
Turned your country against you.
I know what that feels like, I do.
At a certain point, you ask yourself
if they're worth dying over.
I don't need a title to know who I am.
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