Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

The Beast

Asking the guards nicely
didn't work.
You will regret this, mortals!
And we can cross "threaten" off the list.
How else can we get
the Storm Wheels from Zuma?
Ooh. Let's kidnap her.
Mm, still feels like
we're in the threat zone.
And that's the game!
The Blood Boys are victorious,
defeating the Sons of Slither,
who are taking their ball and going home!
The Blood Boys remain undefeated
in today's tournament,
on their way to being crowned champions!
The Blood Boys have beaten your best.
Now we demand our audience with Zuma.
The winner of the tournament
speaks with Zuma,
and the tournament isn't over
until nightfall.
Po, we need to
Where Where did Po go?
But there's no one else.
We wiped 'em all out.
Well, you forgot to wipe us.
Po! What are What are you doing?
Me and my crew here, we challenge you.
Winner talks to Zuma.
You don't know
what you just signed up for.
Uh, I think I do.
What did I just sign up for?
We have
a surprise match-up today.
A group of foreigners from across the sea,
Team Dragon
have challenged
our reigning pok-ta-pok champions,
The Blood Boys.
- Should have just kidnapped her.
- Oh, come on.
We finally get to do something fun
that doesn't involve giant rock monsters,
or moss skeletons, or weird evil spirits.
I'm not that weird.
Let's just have fun out there.
That's what's important.
What about the wheels?
Yeah, right. That too.
Now, how do we beat The Blood Boys
in whatever game this is?
There are three rules.
One, you score a point when the ball
goes through your opponents' hoop.
Two, 50 points wins the game.
In my day,
contests were not settled with points.
They were settled with blood!
Points are super cool.
And way less sticky.
Three, you can hit the ball
with any part of your body,
except your hands and feet.
So what are we supposed to use?
Our stomach?
Okay, big belly, now's our big chance.
And you know this how?
Uh Mm
Look, the ball!
Star player, right here.
I'm not playing.
Wait, what? Why? You're a natural.
Po, please. I just
I don't like sports.
Leave it at that, okay?
Okay, fine.
I'll just have to be star player, then.
Ugh. This place reeks of pirate scum.
This is the Pirate Queen's
favorite hangout.
She's got eyes in every port.
She'll know where those bears went.
She probably even knows
we're right here now!
We seek information
on the Pirate Queen, Forouzan.
And I suspect
someone of your stature may know
- Yo, horns!
- Huh?
Over here!
Horns? Horns?!
I'm just a simple arms dealer.
I don't want any trouble with you, or her.
At least,
not for free.
A bribe?
I'm a Knight of England, you scoundrel!
Only understood one word you said,
and that's the one
that puts money in my hand.
You got any cash?
I only have ones.
We will not give in
to the whims of these degenerates.
Good luck with that.
Your father's
hollow bones were not made for sport.
Guys, come on.
We got a trick up our sleeve.
We're a team. No, more than a team.
We're practically family.
Uh, Po? They're also a team,
and literally family.
We got this, bro.
Oh, yeah. Bring it in.
I just wanted to nail
one motivational sports speech.
Point, Blood Boys!
Team Blood Boys, 15.
Team Dragon still at zero.
Love you, bro!
Guys, it's cool.
They need to score another 35 points
to win. We could still catch up.
Wait, we started up again?
Yeah! Alright!
- Uh, Blade?
- No.
Come on, Blade.
They're killing us out there.
- Nice, bro!
- Yeah!
Po, when I compete,
someone or something dark takes hold.
She's vindictive, she's cruel.
She has no mercy, no empathy, no heart.
The other children, they called her
The Beast.
The other children?
I don't know, Blade.
The Beast sounds super coo
Fine. But if I unleash her,
I will not be held accountable
for anything she says, breaks, or kills.
Let's do this!
Maybe no one wants to help you
because you keep calling them
"lowlifes" and "degenerates."
I see things as they are
and I won't stoop to their level.
Yeah, but if you were a criminal,
would you want to work with mm? And mm?
Perhaps you're right.
- So, let's pay the guy?
- No.
A knight doesn't bend
when faced with an impenetrable task,
and he doesn't allow himself
to be manipulated by petty scoundrels.
We will scour
every corner of this wretched tavern.
We will shine a beacon of justice,
causing the vermin to scurry,
until this Pirate Queen reveals herself.
- The Pirate Queen will see you now.
- Hm?
Go meet her.
It's just as I thought.
There is no point in fraternizing with
- Pirates?
- Hm?
Now, what would a knight
and a member of the Forbidden Company
be doing hanging out with,
what's the word
Ah, great!
I'll just sit this one out.
Hey, aren't you supposed to be playing?
Mm. We did not have these succulent fruits
when I roamed these lands.
I hate everything.
That's what I'm talking about!
Team Dragon
catching up with 17.
The Blood Boys, 23.
They could use a hand, probably.
This is good.
I'm loving that Beast.
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with her?
Ow, my nose!
Are you blind or just old,
you furry doorstop?
The Blood Boys
are catching up on Team Dragon, 48 to 47.
Three points to win.
You're nothing! You're dirt!
That's it.
She's a monster. I'm done.
- What? No! Rukhmini, we're having
- Don't you say "fun."
Okay, yeah, it's not great, but
we really need the Beast to talk to Zuma.
"The Beast"? You knew she'd get like this?
Oh. I didn't get the message
that we were just standing around
doing nothing like a bunch of losers now.
We're two points away.
If we're gonna win,
we need to work together.
I'll bet you 48 points that's not true.
Nice, bro!
Wow. The Beast really hurt the armadillo.
Have we been kicked out?
Oh, please say we've been kicked out.
It's a penalty,
which they just created a rule for
right now because of, uh
Well, because of Blade.
He deserved it.
Healthy, great and normal.
Filling in for
our injured player, we have B'ah.
Hi! Hi, everyone!
Gosh. Thanks!
Oh no.
Blade's gonna kill him.
I'm gonna kill him.
Hey, hey. Blade, let me cover B'ah.
Y-You got your hands full.
I'll cover the little guy.
Fine, but don't screw this up.
Oh, golly!
Hi! Probably shouldn't be
chatting it up with the enemy,
but I'm just having so much fun!
Yes, you get it.
Sports are supposed to be fun.
Sometimes, it's the only way
to ask the ruler of a nearby city
to help your dying farm get water.
Wait, what?
Yeah, it's getting pretty bad.
And I haven't eaten in three days,
but hey, let's just have fun.
Then we're all winners. Kinda.
Oh, here comes the ball!
Let's get in there. Whoa!
That's a nice try. Better luck next time.
Team Dragon, 48.
The Blood Boys, 48.
Nice, bro. Yeah!
- Uh, Blade?
- I told you not to mess this up.
- Uh, I think
- Yeah!
We might be the bad-guy team.
Who cares?
We're here to win, not make fans.
- Not in my house.
- You're not even from here.
You're really strong.
What? You love it!
We got this!
I'm so excited to eat food again.
We're definitely the bad-guy team.
I'm hungry for my win.
Feed me!
You've got to help me to stop her.
What can I do?
You've already unleashed the Beast.
Just keep the play away from B'ah.
I'll try to keep B'ah away from Blade.
Po! Pass it!
Rukhmini! Defense, now!
Some of us aren't fueled
by unhealthy aggression.
What a nail-biter!
Team Dragon, 49! The Blood Boys, 49!
What are you playing at?
We're only one goal away from winning.
Blade, this has to stop.
I will not lose. I will not be a loser.
The Beast wins.
What if those armadillos
need to talk to Zuma more than we do?
This is how
you want to get the Storm Wheels,
so this is how we're getting them.
And we can find another way,
because we're Po and Blade.
No Beast necessary.
There's no turning back now.
I am a knight,
on a mission from the Queen of England.
You're in Xiamen, a corner of China
not even the Emperor dares cross,
so I fail to see
how your queen factors into this.
Yeah, dude, you gotta stop using that.
No one cares.
We're looking for
a group of fugitives,
one of which you know.
I have been looking for a new crew.
How are you with a broom?
- This is no place for a knight.
- Oh.
But you're not a knight.
You're a pirate now.
Isn't being here just amazing?
You're really good.
Win or lose,
I'll remember this day forever.
Why do you call yourselves The Blood Boys?
Because you made a blood pact
to be bad at pok-ta-pok?
Great trash talk, but no.
It's 'cause of the blood
racing through these big ol' hearts, man.
Huh? Hm?
Blade, no!
Woah! Hope you're okay.
We'll find another way to talk to Zuma.
Kid's super cute, right?
Pretty adorable.
Oh, I really hope he wins.
No, wait!
W-W-What happened?
I did the thing! You're welcome.
But-But we weren't supposed to win.
What? Since when?
As team captain, this is on you.
Aw, guys, don't worry.
There's always next year.
Hopefully, we don't starve by then.
Should have kidnapped her.
We're here.
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