Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

An Uphill Battle

Po? Po!
A royal audience.
Feels like I'm back at court.
Ah, I always forget you're a fancy lady.
The fanciest.
I can be fancy.
Maybe we let Blade do the talking.
Why can't I talk to her?
You are a silly person.
But in a charming way.
Master Mastodon
thinks I'm charming!
I used no such words.
I'll handle this.
A serious person requires serious
Oh my gosh! Hi!
Your Majesty Queen Zuma of Tikal.
What an honor it is
to make your royal acquaintance.
Um, a curtsy? So cute! Love this for me.
Big fan of your work
on the field, by the way.
So fierce!
Thank you!
I do feel bad about those armadillo bros.
Don't even. They're always here.
I'll chat with them later.
Get in here!
My Queen.
My Queen.
My Queen.
Alright, guys. What's up?
- We're here on urgent business.
- Oof!
No business, thanks.
It's my day off.
- But we know you're the
- Xoc, bring me my shell.
My Queen.
Xoc, you are so good at
presenting my favorite things on cushions.
So, where were we?
Yes, well, we're here because we
You're here because you want to dance ♪
Oh no.
No. We're not here
because we want to dance.
You're here because you need to dance ♪
Championship party ♪
Come on, everybody!
Ooh yeah ♪
I want to die.
No. This is ridiculous.
You know what's ridiculous?
Being meticulous ♪
Join me in step
For some tonal deliciousness ♪
What are you doing? We're on a mission.
Technically, we're at a party.
Show me what you got!
Panda in the house, y'all ♪
Panda in the house, give it up ♪
Feet, don't fail me now ♪
Panda in the house ♪
Take it, Rukhmini!
Show us what you got, Dad!
I don't think I could.
But if you really want to.
Goose is loose, shakin' his caboose
It's Bear's turn to squeeze the juice ♪
Squeeze the juice ♪
I don't know what that means.
Squeeze the juice ♪
Oh yeah ♪
- Squeeze the juice ♪
- Squeeze ♪
Squeeze the juice ♪
I refuse ♪
And we know who you are ♪
Yes, we know ♪
who protects Tikal.
You didn't You never told me
you had the voice of an angel!
Guards, out.
Yes, my Queen.
How did you find my wheels?
Uh-uh. Talk.
Literally everything.
Oh, you want talking?
I got this.
So, it all started with the food tour
where I saw the WuGao Gauntlet,
got stuck in this Lost City
where we met Rukhmini,
and we thought she was really old,
but she's just old-ish.
- Hey!
- And then we found the Fire Whip.
The second Tianshang Weapon.
We came here to find the Storm Wheels,
and then we won the pok-ta-pok game,
and then you said,
"Talk. Literally everything."
- And then I said
- Okay. Okay, Po.
Could have stopped
20 minutes ago. She gets it.
But does she feel it?
So there are four weapons
and some bad guys want 'em,
but you're the good guys
and you also want 'em?
More or less.
Now, hand over my wheels!
Sorry. He's possessed
by an ancient master.
We got it under control.
Um, I can't just hand over the wheel
to your cranky ghost.
You mean "wheels," plural?
No. I only have one.
What? No! How?!
Of course!
I mean, I used to have two.
We found them while digging a new
aqueduct, like, a bunch of years ago.
They were just, like, in the dirt.
I realized I could use them
to bring rain and prosperity
and fun to this city.
But haters got so jealous.
Some outsider stole one of the wheels
and used it to make
all sorts of science projects
to steal our crops
and terrorize my people.
You mean, those Scorpions?
I was gonna say
"pinchy-boy land crabs," but yes.
My people needed
All this protecting
totally cramped my style, though.
I had to keep my side gig a secret.
So you created
this ridiculous, ditzy party-girl persona
to hide your identity.
Persona? What persona?
Oh. Uh Nothing.
So, you see? Can't give up my wheel.
It's the only thing keeping this city safe
from the Mad Scientist.
I understand
that you need to protect your people,
but an even bigger threat is coming.
When Klaus and Veruca arrive,
they will destroy Tikal
if you stand in their way.
Let us stand instead.
Look, I'm a fan.
Love the vibes,
love the outfits, love the intensity.
But I can't.
you can take the other wheel back
so the Mad Scientist
can't make their machines.
- Deal!
- Without dying.
The Mad Scientist will probably crush you
with her pinchy-boy land crabs,
or something.
You said "deal" before I got to that part.
Oh, well Still deal.
This is as far as I go.
I can't leave my people unprotected.
You know,
in case you straight-up, like, perish.
- Thank you, Zuma. We tot
- Uh-uh.
Let me remember you just as you are.
Innocent and perfect.
Boop. Boop.
Boop, boop.
That's a double boop
for you and your ghost.
No one may boop my nose!
Excuse us.
I'll just hold him in
for a while.
Farewell, strangers.
And good luck.
You're gonna, like, super need it.
So, what are we looking for?
It would take extreme heat
to work the metal on those Scorpions.
We're looking for some sort of forge.
Hey, you know,
we have the Fire Whip, right?
We're getting the Storm Wheels,
then the helmet, bing-bang-boom,
fight Klaus and Veruca.
But what's the plan
after we have all the weapons?
Sell 'em.
I'm joking!
Hm. We'll have to hide them, I suppose.
but someone will always find 'em,
like Rukhmini or Zuma did.
Oh no. Sensing a bad idea brewing.
With all the weapons,
we could protect more than just a city.
We could protect the world.
Check it!
Four ancient masters created the weapons,
and four new masters
are gathering them again.
What if this is our destiny?
The destiny of the Dragon Knights!
Wait. What am I a master of?
Soup! Duh. And being a great dad.
You cannot use the weapons!
Whoa, hey! I was just spitballing!
You were to stop the destruction,
not create more!
End this, or I will have no choice
but to end you all!
I'm just saying that in the right hands,
the weapons could do a lot of good.
Like the ancient masters.
If we're gonna defeat evil like you did,
we need to use the weapons.
You think we won?
Yes, we created the weapons
to fight true evil,
but we made them too powerful.
We broke the world apart,
separated families, lost everything.
I've seen how this story ends.
You think you are going to save the world,
but you will only destroy it!
I don't know how else to fight them.
Then I will do everything I can
to ensure no one
ever uses these weapons again!
He's really wreaking havoc
in the old void right now.
Think I figured out where the
Mad Scientist is making their Scorpions.
It's not a forge.
It's a volcano!
This place is lousy with Scorps.
Way more than we fought at the farm.
Fought and lost that fight.
Let's avoid another one.
We can use the boulders
to cross unseen.
Like a ninja.
Stealth mission, mission of stealth ♪
Everyone stay quiet.
Hello! Over here!
What are you doing?
Stopping you from using the weapons
any way I can.
Get ready!
Don't do it, Blade. They're too powerful!
I'm gonna get you!
Please don't! He's still my dad!
No promises.
Slide like the wind!
Looks like we found our entrance.
A little help?
Stop watching and start helping!
Sorry, sir.
Always so polite.
We have an idea to get inside.
How dare you! Unhand me, you fools!
You can think we're fools,
but this team
is going to finish the job you started.
They're here.
Hello, pandy-wandy!
This is our chance!
How do we fight that?
Still got a Tianshang Weapon of my own.
Let's see how she likes it.
Blast 'em, Klausy!
No! Not the weapons!
Not again.
Get back here!
Oh, you want more, do ya? Klaus!
Stop! You will kill us all!
Get it?
Po? Po!
You fools!
I won't be part of this destruction again!
My son is in danger.
You have to do something.
I did. I warned them.
There is nothing more I can do.
Then you're just as bad as those weasels.
My son is in danger!
Master Long-Tooth, guide my hand.
Brace yourselves!
Okay, I'm picking up
what you're putting down
about the weapons now.
Hi. Yeah, hey, um
You should probably follow me inside.
Can't be worse than out here.
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