Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e10 Episode Script

Apok-ta-pokalypse Now Part 1

Cool. So loving this.
Gotta learn how to steer it.
I love this for me!
Walking is so yesterday.
This helmet is amazing.
Hey, gorgeous.
Let's see what you can do.
We have everyone working double-time
to build the new Scorpions.
Huh. Never thought I'd say that.
Sweet paint job.
Love to see you two
expressing yourselves through the arts.
Oh. It's not just paint.
It's rubber.
We're melting these rubber
pok-ta-pok balls to coat the Scorpions
So Zuma's lightning can't zap 'em!
- Oh, sorry, that was your part.
- I got I got excited. Sorry.
You're telling me you merged
the worlds of art and butt-kicking
with some lightning-proof Scorps?
You two make a good team.
- Eh
- Eh
- Still pretty weird for me.
- Profoundly weird.
If we're riding into battle
on these babies,
I'm thinking we have a pretty good chance.
Except Zuma has
the gauntlet and the helmet now.
Did your weird little brains come up with
anything to help on that front?
We can do this.
We got the smarts,
we got the Scorps, and we got each other.
That's always been enough for us.
Do not let
the inevitable specter of death stop you.
Why not?
Sure, Zuma will likely
tear you apart, limb from limb
That guy's going, for sure.
Uh, me?
But you do have a power
equal to the Tianshang Weapons.
Totally. Totally.
But, uh, how though?
The ancient masters could connect
with the elements to harness their power.
I made the
Storm Wheels to amplify my storm powers.
Your Wait. Hold up.
So you're saying you can just take
the Tianshang Weapons from Zuma?
I'm saying
if I can regain my lightning powers,
I'll steal them back from Zuma.
Woohoo! Epic! Yes!
Do that. We're doing that.
Master Mastodon,
our secret weapon!
And if this goose body perishes in battle
- What?
- I shall simply try again with another.
Huh! Huh?
Oh, sorry. Run that last part again?
Here we go.
Well, ain't that a surprise.
Couldn't stay away, could you?
Where's your brother?
Went down to the jungle
to brew me a healing tonic.
Useful lad
when he puts his mind to it, he is.
Call him. Now.
Oh! Sorry. Don't got the energy, love.
Seems that crash banged me up good.
I said, now.
"Get me some medicine, Klaus."
"Dangle from this rope, Klaus."
Am I your brother or your pawn?
I do what she asks and now look at us.
Answer me, one last time.
Where is Klaus?
Or else he won't come back at all.
He's your brother.
Might be smarter
for him to skip off on his own, eh?
Can't all be
the noble Sir Alfie Walfie now, can we?
Took you long enough.
- What?
- Later.
You're welcome.
Oh, let's fix
a bigger pain in my side first.
Where you hiding, ickle bear?
Almost got it.
Hey, what are you doing?
I lost my connection to the elements
when I lost my body.
I need absolute peace
if I'm to regain my power.
Yeah, about that.
How come I haven't seen
you do storm power stuff before?
Do I look like I've had
a moment of absolute peace
since I met you?
Teach me.
I'm serious. You're always talking about
how weak my dad's goose bod is,
so teach me
how to connect with the elements,
and I'll zap Zuma into next week!
Huh? Huh?
Even if I wanted to, I could not.
It would take me 1,000 years.
No, 2,000 years.
I feel like I could get it in one
You are wasting my time!
I can't let you walk my dad
into a fight he might lose.
We'll all lose if I don't try.
Let's battle right now.
I'll show you I'm ready.
Stand down, Po.
You can't win every fight
by proving yourself.
Prove it.
Olly olly oxen free,
if you don't come out,
you're a dead Alfie.
Where you hiding, ickle bear?
I'm gonna find you.
Come out, come out,
wherever you are.
Must have been hard watching
your brother get stuck with that sword.
Knowing it was all your fault,
growing up all alone.
And now you're all alone again.
Two against one.
Why would you think
you could take us?
My name is Luthera of Landreth,
the Wandering Blade,
Daughter of the Saxon Guard,
Knight of England.
Because I've been training
for this my whole life.
Bit sad, innit?
Your whole life wasted
trying to finish your brother's mission?
You were never his mission. Just mine.
It's hopeless, love. You're hopeless.
I'm gonna get my weapons,
my army, my revenge.
Unleashing monsters on the world
won't change what happened to you.
The world has nothing left for me,
so I will tear it down
brick by brick by brick,
and rebuild it myself.
Oh, the Osilitande kick is no joke.
Give up.
Not until you tap out,
and teach me how to make lightning
shoot out of my fingers and eyes.
That's not how it works.
Why not?
Oh, you couldn't even handle this power.
You would explode in seconds.
And what are the chances that I explode?
Very high, goose man.
Hey. No exploding my dad.
You are wasting precious time.
Zuma grows stronger by the minute.
I'm not the one playing dodgeball.
Teach me.
I may have underestimated you.
Wait. Was that you?
You don't need quiet.
You need a challenge.
You are infuriating!
These farmers and their weapons
are not enough.
The Scorpions are not enough.
Your little team is not enough.
You brought them all here to die
because you know
you are not enough against her power!
I'm so sorry.
Mastodon was pushing my buttons
and I just wanted to push his back.
Really hard.
With my foot.
- Are you hurt?
- Oh, uh
I mean, I think
you kicked a ghost out of me.
Oh, I feel six tons lighter.
I did?
Oh no.
Where'd he go?
So, eh? This is it then, eh?
This is what I've wanted, Veruca.
For you to feel
what I've felt my whole life.
I just don't know
if that's possible, love.
Sorry, Klausy. See you later.
You've lost.
Excuse me?
You're hurt, you have no weapons,
and Zuma's more powerful
than anyone either of us has faced.
You took everything from me,
but I have so much more now.
I have friends,
and a chance to finish
what my brother started.
You're the one
that's going to be alone.
You've lost.
Sorry, Klausy.
I've got things to do.
Right. Do it, then.
Chasing you has held me back for too long.
You decide where that takes you.
Just stay out of my way.
We attack at sunrise.
Blade, you're back! What happened?
Are you okay?
I did what I needed to do.
Is this like a
"I've seen some dark things" kind of hug?
I let them run.
I've seen some dark things,
in case anyone wants to give me a hug.
Okay, that's enough.
You've been busy.
That's not all.
Master Mastodon
reconnected with his storm powers.
He can use them
to get the weapons from Zuma.
Let's hope he's right.
What's the plan, Mastodon?
So, good news?
He's not in my dad's body anymore.
Wow. Missed a lot, apparently.
So, where is he?
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