Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e11 Episode Script

Apok-ta-pokalypse Now Part 2

[exclaiming, grunting]
[Po] Come on. [grunts]
Tricky little [grunts]
- [grunting] Get in there. Oh, come on.
- [soft music plays]
[gasps] Yes!
- [Master Mastodon grumbles]
- Huh?
[mouth full] Master Mastodon?
Where are we?
We are in your void.
The place where your spirit resides
while I am in control of your body.
The big noodle makes a lot more sense now.
I feel my connection to the elements.
My power's returned.
[Po] Whoa!
I'm quick enough to catch Zuma off guard,
but it's the Storm Wheel's speed
I will require to defeat her.
I must take the wheel,
then steal the rest of the weapons back.
Yes! How do I help?
By staying in here, out of my way.
Wha No. I thought we'd team up.
You with the zappy storm powers,
and me with the kung fu fire.
This is my mission, Po.
[grunting] Ow!
Let me control one arm and one leg.
Absolutely not.
A pinky and both eyebrows?
I said no!
[sighs] I just
Feels weird
that I won't be there to help my friends.
Let this bowl of soup comfort you.
- For if you look into it [gasps]
- [slurping]
[Master Mastodon groans]
[gulps] Was I not supposed to eat it?
I'm only doing this one more time.
[Master Mastodon] For if you look into it,
you shall see the outside world.
[Po] Mystical soup vision.
[dramatic music plays]
[Rukhmini] You're sure
I can't use the whip?
[Po as Master Mastodon]
How many times? No!
The clash of weapons would destroy
this city and everyone in it.
[Rukhmini] Ugh. Fine.
[dramatic music plays]
[thunder crashing]
- Hail, Zuma-Balam.
- [yells]
Can you knock, Pax?
Zuma-Balam, we are under attack.
What? For real? By who?
[creaking, rumbling]
[groans, chuckles nervously]
Jeez. It's It's really happening, guys.
Okay, everybody ready to die? [chuckles]
I don't know if I can do this. I'm not
a fighter like you all. I'm just a farmer.
Buddy, I'm a noodle cook.
[groans] He's being modest.
He used to be a pirate.
Sh! Keep that to yourself. [chuckles]
- You're sure you can pull this off?
- Just get me to Zuma.
Let me speak to Po.
- [groans]
- [whirring]
[grunts, snorts]
[normal voice]
Blade. Blade! My void is wild.
I found my lucky sandal
I lost like, 18 years ago.
- [sighs]
- [Po] Hey.
Mastodon can do this. I've seen his power.
I-It's not that. It's [sighs]
I-I would feel a lot better
riding into battle next to you.
I'm still right there with you.
Me and my lucky sandal.
We can't lo [groans]
[as Master Mastodon]
Yeah, yeah. Let's do this.
[gasps, croaks]
- [marching]
- [gasps, whimpers]
- [croaks]
- [guards grunt]
[suspenseful music plays]
We're here for
the Tianshang Weapons, Zuma.
There doesn't have to be a fight.
[grunting, mumbling]
Um, I don't know
what you're talking about?
You've stolen enough from these people.
Hand over the weapons
or we will take them from you.
- What are they talking about?
- Wh-What, uh
I don't get it.
Mm, Pax? [chuckles]
Take care of them, would ya?
Defend your city.
[tense music plays]
Carve a path to Zuma.
We must get Master Mastodon
to that Storm Wheel.
[grunts] Onward!
- [yelling]
- [gasps]
- [exclaiming]
- [distant screaming]
[yells, groans]
[dramatic music plays]
[exclaims] Lightning strike of Doom!
- [screaming]
- [thunder crashing]
- [croaks]
- [grunts]
Hey! I'm not bad at this!
- Well, you're not great either.
- [exclaiming]
I'm really very pleasant
when you get to know me.
Wait. You saved us?
Aren't you the bad guys?
No. We're just trying to get
the magic weapons.
Magic weapons?
- [groans]
- [dramatic music plays]
[thunder crashing]
- [as Master Mastodon] Uh
- [normal voice] Oh
[dramatic music plays]
- [thunder crashes]
- [screaming]
People of Tikal.
Have no fear, your Protector is here.
Is that Zuma?
Is she flying?
Zuma's the Protector?
That's right.
I have been your Protector all along,
and now I will protect you
from these invaders.
[as Master Mastodon] Ready yourselves.
[dramatic music plays]
Zuma did that?
- [screaming]
- Oh no!
Huh. Rubber. It really worked.
[laughs] Never underestimate a bunch
of nerds with a full pot of hot cocoa.
[yelping, grunting]
What? Wh-Wh How did you do that?
No one may use my wheels.
Got your back.
[grunts] I have this under control.
[dramatic music plays]
[distant wailing]
Why is she doing this?
She's a monster.
After all I've done for you people.
Without me, you'd have nothing!
And if I can't have it, nobody can.
- [dramatic music plays]
- [rumbling]
What is she doing?
She's gonna drop the pyramid on us.
[gasps] Wait, no! What are you doing here?
Zuma's gonna destroy the whole city.
We gotta stop her.
Do your lightning stuff.
- The plan failed, Po.
- [gasps]
I suppose a part of me
always knew this would be the end.
[soup humming]
- Hold my soup.
- [suspenseful music plays]
[gasps, normal voice]
Welcome back.
[Po] How did you know it was me?
Noodle smell. Now, jump.
[screaming, grunting]
Wow. Freaky scorpion tail.
Do you, uh, need a hand?
- Let's get us a Storm Wheel.
- [dramatic music plays]
- [screaming]
- Look out!
That thing's not going to stay up forever.
A mass that size
currently from the terminal velocity
Oh no. We have to evacuate the city.
[thunder crashing]
[Blade grunting]
Oh no.
[groans, exclaims]
- [exclaims]
- [yells]
[dramatic music plays]
[yelling, exclaiming]
Oh, Po.
[wind whistles]
- [reverberating]
- [grunting]
[dramatic music plays]
You can still stop this, Zuma.
You know,
your accent really comes and goes.
I've heard the stories
of all the people you helped.
I know you care about them.
You are the Protector!
And you still can be, but not like this.
[gasps] It's too late. [grunts]
[grunts, exclaims]
[echoing] No!
[dramatic music plays]
- [explosions, cracking]
- [gasps]
[yells, gasps]
Did we just die?
But we didn't get the weapons.
Everyone's gonna get squashed
once she drops that pyramid.
- [soft music plays]
- [gasps]
[gasps] Oh!
Uh, son?
Oh! Oh no! [sobs]
My Po. [cries]
[Mr. Ping sobs]
- [gasps] Oh no!
- [emotional music plays]
No. [cries, sighs]
[wind whistles]
It's his fault. He wouldn't let go.
- [yells]
- [dramatic music plays]
Wh-What are they doing?
They're not giving up.
Wait, what?
[straining, whimpering]
The Tianshang Weapons were made
to trap the souls of those they defeated,
like the army we fought
thousands of years ago.
We're gonna be trapped in that Storm Wheel
with a bunch of angry old people forever?
- Po
- [soft music plays]
Not we.
The weapons only require one soul,
and right now, there are two in your body.
Only one of us has to go.
[gasps] You have the storm powers.
You're our best shot.
[Master Mastodon]
You brought these people together.
Mortal enemies, weaklings, fools, perhaps,
but you see the best in them,
as you have in me.
My team broke the world,
but now I see your team must fix it.
And when you do,
when you destroy those weapons,
I may finally rest.
Master Mastodon
- [majestic music plays]
- [Po] No!
- [lively music plays]
- [grunting]
- [yelps]
- [grunts]
- [snarls]
- [grunting]
[Po] Ursa Major!
[majestic music plays]
[laughs] Son?
I'm alive.
I love you guys so much,
and we absolutely
have to talk about this later
[majestic music plays]
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [echoing thuds]
[dramatic music plays]
[screams] We're all gonna die!
You can fly, idiot.
Well, my hands are too scared to let go.
[thunder crashing]
[reverberating thud]
[dramatic music plays]
- [exclaims, groans]
- [gasps]
Last time any of us use these things,
for real this time.
[sighs happily]
[soft music plays]
Uh, h-how did you
The Storm Wheel needed a soul,
and Master Mastodon gave his
so we could have another shot.
[majestic music plays]
- Woohoo!
- [laughs]
[Zuma grunts] I'm the victim here!
They're all bullying me.
[Zuma grunting]
Oops! One sec. [grunting]
Dang it. Come on, for real?
[soft music plays]
- I couldn't believe it.
- I can't believe we made it.
What will you do
now that Zuma's no longer in charge?
Well, we'll find the right person to lead.
Someone who puts
all people before themselves.
- We want Pelpel.
- [laughing, cheering]
He has a plan for everything!
[chuckles] Me?
[exclaims, croaks]
You can go back to making toys
now the fighting's over.
Hmm. Yeah [chuckles]
And you're sailing to England?
Gotta see if Alfie destroyed that wheel,
and hopefully turn these into pudding.
- Uh, am I using that term right?
- Not at all.
Yeah. I'm totally ready for England.
Alfie always talked about
the fog, the rain, the ground.
Almost like I could see it. [chuckles]
- Did you want to come with us?
- [gasps]
I already made an indestructible trunk
to transport the weapons! Yes, yes please.
Oh great. The weird one's coming.
[emotional music plays]
[Po] We'll take it from here,
Master Mastodon.
Now it's just a straight shot to England.
I feel like
the hard part's behind us, right?
Count on it.
[ominous music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
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