Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s02e12 Episode Script

Epic Lunar New Year

Exhausted from a most epic journey,
the Dragon Knights ferry to England
on a mission to destroy
the legendary Tianshang Weapons.
Meet Wandering Blade, my best bud,
a bloodthirsty warrior
on a mission of unflinching revenge!
Mostly just regular thirsty right now.
Akna, a brainiac super genius
who can fix anything!
I think I have a solution
to our wind problem!
My dad, survivalist chef.
There's no more food,
but who's ready for
a piping hot bowl of boiled wood, huh?
Rukhmini, the master thief
who always keeps her cool.
These barrels are mine! I found them. Me!
And finally,
the panda with kung fu fury,
known throughout the lands simply as
Mm Mr. Ping?
Wait. That's not right.
Oh no! I'm so hungry I forgot who I am.
I know, belly. But what can I do about it?
Oh, that's right!
No, no, no!
What was that?
Huh? What was that?
- Have you been hoarding dumplings?
- No, no, no, you don't understand.
- That was my emergency dumpling.
- Dumplings?
Are you serious?
Starvation isn't going to kill you,
because I am!
Uh, yeah! Look! What are we looking at?
Oh, the moon. Nice.
Why are we staring at the moon?
Because the moon means tonight
is the first day of the Lunar New Year!
The Spring Festival!
- Spring Festival?
- It's the beginning of a new lunar year!
The Chinese New Year!
A celebration of life, family,
and luck in the coming year.
Guo nian.
When we make wishes
for the fortunes of the year ahead.
Well Seems like luck is
something we've been sorely missing here.
Luck is all around us,
but you can only recognize it
if you celebrate it.
What better way to celebrate,
and distract us from killing each other,
than to bring new friends
into our tradition?
Gather around, everyone.
This tradition better involve food.
Oh, yeah. Tons.
Well, food for the soul, I mean.
Okay. Our story begins in an ancient time
A time when dangerous monsters
roamed the lands of China.
The only thing that stood in their way
were the righteous hunters
who valiantly put their lives on the line.
Boom! Kapow!
They were celebrated for their bravery,
their courage, and above all
their great luck.
Some were successful
while others never had a chance.
Eventually, the hunters' luck ran out,
leaving nothing but their stories behind.
By then, few remained
to protect the people of China.
That's where we meet a lone wanderer
with a dark and complex past,
who's traveled far and wide
to prove himself
as the greatest hunter of all time.
- Huh?
- Huh?
He was a hero of great fortune.
Little help?
And it was on this very night,
the longest night of the year,
that we find him stumbling
into a small village seeking refuge.
I am aware.
Will you stop hassling me?
Hi. 'Scuse me, ma'am?
Only to find some villagers
with a serious 'tude problem.
Yeesh, what are
those people's problems?
Back off, weirdo!
It's everyone for themselves!
Just looking for somewhere a lone wanderer
with a dark and complex past
could lay his head.
Lay it wherever you want.
We're getting out of here.
You're in the way, bozo. Look out!
Weird town.
- Sorry, we're full.
- Huh?
We're closed.
- Please, can I just
- I said, we're closed.
Not today, Nian!
Uh That was just my stomach.
Chill out, dude.
Hey, do you have a traveler special?
We don't do that around here.
The sign out front
says you welcome travelers.
Well, that's an old sign.
I know.
Me too.
Okay, fine. Just make it quick.
Two of everything, add heat,
with soy sauce, vinegar,
grated ginger, and chili sauce.
Separate bowls.
Oh, and chrysanthemum tea.
Loose-leaf, not bagged.
Eat quickly.
Savory goodness! This is delicious!
Kind of nice to have a customer.
How do you not have a line out the door?
Uh, the locals don't eat here.
They haven't been for a long time.
Oh. Huh.
Oh, enough reminiscing! Here's the check!
I have to close before it gets dark.
Well, I hope you got change,
'cause what I'm paying with
is something quite priceless.
Eh, what's this?
A red envelope.
It's kinda my calling card.
Think of it as a token of my services.
For you see,
standing before you
is a famed and exceedingly lucky hunter!
But it's written upside down!
Fu dao le!
I know. The printer beefed it and said
it would cost a ton to reprint them, so
Into the panic room!
- Huh?
- And bring the bill.
Hey, you! Come back here!
There's nothing in this envelope!
Don't worry.
I'll pay you back one better.
By, uh, vanquishing this foul monster.
When China's in danger
from beasts most foul,
they'll soon face the stranger
with a punch, a kick, a kapow!
For I am the Great Hunter of China!
At your service.
Uh, no thanks. We've already got a hunter.
it seems we meet again, Nian.
Oh, and I see
you've yet to invest in a toothbrush.
Show me your fear, lowly bear.
Haven't I taken enough from you?
Or is your life next?
Take heed, monster!
For you will be no match
for all this bodacity!
When China's in danger
from beasts most foul,
they'll soon face the stranger
with a punch, a kick, a kapow!
Uh, what?
For I am
Ow. Son of a biscuit!
So much town to destroy, so little time.
I'll be back tomorrow night!
Come back here!
Fight me, monster!
Come on, baby. Whoa!
You let him get away!
Who do you think you are?
A, uh, famed, super lucky hunter?
So, like
The fight, right?
That was totally epic, right?
That monster decimated
half our village's livelihood
and you call it epic?
I-I didn't mean good epic,
I meant you were epic.
Stop saying epic. Never say it again.
Your services are not needed. Thank you.
Whoa, hold up.
That thing said it was gonna come back
so why hasn't anyone done anyt
Uh, right. You've been Right. Sorry.
Look, I can help.
I've battled monsters all across China.
We don't need your help.
What we need is good luck. And you
We have enough bad luck
around here without you.
Whoa! Where did you come from?
What? I live here.
Where did you come from?
I'm a lone wanderer.
So, what's the haps with that monster?
Seems like
he's kind of a menace to society.
On the longest night of the year,
every year,
that monster spirit Nian
comes to terrorize us,
fourteen nights in a row.
Eats our food,
wrecks our stuff, really rubs it in.
Until the light of a new full moon
sends him off to hibernate
for another year.
That's mine.
Most people flee to the mountains
before nightfall
and come back in the morning
once all the smashing is done.
Everyone just leaves
and lets the monster wreck everything?
Everyone but her.
Her brother used to protect
this town, but now it's just her.
Hasn't quite gotten Nian yet,
but you have to respect
the commitment, you know?
you wanna buy a good luck charm, or what?
I suppose I could use one more.
Keep the change.
That guy's broke!
And his envelopes
are empty and upside-down!
Fu dao le!
Hey, wait! I was gonna pay everyone back,
I swear!
I don't need to be reminded
that you owe me.
Fu dao le.
Your Fu character, it's upside down.
There you go.
Oh, alright, muscles.
If you really wanted to show off, you'd
Get in there.
Uh, you're not from around here.
Uh, no. I'm, uh
When China's in danger
I'm actually on my way out.
- Come on inside.
- For real?
Ah, thanks.
I just need a place for the night.
I thought you said this place was full.
I said
I didn't have room for you.
It's not safe
to stay in town at night.
Most take their families
and run for the hills.
Save what they can,
then come back again the next day.
They're scared of
losing what little they have.
But for some of us,
this is all we've got to call home.
Hm. So, what time are you checking out?
Wait, no, it's just me!
Didn't I say I could handle this myself?
I don't need your help!
And just what are you wearing?
I can tell you're jealous.
But you really don't have to be.
See this? Authentic replica
Master Zhong Kui lion armor.
Which you're welcome to wear.
I even have a matching tail!
Though I'd advise you put it on now.
The process takes
between 15 and 40 minutes
depending on personal flexibility.
- Can't you just stay away?
- Ow.
Wait, but you haven't even seen
the pièce de résistance!
I got charms, traps, firecrackers,
whatever luck we need to defeat Nian.
Plus, I'll never say epic again. Swear.
Just hide behind something
and keep out of my way.
If Nian hears you clanking around
with all your toys,
we'll give away our position.
Our strength is our stealth.
You think? I'm not so sure.
I mean, when I vanquished
the monster of Northern Wei,
it was through the art of intimidashe,
short for intimidation!
Except Nian has no fears.
So tell me, great hunter,
how do you scare off a monster like that?
Everyone's afraid of something.
We just haven't figured it out yet.
That's presumptuous of you.
It's true. What are you afraid of?
W-What are you afraid of?
I said, what are you af
I'm afraid of arrogant overconfidence
from some phony wanderer
in a cheap costume
peddling a knapsack of broken trinkets.
That's a very specific fear.
What are you doing? Run!
Maybe we can distract him. Slow him down!
We don't have time.
We need to draw him to the village square,
away from the shops.
Come on!
My cart!
No! Not the dumplings.
The dumplings fell on me!
Move the dumplings!
But don't let them go to waste!
Hey, what's going on out there?
Oh, help!
Get these dumplings off of me!
Thank you. Thank you!
That's going on your tab.
We have to get out of here.
Think fast! Bullseye!
Nowhere to run, panda!
I'm not afraid of you!
Well, you should be.
You think you control your luck?
I come here every year
merely to remind you that your luck
Is in
My hands!
Another wonderful evening.
- See you tomorrow.
- Oh no!
I had him!
I had an opening,
and your little charms and trinkets
just chased him off!
Hey, come on. That's not fair.
The fields!
- Whoa!
- Just take off that ridiculous outfit.
Come quick! The crops! They're on fire!
We trusted you with our lives.
We fed you, clothed you, housed you
Wh-what? No, no, I was defending the town.
She's right, it's not totally her fault.
Who even are you?
Me? Well
When China's in danger
from beasts most foul,
they'll soon face the stranger
Whoa! Stop, stop, stop.
We'll never recover
the harvest we've lost.
I didn't think it was possible,
but you made our luck even worse!
Get out!
Get out, you.
Uh, when you say both of us,
do you mean me too?
Yes. Yeah. Yep. Makes sense.
Hey, wait up!
Hey, hey.
I'm sorry about that.
Can I come with you?
Come with me? Where?
I don't even have a home to go back to.
Why did you stay?
I mean, that place
didn't seem like much of a home.
The vibes were very harsh.
I used to be different.
I was shy,
quiet, and easily scared.
On the other hand, my brother,
who was the town's original hunter,
was loud, boisterous, and brave.
He was also my idol.
One day,
Nian attacked the town.
I was caught outside, alone and scared.
But I knew if I could just get home,
I'd be safe.
I waited for my chance.
When Nian's attention was turned,
I made a run for it.
I was almost in the clear, but I tripped,
and just like that,
Nian was looming over me!
I thought I was done for, but
Over here, you ugly monster!
You want more? Come and get it!
Go! I'll catch up.
no fear!
He led Nian away,
giving me the chance to escape.
And though he said
he'd be right behind me
He never came home again.
I couldn't save my brother,
so I tried to save the town.
That place was all I had left of him.
And now, I've failed them too.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
I hope you find
the luck you've been searching for.
Let's see where my luck leads me next.
What are you doing here?
- We called it.
- Cut our losses.
Used to be such a nice town,
but there's no point in staying now.
Come. Take a seat. Join us.
I sure could use a rest. Thanks.
You know, all things considered,
it's actually a nice morning.
Yeah. Hey, can I have some of that twine?
Normally, I'd charge you, but
I'll let it slide.
Ha! You're getting soft!
Soft? How dare you?
What was that? Did anyone hear that?
Could Nian be out there?
No, I'd have recognized
that growl anywhere.
Whoa! I thought Nian destroyed everything.
Well, almost everything.
But we all pitched in together.
I had some extra rice flour
in one of my storerooms.
And I made bowls out of some leaves.
Add a little sugar, and I found a way
to make what we have left last!
This is so good! What's it called?
Nian gao.
Nian? You named it after the monster?
Hey, I have to find
some way to capitalize on this.
Eh, okay. I get that.
I used to put
these lanterns around the inn,
so travelers from miles away could see it.
I guess
I won't be needing them anymore.
Guess we'll have to
make our luck elsewhere.
I'm gonna have to get a real job now.
No more making firecrackers for me.
My hands!
Nian was distracted by
my good luck charms and firecrackers.
Yes. And?
He could have toasted me,
but I think he was kinda scared.
What if we had one more shot
to stop Nian from coming back?
To save your home.
I have an idea,
but we don't have much time
and I need everyone onboard
to pull it off.
- Pack it all up!
- Come on.
We gotta get to the mountains
before nightfall.
Hey, no, stop! Everyone!
Everyone, I have a plan.
Uh, excuse me, could I Whoa!
Everyone, I have a plan.
Hey, no, stop, everyone. I have a plan.
Over here.
Trying to get something through to you.
Listen up!
Everyone, I have a plan.
Fu dao le.
You know what that means?
Your luck's upside down.
Okay, okay. Yes, that's right.
I've felt that way for a long time.
Which might be a surprise,
'cause I know you all think of me
as this great monster hunter.
No we don't.
No one here has ever thought that.
Okay, little harsh.
The point is, I lied.
I've never even successfully fought one.
Well, that makes a lot more sense.
I made these envelopes thinking
I'd come back home rich enough
to share my fortunes one day,
but my village is gone.
Destroyed by a big nasty serpent
while I was out trying to be a hero.
Now I just wish I'd stayed.
Like your real hunter.
She's been fighting
to protect this town for so long.
Fu dao le has another meaning.
"Luck has arrived."
But you have to welcome that luck in.
Through kindness,
generosity, and community.
I know, because I've seen
the luck it can bring firsthand.
From those who opened up
their kitchen to me for free.
To those who welcomed me
into their home for free.
And those who just wanted to
spread a little joy, also for free.
Oh, well, I mean, I was trying to
run it as a business, but, you know
This is more than just a village.
It's a home.
And if you're lucky enough to find a home,
you don't walk away.
You fight to keep it.
Nian pulled you all apart,
but together
We can turn our luck around.
Did you hear my whole speech,
or just walk in now?
- I can start over if you want, or
- Oh, I heard it.
So, great hunter, what's the plan?
Oh, we lost hope years ago,
believing that Nian had no fears.
But we've come across
some things that might change that.
Wow! Those are way bigger
than the ones you normally make!
Ha! These aren't anything.
Just wait and see.
Well, take as much as you need!
Can't fight Nian on an empty stomach!
Is that what I think it is Ow!
No peeking.
Okay, everything's in place.
We're as ready as we can be.
If you're right, and this works
It's gonna work.
And remember, we have the backup plan.
The Crimson Mask of Deception!
Why is it called that again?
It's not even red.
What's this? You cleaned up for me?
Well, I'll take care of that.
Nian was blinded
when he saw the red in my helmet,
so let's make sure that's all he sees.
My eyes!
And he totally flipped
when he saw my firecrackers,
so let's load 'em up
so he has nowhere to hide.
He turned the wrong way!
Don't worry!
I'll lead him back to the town square.
What is this? What are you doing?
We're not scared of you anymore,
because we figured out
your biggest fear of all
A village
who knows how to turn their luck around.
And now it looks like your luck
Has run out!
I said, it looks like your luck's run out!
Uh, j-just a minute.
Or has it?
Quick! Backup plan!
Oh man.
I almost tripped on a rock back there.
That would have been bad.
See that? They know they've lost.
You can always rely on fear
to show you who people really are.
Looks like you're alone, yet again.
No she's not.
Come on!
Didn't you hear?
We're not afraid of you anymore!
Is that all you have?
Who are you?
Next time,
I get to wear the mask.
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
We're not scared of
a stupid monster!
Come on, come on!
Feel the power
of the Crimson Mask of Deception!
You can't fight the inevitability of time.
Your luck will run out,
so why even bother?
That did it!
- What are you doing there?
- W-W-Wait
There's plenty more where that came from!
And we'll be ready next year.
I will be back!
Hooray for the hunters!
I never doubted you for a second.
You're the luckiest person I've ever met!
You really saved the town.
Oh, but you still owe your tab.
That went pretty well
Wouldn't you say?
I'd say that was pretty epic.
Nian gao.
Two for the price of one.
Now who's getting soft?
Uh, well,
i-it's just one day out of the year, hm?
- I wish this moment could last forever.
- I wish we could do this every year.
I wish I made more nian gao.
What do you wish for?
Hey. I said,
what's next for the Wandering Hunter?
Well, then, what's next, Po?
I don't know.
I feel like we're running out of luck.
And I don't know how to turn it around.
Well I think I might, now.
It starts with us sticking together.
Whoa! Hey, wait a second.
I have some nian gao candy!
Uh, I mean,
they've been up there for eight years.
Oh, but what luck to remember tonight!
Oh! And check out what I can make!
Now, everyone make a wish!
I hope we remember this moment,
no matter what happens next.
What, like a new year tradition?
Gong xi fa cai.
May the new year
bring us luck and good fortune!
It already has.
I think our luck is turning around.
How did I do telling the story, Dad?
Epic, Po. Very epic.
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