Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e12 Episode Script

The Pangea-ing

Alfie, what are you doing?
With these weapons,
I will fix what the Ancient Masters broke
and bring the world back together.
With Pangea reformed,
and the continents back together,
the elements grow stronger.
These powers grow stronger.
And my work can begin.
What is he doing?
I think he's trying
to pull the world together.
We can't just let him Pangea stuff!
All right. Bud?
Maybe you best unhand those weps.
We gotta get those things
into the forge before Whoa!
The forge!
You've trusted me before, Lulu.
To do what's right.
Trust me again.
This is the way to a safer world,
for everyone.
For our family.
I'll show you.
We gotta scram before he brings
this whole place down on top of us.
I can't.
- What?
- This isn't my brother.
I can get through to him,
make him stop this.
- Looks okay. Come on.
- Where do you think he took her?
I don't know, but if I know Blade,
she won't be gone long.
In the meantime,
we gotta deal with Whoa!
Nothing we can't fix.
Fly for your lives!
Fly for your lives!
Where is everyone going?
This is happening everywhere, Po.
How are we supposed to fix this?
Um You know, we gotta find Alfie.
If Blade can't get him to put everything
back, we need to bring the smackdown!
All right? Let's go!
You with us, Colin?
The palace!
The Queen.
I must head to the palace,
then make sure the citizens are safe.
Well, sure. But
Our people need help.
I, I promised
I'd always defend them.
We're doing that.
By stopping Alfie
and getting Blade back.
But we have no idea where they went,
and we can't just wait around here
for what, days?
Months? Years?
Okay. Yeah.
We all head home, check in on our people.
If Blade can't get through to Alfie
in a month,
we regroup at my dad's,
and come up with a plan to kick
his British butt and fix the world.
You have my word, Po.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
All right then.
Dragon Knights forever.
It's good to have this back.
Tea, anyone?
Perhaps a spot, yes.
Where's your evil ghost army?
My evil ghost army
They're my peacekeepers now,
my eyes and ears across Pangea.
Do you still take sugar?
Alfie, look around you! This is madness!
Lulu, this is the cost of peace.
It won't be easy,
but the quakes won't last forever.
And when the dust settles,
everyone will realize
I've done it for them.
Oh dear, it's
Too much sugar.
I want to understand, Alfie.
So show me.
Let's go to the people
and let them decide.
Oh my!
Ah! The great Master Mastodon.
You see
what the rest of my army sees, yes?
So tell me, where might I be needed most?
Long road to China ♪
On my way to check on
My pops and his lady ♪
Alfie has all the weapons ♪
And now the world is all out of whack ♪
Let's go!
Never gonna follow the map ♪
The road never seems to end ♪
The weather is constantly changing ♪
Super long road to China ♪
Or maybe it's just long
Without your friends ♪
Ah, China!
Welcome home, Po.
Whoa. Where's everyone going?
Hey guys. I know we didn't part
on the coolest of terms, but
The Emperor would like a word.
The Emperor. Right.
What kind of mood is he in?
Hey, you nincompoop.
A speck of dust
just hit my little toe, right here.
My apologies, Emperor.
Po! Oh, you've returned!
Get in here, big guy.
I can explain everything.
I just need a few visual aids and
maybe a rehearsal space to
You're not, like, mad at me?
Mad? Oh come on, bud!
We've had our little disagreements
in the past, but we're all good, right?
- Sure.
- Great! Love that.
Because people are panicking.
No one knows what's going on,
and they want me to fix this!
But, you know, I was thinking,
there's only one person for the job.
China's Dragon Master. Hmm?
Wait, you're
You're giving me my title back?
I mean, hey,
we'll re-evaluate in six months,
but right now, China needs you.
Oh no! No, come on, come on!
There's someone in there.
I didn't turn it on.
I didn't turn it on!
Everything started shaking,
and then the lanterns fell, a
Nothing we can't handle, hmm?
Oh, thank you.
You saved us! Oh, thank you, thank you!
Some of the others were
starting to really freak out.
I kept my cool.
Yes. Our hero, my brother.
Saving people from a fire that he caused.
You told me your brother was dead.
Oh, I was, but not anymore.
Uh, you're
- Here to help.
- Help!
One moment.
Your dead brother
has the Tianshang Weapons?!
My brother, he's He's confused.
He was lost in those weapons for 15 years.
But I see him in there,
more and more.
There. All back in order.
Uh, wow!
Thank you, brave undead fella.
Don't hurt me.
I can fix this.
Perhaps there are more who
might need a little extra help right now.
That would be a good start.
Have no fear, Dad!
The Dragon Master is coming to your aid.
What in the Where'd everyone go?
I go by "Hammer Hands" now.
It's my warrior name.
Great name. You came up with that?
Where's your friend?
Rabia? Did you finish cleaning your room?
It's Hammer Hands, Mom!
You have to call me Hammer Hands!
Hey, wait!
Where is everyone? The buildings, tents
Noodle carts?
Lost to the sand.
These storms used to last a few hours,
but the weather's changed.
Hasn't let up for weeks.
The customers stopped coming
so everybody moved away,
but this is our home.
Okay, listen up.
You can't stay here, at least not for now.
Follow me to my dad's.
You can stay safe for a while
and come back once we've fixed everything.
All right, let's go!
Good gravy, you've gotten strong.
Very funny.
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Thought I was gonna be
pinned in there forever.
Where's the Pirate Queen? Hmm?
Did she ask about me? What did she say?
- Weimin, she's been gone for months.
- Huh?
This village now belongs
to the Crocodile Lizards!
The earthquakes destroyed our river
and now we don't have a home anymore, so
Guess we'll just have to take yours.
Hands off, guy!
Pangea created so many problems.
We couldn't possibly
travel the world fixing them all.
You can still fix this.
Let the Earth return
to the way things were.
We'll find a way
to get rid of these weapons.
You're right, Lulu.
I can fix this!
Hey, give it back!
This will look great hanging on my new
What's your deal?
Oh hey,
let's talk, let's talk, let's talk!
W-W-What are you doing?
Sending a message.
Wait! Please!
Alfie, you can't!
Pangea is a world of peace now. My peace.
There is no room
for those who do not comply.
Now, off you go to spread the word.
Go on now, no time for dawdling.
Shall we, sis?
That guy's crazy!
Hey guys. Wait for me!
Whoo! Nothing like good old-fashioned
walking to shake the funk off you.
Why did you have funk on you?
To be honest, Hammer Hands,
I kinda felt like a failure lately.
'Cause Alfie, my friend's brother,
made all this happen.
Put the whole world in danger.
'Cause he got the weapons.
'Cause I didn't know he was evil
and I kinda handed them to him.
I handed them to him.
This is all my fault.
I'd hoped all these missions together
would put things into perspective.
The world you want back
was broken.
A truly peaceful world
wouldn't require armies, or knights,
or Dragon Knights.
But now the world is one again,
under my protection, my rule.
I've sent that message now,
and all will fall into place,
as it should.
But what about the people
who don't fall into place, hmm?
Pangea settles and my power grows.
It's time I too find a new home.
Somewhere from which I can watch over
the world I swore to protect.
Um, Alfie dear, you're scaring us.
I don't want any part of this.
This was always the plan.
It's the code we both live by.
The one I taught you.
This is the lesser of two evils!
Oh, son! You're okay!
I heard the good news.
Good news?
You got your title back!
Oh, right. That.
How about some noodles?
I don't deserve noodles.
I let Klaus and Veruca steal the gauntlet,
I went around the world
collecting the rest of the weapons,
and then I handed them to Alfie.
Me. I did that.
And I can't fix it.
As punishment for my failure,
I'll never eat noodles ever again.
The constant hunger, a reminder
of the great shame I brought to
Aw, come on!
It's like muscle memory, I can't stop.
The best thing I can do to protect China,
and everyone, is to stay out of the way.
B-But what about the Dragon Knights?
Oh, the Dragon Knights.
There is no more Dragon Knights.
The Dragon Knights are over.
No they're not.
Things are worse than I thought.
I need you, Po.
What do you say?
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