Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e13 Episode Script

The Poison Ravine

[exclaiming, grunting]
[serene music plays]
[atmospheric music plays]
[slurps, gulps]
Are you two still staring at each other?
It's been half an hour.
Blade, I
I can't help you stop Alfie.
What? No.
I refuse to accept that.
You're Po. You don't give up. You're you!
And I need your youness
to come up with a plan.
Blade, be real.
He's got the weapons, he's in the sky,
he totally obliterated the forge.
There's no way to defeat him,
or destroy the weapons.
I'm sure Akna and Rukhmini agree,
or they would have come back.
[soft music plays]
You got to accept it too.
[groans] How are we gonna cheer him up?
I miss my sunny boy.
[intriguing music plays]
I shall become the sunny boy. Hmm?
- Uh
- [lively music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
[serene music plays]
Okay. What are five things
that you think will make me more like Po?
Well, sleep too late.
Doesn't help.
Eat too many dumplings.
Also doesn't help.
Um Sleep too late. Did I say that?
Yes. And eat too many dumplings.
Okay, that's four.
Mr. Ping.
I suppose to really be like Po,
you need a very big heart.
A smile on your face,
a can-do attitude, and importantly
You need to mush up words
and give everything a nickname.
And eat too many dumplings!
Okay. Okay, you can do this.
If Po can't be Po,
you'll just have to be Po for him. Mm-hmm.
Hey, Po-tatoes.
Little nickname-erooni. [chuckles]
Why are you talking like that?
Do you need to sit down?
Look, I know you're feeling overwhelmed,
but it's you and me.
P and B.
This is our idea scroll.
Let's brainstorm ideas
for how we'll defeat Alfie.
If there's a way to stop him,
we'll find it.
I'm sure it won't take long at all.
Aw man, got broth in my thinking beard.
Maybe these were a bad idea.
Just keep the good ideas coming, Po.
"And with his last breath, Master Sloth
let the mountains reclaim him."
"The end."
I don't get it.
Was Sloth laid to rest in the mountains,
or is that some kind of metaphor?
[sighs] No idea.
Well, uh, I love graphic novels.
Noice. Give me a hand slap.
What? Oh, uh, cool.
- [creaking]
- Okay, ideas.
Reclaim, the weapons reclaim souls Oh!
We let the weapons reclaim us, and we,
I don't know, blow them up from inside!
So we die?
No. Well, yes?
[sighs] I've got nothing.
Uh, what about you?
Any butt-kicking ideas?
Perhaps a sneaky little skadoosh?
Uh, soup.
Um, we throw hot soup on the weapons?
No, that's dumb. Never mind.
No, it's It's unique!
Still nothing, huh?
So far, our only idea is hot soup.
Ho Oh. [chuckles] That's a good one!
Well, it always worked for me.
Po needs to get out of that room,
move, do things.
The boy's a do-er.
He can't just waste away
at some noodle shop chopping vegetables.
I don't wanna rush Po,
but Alfie gets more dangerous every day.
So if he's a do-er, what can he do?
- [yells]
- [gasping]
My boy needs a win, something easy
to show him he's still got it.
When my boy sits around and does nothing,
that's when his demons appear,
filling him with self-doubt.
Oh, and I've got just the mission.
Oh, Po!
[groans] It smells like wet beard
around here.
Oh, yeah.
Po, my son,
I need my special pepper,
the one that only you can get.
Special pepper? Sounds quite epic!
[suspenseful music plays]
They grow in a deep and dangerous river,
and only my boy can get them for me,
with his water kung fu.
Dad, it's just swimming.
Kung fu swimming. The aquatic martial art.
Awesome sauce.
- But I don't think I can
- Listen here, Mr. Gloomy Pants.
We have a lot of mouths to feed
since Alfie
squished everything together. [sighs]
- But
- Papa needs his pepper.
[sighs] But I mess everything up.
Whatever nasty voice
is filling your head with all those buts,
you tell them to shut it.
Not how I would have phrased that, but
Fine, I'll get your pepper.
Probably blow up China on the way.
Chip a tooth.
Turn some people inside out.
- Blacken the skies or scorch the Earth
- Not bad, Mr. Ping.
Yes, I'm a genius.
[groans] I hope it works.
My cheeks hurt
from all this dreadful smiling.
You have to keep smiling.
It's very important.
Po must be the one
who retrieves the peppers.
[serene music plays]
The peppers grow on the edge of the river,
so we gotta swim to them.
Um, so, this is nice, isn't it?
- You and me, back on a mish!
- [grunts]
I guess.
The river should be right up ahead.
Oh no!
The water's gone! What happened?
- [dramatic music plays]
- [birds caw]
Seems when he moved the continents,
it diverted the river.
Oh cool. Yet another example
of how unstoppable he is.
Okay. New plan.
We climb down and just walk to the pepper.
Yeah, cool, easy.
Except all the plants
at the bottom are poisonous!
Uh, how poisonous?
There's one
that makes your eyeballs fall out.
No, no. Too dangerous without the water.
I like my eyeballs.
Wait, I Hold on.
Po, my buddy, my, my chum.
You've been talking weird lately.
We do dangerous stuff like this
all the time.
But you focus, meditate,
and boom, rarely screw it up.
One wrong move and [clicks tongue]
So, no wrong moves.
[Po] Wait, wait, wait. Blade!
[groans, grunts]
[sighs] Now your turn, Po.
Okay, lil' rocky slide.
[knuckles crack]
She's right. I got this.
Calm the mind. Inner peace.
I am the super scary wobbly rock wall.
[peaceful music plays]
- [male voice] As if. [laughs]
- [music chimes]
[mysterious music plays]
Me with a cool hat?
Name's Op.
O-P. Sound familiar?
[sighs] It's Po backwards. Keep up.
I'm the physical manifestation
of all the dark thoughts in your head,
like how if you were a dumpling,
no one would eat you.
[atmospheric music plays]
- [wind whistles]
- [Po] Huh.
Okay, not gonna unpack all that.
And I'd be a delicious dumpling,
by the way, so their loss.
Inner peace.
Inner peace.
[peaceful music plays]
- I am
- Gonna mess this up hard.
Look, pal, a really tough scary lady
warned me about you
filling my head with buts.
[laughs] Butts.
She said to tell you to shut it,
so shut it, okay?
[chuckles] Butts.
[lively music plays]
- Dummy says, "Ah!"
- Ah!
[yelling, exclaiming]
No, no, no!
- Slow down!
- [grunts]
Not an option!
- [yelling]
- [grunts, gasps]
- [gasps, whimpers]
- [panting]
It's tingly.
Now it's cold. Now it's hot?
Is it gonna fall off?
I don't know.
I mean, no way-arino.
- [groans] Op was right.
- [grunting]
What's an Op?
It's nothing. I don't know.
Uh, don't freak out.
Everything's gonna be totally bodacious.
Come on, let me help you.
- [birds caw]
- [serene music plays]
My leg is so tingly.
[Po sniffs, groans]
It is spreading though.
You should just leave me here in the sun.
I can bake like an upside-down turtle.
I'm obviously not going to leave you, Po.
We'll find that pepper any moment.
Where are you, you stupid pepper?
[laughs] So this is who you are now, huh?
Get out of here.
An annoying bummer
who's got to be dragged along,
who makes mistake after mistake after
Shut up!
What? Excuse me?
Not you.
I can walk, thanks.
I don't need to be dragged along.
- [grunting]
- Po, please let me help you.
Come on, you're my friend.
Friend-oh from around the bend-oh.
I don't need your help!
And why do you keep talking like that?
Ooh. Drama.
It's hot. [exhales] You're hurt.
But we can do it. I believe in you.
The pepper's right up here.
[Po] Are you kidding me?
The peppers are gone! [sighs]
The water must have swept them away.
Wow. What a jinxer you are.
Even I didn't see that coming.
[grunts, yells]
- You all right?
- [groaning]
- No! [grunting]
- [squelching]
My leg's gone full noodle.
I told you to let me help you.
Oh wow, you did? [chuckles] Good for you!
I'm sure there's a pepper nearby.
But you should rest.
Just take a little break-ski.
- Stop it!
- [music chimes]
[mocking] Stop it!
Where is this bloody pepper? [groans]
[dramatic music plays]
I'm proud of you,
getting all mad like that.
We should start a band.
What's your deal, dude?
I told you.
I'm the Prince of All That is Dark
in that coconut you call a head.
And you got tons of dark in there.
[scoffs] No, I don't.
[atmospheric music plays]
I mean it, I'm okay. Trust me.
- Are not.
- Am too.
[groans, grunts]
- [grunting]
- [rhythmic music pays]
Po! I, I found the pepper!
- Po?
- [grunting]
Oh. [chuckles]
I was just having a little spasm.
- [bones crack]
- [leg squelches]
Spasm over.
[suspenseful music plays]
That is way too high.
- I'll give you a boost.
- [lively music plays]
Come on.
- Mm
- This is so sad.
She's trying to save the world and now
she's stuck on your dumb pepper mission.
Blade, just climb up yourself.
[sighs] I can't. I need you to do it.
Why do you care about
my dad's pepper so much?
Shouldn't you be trying to stop Alfie?
This is me trying to stop Alfie!
I'm doing this for you.
Oh, is that why
you've been treating me like a baby?
Yes! Because you are a baby.
That's why
you've been talking like a weirdo!
And smiling like this
[scoffs] That's my Po impression.
Bodacious. Mustard-roony, bro!
Skadoosh, skadoosh, skadoosh!
Whoa. That's what I sound like?
I've tried everything to help you.
The world's in danger,
my brother is completely mad,
and I'm on a pepper mission
because my best friend,
who I used to think could do anything,
has become useless.
Oh, what?
Are you going to climb
the rocks by yourself?
- Your limbs don't work.
- [groans]
Just like your brain.
[sighs, grunts]
Okay, okay, stop. This is a bad idea.
J-J-Just climb down.
I would, but, uh
I can't feel my other leg either. [grunts]
What? Then why did you get on?
To prove you wrong!
- [yelling] No!
- Hold on!
- I've got you.
- [yelling, groans]
- [yells]
- [gasps]
[grunts, groans]
Blade! [groans]
Numb. Everything numb. [strains]
Are you okay?
Say something.
I know things are tense
but you didn't have to kill her.
- [groans]
- [mystical music plays]
Oh no! Are you poisoned?
I can taste colors
and a cloud is my friend.
Blade, I'm so sorry!
Oh, it's fine. I'm okey-dokey. It's fine.
[Po] Really?
Tell me the truth.
The truth.
The truth.
Oh, Po.
I'm not okey-dokey. I'm, I'm mad.
Mad at everything, all the time.
I'm not okey-dokey either.
You think? [sighs]
Why didn't you talk to me?
'Cause I'm mad too!
I'm mad at myself! So mad!
Yes, keep being a bummer.
I'm a straight up bummer now, Blade.
And I can't snap out of it.
It's not your fault, and
It was wrong of me
to expect you to fix everything
just because
you're always the optimistic one.
I wanted you to be confident
so that I could be angry.
That isn't fair.
[soft music plays]
You know she's only being nice to you
'cause she's poisoned, right?
Ow. Would you stop?
I'm in the middle of something.
- [groaning]
- [Op] Just give up, Po.
You won't make it to her.
Don't you get it?
You can't do anything for yourself.
[sighs] I hate Alfie for what he's done,
and I hate that a sad little part of me
loves him because he's my brother.
I wish I didn't.
I'm so sorry things are like this.
[Po grunts]
Me too. This situation stinks.
This stinks.
It stinks so much!
[Po] Very stinky!
[Blade] I hate it!
[Po] Gym shorts level stank!
Let me help you up. [groans]
[grunting, exclaiming]
[gasps] Hey, I can move. I can stand!
It's wearing off.
It's like when I'm sitting too long
and my butt falls asleep.
H-How are you feeling?
Oh, the pepper!
We've lost it, haven't we?
Oh, we're pepper-less.
You mean this lil' guy?
[mystical music plays]
Oh, Po. You did it!
I knew you could do it. I knew it!
I knew it!
Okay, I guess
it hasn't worn off on you yet.
Let's celebrate. Wanna race?
I'm gonna climb a mountain.
Oh, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna live in a mountain!
[atmospheric music plays]
[Po] Live in a mountain
Master Sloth
was reclaimed by the mountains.
- [music intensifies]
- [gasps] Blade.
- Blade!
- [laughing]
[groans] My head.
I'm just glad
you still have your eyeballs.
Dad, we did it!
I told you you could.
Thanks, Dad. Gotta run. Idea time!
- You want me to chop that?
- No, no, no.
No one eats these.
They make your eyeballs fall out.
[Blade] What exactly am I looking for?
Master Sloth committed his soul
to the mountains, right?
And look here, Master Ostrich. It says
she committed her soul to the wind.
[Blade] Longtooth did the same with fire.
- Do you know what this means?
- Yes! They're still here, in the elements.
Like how Mastodon's soul
survived in that pendant.
The forge is gone,
but the masters built the forge.
They built those weapons,
they can destroy them too.
Blade, maybe we can't beat him
[stirring music plays]
[Po] But they can.
So how do we, you know, talk to them?
Well, you and I got this far,
but this next step
needs more than just us.
Dragon Knight reunion?
One last ride into the deep.
A final march to victory!
Okay, okay. A little too positive now.
My head still hurts.
An epic quest, the ultimate test.
I get it! Old Po is back.
Thank you very much, that's all.
- What are you so happy about?
- [ominous music plays]
You still got a lot of darkness in there.
I know, and that's okay.
We all have darkness,
so thanks for helping me work through it.
What? Wait! Wanna hang out?
Uh, play some music? Talk about our fears?
[Op] Wait!
Got another one.
A treacherous trudge to settle our grudge!
[Blade] You've been thinking
about these for a while, huh?
[Po chuckles] Busted.
[stirring music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
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