Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e14 Episode Script

The Master Key

[exclaiming, grunting]
- [cheerful music plays]
- [chatter]
The rook can't do a figure eight.
Then how did the Queen defeat my aunt
with that very move?
[scoffs] Your aunt stinks at chess.
That's how.
- [crashing]
- [grunting]
Get off me, you Ow!
Get your filthy hands off!
[exclaims] Oi! Watch it!
- [owl 1 grunts]
- [owl 2] Ouch!
- [belches]
- [knight] Hey, break it up!
- [door opens]
- [ominous music plays]
This is a new age of peace.
Disorder will not be tolerated.
[sentinel] Violence will be eradicated
by any means necessary.
No! Help!
You gotta help me.
[owl 2] You're a knight, aren't you?
Come on, please.
No. We weren't fighting,
we were just joshing,
playing around.
- [door slams]
- [ominous music fades]
[ominous music plays]
Headed to Tikal
Gonna risk it all to find Akna ♪
- [Po] And bring her back-na ♪
- [sighs]
Team Dragon Knight
Gonna fight the fight ♪
Okay, this is where our paths diverge.
Shall we go over the plan one last time?
No need.
Been singing it since we left the shop.
Headed to Tikal, gonna risk it all ♪
Po, I'm serious.
Akna and Rukhmini were supposed to
meet us back in China weeks ago.
We've already lost so much time.
It's imperative that we don't dilly-dally.
Dilly-dally, gonna rally ♪
If you're keeping score
Gonna need more tallies ♪
Because the score is ♪
Like, so high.
It's nice to see you
in such high spirits again.
Annoying, but nice.
Best of luck with Akna.
Right back atcha ♪
But you know, with Rukhmini.
See you back in China for the DK reunion!
Come on. Don't leave me hang Yeah!
- [laughs gleefully]
- [serene music plays]
[exhausted] I'm coming to see ya ♪
It's a long walk across Pangea ♪
[groans] Not a fan.
- [groans]
- [chatter, laughter]
Whoa, look at this place.
All the cacao, it's green.
This was nothing but dusty, dusty dirt.
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [gasps]
[Po gasps] Hot cocoa.
[giggling excitedly]
Can I get four hot cocoas, please?
Making up for lost time.
- Po!
- B'ah! My man!
Your village is looking bodacious.
[chuckles] Yeah! Everything's great.
[Zip] Order up.
[glugging, gulping]
[glugs, sighs]
Hey, you wanna play some pok-ta-pok
for old times' sake?
Yeah, sure.
- [grunting, laughing]
- [percussive music plays]
[groans] Bubble belly.
- I'll get it.
- [chuckles]
- [growling]
- [ominous music plays]
[exclaims] Whoa! B'ah, get back.
It's okay.
It's just watching
to make sure we don't get too violent.
But isn't pok-ta-pok,
like, a contact sport?
- Pretty sure I broke a rib last time.
- Yeah. [chuckles]
But we aren't allowed
to play like that anymore. [chuckles]
New rules.
Sorry, Po.
I should have said something sooner.
That's all right, B'ah.
I just need to hurry up and find
[Po exclaims]
Akna! There she is!
Akna, wait up!
[ominous music plays]
[panting, groaning]
Too much walking.
- [atmospheric music plays]
- Oh!
[atmospheric music continues]
[Blade] Rukhmini. Rukhmini!
[soft music plays]
[groans] That water smells dreadful.
Oh really? I hadn't noticed.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
You were supposed to meet us
back in China weeks ago!
- Been caught up with my own stuff.
- [bones cracking]
Po and I think we know
how to defeat Alfie, how to fix things.
- But we really need you to
- Relax. I'm in.
You are? Wow. That was easy.
Were you expecting a challenge?
I mean, yes.
But after the journey getting here,
easy is quite a relief.
Just need to drop this off first,
then we can go.
[dramatic music plays]
Akna! Akna!
[yells, groans]
Oh, you're not Akna.
[sighs] Sadly, I'm not.
Hey, Po!
Pelpel! Nice cacao towers.
Or should I say, cacao-ers?
Uh, that's not a word,
but you could say that.
- [growling]
- [ominous music plays]
[exclaims] Whoa there, big guy.
It's fine. No trouble here.
Does that freaky demon
ever just, like, chill?
Negative. It watches everything we do.
I don't even think it blinks.
Doesn't blink, huh?
Let me just
- [grunts]
- [music swells]
[groans] Yeesh.
Yeah, but on the bright side,
the climate shift across Pangea
has given us more rain than ever.
We're doing everything we can
to make the best of it. [chuckles]
We use the scorpions to harvest,
and send our surplus
to cities Pangea hasn't been as kind to.
Guess Akna's had her hands full.
Where is she?
I haven't seen her since I got here.
Akna? Isn't she with you?
What? No, she left months ago
to come help you guys.
Are you telling me she never showed up?
But she wouldn't
[gasps] Unless something
You don't think that
She's dead?
- Mm, seems like a big leap.
- It's the only explanation. [inhales]
- Akna!
- [dramatic music plays]
[soft music plays]
[Po] Akna.
You were small in size,
but ginormous in friendship.
I have prepared a song to honor you.
[clears throat]
I was headed to Tikal
Gonna risk it all to find you, Akna ♪
[voice breaking] And bring you back-na ♪
[suspenseful music plays]
Uh Hello?
- Is anyone there?
- [music swells]
- [gasps]
- Akna?
Uh, nope. Akna's, uh
[imitating someone else] Akna's not here.
- [dramatic music plays]
- Wait, wait, what?
Akna, it's me! It's Po!
Never was great with these
Whoa! Getting the hang of it.
Woohoo! Yeah!
[atmospheric music plays]
- [coughing]
- [gasping]
- Happy birthday!
- What?
Good job holding in your hiccups, sweetie.
We got her good.
I did my [hiccups] best.
Happy birthday?
- [cheering]
- [lively music plays]
Change of plans.
We can leave
right after my birthday party.
After Are you serious?
You said we could leave right now!
I have a mission waiting for us.
I'm sure it can wait a few more hours.
[exclaims] It's always
the end of the world with you people.
It literally is the end of the world.
That'll be five copper.
Thank you for visiting Tika
- [screaming]
- Out of the way! Save yourself!
[Akna] 'Scuse me. Sorry. Coming through.
[exclaims, chuckles] Don't get up,
just gonna squeeze right past you.
I'm still getting the hang of this.
Look out!
Coming through. Sorry about that.
Akna, wait up!
[percussive music plays]
Sorry. Sorry about that.
- [owl 3] Let me go!
- Excuse me, let me [exclaims]
[munching] Don't worry, sir.
I'll get you down in a hot
In a hot second.
- [exclaiming]
- [clattering]
- Akna, come on, let's talk!
- Uh
[Akna] Can't. I'm allergic.
To talking?
[ominous music plays]
- Great party!
- So long!
- Bye!
- Chalo! See you, bye!
[groans] All right, party's over.
Who's ready to give gifts?
Oh, wouldn't be a birthday without gifts.
[sighs] We'll leave right after this.
[groans] You said
we'd leave after the party.
'Cause I forgot about the gifts.
Cut me some slack.
I haven't had a birthday party
in 30 years.
[Rukhmini] After the gifts, we go.
Hmm. [sighs]
Oh, would you stop being
such a party pooper?
You could at least act like you're having
Wow. We get to watch
Rukhmini open all those gifts?
No. We get to watch
Rukhmini give all these gifts.
We already have so much,
so on our birthdays,
we give back to others.
Treats for everyone,
no matter how long that takes.
[percussive music plays]
Wait up!
[Po] Akna!
Why are you running away from me?
I'm your friend!
It's me, Po!
[exclaims, groans]
[exclaims, groans]
Akna, slow down.
Are you okay?
Uh, of course not.
I was hiding out
at the volcano for a reason.
Hiding? From what?
[ominous music plays]
Oh, uh, no, we weren't fighting.
- We're friends. [chuckles]
- [whimpers]
[Po chuckles nervously]
[lively music plays]
[resident] Hey, my lucky bracelet!
[resident 2]
I was looking for those earrings.
- Here you go.
- Oh, thank you!
What, wait? Is this my flute?
I thought this was stolen.
That's what makes the gift so special.
Nothing quite like
finding something you've been looking for.
The Regifter of Raipur strikes again!
That's the last of it. Let's head back.
I made
all of Rukhmini's favorites for dinner.
No, I'm afraid we won't be able to
Turn down a home-cooked meal
from the best chef in the city.
We can leave right after.
No! You said one more thing
two things ago.
We've spent all day
pretending the world isn't ending
so you could have
a party with your friends.
Enough is enough.
You don't understand
what you're asking me to do.
I'm asking you to not be so selfish.
Come on, slowpoke! We made birthday barfi.
- [Rukhmini] I love barfi! [chuckles]
- [groans]
[dramatic music plays]
Just stay behind [exclaims]
I did not think
today was gonna go like this.
I'm coming, Akna!
- [yelps, groans]
- [ominous music plays]
You guys, no, don't fight.
They'll just come after you next.
You lousy ghost monsters
ruined my favorite game!
No! No, don't touch me.
What if you accidentally
rip one of my wings off?
- Then I'll only be able to fly in circles.
- Akna, you gotta let me help you.
I'm your friend.
Alfie was my friend too.
- [gasps]
- [Akna] Or I thought he was.
I trusted him with the Storm Wheel,
but he was just using me.
How did I not see it?
You're right.
People are unpredictable, but look!
[Po] Sometimes that's a good thing.
We didn't know
Pelpel and B'ah would bust in
and go all scorpion on that sentinel,
but they came to help
because they care about you.
[Po] Just like I do.
Look, what Alfie did is on Alfie.
All we can control now
is how we move forward.
We need your help.
Will you trust me?
[suspenseful music plays]
[dramatic music plays]
[stirring music plays]
Contact sport!
They just poofed that thing.
I didn't even know you could.
Thanks for the assist.
There's more where that came from.
You won't have to worry about them long.
We got something we're cooking up, right?
Let's boogey.
[atmospheric music plays]
[lively music plays]
- [clinking, shattering]
- Oops! Sorry. Sorry.
Uh, before we eat,
I'd like to give a speech.
[Padma] You returned
a lot of things today, Rukhmini.
Rings, vases, statues
And that was just to Jayesh.
It's true. She has taken so much from me.
But, the most valuable thing
you've returned to us is you.
Thank you for being
such a great partner to my mom,
and a great mom to me.
[emotional music plays]
Aw. There, there.
[Jayesh] A toast.
To my favorite aunty.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I said we could leave right after this.
[sighs] I'm so sorry, I
I was being selfish.
They're your family.
I can't ask you to leave them.
They are my family, yes.
That's why I'm going with you.
Because now,
I have something worth fighting for.
[Diya] There's the birthday girl.
I've been looking for you.
Take all the time you need.
Diya, I
I know, sweetie.
I knew as soon as she got here.
For a master thief slash con artist,
you never were much good at lying to me.
[Diya] But I appreciate you trying so hard
to make our last day together perfect.
I have one final surprise for you.
- [Diya] Happy birthday, Rukhi.
- [emotional music swells]
Oh, this isn't our last day together.
I'm coming back home to you.
[Rukhmini] Just like I always do.
[Po] Okay, first things first.
Happy belated b-day,
You also missed my wedding,
so everyone owes me two presents.
Onto the plan. The good ideas start here.
No, wait.
[Po] That's me and Longtooth high-fiving.
Yes. Here. That's right.
[Po] In the comics,
it says the Ancient Masters never died.
They just locked their souls
into the elements,
which means they're still here.
Even if we don't have the forge,
they could use their magic to
destroy the weapons and stop Alfie for us.
Sorry, where do
the good ideas start again?
How are we supposed to get in touch
with a bunch of element ghosts?
Well, I was hoping the Dragon Knights'
master thief and chief genius
could help figure that part out.
You said the Ancient Masters
are locked up in the elements, right?
Well, the best way to open a lock
isn't with a hammer, it's with a key.
We need someone on the inside.
Oh, oh, oh
[splutters] I got it, I got it.
When Mastodon used his storm powers,
he said he was connecting
to the elements, right?
Couldn't stop talking about it.
And Duncan and Veruca.
They had the same magic because
they were descendants of the Ancient Army.
The elemental magic. It's our way in.
But who's left to help us?
Mastodon's a part of Alfie's army.
Duncan and Veruca are dead.
Which only leaves
one branch on the family tree.
- You think he's the key?
- I mean, maybe.
[sighs] Too bad there's no way
in a thousand years we would trust him.
We don't need to trust him.
We need to trust us.
[dramatic music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
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