Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e15 Episode Script

The Last Dumont

Discord in Okinawa over resources.
Have there been attacks?
None yet.
They know the rules.
If they choose to break them,
they will suffer the consequences.
We will have peace,
by any means necessary.
Also, sir
The bird and the panda have assembled.
Your sister and the monkey as well.
Thought she'd be smarter than this.
Alfie, don't do
something you'll regret, dear.
Of course not.
Find out what they're planning.
What are you doing?
Looking out for
any more of Alfie's shadow demons.
Might wanna revenge me
for squishing one of their own.
All right, so, the plan
Find Klaus, get him to magically
connect to the elements, and boom,
harness the epic power
of the Ancient Masters!
Yes, Akna, we know
your hesitaish with trusting Klaus.
Oh, but the last time I saw Klaus,
he saved my life.
People change.
- Not that much, Soul Reaper.
- Hey!
You all said it yourselves.
We need ancient magic
to reach the Ancient Masters.
Klaus is our only shot.
But if he so much as looks at me wrong,
I'll pluck his fingers off and ram them
up his nose till he can tickle his brain.
- Uh, totally. Solid compromise.
- Ew!
There's someone upstairs.
Maybe it's one of Alfie's sentinels.
I'm here! I made it.
You haven't begun planning
without me, have you?
No. And we totally didn't forget
that you're part of the team.
And then the Ancient Masters
wipe out the weapons forge-style,
so we don't even have to fight Alfie.
So you did plan without me?
And we did forget
you were part of the team.
Well, you're here now,
and that's all that matters.
So, anyone know where Mage Island landed
after Alfie made everything go kersploosh?
Mage Island. Mage Island
I had heard of that name before,
but where?
Mage Island, Mage Island, Mage Island
You don't know
where Mage Island is, do you?
No, I don't.
There are rumors
of one who has travelled Pangea,
picking up secrets and knowledge
along the way.
Ooh, a secretmaster! Where they at?
Last I heard, some back-alley noodle shop,
in Middle China.
Good work, Colin.
Wait. How are we supposed to do
all this under Alfie's nose?
Uh, in case you guys didn't know,
he has a whole army.
Well, we'll need a distraction.
If you're willing
to take a break from retirement?
Yes! I'm in!
It's nice having the team
back together again, right?
Nice would be if our last hope didn't rest
on the shoulders of my brother's killer.
Before we go in,
I'll handle all the talking.
They're a salty crew.
We'd like to see the secret menu.
- Weimin?
- You!
Hey, b-buddy.
Not buddies.
You left me to die.
You all left me to die! Except you.
You left me to die, saved me,
then left me to die!
Hey, hey.
We're super sorry about
how we handled things back at the, uh
You don't even remember
when you left me to die?!
All right, we get it. You're fragile.
But we need information now!
But first, I want each of you
to tell me something you like about me.
And it all has to be different!
I like the stools you picked out.
Rustic. You have good taste.
Those were here when I got here.
Well I like that you kept them?
And I like that you didn't die.
Oh, I was going to use that one.
You don't need praise
or glory from us.
You're Weimin!
Helpless people like us depend on you.
And thus, we stand before Weimin,
a survivor, nay, a warrior
Asking guidance on
I can't do this anymore.
There was an island
where the Mages of England were hiding.
Where is it now, hmm?
Okay, okay!
North. Far north. I'm talking tundra.
Why are you looking for the mages?
There's this dude named Klaus who
Whose personal details don't need
to be explained at this juncture.
Weimin, MVP.
You've been super helpful.
I won't forget that.
We've got what we needed.
It's a long way to Mage Island.
I-I didn't wanna come with you anyway.
So, what was that guy's name again?
Eh, not important.
Uh, hello. What can I
As Pangea grew, from near to far
It reminds us of how small we are
and in the dream,
I own a small inn outside of town,
but it isn't an inn,
it's my childhood school, but also an inn.
It's both, know what I mean?
That's when I wake up
I've always wanted to journal,
but I've never been disciplined
to write down every thought,
every pensée, every detail
the diligence that I am now utilizing,
my mother would never believe
You again.
I've done nothing wrong.
I'm a simple restauranteur.
- What did my sister want?
- I, uh
She was looking for someone.
On Mage Island.
Klaus. Someone named Klaus!
No clue what they want. I swear!
She's teaming up with a DuMont?
Why would she?
Find that weasel before they do.
Bring him to me!
Can I go home now?
- Just pack it all up.
- Come on, everybody.
- It's, it's so cold.
- Pack up everything.
Nigel, here's one more for the road.
Everyone ready?
- Let's blow this popsicle stand.
- Ready to go.
Has anyone seen Klaus?
The night's so chilly
That I froze my toes ♪
Oh hello, hey, hi! We're leaving! ♪
Look, you can't just hide in here
for the rest of your life.
Fine, live with your guilt ♪
Or I guess, die with it ♪
Even my elbows are cold ♪
And, oh my ♪
What's this? ♪
What are
Those strange and colorful things? ♪
The word safety doesn't come to mind ♪
- What are those things?
- Where did they come from?
Help me! Oh no!
Oh no! Please don't hurt me.
You are not Klaus DuMont.
And that's how I lost my antlers.
It's ice.
Frozen lake!
I don't think
the scorpions can walk on ice!
They're too heavy!
We'll have to go
the rest of the way on foot.
Where has everyone gone?
Over here! I've found something.
He's gone.
Great! So we came
all this way from China for nothing?
What a waste!
- Rukhmini!
- I am not riding that scorpion
all the way back.
My sciati
This is bad.
He's here. Klaus is here!
Why else would Alfie send his army?
And if they're still here,
then so is Klaus.
We just need to
Po? Rukhmini?
- Come to finish me off, eh?
- No.
this is gonna sound super weird,
but you have this secret,
ancient connection to the elements
because of your ancestry and stuff,
and we kind of need to tap into that
if we wanna stop the weapons
and save the world.
I don't have a connection to anything.
Whatever my part was in all this,
I've made peace with it.
I want nothing to do with you,
or those weapons.
Well, it's a little late
for all that now, isn't it?
You started this
when you stole the Wugao Gauntlet,
so you will come with us to stop Alfie.
Alfie? He's behind all this?
I thought he was dead.
He was.
He's the one who killed my sister, then?
How did you know she was dead?
Just a feeling.
So you're just going to sit here
and freeze to death?
It's better than being taken
by whatever monsters
your brother sent to kill me.
Oh, I'll kill you
before I leave without you,
I promise you that!
Tie him up. We're leaving.
One foot up there and we're all dead.
No one leaves. No one!
Klaus DuMont
Wait, Klaus, stop!
It's Veruca!
Klaus! Klaus! Get back here!
Hello, Klaus.
You're not Veruca.
Po! Remember Tikal?
The scorpion. The poofing?
Poofing. Right. To the trees!
Put me down!
Po, shouldn't we help Klaus?
We are. Trust me!
Get the
Been crate to know you.
Oh yeah!
And another one down ♪
- Gross.
- Got Ancient Army in my lungs.
Hey! Over here!
- Where is she?
- I dunno.
But I don't wanna stick around
to find out.
I, uh
Yeah. Thanks.
I thought we were done for.
Oh, we may still be.
The shadow demons can un-squish.
Get to the scorpions!
- Klaus!
- Huh?
They're frozen!
W-What has he done to you?
Time to come home, brother.
Veruca, stop!
I promised you I'd get you out of here
and I don't break promises.
Not even to you.
I got it! It works!
Now let's get the other one started.
Uh, no time.
I've got it.
Not this again.
No, the lake!
Move aside.
Nice job, Colin!
Let's get out of here
before Alfie sends more of them.
Hey. Welcome to the team.
Oh, was I already not a part of the
Klaus, I, I
I know what it's like
to live in the shadow
of someone else's mission.
And I know what it feels like
to lose them to it.
It seemed hopeless to me too,
but we have a real chance.
You. You are that chance.
But I don't have any magic powers.
I'm not like my sister.
I think I can help with that.
They got away.
Find them.
My sister treads a dark path,
and it's time I pull her from it.
For her own sake.
Your Highness.
I have a message for you.
From the Dragon Master.
You need to
Start a war.
With China.
With England.
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