Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e16 Episode Script

A Teacup Filled with the Self

[exclaiming, grunting]
- [soft music plays]
- [wind blows]
- [rumbling]
- [Rukhmini] Po, control your stomach!
We're all hungry.
[Po] That wasn't me. For once.
I bet it's the weird new guy.
Well, it wasn't.
- Must be the other weird new guy.
- I can't take credit for that one.
Fine. It was me.
- Ha!
- [rumbling]
Okay, that one was me.
But the other one wasn't.
Don't look at me with your doubtful eyes.
Can we get back to what we were doing?
I still don't understand
what you people want from me.
It's simple.
The Ancient Masters
are still inside the elements,
and the elements are all around us.
So if someone
could connect to the elements,
then that someone
could wake the Ancient Masters
from their spiritual slumber
to destroy the weapons.
And that someone is you.
What? [grunts]
And I told you
that I don't have any powers.
Or you've just never tapped into 'em.
Magic's in your blood.
You just gotta find it, dude.
Or, perhaps you've got
the wrong DuMont, dude.
- It was Veruca who
- [rumbling]
Huh? Hmm
[groans] So hungry. Sorry.
Okay, look,
everyone's pretty tense and hangry.
Maybe we need a little R and R.
- What's R and R?
- Rice and radishes.
Hows about
Klaus and I find someplace quiet
to work on unlocking these powers,
while you all scrounge up some grub?
Very well. We'll meet back here.
It's all up to you,
Klaus DuMont.
[atmospheric music plays]
- [grunts]
- I got you, bud.
Alright. Where's the nearest village?
Mama needs some chow.
We're not going anywhere
with Alfie's army hunting us.
We'll need to forage for food.
Oh no.
I am never eating moss again. [groans]
I think I saw some wild berries
on that hill we passed.
- Would that be to your liking?
- Uh, yes. Obviously. We're hungry.
Right. Leave it to me.
Uh Wait a minute.
I think Colin has a crush on you.
You just realized this?
Ew. What? No.
- I have no idea what you're
- [dramatic music plays]
He would not stop talking about you
the whole voyage.
He's obsessed.
I You're making it sound weird.
But I don't want you to escape.
Step away from my fearsome pirate wife!
Good work, Colin.
How do I know, frankly,
that you don't have poems about me?
I think I saw some wild berries
on that hill we passed.
- Would that be to your liking?
- Uh, yes. Obviously. We're hungry.
Right. Leave it to me.
[humming] Woohoo!
Oh no.
[dramatic music plays]
[peaceful music plays]
Okay. Criss-cross applesauce
Great spot. This is it.
Much better. Total isolation.
Supreme silence.
Yes. You found a cave. Incredible.
So how does this work?
When I was blocked
and couldn't see my own power,
my spiritual guru, Master Oogway,
showed me
that the path forward doesn't start ahead.
It starts within.
And what does that mean?
It means you and me,
we're gonna go to
a place within your mind.
[Po] A place
without distractions or noise.
We're about to travel into your void.
You're going to be in my mind?!
H-Have you done this before?
Nah, but I watched Oogway do it a bunch,
and barely anyone went crazy.
[Po] Okay. Step one.
Be an empty teacup,
filled only with the self.
[groans] All right. True beginner
on the road to self-realizaish.
Okay. Just close your eyes
and follow my lead.
We're starting with some meditation.
[breathes deeply]
[exhales] Not hearing that breathing, bud.
[wheezes heavily]
You, uh, good?
I grew up on the streets of London.
I'm sorry
if I'm a bit chronically phlegmy.
[breathing deeply]
With every breath, we go deeper within,
until we are surrounded by nothingness
What? Where am I?
This place is the essence of who you are.
If we're gonna find those powers,
we're finding 'em here.
Oh, you know that weird doll guy too.
Hmm. Hmm?
- [atmospheric music plays]
- [exclaims]
Whoa. Hey, where are you going?
[music swells]
W-What? Where am I?
- [lively music plays]
- [exclaims]
I told you to think about nothingness!
How do you think about nothing?
You just gotta clear your mind
of all the old, uh
Uh-huh. Yep. You pulled us into a memory.
Classic rookie move.
No biggie. Okay, let's try again.
Memory? What do you mean, a memory?
- [sticky footsteps]
- [gasps] Wait.
I remember the sound of those footsteps.
It's Basil the Butcher! We have to hide!
- Can we try focusing?
- [shushes]
That was her.
It's that day.
Wait. What day is it?
- [shrieks]
- Klausy, look what I got!
It's a tiny version!
Before the mages took us in,
my sister and I lived in the streets.
- I remember being here, in this alley.
- [laughs]
I remember what I said.
Veruca! Are you out of your mind?
That was Basil the Butcher
you just pickpocketed!
I know.
But look how much I got. [chuckles]
Klaus, we shouldn't be here.
We gotta get to your void.
We were unstoppable.
Because we had each other.
I'm sorry, but we can't stay.
- [wind blows]
- [soft music plays]
[whimpers, gasps]
- Why did you take me there?
- I didn't!
I told you to clear your mind,
not take a trip down memory lane.
You told me to be a bloody teacup!
That's to help you focus.
We gotta keep trying.
I'm not doing that again.
I don't want to see her like that.
Look, when you meditate, you can get
some intrusive thoughts or memories.
You know what?
It's like the mind's way of fogging the
path on the way to your full potential.
You can't always clear the fog,
but you can choose to push through it.
Let's walk the path.
[groans] Fine.
I'll try it again.
This can't really be happening.
But he's such a,
a stick in the mud!
And even if he did fancy [groans]
We don't have time for any of this.
Stay on mission, no distra [exclaims]
Who put this tree here?
Is he still a stick in the mud?
Seems like he's really changed.
I mean, he is trying to help out.
- [exclaims]
- [shushes]
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [rustling]
[music intensifies]
I am Changpu, la la la ♪
[humming] I love mushrooms ♪
La la la, I love mushrooms ♪
La la la ♪
- I love mushrooms, la la la ♪
- Mushroom, mushroom ♪
I love mushrooms, la la la ♪
Hello, fellow women warriors.
We noticed you were foraging in our woods.
Won't you partake in our harvest?
[breathing deeply]
No, no, no, not again.
What are we doing here?
We're supposed to be in your void.
- [Klaus shushes]
- [sticky footsteps]
[Klaus] This is the night
Basil the Butcher and his gang
snatched Veruca.
I had to,
I had to find her.
If you keep getting distracted,
we'll never get to the void
and find your power
- [mysterious music plays]
- [wind blows]
[gasps] Klausy.
They said they were gonna ship me
off to Australia, they did!
[spluttering] Okay, wait. How did you
Well, who let you loose?
Get back in the crate, you!
- Don't touch us!
- Come here. I'm gonna ship you [grunts]
Who did that?
[mysterious music plays]
I-I-I think it was me.
How are you
I-I don't know. I-I just felt it.
Veruca. You're amazing!
This, this could change everything!
It It can?
- [wind blowing]
- Klaus? The mission.
We gotta get back to your void.
I know, but I can't clear my mind,
because when everything else is gone,
it's always been the two of us!
[Klaus] And now she's She's
- [suspenseful music plays]
- [gasps]
It's just this way.
Our little temporary homestead.
Goodness! That smells so yummy.
That's our signature mushroom soup.
Oh, how we love mushroom soup.
It is so satisfying.
The mushrooms.
[chuckles] Um, why don't
you guys take a seat and relax?
[serene music plays]
- [Blade] Thanks.
- We never long for our past cravings.
Ooh, what's that?
Oh. [laughs]
It's just our harmonious forest commune
was once led astray by a false prophet.
She had us doing
all sorts of unsavory things.
And some savory!
[gasps] True. Some very savory.
But I'm happy to report
we've seen the light and changed our ways!
What cravings, exactly?
- Actually
- Ladies! There you are.
So, it turns out the berries were deadly,
but I stumbled, literally,
into a patch of wild herbs and Oh!
- It's been so long!
- Is he real?
It's a miracle!
[sniffs, exclaims] He smells so delicious!
- [grunts]
- [exclaims]
[sniffs, exclaims] He smells so good.
Ah, well, probably the oregano!
And I think this might be some thyme.
[giggles] There's so much of you.
- [Colin] I
- [sighs]
You know, I try to get
a bit of upper body in every other day.
Uh-huh. Totally get that. You must stay.
- Oh, you must!
- Please stay!
Better move quick. He's popular!
Ugh. They can have him.
Ladies, ladies,
allow me just to get some air.
[suspenseful music plays]
- Gimme!
- Get out of my way!
- I saw it first!
- Please!
Okay, that's a little desperate.
Does something seem weird about them
since Colin arrived?
It was me.
I drove her to this!
I put all that grand nonsense
into her head!
- Klaus.
- I know what you're going to say!
This is a disaster. I'm a disaster.
We haven't unlocked anything.
My stupid, useless memories
keep intruding,
messing everything up.
I don't know
why I keep thinking about her!
- I need to clear my mind, to focus, but
- Klaus!
How did you find Veruca that day?
In all of London?
I It's just
I don't know.
Why? [grunts]
The fog's clearing, bud,
and the path is here.
We need to go deeper.
Wait, now you want to go into a memory?
Buckle up, amigo. Game on.
[suspenseful music plays]
[Po] In your last memory,
you were moving like,
like you knew where she was!
Was there any other time
something like that happened?
After Veruca was arrested for the murder
of Sir Alfred, I searched for her.
For 15 years, I found nothing.
[Klaus] Until this day.
At the end of my rope,
I came to the forest and
My mind went sort of quiet.
- [wind blows]
- [gasps]
And then I just walked.
[atmospheric music plays]
That's when I found her.
So how did you
[suspenseful music plays]
Stop! You! [grunting]
I knew she was there, I
don't know how.
Klaus? Klausy?
Klaus. Klaus!
But I knew.
[soft music plays]
The answer just came to me.
[wind blows]
Klaus! Don't you get it?
You were already connected to your power,
you just didn't realize it!
I have leaf magic?
No, wind magic!
You didn't see it 'cause it's invisible.
'Cause you made yourself invisible.
You put all your focus on Veruca,
and let it fog up
what makes you special too.
[stirring music plays]
- [chow chows chattering]
- [Colin grunting]
Colin! Time to go.
Aw. Haven't had my soup yet!
Hmm But perhaps
we should be on our [exclaims]
[groaning, exclaiming]
- Colin!
- What's happening?
Mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms.
We're sick of mushrooms!
Told you it was getting weird.
- [dramatic music plays]
- [grunting]
Back off! He's mine.
[snorting, laughing]
- I mean, ours!
- [chow chows groaning]
He's He's ours.
- [chow chows growling]
- Whoa!
[chuckles] Girls, stand down.
This one's spoken for.
Ooh! We had a little slipup.
Everyone alright?
- Does he have a brother?
- Yes, Changpu.
[chow chow] That was close!
[yells, groans]
I'm okay!
We're going.
And we're taking this!
That's fair.
Sorry we tried to eat your guy. [exhales]
He's not my [groans]
Well, I am a guy,
and I am part of this group,
so in a manner of speaking, I am your guy.
You got this.
Focus on that feeling
that led you to Veruca.
[Po] Let the wind clear the fog,
and guide you to the Ancient Masters.
Also feel free to be a teacup
if it's helpful.
[breathes deeply]
- [mystical music playing]
- [wind blowing]
[chuckles] You're totally doing it!
Oh! [shushes] Sorry, no distractions.
Ancient Masters. Are you, are you there?
If you can hear me,
we call upon the forgers
of the Tianshang Weapons.
Your power is needed once more.
[stirring music plays]
- [rumbling]
- [gasps]
[dramatic music plays]
This is so cool!
[mouths silently]
[mouths silently]
I I can't hear what you're saying.
[mouths silently]
Oh. We need to go there?
Is that what you're saying?
[groans, gasps]
I'm sorry. I'm not strong enough.
Are you kidding me?!
- [laughs]
- Brea Breathe Can't breathe!
[groans] Remember when
that stomach growl wasn't me?
Well, it is now!
Whoa, what happened to you guys?
Food. Eat.
Colin, not now. Don't say anything.
Not even thank you for saving me?
- Fine.
- Fine.
Thank you.
It was quite sensational.
Write a poem about it.
Maybe I will. [scoffs]
Well, we also have some good news.
Under my masterful tutelage,
Klaus unlocked his power.
- Well done!
- Nice work.
Good job, weird new guy!
Yes, well, it'll be some time
before I master it enough to
actually bring the Ancient Masters back.
No it won't.
'Cause Master Longtooth
showed us where to go next.
She did?
If you don't have enough magic
on your own,
we need to go somewhere
with a bunch of magic you can tap into.
Our old buddy, the Rock Monster.
- The rock monster?
- What?
There's nothing in the world that can
make me go back into that monster again.
- [rumbling]
- [exclaiming]
If we don't go back into that monster,
there may not be a world left.
- [thunder crashes]
- [dramatic music plays]
[rhythmic music plays]
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