Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e18 Episode Script

The Dragon Knights Part 1

All right, so
The world stands
on the brink of annihilation,
crumbling in on itself as
Sir Alfred uses the Tianshang Weapons
to push the elements
to their breaking point.
But there is a way to stop him.
The Ancient Masters.
They made the weapons
and they can unmake them.
Only prob is,
we need all four Ancient Masters to do it,
and Alfie's turned Mastodon
into one of his wicked puppets of war.
So yeah, huge roadblock.
But that's where the most
righteous group of freedom fighters
in all of history step up.
You know I'm talkin' 'bout
them Dragon Knights!
And also Klaus is here.
Fighting the weapons is useless,
but if we steal the weapon
without Alfie realizing,
we can sever his control over Mastodon,
giving us the chance
to reunite all four masters
as they destroy the weapons
in a furious, magical blast of fury!
Our fake war between England and China
will distract Alfie's army,
but we need
something to keep his attention
while we steal a weapon
and summon the Ancient Masters.
The greatest distraction of all time!
A mega distraction!
You know what I'm talking about! Huh?
Like a Uh
I don't know what it is yet.
I do.
It's me.
Are you quite sure
this ruse is a good idea?
Those sentinels are dangerous.
It's this, or your kingdom
will be destroyed by Alfie.
Your choice.
You know, I usually eat dinner
at five, five-thirty.
Ugh. So boring.
When are we doing
this war thing, anyway?
Hear ye!
Hear ye!
I bear a message from the Dragon Knights.
The what?
It's my son's little club.
Did you find the Ancient Masters?
Yes, but, um,
things have gotten complicated.
We need to march. Now.
Dinner is canceled! We march now!
Oh, wh Come on!
You bring any almonds?
- Dad!
- Father!
Hey, watch it. What was that for?
What are you up to?
England and China
march towards one another as we speak.
I told them the rules.
They know
the cost of conflict in my world!
If they won't stand down,
you will show them the consequences.
All of you.
I didn't know
Hey. You ready?
Do I have a choice?
You know that day I met you?
I thought I was done.
Because you lost your title?
'Cause I lost everyone's trust.
But after a loss like that,
you know what was left?
Teaming up forced me to do things
I never thought I could do.
I changed when
I thought I was all out of change.
And that's not just my story.
Look at Rukhmini, Akna, Colin.
Look at my dad!
He's dating a pirate now!
What a third act that guy's having, huh?
You even convinced Klaus DuMont
to help save the world. That's insane.
Yeah. It is. Really.
And all it took
was someone to believe we could.
You can do this.
I believe.
I've never been afraid to lose.
But for the first time,
I'm afraid of what it might take to win.
Hey, sorry, uh
Got a sec, Blade?
I know you're a sword lady, and, uh,
you lost yours, but, like,
that one was Alfie's anyway, right?
So, I thought, hey,
you should have a sword made just for you.
I-I'm sorry. Y-You made me a
It's so
I know you like danger, so
Oh, it's the most beautiful thing
I've ever held!
Mm-hm. Look, got some secrets, too.
I love it so much!
It was my idea to put
the little teeth thingies on the side.
A legendary weapon needs a legendary name.
How's about, uh, Stabitha?
Or, uh, Mr. Slice!
Point-Dexter? Captain Sharpness?
Double Trouble!
Slashley! The Terror Twins!
Wandering Blade's Wandering Blades.
Perhaps we figure that out later?
Yeah. Everyone knows their roles, right?
Akna, you sure you can get us up there?
Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just, just need a little assist
from Rukhmini's new friend.
Hey, big guy. You ready?
Okay, everyone. Hold on.
This is going to be a wild ride.
Rip 'em!
We're flying! We're flying!
I don't know why I'm crying.
Walking is for suckers,
and I'll never go back!
I think I'm gonna be sick.
It's working!
Alfie's creepy lair
is moving over the battlefield.
Meet you up there with Mastodon?
Good luck.
I'm Colin, by the way.
We met a little while back?
Oh yeah. Dramatic Entrance Day.
- Yep. Nailed the landing.
- Po!
Is Blade okay?
I mean, is all going according to plan?
For, like, everybody, equally?
So far, so good. How's the war?
So they sent a gruesome pirate
to represent England!
How typical!
That's right.
And I've come to discuss terms.
The terms of war.
T-T-That's very convincing.
Just loosen up your shoulders a bit, huh?
This conflict will not be tolerated.
The aggressors will be destroyed!
Oh, uh, that's her!
Uh, I guess, yes, yes.
Oh no, oh no. They're the aggressors.
They are fighting Going to fight.
If there is no fight,
this is not a place for the Dark Army.
Oh, there's a fight.
There's a fight coming.
Our soldiers are
Our soldiers are tying their shoes.
Oh, so mad.
Yes, yes. Our army is, uh,
sharpening their teeth to fight!
- Yeah, we'll get you.
- Come and say that to my face.
No army.
Looks like Operation World War Fake-Out
is holding their attention.
Now, let Operation Better Pull
This Off Or Alfie Will Melt Us commence
Operation what?
I'll see you inside. Good luck.
Never thought I'd see you up here.
I'm here to give you a chance.
Must we do this?
Check it.
We need to fight
to defend ourselves!
Defend? You started it.
- He's right!
- Stand up and fight.
- I am!
- Standing for nothing.
just make this war worse!
- 'Cause this is a war, right?
- Come on, Rukhmini.
- Oh, it's a war.
- Yes!
It's true.
She's working with you.
Oh, uh, Alfie invited us
to break in Silently?
He's too powerful.
Please, go before you get hurt.
Where's Luthera?
Lives have been destroyed,
Alfie, entire villages abandoned.
This is the hard part.
It is, I admit, harder than I'd hoped.
But it's working.
There's no crime.
People know that if they fight,
everyone loses.
And soon,
the world will finally be at peace.
Are you going to fight me?
Here, in our home?
No, you're not.
You have other plans.
To turn
the Ancient Masters against me.
Thought I wouldn't figure it out?
I must say, I was baffled when I learned
you were conspiring with a DuMont.
- Alfie, don't.
- I've given you so many chances, Lulu.
But your choices have consequences.
For your friends up here,
and below.
China demands that England stand down,
or we'll be forced to attack.
Oh, I don't care! Your threats!
Yes. At any moment.
Or maybe a while longer from now.
Okay, they're onto us.
Dame Porcelaine!
I did not sign up for this!
- Hey! You! Help me get down from here.
- Get off my back!
We need to escape.
I'm a sitting duck up here.
What's going on up there?
Come on, let's go.
They turned you against me.
You don't understand
what's happening down there, you oaf!
You're destabilizing the elements.
The whole world is gonna be destroyed!
Always liked you, Akna.
Shame they dragged you into this nonsense.
But it's under control.
Maybe you'd like another look.
Alfie, please!
Don't do this.
Enough is enough, Alfie.
I'm sorry, Alfie, I can't let you.
This is my world, Mother.
No one lets me do anything.
Master M!
I'm not playing around, Mother.
- And neither am I, Alfie.
- Give me back that sword.
Hey, wait a minute. I'm a bird.
And I'm a monkey.
Hey, what about me?
We've gotta get one of those weapons.
Alfie, you need to stop this right now.
This is getting out of hand.
There's nothing that will stop me now.
Not even you, Mother.
Now give me that sword.
Oh no.
The whole thing is going to fall.
Quick, do something.
And then all four of you
can destroy the weapons, but first,
we gotta get you to the sky.
The sky? How will we do that?
Gonna need you to hang on tight.
In my dreams,
I'm always on your shoulders,
so this is kinda weird.
Uh, Po.
Is that rock supposed to be falling?
Your plan has failed, Akna.
I have all the Tianshang Weapons,
and it's time to put an end to this.
I wouldn't be too sure about that.
Okay, we need to hurry up
and get one of these weapons.
Over here, Alfie-Walfie.
DuMont, I'll send you to your sister.
You should worry about
your own sister first.
You're going to give me
those weapons, Alfie.
Right. I need a place to concentrate.
Lulu! You will give me back
my wheel immediately
Those are my wheels.
You have to stop this, Alfie.
Was that your best try?
I win.
You lose.
And here's the big ending.
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