Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight (2022) s03e19 Episode Script

The Dragon Knights Part 2

No. We're supposed to be W-We're
Come back! We're fighting!
Oh, Po.
We're saved!
Heavens! Why is this happening?
They didn't make it.
But now the world is folding in on itself.
Be a teacup.
Be a teacup!
No! They're here.
And Alfie's in full power.
Okay squad. If we're gonna help Klaus
summon the Ancient Masters,
we gotta protect him from Alfie.
Sentinels, attack!
Quickly, this way.
Alfie's found Klaus. We gotta stop him!
I've got this.
It's funny, isn't it?
You and I, locked once more
in a battle of life and death.
Though I suspect this time,
I may be harder to kill.
Really? To defend him?!
I know what side I'm on.
Find Klaus DuMont!
Eliminate him!
Huh? Why did they stop?
Where is everyone?
No! Blade!
Gotta help her out.
My whole life, I looked up to you.
But now you hide behind those weapons.
I'm not hiding.
All I ever wanted was to create
a better world for England,
for our family.
Everything I'm doing,
everything I've done,
was to protect you!
Is that what you think you're doing?
Sneak attack!
You. You buffoon.
The failure
who dragged my sister down with him.
What are you going to do?
Buddy, I already did it.
'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, Klaus.
Oh, Veruca.
Is it really you?
Well of course it is, little baby brother.
Why don't you give me a hug, eh?
What? Stay back!
Klaus! Over here!
Black Steel of the Equinox!
And you just lost your army.
My friends.
Y-You came back for me?
I always have.
It's good we are together,
but we must have
the Ancient Masters as well. Now!
I'll help you, Klaus.
Been dreaming of this.
You and me, back-to-back,
sword wielders.
Really should have
taught you how to use that.
I'll give you a lesson.
Your very last one!
Hurry up, Klaus!
You trust DuMont,
but not your own brother?
My children!
You must hurry!
I'm doing the best I can!
Klausy, a little secret.
We don't have any power.
But it is all around us.
What we have is the ability to summon it.
So when you look inside,
you must also open up.
Why is inner peace so confusing?
Ursa Major!
Enough! I gave everything to you.
All of my love, all of my attention,
even after you were gone.
But I won't give you my daughter.
Now, let go of those
Lady Mom!
Are you okay?
Well, I'm still here.
With you.
You showed me how to fight.
You showed me how to be brave.
You showed me how to do the right thing.
And now I, we, the world
needs you to show us again.
Do the right thing.
Stop fighting us
and accept that this has gone too far.
The Ancient Masters!
Klaus did it!
What's happening?
What are you doing?
This is not our doing.
The elements are in chaos.
Pangea is collapsing.
Th-Then I'll hold it together!
You can't. This is why we hid the weapons.
We have failed.
We have failed again.
Y-You're all here now!
You can destroy them. That was the plan.
We're too late, Po.
The world would still crumble.
Remember you told me
your team broke the world,
and my team had to fix it?
They're right.
It's too late.
Not for you.
Not even now.
What have I done?
I'm sorry, Lulu.
so sorry.
This can't be it.
Wait, wait, wait. The continents
are crushing in on each other, right?
So what if we use the weapons
to do what you did?
Split the continents,
but this time on purpose.
It would take more power
than the weapons alone.
It would take more power
than anyone has ever seen.
It would take our power.
All of it.
And it would take all of us.
Let's do this.
Dragon Knights and Ancient Masters!
This might be it, Soul Reaper.
Look! Up there!
I Oh no, Foufou. My boy's gonna save us.
- Dad!
- Po.
Po! Aw
Po, it's now or never.
All right, Dragon Knights. Let's do this.
Klaus? Hit it.
Huh? Huh? Huh?
All right, Ancient Masters. Do your thing!
Summoning all our power
into the weapons will destroy them.
We only have one chance to get this right
before they are gone forever.
Either way,
our spirits will finally move on.
All of us.
Ooh, that means the Dark Army.
Well, that means you guys.
That means Alfie.
Well, that means
You can't come after me this time, Klausy.
You've always taken care of me.
You've always made this crazy weasel safe.
And now it's my turn
to save you.
I love you, brother.
Don't tell anyone I said that.
- All I ever wanted
- You.
You are a better knight than I ever was,
Wandering Blade.
Everyone ready?
Should have gotten
everyone's autograph before this.
'Twas was on that fateful day,
the world was saved
from certain annihilation
by the Dragon Knights!
The elements were restored
and the continents
returned to their rightful places.
The infamous Tianshang Weapons
were finally destroyed.
And the Dragon Knights
sealed their legend.
Yeah! Woohoo!
We're sorry we ever doubted you,
Dragon Knights, and Po specifically.
Wandering Blade returned home,
where she was named
England's new Head Knight:
the Master of War.
But to be honest,
she wasn't feeling knighthood anymore.
So she gave the title to someone
she thought could do some real good.
So, um, what are you doing
after the ceremony?
She got back to her old passion.
Making toys for the good people of Tikal.
Thanks. Limit one per customer!
Oh, and Rukhmini got
what she's been after, too.
Time with the people she loved most.
And an epic life as
the brand spanking new pirate queen.
As for
the former pirate queen Forouzan
and her boyfriend, my dad - still weird -
they tried the retirement thing
for a while, but
Who could resist capitalizing
on international fame?
With the weapons destroyed,
Master Mastodon and the Ancient Masters
finally moved on.
So, what is next
for the Wandering Blade?
Well, for the first time ever,
there was no more mission.
No shadow to stand in.
She was free to do whatever she wanted.
And as for the old Dragon Master
Well, he got what he always needed.
Someone to eat fat gobs with.
A best friend.
You can really taste the gob, you know?
Oh, so worth the wait. Mm!
Oh yeah. So good.
So, where's
the next stop on the food tour?
Anywhere we want.
But maybe no rivers of lava this time.
That was so cool.
Or active volcanos?
Looked good from a distance.
- Caves full of skeletons.
- Okay, I'm with you on that one.
- It was something, wasn't it?
- It was. It really was.
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