Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
His name is Papa Mbaye Siki.
He's a foreign student from Senegal.
Senegal? He's huge.
Two meters? They lost to a child like him? Are all the Generation of Miracles children? We've got our own ridiculous players.
Even if he can't reach, there's still a way.
Don't let him do what he wants to do.
Don't let him go where he wants to go.
Pressure him so he can't shoot easily.
What's your problem? This kid might give you some trouble.
Could you please stop calling me a child? You'll See Something Amazing What? What just happened? Let's get them back! You're kidding! Who are these guys? Seriously? They dunked the ball right after they stole it.
That's two dunks in a row.
This is still the first round of preliminaries.
That was amazing.
Has Kuroko always been this good? Are you really that mad about being called a kid? Yeah.
I'm disappointed they're so weak.
The Generation of Miracles is nothing but children.
It's like, don't talk until you've played them.
Shinkyo Seirin Kuroko-kun, you've got a time limit, so we're swapping you out here.
Because we have to start reserving Kuroko-kun's strength, we'll lose some power during the mid-game, so don't let them close the point gap.
They don't have any dangerous players aside from Dad.
Ultimately, it all comes down to how well Kagami-kun can handle Dad.
Just leave it to me.
I will not lose.
I will win.
He really is amazing.
Has he gotten even taller? I'm serious now! I will not lose! I couldn't ask for any more.
I'm starting to get excited, Dad! Shit! It's too short! You bastard.
Okay, nice shot! Nice rebound! Papa, don't let it bother you.
We'll give you the ball.
What's wrong, Papa? You had that! One more time, Papa! Why? He's getting more and more More and more More and more tall? Kagami's amazing.
He's more than keeping him in check.
He's not losing to him at all.
Looks like his practice is paying off.
But don't you think he's trying too hard? Someday he will achieve the level of the Generation of Miracles and grow apart from his team.
When he does, do you really believe Kagami won't be a different person? Shinkyo Academy got a three pointer! It's a one point difference! This game isn't decided yet! We can't afford to cut this one close.
Kuroko-kun, can you go the last five minutes? Actually, I've been ready for a while.
Then, go! Damn it, there he is again.
What's going on with those passes? Don't let your guard down until it's over! Let's get them! No! I don't want to lose! You said you were disappointed in the Generation of Miracles, but you overestimate yourself! Compared to you, they're way stronger! Shinkyo Seirin Game over! All right! We did it! Sixty-seven to seventy-nine, Seirin! Thank you! I lost.
Please play hard for me in your next game.
Huh? Uh, sure.
I mean, you're an idiot! An idiot! You moron, I won't lose next time! In this way, Seirin High successfully made it through Jitsuzen Seirin Shinkyo Academy our first game of the preliminaries.
Jitsuzen Seirin Shinkyo Academy Our second game was against Jitsuzen High.
With Kuroko-kun benched the whole game, we crushed them 118 to 51.
Go for it! You got it! Seirin Jitsuzen Our third game was against Kinga High.
Jitsuzen Seirin Shinkyo Academy Minami Meguro Kinga Last year's top 16, they were a strong team with a good balance of offense and defense.
Kinga Seirin But surprisingly This is going smoothly.
We've even managed to reserve Kuroko's strength.
Twitch Twitch Twitch Kuroko-kun It's nothing.
I'm just feeling restless.
He must really want to play.
Our fourth game It's the fourth round.
We might actually have a tough game for once.
We're against Seirin today.
This should be easy.
They got destroyed in the championship league last year.
They're nothing but a new school that made it through with sheer luck.
It's those guys from the other day.
We'll destroy them this So, we meet again.
They're going to destroy us.
was against Meijo Academy.
For some reason our opponents were terrified the whole time, and we destroyed them 108 to 41.
We're doing well.
At this rate, maybe we'll easily make it through the preliminaries all the way to the championship league.
How naive.
It must be nice being so young and carefree.
For the last ten years, the same three schools have moved on to the championship league from Tokyo.
Shutoku King of the East, Shutoku.
Senshinkan King of the West, Senshinkan.
King of the North, Seiho.
Seiho They're evenly matched, so the top team changes every year, but they never let anyone else get better than fourth place.
They're the three immobile kings of Tokyo.
After our fifth match are the semifinals, then the finals.
In the finals, we'll most likely come up against The King of the East, Shutoku, Shutoku High that acquired Midorima Shintaro of the Generation of Miracles.
But you guys made it to the championship league last year, didn't you? Yeah, but we didn't stand a chance.
Our seniors definitely aren't weak, but The three kings.
They're here.
Looks like they came.
It's better to see something for yourself than hear about it.
First years, prepare yourselves.
You're going to see something amazing today.
They're supposed to be even more amazing this year.
One of the three kings of Tokyo, Shutoku High.
Persistent and Tireless Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! They're here.
I'm gonna go say hi.
Hey! Hey.
You're Midorima Shintaro, aren't you? Yes, but who are you? You know who he is.
Why are you being so proud? You want to shake hands? Seirin Number 10 Kagami Taiga You look like the kind of guy who'd claim he doesn't remember me if I introduced myself normally.
I want the guy who I'm about to get revenge on for my seniors to remember me.
Revenge? You're rather reckless, aren't you? You're from Seirin, aren't you? Haven't your seniors told you anything? Seirin Seiho Last year, the three kings destroyed Seirin Seirin Senshinkan Shutoku Seirin when they tripled their score.
Say what you want, but the difference in strength is absolute.
Even if we meet again in the championship, history will only repeat itself.
You can only speculate based on the past.
You won't know what will really happen until you play, Midorima-kun.
Kuroko, I don't like you.
I can't tell what you're thinking, especially from your eyes.
There is plenty I would like to say to you, but telling you now would be meaningless.
Join us in the finals first.
You've got a mouth on you.
You're one of those, aren't you? You went to school with Shin-chan, right? Don't let it bother you.
He's just a tsundere.
He's actually really interested in you.
He even went to see your first preliminary game.
You shouldn't make up so many stories, Takao.
How long are you going to keep talking? Get ready! Okay.
Looks like Kuroko-kun really gave them an earful.
Who cares? He didn't say anything we weren't thinking.
Kuroko, I will show you just how naive your thinking is.
Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! You want to start? Didn't you say you didn't want to play because your fortune was bad? I bet you're excited after meeting an old friend.
I've had enough of your wild speculations.
I just wanted to test my shooting.
Sure, but don't forget the coach is only willing to let you get away with what you want three times a day.
Two more times, and I'll be pissed.
As long as you make your shots, I don't have a problem with it.
Using your poor fortune as an excuse isn't worth shit.
I cannot miss.
Today's lucky item is a stuffed bear.
I have compensated for my bad luck.
Shutoku Kinka They're already 30 points ahead with four minutes remaining in the second quarter.
I'm not surprised.
They're not doing anything that differently from us, but they make it look so easy.
I wonder why? Because they don't make mistakes.
In basketball, the ball's always moving back and forth at high speeds.
Without exception, strong schools always have solid basics like passing, handling, and running.
They make it look easy because their fundamentals are so solid.
But those are only the fundamentals.
Naturally, there's another reason.
It's because they have an infallible scorer.
Sorry, are you okay? What an amazing dunk! Is he really a high schooler? He's gotten even stronger.
We couldn't do anything about him last year.
Otsubo on the inside and a normal outside was Shutoku's game until last year, but this year He's five out of five so far.
Looks like Midorima's playing well.
Is that right? I don't know.
Shouldn't you know? No, guard the middle! We can't help it if they have a little edge on the outside! I don't know.
I've never seen him miss.
A little edge.
This is why you cannot win.
Seriously? What's with the high arc? Most people won't have any sense of distance shooting like that.
Let's head back, Takao.
We're on defense.
If you miss, I'll get yelled at, too.
Don't be stupid, Takao.
I follow fate.
I do everything I can.
That is why I never miss my shots.
As long as Midorima doesn't lose his form, he makes 100% of his shots.
Seriously? That's just not fair.
He's heading back to defend before he even makes his shot.
He's impossible to counter.
The time until he actually makes his shot is abnormally long.
It really gets you mentally.
He really is amazing, but why am I getting a bad feeling about this? Could Midorima be hiding something even more ridiculous? Amazing! He's made every shot! Is this the true strength of the Generation of Miracles' number one shooter? They destroyed them! This year, Shutoku is So strong! Shutoku! Shutoku! Shutoku! Their outside isn't a weakness at all.
They've got an even more dangerous scorer out there.
This almost makes last year's performance cute.
Okay, let's go home.
Don't! We've got another game today! Are you stupid? Are you? I was kidding.
The mood just seemed really gloomy.
Everyone checked the tournament bracket.
Huh? We have another game? Seriously? Kagami You really are stupid, Kagami! Check the bracket! We play two games on the day of our fourth game and the last day! Our fifth game starts at 5 PM! Two games in one day is too much.
Even if we get a break, we're still tired.
The semifinals and finals are both in one day? Does that mean we're playing a game before we play Shutoku? Coach, the three kings are Shutoku and Seiho and Senshinkan.
Isn't this On the last day, our semifinals opponent will most likely be Seiho.
We'll play Shutoku in the finals.
We're playing against two of the kings in a row.
That's impossible.
Good schools have strong players, and a lot of them.
Our guys will all need to be benched.
Two games in a day, and both of our opponents are strong.
I couldn't ask for more.
But this is too much.
Who are you trying to impress? Right, Kuroko? Sorry.
I'm actually excited, too.
What? Did you get Kagami germs, too? What are you talking about? I hope not.
The way you denied that pisses me off.
But don't difficult situations light a fire in you? All right! I'm on fire! I'm gonna go practice! Don't! You should rest! You unbelievable basketball head! You idiot, Kagami! Shin-chan, could you come with me for a bit? I do not have the time.
Don't you want to watch the DVDs I found in the club room? I am not interested.
Okay, it's decided! Hey.
Now That I Think About It