Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Kuroko's Basketball Episode 8 "Now That I Think About It" The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
I follow fate.
I do everything I can.
That is why I never miss my shots.
You can only speculate based on the past.
You won't know what will really happen until you play, Midorima-kun.
Kuroko, I will show you just how naive your thinking is.
On the last day, our semifinals opponent will most likely be Seiho.
We'll play Shutoku in the finals.
We're playing against two of the kings in a row.
Two games in a day, and both of our opponents are strong.
I couldn't ask for more.
I'm actually excited, too.
Don't difficult situations light a fire in you? Now That I Think About It You're eating more than usual.
I'm surprised that's enough food for you.
We played two games yesterday.
I'm so hungry.
I'm sore at least.
What does that mean? I guess I am, too.
Kagami-kun, Kuroko-kun! Perfect.
Come with me.
But we're sore.
What are you, an ogre? You want to make a maiden carry those boxes? That's your job, boys.
I don't see a maiden anywhere.
What is this, anyway? They're DVDs of this year's and last year's games from the club room.
They're for scouting, and the club room is so small.
We're going to be playing two games in a row against the kings in the semifinals.
There's no such thing as over analyzing.
DVD? Yeah, of Seiho.
We're the only first year regulars, and we don't know anything.
I'm not interested.
Just because Kuroko and Kagami aren't on it, don't be like that.
These are the guys to beat in the finals.
Besides, we're off today.
It's not like you have anything better to do.
No It's decided, then.
I forgot my towel.
What are you doing? When did you get here? I forgot something.
You're the one who came in after me.
You should've said something! You scared me! If I'm not paying attention, I don't notice him at all.
I haven't experienced that in a while.
Look at that.
The coach must have forgotten it.
Seiho vs.
Kitawada Preliminaries Game 5 I see.
I can see why they are considered one of the kings.
Their defense is especially strong.
However Their movements are kind of weird.
I mean Their rhythm is different.
What is this feeling? I forgot to mention it, but this school holds special practices.
I don't know how they do it, but their mobility is exceptional.
They run the best defense in Tokyo.
This bald guy's defense is especially tough.
I know him.
Huh? I played against him in middle school.
We had only just started, but he stopped Kise-kun.
Twenty-four seconds over time! What? Kise, you kept the ball too long, you idiot! Sorry! Kise-chin, give me a break.
This is why you aren't any good.
Kise-kun, please pass the ball.
Kurokocchi, even you're mad? Kise, you're the only one Sorry, but Kurokocchi Kuroko's different.
What's your name? Because of you, I'm the only one getting yelled at today.
Tsugawa Tomoki.
They're yelling at you, huh? That's great.
I love seeing people get upset.
Who is this guy? Will someone change marks with me? To be honest, I do not particularly wish to go against him.
But you're the only one who can take him.
Their defense is good on a national level.
They might even be able to stop you.
Seiho Kitawada It's over.
Seirin won't be able to overcome this wall.
Sorry, but we're gonna have to play these guys in the finals.
Keep that in mind.
I know.
We already knew it would be, but this is going to be tough.
Sorry, but I feel like crying again.
Frankly, we'd lose nine times out of ten against Seiho and Shutoku.
We just have to bring that one win to our games.
Hey, listen.
I wouldn't go so far as to call it a strategy, but I have an idea.
You're staring down the wrong guy, idiot.
No matter how hard you stare, if we lose this next game, you'll look like an idiot.
I was just looking at him.
I'm focused on our next game.
Who are these guys? They seem good, but they're completely different from Shutoku.
Seiho seems more normal than I expected.
They don't have any really big guys.
I suppose they are small for a national class team.
Their biggest player is their captain, Iwamura-kun.
Is he about as tall as Mitobe-senpai? He's pretty wide! He's so thick! He seems really powerful! Then there's their play maker, Kasuga-kun.
Those two third-years are the core of the team.
You're Kagami-kun, aren't you? Your hair's so red! Scary! What? Captain, this is the guy, right? Seirin's really weak, but they have one strong guy! You've done it now, you little shit.
Ow! Quit messing around, you idiot.
Sorry about that.
This guy can't read situations, so he just says what he's thinking.
You don't need to apologize.
We're going to win.
If you look down on us like you did last year, you'll end up in tears.
That won't happen.
Besides, we weren't looking down on you.
You were just weak.
That's all.
What? Captain, you're not mincing words either.
You idiot, I just don't sugar-coat my words.
What are you looking at? A recording of this morning's Oha Asa.
It's their morning horoscope.
When this thing's good, Midorimacchi's good.
The guy from Teiko.
What's his sign? Cancer.
Kurokocchi's an Aquarius.
I didn't ask.
First place goes to Cancer.
Congratulations! You'll have no complaints today.
Last Place: Aquarius Last place goes to Aquarius.
Play it quiet today.
Uh oh.
What? This is terrible.
Seiho High Dressing Room What was your impression of them, Kasuga? The upperclassmen seem to have gotten stronger.
We should probably keep an eye on that first-year, Kagami.
Since you're both first-years, Tsugawa, you'll take Kagami.
You should be able to shut down anyone.
Yeah! All right, this is starting to get fun! There it is.
The Tsugawa Smile.
You're the only guy in the world who smiles while playing defense.
Everyone's a little tense.
You're all a little too uptight.
I thought of a reward to cheer you up.
If you win the next game, I'll give each of you a kiss on the cheek.
What do you say? Why did she laugh? You can't be serious.
You idiots, pretend to be happy if you have to! Shut up and get it together, you idiots! Don't you want to pay them back for last year? It's got to be quite a lot with a year's worth of interest! Sorry, sorry.
We know.
All right.
Before we start, I'll tell you again.
I'm sure you'll feel it as soon as the game starts, but first years, prepare yourselves for the worst.
Seiho is strong.
After last year's massive defeat, we hated basketball so much we nearly quit.
Don't be so gloomy.
We got over it.
We're better now.
If anything, we're happy.
This won't be the same as last year.
I'm confident we've become strong enough to be sure of that.
Now we just have to win.
Let's go! Yeah! Is something wrong? Kagami-kun, have you ever hated basketball? What? No, I haven't.
I have.
I believe my reason was different, but I know the feeling.
They're cheerful now, but hating something you love is a painful feeling.
When I spoke with Midorima-kun, I told him the past and future aren't the same, but they're not completely separate.
I think this game is important for our seniors to get over the past.
So Let the first A Block semifinals match between Seirin High and Seiho High begin.
You took so long buying a drink, the game's already started.
Huh? Seirin Seiho What? Whoa, seriously? Bastard.
This guy's defense is at least as good as Kise's.
What intense pressure! Who is that guy? Kagami, you're holding the ball too long.
Pass it! I got I thought I was wide open.
He appeared out of nowhere.
How naive.
Your offense will never crush our defense at that level.
Their defense is so tight.
This is tough.
I wouldn't expect any less from a top Tokyo team.
Seirin still hasn't scored.
Amazing! What are they doing? I thought so when we played them, but Seirin's a slow starter.
Kagami's usually the one to put his foot on the gas, but without that, they can't hit their stride.
Tsugawa, it's fine if you're excited, but don't wear yourself out before the second half.
I'm fine! They're not as good as I thought, so this should be easy! What did you say? Charging! White 10! What? Just how easily does that idiot get angry? Kagami, calm down! Kagami-kun, you already have two fouls.
Get five, and you're out.
I know.
Somehow their movements are impossible to play against.
Seriously? I thought the Generation of Miracles were the only ones who could shut down Kagami.
We can't even pass.
We won't be able to make plays with Kuroko-kun.
There it is again.
He can't pass.
Seiho's defense is man-to-man, but this is no ordinary man-to-man.
They're creating pressure by staying right on their guys the whole time.
You can't break away from them easily.
No matter how good you are at passing, if no one's free, you're playing at half power.
Their defense is strong, but they'll never last until the end of the game playing like that.
But they do, because Seiho uses old martial arts techniques.
Old martial arts? You mean this kind of thing? That's not old martial arts.
To be precise, they incorporate movements from old martial arts.
One of the techniques they use is called "namba running.
" Usually your arms and legs move in opposite directions when you run, but when namba running your arms and legs move together.
Apparently, by avoiding twisting, you reduce the strain on your body and the energy you spend.
You know a lot about this.
They're an unusual team.
They've been interviewed by Basketball Monthly, too.
I see.
That's how they do it.
Tsugawa's defense is even stronger than last year.
However They won't take this sitting down for long.
In addition to namba running, they use all sorts of martial arts techniques for effortless strength, moving quickly without missing a beat, and other basic movements.
That's how Seiho moves.
Old martial arts moves.
That must be what I was feeling.
But it's not like they can fly or disappear.
They're high schoolers, just like you.
They'll fall for fakes, and they'll lose their balance if you catch them off guard.
They're playing the same basketball you are.
If you play like you always do, it'll work.
This isn't over yet.
Izuki-senpai Huh? Could you pass me the ball? What? Let me go against Tsugawa again.
Do you have a plan? No, but he's only human, too, right? I just have to be faster than him.
What are you saying? Are you sure it'll work? Probably.
He does what he has to do.
Should we leave this to him, then? One-on-one? Bring it on! I don't care about your martial arts or whatever.
Basketball is basketball! I think this game is important for our seniors to get over the past.
So I've never hated basketball, so I couldn't understand everything you said, but I definitely understood the last part! So now that I think about it, I really want to win this game.
Did that really just happen? We will win this game.
All right! This game's finally getting started.
That's the first time I've seen anyone get past you.
The fun and the pain are just getting started.
You there with the glasses, are you from Seirin? Huh? We'll triple your score again this year.
What? Well, do your best to make sure Ow! You're an usual octopus, aren't you? Let me tell you one thing.
Octopi can't survive on land! To Win I'm Tsugawa