Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
That's three in a row! So this is Midorima Shintaro of the Generation of Miracles! Captain.
What? You're finished? Yes.
I have a feel for it.
Shutoku Ginbo They're benching him after only five minutes? Those guys seem to be taking it easy.
Of course they are.
Their opponent is just a middle tier school.
There should be no surprises.
If there are going to be any, it'll be over here.
Seirin To Win Their passing is ridiculous! They're so quick to pass the ball again after they get it! Mitobe, he's gone! Foul! White 10! Hey, isn't that his third one already? Damn it! It's not that they're fast, they just don't use many movements! It's like they're passing the ball without ever catching it.
Is this another one of their martial arts techniques? I thought Seirin's engine was finally running when Kagamicchi scored, but they haven't managed to take another step.
You can't call yourself a king just for playing good defense.
Their offense is exceptional, too.
Seiho may not have prodigal scorers like you or Kagami, but they're a different type of team.
They incorporate old martial arts into their offense, too.
Seiho isn't a team of prodigies.
They're a team of experts.
There are some experts on Seirin, too.
Out of bounds! White ball! Seirin Seiho A nine point difference, huh? Sorry.
You! Who are you? Have you been playing this game? I'm Kuroko Tetsuya.
I have been.
You're kidding! Seriously? You've got so little presence! He's played him before, but doesn't remember him! And he just told him his name! You're a first-year, too? Hey, did you know? Last year, our team was ahead of yours by 20 points in the first quarter.
That's why I want to make it 30.
Well, don't let it get you down! Fine.
I will make sure I am not disappointed.
They've been right on them all game.
They can barely pass like that.
A random pass like that will never What? A pass from behind the defense? What was that pass? It came back like a boomerang.
No, it didn't.
It came back because someone tapped it.
Someone? Who? Who knows? Looks like the iron wall of Seiho's defense has never seen a pass from inside their wall before.
Damn it.
What the hell's going on? Now, now.
Calm down, kids.
Crap! He doesn't seem strong, but he's fast! There! Seirin's waking up! Seiho Seirin A three pointer! First quarter over! I heard this guy said something stupid again.
Honestly, it brought back memories of last year's trauma.
But it's fine.
Seirin Seiho We got over it.
We're tied.
Weird! I mean, this is impossible! We're not anywhere close to our goal! Tsugawa! Don't get ahead of yourself.
Keep your mouth shut.
If any of you have the same ideas as Tsugawa, remember this They're strong.
Make sure you don't think they're weaker than us! Yeah, yeah.
Don't underestimate them.
Iwamura, you understand.
We're both high school teams.
No one knows what will happen before the game's over.
Don't leave any gaps.
This game is just just getting started! Keep the formation as is! You're being lead by their passes too much, so keep your zone tighter.
Also, Kagami, you have a lot of fouls.
If you just try to match your opponents like a wuss, they'll control the flow of the game.
Remember to play offensively! Yeah! Second quarter, begin.
You won't get past me again.
Their defense is even tighter.
Tokyo's best defense is finally running at full power.
Seriously, this guy I can't get past him.
But, with the two of us What? No, you don't! What was that? They blew past two guys! They can do that? Where did No.
11 come from? They can make it past that defense? They're more in tune with each other than they were before.
But there's one thing bothering me.
That's way too much sweat for the second quarter.
What are you laughing about? Oh, sorry! I mean, it's fine.
You're happy Kagami's over pacing himself, aren't you? Looks like your plan's working well.
Not yet! He needs to suffer more! You're quite the sadist.
That pair's offensive power is certainly impressive, but only one of them can score.
What's going on? They're not pressuring me at all.
They're not trying to stop me? I don't know what they're thinking, but I'll slam another one through their hoop! No! Don't do it, Kagami! Offensive foul! White 10! That's four.
That's his fourth! Seirin's scorer is having foul trouble! He did that on purpose! That idiot! What is he doing? He'll have to back down.
With only one foul left, he'll be too scared to make any plays.
It's only the second quarter! That moron! Excuse me.
I'd like to make a substitution.
I'll be fine! I just have to make sure I don't get any more fouls, right? I can do it! Well, it works out.
We were planning on subbing you and Kuroko out anyway.
Me, too? We decided before the game started you'd only be playing in the first half.
But why? Why would you do that? For one reason.
In order to beat Midorima, we need you two.
Even if we win this game, we'll need a strategy to beat Midorima in our next game against Shutoku.
As we predicted, Shutoku is already conserving Midorima's strength.
We can't win if you two are spent.
But if we lose this game, we won't even have the chance— We know it's a gamble.
But if we can conserve the two of you, we'll have a slim chance of beating Shutoku and going to the championship league.
We'll beat Midorima even if we're tired, so let us— Kagami-kun, let's do as they say.
What? I trust our seniors.
Well, don't worry.
We'll beat Seiho.
Seirin, member change.
I haven't played in forever.
Let's show them what we can do, Tsucchi.
If things start to go badly, I'll play! What are you talking about? You've got four fouls.
Leave this to us.
Two? They subbed out their two first-years.
Oh? They're both gone.
It's a little disappointing, but whatever! Quit running your mouth, you braggart.
Braggart? I'm going to teach you how to talk to your seniors, baldy.
Go, go, Shutoku! Hey, hey.
Seirin benched their first-year pair.
Are they throwing the game? No, they're doing just the opposite.
They intend to win.
He can dunk? Nice dunk, Mitobe.
I heard your conversation.
You think you can beat Shutoku? You underestimate us.
Oh, that was just talk.
Talk? This is our revenge game.
We can't brag about it if we win on the backs of our first-years.
Ultimately This is just the seniors' will.
Seniors? You're just a year older than me.
Seriously, shut up! I accept your challenge.
Bring it on! We won't hold back.
Let's go, Seiho! Stoic Resolve Seiho High School Basketball Club Why do you look so serious? They're not that bad, so don't worry.
Yes! Got it! No, you don't! Amazing! He blocked it! This form Could he be a hook shooter? This didn't happen last year.
He's learned a new trick.
Looks like you haven't been playing around this past year.
No problem.
This is nothing! Oh, no you don't! He's trying to shoot a lay up from this far away? A scoop shot? I've never seen such a soft touch.
If Iwamura's a rigid player, that guy's flexible.
Go, go, Seirin! Go, go, Seirin! Here! They're going at it harder than I expected.
This seems to be working a lot better.
They formed a team around Kuroko and Kagami this spring.
In other words, it's still developing.
Hyuga's outside shots and Mitobe's hook shots.
The offensive team revolving around those two they're playing right now is the other set up Seirin spent a year creating.
They must have been practicing hard to win since last year's defeat.
One other thing I noticed is this team's key player is the guy I matched up against the other day.
It's not their captain? Hyuga is their mental core.
He leaves making plays up to the point guard.
He most likely has another eye.
An eye? One! Let's be careful! Ow.
He made it! Seirin's amazing! They're holding their own against King Seiho! Damn it, I was on his right side but he used me as a screen.
Seriously? That happened so fast.
You'd never notice unless you were watching from above.
Izuki-kun can see it.
He's got an eagle eye.
Eagle eye? He's not particularly athletic, but he can change his point of view instantaneously inside his head.
Because he sees everything from all angles, he always sees the entire court.
Seriously? It'd be nice if you'd call that a nice shot.
Do you want to be subbed out already? Go die.
Die? What? Hyuga-kun and the others aren't good at everything, but they each have one special skill.
They've been polishing them for a whole year.
They really are amazing! Do Koganei-senpai and Tsuchida-senpai have special skills, too? Huh? Uh, yeah.
Koganei can shoot from all ranges! But his accuracy's only so-so! Doesn't that make him pretty normal? What are you doing? And Tsuchida-kun is good at rebounding! Koganei! I got it! Enough already! How did you miss two free shots? It's going out of bounds.
What? Koganei-kun, are you okay?! Or not! His eyes are spinning! Koganei-kun?! Koganei-kun?! Senpai, are you okay? I think it's a light concussion.
We might have to sub him out.
Let me play! Please! What are you talking about? You can't play.
Have you forgotten why we're conserving your energy? We'll settle this.
You just wait! I can't just sit still! I want to help— I agree, so the guy with four fouls should stay on the bench.
What'd you say, Kuroko? If you foul Tsugawa-kun again, you'll just be thrown off the court.
I won't! I've got to pay Tsugawa back for what he did! Fine.
I will beat Tsugawa-kun for you.
What? What good will that do? There's no point if you beat him! What are you talking about? Five more minutes, and a six point difference.
As another first-year, take down Tsugawa, Kuroko.
What? Seirin, member change.
It's just you? I wanted to play against Kagami.
I may not be very strong, but he apparently has a grudge, so I'm here to pay it back.
By proxy.
I can't believe I've been benched! Have some faith in the will of Kuroko-kun and your seniors.
We'll win this game against Seiho to play in the championship game! If we win this game, we'll play against Shutoku! I Can't Have That