Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Seriously, this guy I can't get past him.
No! Don't do it, Kagami! Offensive foul! White 10! Quit running your mouth, you braggart.
I'm going to teach you how to talk to your seniors.
Seirin benched their first year pair.
No, they're doing just the opposite.
They intend to I can't just sit still! Guys with four fouls should stay on the bench.
Seirin Seiho Seirin, member change.
It's just you? I wanted to play against Kagami.
I may not be very strong, but he apparently has a grudge, and I'm here to pay it back.
By proxy.
You're paying me back for Kagami? Omuro-san, could I change my mark? Huh? Why? Well It seems I've got a proxy here demanding payment.
I Can't Have That Seirin Seiho I'm surprised they sent you and not Kagami, but for them to send a first year at all Looks like Seirin's upperclassmen aren't so dependable.
They just said they benched you two because it was their will.
But here you are.
I asked to be put in.
Anyway, if you've been watching the game, there's no way you could believe that.
If the upperclassmen have their will, then lowerclassmen have respect.
I will defeat you to support the upperclassmen that I look up to.
I lost him! How did When did he There it is again! Seirin's magic pass! What's going on? Those passes are strong.
But Even the receivers are slipping past the defense! What? A steal! Could they be What is this? What's going on? They know our movements! They got us.
I've never seen anyone study us so thoroughly before.
Thanks to you guys, one of our DVD players is ruined.
They really got us.
As their name suggests, old martial arts techniques are ancient.
Their thought process is completely different from modern sports science.
Applying those specialized movements to basketball is Seiho's strength, but If you're specialized, you've got habits.
For example, normally, people will step towards the direction they're heading as they start to move.
Seiho's players point their toes in the direction they're heading before they even move.
In other words, once we recognize that habit, we can predict their next move.
That's why the second years have been studying hard after practice.
That said, keeping up with those movements was harder than we expected.
Because of that, we haven't been able to deal with them until the second half.
It's not really obvious enough to call a habit.
Habits are hard to beat.
I know, right? One! This is the upperclassmen's will Now that I think about it, this is the first time I've watched Kuroko from the bench.
Amazing You just noticed? He's always like this! Seirin Seiho A comeback? Is Seirin serious? Seirin caught up! But We can't let them get this! Do not underestimate a king! You need 10 more years of experience to beat us! All court man-to-man? They're not just trying to defend, they're trying to score another shot! This isn't over yet! How can they try so hard in the last seconds? Nice! I'm impressed, Mitobe! Damn it! Tsugawa? How? He found him by calculating backwards from the pass course! Kuroko! He missed? With this timing, there's no way he could change his pass target.
Yes! Game over! Seirin Seiho All right! We won! We lost.
Why? Seirin just formed last year! We practice way more than them! They didn't stand a chance last year! No matter how you look at it, we're stronger! Enough, Tsugawa.
But The strong don't win.
The winners are the strong ones.
They were stronger.
That's all.
Tell me your name! Your name! It's Kuroko Tetsuya.
I'll remember it.
I definitely won't forget.
Seventy-three to seventy-one, Seirin! Thank you very much! Congratulations, guys.
Keep it together, Coach.
It's not time to cry yet.
You can be happy after we win the next championship game.
Looks like they're finished, too.
You're right.
Shutoku Ginbo One hundred thirteen to thirty-eight, Shutoku! Thank you very much! Good game! Good game! How much do we have to love basketball to jump right into the championship with hardly a break? But, well, it's all good.
They made it.
I can see that.
Go put on jackets before your bodies get cold! Make sure you stretch! Also, take some amino acids to restore your energy! Don't forget to calorie charge! I'll come massage each of you, so take off your shoes! How does that feel? Thanks.
I'd be lying if I said I'm not tired, but I should be able to make it through the next game.
Hey, Kagami! Your body will freeze up if you sleep! Let him be.
He's not usually this down after a game.
It's probably because he got four fouls.
It's not anything to worry about.
Your last foul was a little unexpected, though.
Maybe he feels responsible in his own way.
Besides, I don't think he's sleeping.
He looks to me like he's saving every last bit of energy he has for the next game.
Excuse me.
I'm going to the bathroom.
I'll go, too.
Honestly, what a surprise.
I didn't think Seirin would actually make it.
Oh? An upperclassman? Are you two going to the bathroom together? I look forward to playing you in the next game.
Oh, yeah He noticed Kuroko walking behind him? Ten minutes left! Let's go! Midorima Sorry.
Go on ahead.
Kagami-kun, it's time.
Kuroko, and his new light, Kagami.
I did not miss a day of shooting.
I did not slack off at practice.
My left hand nail care is as it always is.
Today's horoscope for Cancer is number one.
I even brought today's lucky item, a raccoon Shigaraki.
I tied the laces on my right shoe first.
I have done everything.
Let's go! Yes.
You're late.
The upperclassmen already left.
Honestly, I don't think many believed Seirin would make it this far.
The King of the North losing can only be called an upset.
However, it is nothing more than that.
For us, nothing changes.
Whether we're dealing with a tiger or a rabbit, there is only one thing for a lion to do.
Crush them with all our might! As usual, we must win! Yeah! I'm beat.
I've been feeling melancholy since this morning.
We've got two games in a row, both against kings.
And even while playing Seiho, all I could think about was playing another game after we beat them.
But there's only one game left.
We don't have to worry about bothersome crap like the next game or reserving our energy.
We can focus on the one thing we have to do! Give everything we have until we can't give any more! Yeah! Line up! He's quieter than I expected.
I didn't think you would actually make it this far.
But it ends here.
No matter how weak, small, or unknown, any team can fight as long as they work together.
That is an illusion.
I will show you just how foolish your choice was.
No one knows what the right decision is to make in life, and that is not why I made this choice.
Also, if I may disagree with one thing, it's that Seirin is not weak.
We will not lose.
Seirin Shutoku Will Seirin miraculously beat two kings in a row to win, or will Shutoku protect its rightful throne? Let the preliminary A block championship game between Seirin High School and Shutoku High School begin! Thank you! The championship game! Huh? Is Kuroko the only one you need to talk to? What about Kagami? There is no need.
There is no reason for me to talk to someone who played such a pathetic game.
If you have anything to say, you can show it to me with your play.
Right back at you.
Just thinking about it makes me mad at myself.
I've got tons of pent up frustration, so let's do this already.
I turned it all into fight, and I've been saving it for you.
I can't hold it in any longer.
What did you say? Do your worst.
They're quick! We wanted to run-and-gun for a quick shot, but There are no gaps in their defense.
One! Take care! No! Matching a stronger opponent is like giving them control of the game! Attack them in the first quarter! You have to greet them by taking them by storm! That's It's the same thing they did against me.
An alley-oop.
Yes, we scored the first point! Go! I knew you could do it, Shin-chan.
He can block that? How disappointing.
You think you can beat us with that? He missed! Neither team will let the other score! Seirin Shutoku Oh, man.
They're stuck in equilibrium.
A basketball game is 40 minutes long.
The game is broken up into four ten minute quarters.
Basically, the flow of the game changes at least three times.
However, in other words Once your opponent takes control of the game, it's very difficult to take it back during the same quarter.
It's been almost two minutes without either team scoring.
Seirin Shutoku At this rate, whoever scores the first point will take the first quarter! Run-and-gun! What? Are you trying to shoot a three from there? Midorima! Keep running.
It's a three pointer! What an incredible shot! Shutoku's scored the first point! Seirin Shutoku Crap.
The balance is broken! Shutoku's in control! What? They got them back in a second! Amazing! What was that? That cut straight from one side of the court to the other.
Kuroko I'm sorry.
I can't let you take the first quarter that easily.
Preview Kuroko Honestly, you scared me.
I'm not scared.
It passed right by my face.
Takao It almost hit me! That's Not It Don't imitate me!