Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
You haven't changed, Aomine.
Don't you understand? You'll be playing against Kuroko in the championship league.
You seem confused, Midorima.
The past is irrelevant.
We're enemies now.
I'm hanging up.
Midorin! Sorry to bother you while you're sad! Cheer up! Shut up! Aomine You Look Just Like Him Let's go home! No, wait Sorry Seriously, wait We just played two games against kings.
Oh, sorry.
They're like zombies.
We'll be fine after we rest for a few minutes, but Kagami He pushed himself too hard.
I can't even stand, let alone move.
But we can't stay here forever.
Let's go into the closest restaurant.
Someone carry Kagami-kun.
Let's decided with rock, paper, scissors, then.
Rock, paper, scissors Excuse me! Welcome.
There's so many of you.
Kuroko, you'll pay for this.
Sorry, you're too heavy.
There's eleven of us.
I'm not sure we have enough seats.
Kise and Kasamatsu! Hey! No honorifics? Hey.
Why are we sitting together? And Kagamicchi, why were you covered in mud? I fell.
Forget about it.
And don't call me Kagamicchi.
If we don't eat, they'll burn.
Oh, right.
Excuse me! Sir, do you have two What are you doing here? Where are the others? We lost the upperclassmen while Shin-chan was crying.
Hey! We figured we might as well get something to eat.
We're going somewhere else! Hey! Huh? Are you Kaijo's Kasamatsu-san? How did you know? I saw you in Basketball Monthly! You're nationally famous as a strong point guard! Oh, wow! As someone who plays the same position, I'd love to hear your stories! Do you mind if we join you? Let's go talk over here.
That table is ridiculous! Hey, hey! Isn't this exciting? You wanted this to happen, didn't you? What? Of course not.
Why don't we order something? I'm hungry.
I'm already pretty full, so I'm fine with what we already have.
Excuse me! Yes, sir.
I'm surprised you could eat that ****.
Could we get squid balls, pork balls, mixed balls, Why would you say that? octopus balls, and pork kimchi balls? What sort of incantation is that? You're ordering too much! It's all right.
Kagami-kun will eat all of it himself.
Is he really human? I know losing sucks, but come on! Yesterday's enemies are today's friends! I just lost to him! If anything, I can't believe you have no problem sitting with them.
You already lost to them once.
Well I'll get my revenge at the Inter-High, of course.
I won't lose next time.
Bring it on.
Kise, you've changed a little.
Really? Your eyes They're strange.
Strange? There's the three! Maybe it's because I've started practicing more Hot! Don't play with your food! Sorry since we played against Kurokocchi.
Are you stupid? Are you stupid? And what do you think you're doing? Also, lately I've been thinking Sasamatsu-san, let me cook your food for you! It's pretty fun playing basketball with the guys from Kaijo.
I can't eat anymore.
It seems I was mistaken.
You have not changed at all.
You have simply reverted to a state before our three consecutive championships.
Don't do anything crazy! It'll be fine! But We were all like that back then.
How you change is up to you.
However, I am not playing basketball to have fun.
You guys think too much.
Of course we play basketball because it's fun.
What did you say? How dare you speak like you understand when you know nothing at all— We can talk about that later.
Takao, come here.
Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Kagami-kun is right.
That's what I realized during today's games.
If it was boring, we never would have gotten this good.
Kagami, let me tell you one thing.
There are two members of the Generation of Miracles in Tokyo.
Myself, and a man named Aomine Daiki.
You will face him in the championship league.
He is the same type of player as you.
What? I don't really get it, but he's pretty strong too, right? He's strong.
But his style of basketball I don't like it.
Well, do your best.
Midorima-kun Let's play again some time.
Of course we will.
I will win the next game.
We don't have to play rock, paper, scissors for it today.
But in exchange, your lucky item.
I will not fail next time.
I will purchase an even larger Shigaraki.
The size isn't the issue! Thank you! All right! On to the championship league! Yeah! Huh? Where did Kuroko go? Excuse me Huh? Where did you I found this dog.
A dog? Don't take him with you! You're bothering the neighbors.
That's terrible! What are we going to do with that? He's so fluffy! He's so cute! Where did you come from? You're so cute! Coach, calm down.
Doesn't he look like someone? The eyes! The eyes! Oh, crap! He's already become attached! Okay! Your name will be Tetsuya Number 2! Don't name him! It'll only make it harder to leave him! I can't believe people still abandon their dogs.
Hey, I've been wondering What are you doing, Kagami-kun? Uh, well I really can't handle dogs.
Having secured our position in the Inter-High championship league, we overcame our difficult practice tests and resumed practice.
However Damn it, I'm itching to play.
You have to wait until your legs heal! Nice pass! Nice shot! Number 2, you know how to play basketball? You're quite the talker! Huh? You really don't like them? Yes.
Kagami-kun Don't say that.
Don't look at me with those eyes! He's cute.
Don't, Kuroko! I'll kill you later! It must be on purpose.
Make sure you pay more attention to stretching than usual.
We'll start with squats! Okay, take a one minute break.
These pool exercises are tough.
Kuroko, don't sleep! Don't just float there! What a cute dog.
Momoi-san You know her? Uh, who are you? Um, how should I put this I'm Tetsu-kun's girlfriend.
I couldn't wait for the championship league, so I came here.
Tetsu-kun Kuroko Tetsuya-kun.
What?! You have a girlfriend? No.
She was my manager in middle school.
Teiko's The championship league? Are we up against her school next? Tetsu-kun! It's good to see you again! I missed you! I can't breathe, Momoi-san.
I don't know what's going on! I'm unbelievably jealous, Kuroko! Kuroko, you lucky bastard! I hope you die! Wait, why Kuroko? He's dull and invisible and boring! What? That's what's so good about him.
But isn't the way he becomes a different person when he plays striking? Besides He gave me a popsicle.
What? So, there's a new That must be nice.
Eating popsicles with everyone Excuse me I don't want this anymore, so you can have it.
What? I can have it? You're giving me your garbage? Don't you think that's mean? Winner That's why I wanted to go to the same school as Tetsu-kun.
But, but Momoi-san, your voice echoes inside the pool, so please don't yell.
What's going on? Who does she think she is? Just because her boobs are a little big and she's kind of cute, you guys are making too much of a fuss over her! Right, Hyuga-kun? Yeah, right.
Wait, Tetsu-kun! Tetsu-kun! Don't try to sneak glances at her! You'll kill Hyuga-san! Huh? How do you know my name? I know all of you.
Seirin basketball club captain and clutch shooter, Hyuga-san.
The eagle-eyed point guard, Izuki-san.
The silent and hard working hook shooter, Mitobe-san.
The power forward with incredible jumping power, Kagami-kun.
Also Koganei-san and Tsuchida-san.
What? That's all? Finally The barely-B coach, Riko-san.
Don't be ridiculous! What's her problem? Momoi-san Did you really go to Aomine-kun's school? Yeah.
I really did want to go to your school.
But who knows what he'll do if I don't watch him? He looks just like you.
What's wrong? He's so cute! I can't just sit around anymore.
The pain's mostly gone! Hey.
You're Kagami Taiga, right? Play me.
I'll test you.
What? Who the hell are you? I don't take kindly to guys who tell me to play them without even telling me their names.
I'm not asking how you feel.
If I tell you to play, you play.
I'll tell you my name, at least.
It's Aomine Daiki.
Aomine? I've heard about you, but you can't expect me to just say yes when you talk down to me like Come on, now! I said I'm not asking.
Shut up and play.
No one's expecting a real match.
I told you, I'm testing you.
I'm not looking for something that doesn't exist, like a stronger player than myself.
I just want to know how much you can do to relieve my boredom.
From Kise to Midorima, the Generation of Miracles is full of guys who piss me off.
But you're exceptional even among them.
I'll crush you.
Congratulations on advancing to the championship league.
Momoi-san, aren't you going, too? Huh? Did I already tell you? You just said you couldn't wait until the championship league.
Did I? Yes.
The next time we meet, we'll be on different benches.
I watched a video of your game against Midorin.
It was a great game.
Kagami-kun He plays just like he used to play.
Yes Watching you two play brought back memories.
Nice pass, Tetsu! Kurochin, Minechin, you guys are as infuriatingly in tune with each other as usual.
Kurokocchi, I wish you'd pass to me sometimes! Tell the captain.
After watching that play, we'll have to make this our standard course.
I really don't get it.
Tetsu, we can't agree on anything else, but we play basketball so well together.
I wonder why? Kuroko is a shadow.
What? The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.
In other words, working with a stronger player makes Kuroko's abilities even stronger.
It's not as though we are not in tune with Kuroko.
But Aomine is the strongest.
If he works best with Kuroko, then he must shine brighter than the rest of us.
Hey! Where's Aomine? He went off somewhere.
He's skipping practice again.
He's incorrigible.
Hey, Sakurai.
Huh? Oh, yes! Sorry.
What? I could've stopped him since I'm in his class, but I couldn't, so I Oh, don't worry about I'm really sorry I'm alive.
You're sorry you're alive? Sorry, sorry! I'm so weak! Weak? Sorry Enough already.
It's actually a little annoying.
Sorry, sorry! Sorry! I'm sorry I'm annoying! Sorry, sorry! Also, Momoi isn't here either.
Sorry, sorry! Yeah, don't worry about that either.
That's her job.
I prefer the way Aomine-kun used to play with you.
He started playing basketball by himself.
Isolated from the team, I thought losing would change him.
But he doesn't lose.
Even by himself, no one can stop him.
Oh, sorry.
Conversations about the past always turn dark.
Will he change? Huh? If someone stops Aomine-kun.
What? But I know Aomine-kun's strength.
But I won't be fighting him alone.
I promise I will beat Aomine-kun.
This is ridiculous.
Did you really beat Midorima? Bastard Tetsu's judgment must be clouded.
You can't draw out his full potential.
He's a shadow.
The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.
In other words, he becomes stronger or weaker depending on the strength of the light.
Your light is too dim.
Preview We're finally on to the championship league! Stay on the bench and don't get hurt.
Oh, okay.
And don't miss all your shots! And don't hit on our opponent's manager! Don't Make Me Laugh Hey!