Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" However, there was a strange rumor concerning the Generation of Miracles.
Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Thanks for the food! That's cute.
What? Did you take your little sister's by mistake? Oh, sorry! But I made it myself, so I don't think I'd You made it yourself? Hey, that looks good.
Aomine! Hey.
Where have you been? You can't skip practice for no reason! You're coming to practice this afternoon, right? You can't be serious.
This is really good.
Give me the rest of it.
But this is Huh? Sorry, go ahead! Don't give him that, Sakurai! Shut up.
I can skip practice as long as I have a reason, right? They said they'd confiscate my Horikita Mai photo book if I left it here.
I just came to get this.
So I'm leaving.
Practice hard.
Wait, Aomine! Enough already! I'm telling you to go to practice! I'll forgive you once.
Let me go.
Aomine! I told him I'd do it.
Practice, practice.
Don't make me laugh.
Ryo, how many points did I score last game? Huh? Uh, 82 points.
Oh? I did it again.
I don't think you can practice with this thing.
Let's see, what was I trying to say? Oh, right.
You can talk after you perform better than me.
Not that you ever will.
Damn it.
Are you okay, Wakamatsu? Sorry about that.
Captain, why are you apologizing? You're not wrong, but don't say anything else to Aomine.
Meritocracies are hardly unusual.
But Do you know the golfer Tiger Woods? Huh? What about Shaq? You mean Shaquille O'Neil? Yeah.
Tiger won tons of games by hitting the ball too far, so they extended courses and added regulations to keep him from driving so far.
Shaq, too.
He was too strong, so there was a drastic increase of rough play just to stop him.
That's why they made the no-charge zone, so the offense wouldn't be charged with fouls.
In the world of sports, sometimes when a single player is too strong, they change the rules.
They're not common, but they really do exist.
They're unfairly strong.
They're monsters.
Don't Make Me Laugh Hey, guys! The names of all the schools appearing in the championship league are out! As you can see, A block is us, B block is Touou Academy, C block is Meisei, and D block is Senshinkan.
These four schools will compete to represent our region.
This is a fresh league chart.
Until last year, the Tokyo representatives always included the three kings Shutoku, Seiho, and Senshinkan.
I've been thinking We beat two of those teams, right? Do you think this year we could make it all the way? You! You said it! Even if we lose to Momoi-chan and Aomine, if we beat the others It's not Senshinkan.
What? Those two go to Touou Academy.
Touou Academy What? I thought all the Generation of Miracles went to well-known schools! I thought he would have gone to a strong school like Midorima.
I looked it up, so I'm sure.
That's unheard of.
Their history isn't impressive, but they've been putting energy into their scouting efforts recently, Touou recruiting promising athletes from all over the country.
In the last few years they've rapidly gained power, and this year's line up is comparable to Shutoku's.
I don't believe it Hey! Kagami You're late.
Cleaning up took longer than expected.
Number 2? Kagami-kun, did you play basketball? N-No.
You've gotten worse.
Well, I A little You idiot, Kagami! Sorry, ow! How many times did I tell you? Are your ears just for decoration? Are they just holes in your head? Ow! You'll just be watching today! Get a heating pad from the nurse's office! Since you can't sprint, walk all the way there on your hands! Seriously? Kagami-kun Kuroko Kagami-kun, you're stupid, but Where did that come from? But I don't think you'd do something reckless for no reason.
Did something happen? I don't believe that idiot! Now, now, Coach.
So, who are we playing first? I'm mad because we won't have Kagami! Our first game is against Touou Academy! I played Aomine.
He said he used to be your "light.
" It sounded to me like you weren't just ordinary teammates.
What happened between you two in middle school? Oh, come on! One more time! Just one more! You're naive, Kise.
Well, you play pretty well for someone who's just started.
Kise's not doing bad against the ace Aomine.
Isn't this his first time? I think he's got talent.
He's tall, and he's a quick learner.
He might even become a great player! Then with his instincts, Aomine must be Well, I don't know about that.
He's just a longtime basketball junkie.
A junkie, huh? Well, he does have more talent and practices harder than anyone on the team.
He loves basketball more than anyone else.
None of the Generation of Miracles started off as extraordinary players.
However, Aomine-kun bloomed sooner and more suddenly than the rest of us.
Aomine's amazing! He's destroying them all by himself! No one can stop him! Teiko Yosen Here.
Aomine-kun, you've started skipping practice more lately.
Yeah, it's cool.
If I practice, I'll get even better.
The harder I try, the more boring basketball gets.
What I want must already be Don't you think Aomine's gotten real strong lately? He must have so much fun with skills like those! I think it's just the opposite.
What? Why? Not only does he love basketball more than anyone else, but there is also something he desires more than any other.
A rival who can stand as his equal.
However, he is too strong.
He'll never find a rival with the gap between himself and other players being so overwhelmingly wide.
Basketball's just a game, anyway.
I'm going to start skipping games, too.
You can't do that.
Popsicle? It takes everything I have to keep up with everyone else, so I don't know how you feel, but No matter how large the difference in our skill, Loser if I were your opponent I would never want you to do that.
Besides, I'm sure you'll meet someone more amazing than yourself soon.
You little jerk.
You're right.
That's right.
That's his 40th point today! He really is amazing! Aomine-kun's really focused! His opponent is one of the best middle school forwards, but he's crushing him! All right! Huh? What is this? Have they given up already? Is this what happens when I try even a little? If my opponents lose the will to play what's fun about basketball anymore? Tetsu, I don't think you were wrong, but I can't.
They all suck.
I'll never find what I'm looking for.
The only one who can beat me is me.
We swept the tournament that year because of Aomine-kun's strength.
But then the other four started to change, too.
Because of a certain event at the national tournament in our third year, I quit the Teiko basketball team.
I see.
Well, if I can say one thing, it's Don't get ahead of yourself, you idiot! It's boring because you're too strong? The only one who can beat me is me? The Generation of Miracles is full of those guys! It's so funny I could bust a spleen! You mean a gut.
Let's go beat him and wake him up.
The deciding game is today.
I promise I will beat Aomine-kun.
It's almost time.
The championship league! What? It starts today, doesn't it? I'll go cheer for you.
Since it's the championship league, I'd better put on my championship makeup! Mom Thanks for the food! Hey, those are my eggs! We're out of sausages already! This is too much miso soup! I want that one! Rin-nii, it's okay.
You should eat.
You have to go soon.
You're gonna be late, you idiot! Just a little longer Besides, the game doesn't start until tonight.
You've got school before then! You're really into this.
Dad, can't you knock? Don't stay up all night! It's not good for your skin! Tomorrow's opponent is really strong.
I can't prepare too much.
I guess I am tired, though.
I should take a shower.
Riko, you forgot your underwear.
Get out of here, you pervert! See you Tsuchida Kitty! Ow! They don't hurt.
They don't hurt! All right! Say your prayers, Aomine.
I'm going to win! Gymnasium Event Schedule Inter-High Preliminary Tournament Game A lot more people turn out for the championship league.
Huh? Where's Midorima? From: Midorima I do not want to.
Kimura, pineapple! Yeah, I've got a real green one.
Seirin Touou Academy Meisei Senshinkan The Meisei versus Senshinkan game should go to Senshinkan.
The game that will shake the championship league is Seirin versus Touou Academy.
Touou Academy Locker Room What? Aomine-kun's not here yet? He won't answer, no matter how many times I call.
That bastard Sorry, sorry.
It's my fault.
I'll try calling him! There you are! Hello? What are you doing? Where are you right now? Where? I'm at school.
Oh, sorry.
I overslept.
You overslept? Aomine, how long until you can get here? Oh, Imayoshi-san.
I'll probably be there by the second half.
We're counting on you! We're up against Seirin! There you go again.
Twenty minutes is more than enough time to crush those scrubs.
Do whatever you can during the first half.
What? Hey Seirin High School Locker Room It's almost time! Is everyone ready? Only three out of the four schools will be going to the Inter-High! Just like Koganei-kun said, it doesn't seem difficult at first glance.
However Huh? What? Hey, wait If you think we can lose one because it's a league game, we're finished! Why me? It comes down to now! We will win this game! Seirin, fight! There they are.
It's Seirin and Touou Academy! Excuse me, where's Aomine? That self-centered bastard is running late.
We're actually in a bind without him, too.
He said he'd show up around the second half.
I guess you could call us the opening act.
Go easy on us.
Kagami, you've already played Aomine once, right? Your motivation hasn't dropped, has it? No way.
If anything, I'm pissed! If these guys are the opening act, I'll pull so far ahead they can't catch up and make their star the world's biggest idiot! I agree.
Aomine-kun is dangerous.
We should score as much as possible while we have the chance.
There's no point in getting angry at someone who isn't here.
The opponent in front of you is everything.
All right, you got it.
Let's go all out from the start! He's fast! We'll break away now and take control of the game! You're quick, aren't you? We have no choice, then.
We'll start by having our kamikaze captain pave the way for us.
Sorry! A three! His movements are incredibly fast! It's not just No.
9, but the other four as well.
They're not underestimating us.
They're strong! Calling yourselves the opening act was evil.
What? I wasn't lying.
You'll know once Aomine gets here.
We're cute little kids compared to him.
I told you, we're just the opening act.
Preview All the Seirin players have shown significant growth.
Of course they have! But What? Riko-san, you don't seem to have grown.
Let's Go What are you looking at?!