Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e16 Episode Script

Episode 16

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Your light is too dim.
What's fun about basketball anymore? Tetsu The only one who can beat me is me.
It's boring because you're too strong? "The only one who can beat me is me"? The Generation of Miracles is full of those guys! Let's go beat him and wake him up! Sorry I guess you could call us the opening act.
You'll know once Aomine gets here.
We're cute little kids compared to him.
Let's Go Touou Academy Seirin All right, take this! What an amazing pass! What are you going to say this time? I'll stop you! A double clutch? When you heard Aomine would be late, I bet you thought you should score as many points as you can.
Sorry, I guess I misspoke.
We're only an opening act compared to Aomine.
We're probably stronger than you.
Touou Academy Seirin They're strong! I didn't think they'd be this strong.
If they're this good without Aomine, we're screwed.
Really? What is it, Furihata? Touou's preliminary tournament scores: That's amazing.
They're all 100 point games.
They're the opposite of Seiho.
An offensive team.
Sorry! Damn it, I can't block him! He's shooting while jumping! And if you're going to apologize, don't shoot in the first place! These guys Oh, sorry! These guys Their care for their teammates is minimal, and there's no coordination at all.
Their offense and defense is all one-on-one.
You get the ball yourself and score yourself.
They keep coming at us with individual skill! I see.
I expected some of this, but that's your style.
That's right.
Our team gathered athletes from across the country.
The more skilled a player is, the stronger his sense of self.
We've been trying all sorts of things in the last few years, though.
More than holding hands and playing nice, this way works best.
We're both offensive teams.
This game should be interesting.
I don't know how interesting it will be.
I'm not even sure we're the same type.
Our style is full team play.
Hey! Forget one-on-ones.
I don't plan on losing this game.
Tell your captain, you apologetic mushroom.
What? Sorry! I didn't say anything! And what's an apologetic mushroom? I didn't hear what you said, but I understood something from your play! Another long pass? They're fast! Isn't No.
6 a center? Between our individual style and your coordinated style, let's see whose style is better.
I called it team play.
Most people forget.
He's fast! No, he's not! He started fast, but Where did this guy come from, anyway? He's too low! Don't try things you're not used to, idiot! So high! Too high! He's way too high! What nationality are you? Nice, Kagami! You, too, Kuroko.
What was that sad jump? If you can't get it, don't jump! I got it.
Liar! This isn't like you, anyway.
This isn't overlapping with your middle school experience, is it? We're playing against Touou now.
Are you asleep? But I got it.
Liar! Those little shits have really done it now! Well, but It's just like she said.
Oh? I'm late again, and they're losing again.
Midorimacchi? Kise? How did you know it was me? What are you, stupid? Those sunglasses are embarrassing.
Please take them off.
What? What's with the box? It's today's lucky item, of course.
Is that it? You told everyone you didn't want to see the game, but you came anyway? Don't say that! I just happened to be in the area! Your house isn't anywhere near here.
So, how's the game? Nothing special.
This is ridiculous.
Aomine doesn't seem to be here, but they can barely keep up.
Aominecchi's not here? Well, those two just scored.
They're just getting started.
Have you forgotten, Kise? Touou has Momoi as well.
She is not just a manager.
During middle school, she helped us many times.
In other words, if she is your opponent, she becomes exceptionally hard to deal with.
Momocchi, huh? She's known Aominecchi since they were little, hasn't she? Didn't she like Kurokocchi? What if she can't play seriously against him? Is that right? What? You didn't know? It was obvious! She was all over him every day! Tetsu-kun, here's a towel and sports drink! Tetsu-kun, let's walk home together.
Tetsu-kun! Tetsu-kun! If you didn't know after seeing that, you must be a monkey! What? What do you mean, a monkey? Well, if that's the case, it's all the more, then.
She would never wish for Kuroko to slack off in a game.
Her role may be different, but her attitude towards basketball is no different from an athlete's.
She would never intentionally lose a basketball game.
That's your ex-girlfriend everyone's been talking about? She's cute.
Is that so? Hey! There's something annoying about the way you said that.
Well, you're right.
What? As long as she's not playing a game.
I can see how they defeated a couple of kings.
Coach, should we take a time out? No, it's fine.
They're still making corrections after observing the real thing.
Momoi-san, did you already hand those out? Yes.
They already know everything.
A steal! These bastards are guarding deep.
They're abandoning the outside so we can't get through.
You're naive! A three? No That's A one man alley oop! I know.
I thought you might try that.
Boys are so simple.
Those movements They've faced this before! And they know Kagami's low outside shooting rate.
In other words We must have been researched by that girl.
Momoi is an information gathering specialist.
She's an intelligence agent.
Mitobe-senpai! Go! Mitobe Rinnosuke-san.
A hard worker who doesn't take risks.
When his opponent is taller than him It's a hook shot! I already know! They know! This isn't good, is it? We have to do something.
There's no need! We'll keep playing like this! What? No matter how accurate their information, it's from the past.
Humans grow.
Don't act like you understand when you don't even realize that! Hyuga Junpei-san.
Not a fast player.
Goes for threes after breaking free of his mark with screens and cuts instead of charging in.
However All right! They got him.
Hyuga's a pure shooter.
But in modern basketball, a player who can only shoot from the outside isn't good enough.
That's why he's been practicing to improve his dribbling skills since the Shutoku game.
He's still not fast, but not only is it a new pattern, but today's plays are all threes without fakes.
They think I'm going to shoot.
I can make it! I know.
I thought you might do that.
What? They haven't seen this pattern before! They shouldn't have this data! Normally, when confronted with a play missing from their data, a person cannot handle it.
However, Momoi analyzes the data she collects and even reads how her opponents will grow.
Their height, weight, strengths, weaknesses, personality, habits I gather all of it and analyze, interpret, and narrow the results.
The last trick is a woman's intuition.
Bring it back, Hyuga! Izuki Shun-san.
Possesses the exceptional spatial awareness ability "eagle eye.
" It's no use.
They know everything we'll do.
We can't break through! But because he sees so much, he sometimes becomes unable to act.
Five more seconds and a it's a foul! You're naive, girl.
If it's the same as before, they can't get through! It's okay! They don't know what's coming next.
When did they set up that screen? Not even with a woman's intuition.
Touou Academy Seirin All right, nice, Kagami! Good work as usual, Kuroko! Sheesh! I can never read him.
Damn, this isn't going to be easy.
It's all right.
I thought this might happen.
But that's why I love Tetsu-kun! Touou Academy Seirin A four point difference.
Well, it figures.
With Momoi's data, we can still beat them.
We don't need Aomine! No, he'll play.
Don't make me tell you something as obvious as do not underestimate your opponent.
Besides, starting in the second quarter, they'll probably come at us with those two.
Yes, without a doubt.
The more data you have, the more accurate it is.
She's been researching the second-years for a whole extra year.
However, there's considerably less information about you two, Kuroko-kun is difficult to predict and Kagami-kun is still developing.
If there's anyone who can counter Momoi, it's you two.
Okay, it's up to you guys! Give them hell, rookies! Good.
Go for it! Already? It's just like Momoi said.
There's relatively little data on these two.
But this didn't work in the Shutoku game! Besides, how dare a kid who just graduated from middle school dunk all over the place! Two blockers! Hey, what? How long are you going to stay up there? This jump The real thing is ridiculous! We can't stop him even if we know it's coming.
Oh well.
All this crap about data is a pain in the ass! I'll kick it all to the curb and jump! Two in a row! Kagami's on fire! You can do it! Go, go, Kagami! Go, go, Kagami! No, this isn't good.
You can't.
Even if you're young, you shouldn't recklessly destroy your body.
You're kidding! This is an emergency! Koganei-kun, get in as soon as possible! Seirin, member change.
Kagami! Change! What? Why me? We're just getting started.
Just go back! The coach noticed.
They're subbing him out? I don't believe it.
What is Seirin thinking? Schools without a proper coach just can't cut it! Kagami Could it be? Your injured legs haven't fully healed yet, have they? I'm fine! I'm totally You're not sick and there's nothing wrong with you, so I won't tell you not to play.
I'm going to tape your legs.
Take off your shoes.
Damn it! I was just getting started.
Damn it, I moved! Rebound! They're fast! It's a Touou counter! This isn't good No.
7 is 190 centimeters, and No.
6 is 193 centimeters.
Without Kagami, our inside has an overwhelming disadvantage! We can't get the rebound! Seirin scores around Kuroko, but the movements of the remaining four second years are all known because of Momoi.
The hole left by Kagami is huge.
The score gap is getting wider.
Touou Academy Seirin This isn't good.
Please, just hang in there.
Calm down, Kagami! Have a little more faith in everyone.
I know! We'll beat Touou with team play! That should do it! This should get you through this game.
You can go! All right! Thanks.
I'm sorry.
The truth is, I don't want to send out an injured player, but we can't win without you.
We've been calling it team play, but it's actually a style someone taught me.
Someone? I'm not strong enough to draw out everyone's full potential, so I have to rely on you, even though you're injured.
My own weakness pisses me off! What are you talking about? This isn't like you.
You make practice menus, you scout, you give us instructions on the bench, and even massage and tape us.
If anything, you do too much.
You're the coach.
You've got to at least come prepared during games.
I mean, sending me off with an apology hardly amps me up.
You're a brat, you idiot.
Seirin, member change.
Go get them! Yeah! That's it, show some spirit so you can entertain me, even a little.
You bastard! Aomine! You're finally here? Hurry up and get ready so you can play! What? But you're winning.
Touou Academy Seirin There's only one minute left in the second quarter, anyway.
No, you have to play.
Well, then Let's go.
Preview Why is my lemon missing? Sorry, sorry! Sorry won't bring my lemon back.
I'm really sorry! Sorry, sorry! Are you really sorry? Wakamatsu-san, I'm sorry! You're All Ridiculous You're not sorry about me?