Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
These guys Their offense and defense is all one-on-one.
You get the ball yourself and score yourself.
They keep coming at us with individual skill! When you heard Aomine would be late, I bet you thought you should score as many points as you can.
We're probably stronger than you.
You're naive! I know.
I thought you might try that We must have been researched by that girl.
Forget one-on-ones.
I don't plan on losing this game.
Tell your captain, you apologetic mushroom.
You're kidding! The truth is, I don't want to send out an injured player, but we can't win without you.
You're the coach.
You've got to at least come prepared during games.
You're a brat, you idiot.
Go get them! Yeah! That's it, show some spirit so you can entertain me, even a little.
You bastard! Aomine! You're finally here? Hurry up and get ready so you can play! What? But you're winning.
No, you have to play.
Well, then Let's go.
You're All Ridiculous Touou Academy Seirin Touou Academy member change! This is Aomine Daiki.
Even normal basketball players like us can tell he's different, even without the coach's special eyes.
I never even met anyone this good in America.
Kuroko's middle school's strongest regular, one of five prodigies The ace of the Generation of Miracles! Not only did we fail to get ahead, but we're ten points behind.
He got here at the worst possible time.
Hey, Tetsu.
It's good to see you again.
I was wondering what face you'd make.
I like it.
You look ready to go.
I promised Momoi-san.
I more or less understand what you want to say, but you'll have to show me that with your play.
Well, either way Say it once you've beaten me.
If you can do it.
Bring it on! We'll show you right away! What's this? Hey, their balance is off.
Don't they have too many guys on one side? No, they're doing it on purpose.
In order to allow special players to move freely, the remaining players gather to one side.
There are several reasons to use this technique, but in this situation, it's exactly what it looks like.
In other words, it's a one-on-one between both teams' aces.
He's fast! He can break past Kagami that easily? Amazing! He caught up in the second it took to roll? He stopped him! All right, Kagami! So high! How'd he jump so high from that position? Now! Fast break! They're quick to get back! And they know all the upperclassmen's movements through research! You can take your slow fast break and shove it! What is that? The pass only Kagami can catch! Ignite Pass! He was off balance and slow to return.
He's fast! Oh? It's over? I was going to score one as a quick warm up.
What is this? Sheesh Pretty good, though.
At ten points behind, I thought you guys must suck, but you're not bad, are you? Amazing.
That's Aomine Don't you think he's ridiculously fast? A normal person can barely keep up.
Aominecchi He's completely unbearable.
He's slow, like he has no desire to play.
Aomine, you bastard, play as hard as you can! You let that guy block you.
What? I can't play that hard.
I'm tired.
You bastard! But I might actually try in the second half.
The second quarter is over.
The third quarter will begin after a ten minute interval.
Touou Academy Locker Room Ryo, did you bring them? Y-Yes Thanks.
These are delicious.
Aomine, what are you eating?! You haven't played enough to need to replenish yourself! And, Sakurai, don't make him food! What are you, his manager? Sorry I'm way more tired! Wakamatsu-san! Give me some.
These are delicious! There's none left, you idiot! I don't want any more.
What did you say? Don't eat all of them.
It's okay.
I made some, too.
Oh, thanks.
Sakurai, do you have any more? Sorry, I'm all out.
Yeah, Satsuki's cooking is terrible.
Isn't this a level below cooking? Good work in the first half! I made you these so we can make a comeback in the second! They'll replenish your energy! Slice them! We're always telling you to slice them! I washed them, so you can eat the skin.
And you'll be able to eat lots! Mitobe, do you have any? Mitobe, I'm so glad you're on our team.
Kuroko, don't you want any? No, I'm good.
Kuroko-kun, you played the whole first quarter, so I'm taking you out for a bit.
You have to replenish your nutrients.
Please let me keep playing during the second half.
What? Come on, it's too early to relax.
Let's talk about the second half.
I'll pass.
Aomine, you bastard! Wait! I'll make all my shots in the next quarter.
That should do it, right? You bastard! As long as you understand.
Make sure you go warm up.
Aomine-kun! Coach! Wakamatsu, don't make such a big deal every time.
But that attitude Don't you think he's too arrogant? Who cares if he is? Haven't you ever felt it in a TV interview? There's plenty of arrogant top tier players.
Put negatively, it's arrogance, insolence.
But put positively, it's the overwhelming confidence that comes from successive victories.
Don't get the wrong idea.
I don't particularly like or dislike Aomine.
As long as he scores, I don't care what his personality is like.
As long as we win, he's right.
No matter what kind of guy Aomine is, I have no complaints as long as he plays.
We're most likely to win if he does.
I've always thought that our team is united by our selfishness.
We abandon trust, and each man is out for himself.
But for some reason, I don't feel like we'll lose.
I've had enough! I can't believe you were late! What do you think you're doing? We're up against Tetsu-kun's team! In the second half, you'd better— Shut up.
I know.
I feel bad about what I did.
I misread them a little.
I should have shown up sooner.
Aomine will be tough without Kuroko.
Can we even manage it? Two quarters back to back Your misdirection won't work throughout a whole game, right? I don't think we should do it.
I've been watching with my eagle eye, but your effectiveness has already dropped off quite a bit.
You should sit out for a while.
I can do it.
No, I will do it.
I will do anything to beat Aomine-kun.
I will do anything to beat Aomine-kun.
I appreciate your enthusiasm, but We couldn't afford to bench Kuroko-kun in the first half.
It'll only be harder with Aomine-kun.
But if we make him keep playing, he won't last until the end.
What should we do? Coach, could I get those? What? Kuroko Just eat those on the bench, you idiot.
You're the one who said you can't play basketball by yourself! Leave it to us! Both choices are risky and I can't reach an answer.
If that's the case, I'll have to rely on our ace's enthusiasm.
Okay! We'll take Kuroko-kun out for a little bit during the second half.
Our battle will begin in the fourth quarter! But it's meaningless if we pass the point of no return.
Be ready to play any time in case we get close.
Have some lemons.
Their inside is especially strong.
We'll put in Tsuchida-kun during the third quarter.
You and Mitobe-kun will guard under the net! Hyuga-kun and Izuki-kun, keep doing what you did in the first half.
Keep marks on mushroom No.
9 Sorry! and glasses No.
The biggest problem is Aomine, but there's only one guy who can handle him.
Kagami-kun, we're counting on you! Got it! Let's go, Seirin! Fight! Yeah! Kagami-kun What? Have you calmed down a little? Yes.
More importantly I have not seen Aomine's limits since he bloomed.
Not only that, but just like Kise-kun and Midorima-kun, he has probably grown.
Going forward, he is an unknown value.
Be careful.
I couldn't ask for more.
He's here.
Let's do this already.
His body is warmed up.
He's completely serious now.
Did you finish warming up? Keep fighting until the end.
If you have it in you.
Let the third quarter begin.
Kuroko's on the bench.
Are they going to be okay? It can't be helped, but they couldn't afford to sub Kuroko out in the first quarter without Aomine.
I don't believe they can endure this.
You're right.
Playing against Aominecchi without Kurokocchi is too hard.
But when I consider the rate of his growth, I get the feeling something's going to happen.
He can do it.
Aomine's playing already.
It'll be all him, not just now, but during the entire second half.
The ace of the Generation of Miracles and a super scorer If we're forced to put in Kuroko right away, he'll run out of gas and the fourth quarter will only get worse.
We can't do anything against him.
It's up to you, Kagami! You're fired up.
Does this mean it won't be like that time in the park? Well, either way It's pointless.
Again! Kagami can't keep up! He didn't fake me out, but I still can't keep up! He's unbelievably fast! The help is fast! And there's two of them! A fadeaway? How can anyone make a quick stop at that speed and jump backwards? We can't even keep up with the fast help.
They're in a different class! When it comes to movement, speed is not all about maximum speed.
Your acceleration from zero to max, and your deceleration from max to zero.
Agility, how quick you are on your feet.
Even among the Generation of Miracles, Aomine transcends the rest of us.
Damn it! I can't keep up.
He's even faster than before.
This guy Touou Academy Seirin Even I could do that.
No! Fast break! Slam it in, Kagami! Take this! No, you don't.
No matter how fast I run, I can't break free of this guy! You think it's that easy to make a fast break? Is this guy serious? He just jumped from the free throw line.
Don't tell me he was trying to dunk from there.
Come on, now.
Damn it, almost.
But we're doing better than I expected! At this rate, we could Enough.
Honest basketball just isn't for me.
He seems different.
But I'm starting to get a feel for his speed and rhythm.
I'll stop him this time! What are these movements? I can't read them.
Is this some kind of anomaly? No! They're unconventional tricky movements.
I've seen this plenty of times in America.
It's street ball! No you don't! Three guys? He's behind the basket! We stopped him! Amazing! He made a shot from back there! What was that? What bullshit! This guy's basketball is more than aggressive, it's messed up.
Theory doesn't work against him! The Generation of Miracles is full of ridiculous guys.
Preview Kagami by himself isn't enough.
Come on out, Tetsu.
I don't believe I can win alone.
I will beat you with Kagami-kun.
Touou Academy Seirin Show me the true strength of the new light and shadow.