Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
That's it, show some spirit so you can entertain me, even a little.
A fadeaway? Damn it.
I can't keep up.
This guy Enough.
Honest basketball just isn't for me.
No! Those unconventional tricky movements It's street ball! No, you don't! No!! He's going away from the hoop! What is he thinking? You can't get past me! There isn't a shot you can make from that position! What was that shot? Not a jump shot, but a hook? In all sports, including basketball, fundamental movements and the ideal form have been polished throughout the sport's history.
Because they have been refined to perfection, their options are limited and can be predicted.
This gives rise to a strategic battle between the offense and defense.
That is the game.
But he He's been handling a basketball since before I can remember.
He has always played on the street among adults.
His ball handling plus his natural speed A free-spirited style.
There is no form to Aomine's dribbling or shooting.
He is limitless, impossible to defend against.
He is the unstoppable scorer.
The ace of the Generation of Miracles: Aomine Daiki.
What's with this guy? His play is full of gaps.
Crap! It's an irregular change of pace! You bastard He's jumping even higher! You can do it, Kagami! Yeah, yeah.
You can jump high.
Good for you.
But I'm tired of this.
Wh-What was that? He scored with his body almost parallel to the ground! Usually the best players shoot at a consistent height, but he's all over the place.
And he doesn't miss! Damn it, I can't predict what he's going to do next! I'll just have to score more than him! If I can't beat him with speed, I'll beat him with height! If he can't reach me, he can't stop me! Sorry.
You're so slow I took the ball.
Get back here! Kagami's fast! He can't catch up! I know he's fast, but how can he be faster than Kagami while dribbling? I'm not giving up! Impossible Is Kagami really this useless against him? Even against Kise Even against Midorima He stopped his opponents, no matter how strong they were.
We thought he could do it again, but we were naive.
He's unstoppable! Basket counts! One free throw! This isn't your basketball, is it? The only one who can beat me is me.
You can't fight me on your own.
Come on out, Tetsu.
Let's settle this.
We're 20 points behind.
We have to prepare ourselves.
Kuroko-kun I'm fine.
I've had plenty of time to rest.
I'm going.
Show me the strength of the new light and shadow.
Seirin, member change! Kuroko Sorry.
It's even harder by myself than I imagined.
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
What? We always intended to fight together.
If winning were so simple, it would be too easy.
Shut up.
I know! Let's go! Yeah, bring it on.
Tetsu-kun Kurokocchi Please.
That's the cross-court pass they used in the Shutoku game! Amazing! What was that pass? But Aomine's fast, too! I knew you'd catch up.
What's wrong, Kagami? That was a pretty nice pass.
Please make this shot, Captain! What? He made it! Our first points of the second half! Touou Seirin Quit praying, first years.
When I'm shooting, get ready to celebrate! He's already in clutch time! Let's keep it up! He's amazing.
He knew it would go in the moment he shot.
Crap! What am I, stupid? I didn't notice him! Get distracted for a second and you'll forget he's there! Two baskets in a row! It really is different with Kuroko! It really is completely different when you're playing.
You're still the same, Tetsu.
You really haven't changed since middle school.
Not at all.
I'm disappointed.
You still think you can beat me? I do.
This is my basketball.
Let's take back the game! Go! Ignite Pass! Who do you think has caught more of your passes? No! Not even Takao-kun could catch our trump card.
Damn it! Seriously? He blew past three guys! By himself? He beat five guys.
How sad.
You haven't changed at all since middle school.
You haven't improved.
Akashi was right.
Your basketball will never win.
Seirin Touou He shot while rolling! That's crazy! Damn it! Kagami-kun? His legs? Why? They should be mostly healed, and I taped them up well.
They shouldn't get so bad this quickly.
No, this is Seirin, member change.
Kagami-kun Why again? There's no problem with the taping! Just get on the bench.
I'm fine! Besides, the game is still going.
I can't leave now.
Just get on the bench! I knew it.
He's been avoiding use of his injured leg, and placed the heavy burden on his other leg.
I can't let him play anymore in this game, or during the remaining two days of the championship league.
Do you suppose the game will be over soon, Momoi-san? Don't you have a strategy we can use against him? What shall we do? No, it shouldn't be necessary anymore.
Hey, he's crazy.
Huh? Is he going to kill someone? What? Everyone who has played against Aomine so far has given up or stood there stunned once they see how much better he is.
Either way, they lost their will.
But even after losing this badly, and even more than before, he's radiating rage.
I've never seen anyone like him.
It'll miss! He forced me to shoot! Our defense can't stop Aomine, and they already know what our offense will do because of Momoi! This game is over.
It's been one-sided for a while.
I can't watch this anymore.
Touou Seirin No matter what they do now, they can't win.
We're 40 points behind.
There's nothing we can do.
Kuroko has already passed his limit, too.
Wouldn't it be better to sub him out for Koga instead? This was quicker than I expected.
It's already decided.
Your special pass didn't work, you're out of stamina, and your light is gone.
Your misdirection stopped working a while ago.
Now you're worse than the average player.
There's no such thing as a quick comeback in basketball.
I win, Tetsu.
It's not over yet.
The possibility of victory is only 0% when all the players give up.
No matter how impossible it may seem, I refuse to make it 0% myself.
That is why I won't give up! We can't sub him out now.
We can't let a first-year kid have more determination than us.
Sad Hey, bench! Show some spirit! Keep your voices up until the end! The guys on the court haven't given up yet! You can't sit here quietly! Yeah! Defense, defense, defense! Let's close the gap one shot at a time.
Keep running until the very end.
Of course.
I'll acknowledge one thing.
You don't give up easily.
No one gave up.
They all fought until the end.
But the difference between our scores only got wider.
No one cried.
That day, Seirin we were completely Touou crushed.
Preview Furihata here! Starting today, we'll practice three times as hard! Kawahara here! We won't lose! Fukuda here! What are we doing here, anyway? It just happened.
So, who's the guy who's been standing there eating candy? On to a New Challenge Huh?