Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

The Teiko Middle School basketball club.
An incredibly strong team with over one hundred members and three consecutive championship wins.
Amongst their brilliant record, the generation of five prodigies was known as the "Generation of Miracles.
" Despite being relatively unknown and lacking a game record, there was one more member recognized by the five prodigies.
A phantom sixth man.
Touou Academy Seirin Seirin Touou Academy They doubled their score? Touou's crazy! If Seirin lost that badly, we'll lose even harder.
What'd you say, idiot? He's right.
It's not that simple.
For Midorima, Kagami was nearly the worst opponent he could have faced.
But if it came down to stopping Aomine The Generation of Miracles' ace is off the charts.
See you later, Kise.
That was quick! Aren't you shocked at all by these results? You should be worried about Kuroko instead of me.
What? Kuroko's basketball was completely useless against Aomine.
It must have been quite psychologically damaging.
Not only that, but Seirin is still a young team.
It won't be easy for them to come back from that overnight.
We can only hope it won't affect their remaining two games.
On To A New Challenge We destroyed our opponents in our first game of the championship league! We know.
You don't have to yell.
What? I thought they'd be stronger, considering they beat Shutoku.
Especially No.
Kuroko, right? He was absolute shit towards the end! He was real uptight about it until the very end.
He should've given up sooner.
You sure talk a lot for a someone who didn't play.
It's annoying, so shut up.
Aomine! What are you doing? Let him go! What's his problem? Aomine-kun Damn it.
We still have two more games against Meisei and Seishinkan! We don't have time to be sad! Hey.
This might be our limit.
I thought we could go further.
But look at us.
In the face of overwhelming power, I don't think we can win just by working together.
Tetsu I don't think you were wrong, but I can't.
I'll never find what I'm looking for.
The only one who can beat me is me.
In the remaining two games, Kagami-kun didn't play, and Kuroko-kun experienced a sudden slump.
Not even a shadow of the passes that had saved our team so many times before could be seen.
Seirin Meisei Kaijo Private High School Hey! Kise Would you like to play some one-on-one? Would I? I thought you went to watch the final game of the championship league.
I did.
How'd it turn out? It made me feel like playing basketball.
That's not what I'm asking! You're not curious about the results? I can't deal with you.
Let's go! You bastard! Even if they give everything they have, not every challenger can become a winner.
Seishinkan Seirin We lost.
Seirin High School's attempt at the Inter-High ended.
However, all was not lost.
From: Aida Riko Sorry.
We lost.
I see.
I didn't make it in time.
When one thing ends, another begins.
In other words From: Kiyoshi Teppei Subject: But It's not over yet.
We were on to a new challenge.
Sasaki General Hospital Because of your build, your legs take that much more damage.
Your body isn't strong enough to handle that yet.
You'll need flexibility and muscle training, but before that, two weeks of complete rest.
I'm weak.
I couldn't do anything against Aomine.
What do I need to do? How can I become stronger? Nothing is worse than practice after losing a game.
Don't say that.
You'll bring us all down.
Didn't we mess up a lot of our fast breaks during the Seishinkan game? A lot? Maybe two.
Man, this sucks.
I bet we're going to do more three man drills.
No Why don't we try three times? Th-Three times? We just finished playing a game! We'll die! What's that? Four? All right, practice! Let's give it our best! Yeah! Gather 'round, everyone! Where's Kuroko? Is he skipping practice? I'm not skipping.
Oh, okay! I haven't experienced that in a while! And Number 2! Today's the day! We'll stop you, Kuroko! Hey! Tsucchi, stop him! Koga, you're the one who said you'd stop him today! No, it was you! Damn it! I was worried about them, but they're still their same old selves.
Kuroko-kun seems all right, too.
Of course, he isn't.
We tried so hard and still didn't make it to the Inter-High.
None of them are into it.
I guess it's too much to expect them to bounce back so soon.
Gather 'round! Do you remember what you said when you joined the team? Announce your goals here and now! If you fail to achieve them, you'll come back up here, strip naked, and confess your feelings for the girl you love! We're really going to do that? You don't want to lose the next one.
Know why? Winter's going to be cold.
Winter? That's right! The best high school is determined at the summer Inter-High.
Then there's the winter championship! The year's biggest and last title to determine the year's strongest team.
The Winter Cup! That's where we'll put it all on the line! It's our last chance of the year.
If we can't win this winter, she'll really make us go naked.
But isn't it the same level as the Inter-High? This is going to be tough.
About that, Hyuga-kun.
Teppei should be coming home soon.
What? Seriously? We might see a lot happen.
Uh, who's Teppei-san? Oh, right.
The first-years haven't met him yet.
He's No.
7, our ace.
What about Kagami? Is he going to be okay? He's resting, but I told him to come watch us play.
I haven't seen him in a week.
He might be hurt, but he's got some balls to not show up.
I'll hit him the next time I see him! Kuroko, you're in his class, aren't you? Do you know anything? No.
I haven't spoken to him.
You could've asked him something! Sorry.
Recently, it's been a little difficult for me to talk to Kagami-kun.
Good work.
Is he okay? He'll be fine.
Not Kagami.
I get the feeling something's wrong with Kuroko.
Maybe he's run up against a wall or something.
It's not just Kagami, but now it's Kuroko, too.
There's always more to worry about.
Uh, what's Teppei-san like? Huh? Oh If you haven't changed, it means you haven't improved.
Your basketball will never win.
Come here! Good boy, good boy! Don't you think he looks like you? Just like I heard, you're not much good at anything besides passing.
But who cares? I like your basketball.
You're not wrong.
You're just inexperienced.
That's all.
Teppei is weird.
What? But I owe him.
He's the one who encouraged me to play basketball.
Brown Sugar Candy Do you want some candy? No, thank you.
Really? Who are you? Yeah, he's Kiyoshi Teppei.
the man who created the Seirin High School basketball team.
Are you Kiyoshi-san? Take the "ki" from "This tree, what is it? What is this tree?" Plus the "kichi" of "good luck", and it's Kiyoshi.
I see.
Then the "tetsu" in "dumbbell" and the "hira" in "lowly employee" and you get Teppei! Um, do you want something? You're interesting.
Basketball is about generalists.
It's a sport for guys who can do everything.
Put loosely, you'll be okay with five scorers who can pass.
That doesn't always work, which is why you have positions, and sometimes teams keep a specialist as their sixth man.
But I've never seen a specialist as extreme as you.
It's extraordinary to specialize so thoroughly in a single thing.
But aren't you the one assuming that's your limit? It's impressive you can view yourself so objectively and play in that way.
But you may be taking it too far.
Hello? Kagami, are your legs okay? Yeah.
Practice! Didn't I tell you to come even if you couldn't play? Once my legs heal I'll be there starting next week.
Hey! We're still high schoolers.
Believe in your own potential a little more.
I'm just talking to myself.
See you next week, Kuroko-kun.
Excuse me.
Yeah? I just bought these! Hey.
There he is! We were worried about you.
Kagami, you bastard.
You really didn't show up after that.
I-If you're going to apologize, just come in the first place.
Let's practice.
Good to see you, Kiyoshi.
Yeah! Don't give me that.
Why are you wearing your uniform? I got excited about coming to practice again.
Are you serious? Are you? Yeah! Are you? I've been in the hospital since last summer.
Because of my surgery and rehab, I've been taking a break.
Kiyoshi Teppei, 193 centimeters, 81 kilos.
My position is center.
Nice to meet you.
This is the guy who created the Seirin basketball team? Teppei, you're sure you're okay now? Yeah! I'm completely healed.
I've forgotten some stuff, but I wasn't doing nothing in the hospital.
Did you learn something? Yeah Card games.
The old man sharing my room taught me.
So? It's fun.
That's got nothing to do with basketball! Also, one more thing.
I'm putting my undefeated three year high school career on the line.
I'm serious about doing this.
My goal is, of course Where is it? What? Where's the Inter-High being held? It changes every year, and we already lost! We've got our sights set on the Winter Cup now! Where is that this year? In Tokyo, every year! This is the guy who created the Seirin basketball team What? Anyway, if you're going to climb a mountain, you've got to aim for the top.
But let's not forget to enjoy the scenery.
That's a foul, Kagami-kun.
You're too forceful! Pay more attention to your surroundings! Doesn't he seem especially on edge? Yeah, at first I thought it was because he's focusing, but I was wrong.
He's acting like he did when he first joined.
He doesn't try to rely on anyone else.
He's playing basketball by himself.
What happened, Kagami-kun? Hey, Kagami-kun.
I want to play soon too, but I don't think it's fair for me to ask to play just because I'm an upperclassman.
So Why don't we play some one-on-one for the starting position? Kiyoshi He hasn't changed.
This is why I can't stand the guy.
He always plays hard, is obsessed with basketball, acts stupid, and He's always up to something.
Preview Kiyoshi, are you sure you should be playing one-on-one so soon? I still remember the rules.
That's not the point.
You should think about what you've forgotten.
You're worried about me? I Don't Want To Be I've had enough of this