Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e21 Episode Script

Episode 21

Say, Hyuga-kun, should we go to the beach during summer vacation? Yeah, the beach is nice.
Or maybe the mountains? Yeah, mountains are good, too.
Hey, are you even listening? Hm? I don't care where we go, as long as we can practice hard.
Don't decide on the hell we're going to like a couple! Let's Get Started This year, at the beginning and end of summer vacation, we'll be taking two trips, to the beach and to the mountains! They chose both! The qualifiers for the Winter Cup start right after summer vacation ends! It's important we use this vacation as effectively as possible.
Let's give it everything we have! Dismissed! Good work! Sorry.
I have to go talk to the teachers about our training camps.
That hurt.
Look where you're walking! Kagami-kun, please don't stagger around like that.
It's his fault for hanging around my feet.
Hey, get away from me! It seems we'll be able to take Number 2 with us on our trips.
The guesthouse will allow it.
Don't bring him! He's annoying! Kagami-kun, you're so mean.
Get away from me! They've started talking to each other again, but they seem to be arguing a lot more.
Are they okay? They're fine.
But they didn't pass to each other during practice today.
It's just for now.
They'll pass again in the winter.
One more time, everyone! Gather 'round! We're currently facing grave danger.
In order to make two trips this year, we chose cheap lodgings.
We'll have to make our own food, which is where our problem lies.
Coach will be cooking for us! What? Is that bad? Of course it's bad! At the Touou game, you saw her honey-soaked lemons! So That's not cooking anymore.
You mean it's inedible? Why don't we just cook for ourselves? I wish we could, but Practice is so brutal, no one can move at night.
Just thinking about it Koga! We might die! Training Camp Menu Tasting A tasting? We can't just tell her to practice because she sucks.
By the way, can you guys cook? A little.
Pretty much anything.
Nope! Mitobe's probably the best.
What about you, Kuroko? No one makes a meaner boiled egg than me.
It's ready! Curry! Curry?! Those are whole vegetables! What was that tapping sound? What was that? Just ignore what it looks like.
It should taste fine! It's just curry, anyway! Okay, then Thanks for the food.
It's so bad! The rice is soft like porridge! These crisp uncooked vegetables are like a salad! And the meat is raw! And the sauce is mysteriously bitter and sour! This is a massacre of flavor! Let me know if you want more.
She made a whole pot of it! It wasn't very good, was it? Thanks for the food.
It tasted good, but it was a little spicy.
I'm going to get something to drink.
It had a unique flavor, but it was pretty good.
It had the most important ingredient.
It had love.
But you may have gone wrong somewhere with your cooking.
Why don't you try making it again? Okay.
What men! You guys are such men! Hyuga? Hyuga! Can anyone teach Riko how to make it? Kiyoshi, you're dripping some kind of weird sweat! Mitobe, then Mitobe? He's gone! So, who's going to teach her? Me or Izuki? Here.
What? This looks delicious! Give me a taste! It's so good! Kagami, how? I live by myself.
This is so good.
What is this? Kagami-kun! Teach me how to make curry! Sure, but I'm a strict teacher! Good! It looks good! It's curry! It's perfect! I got it this time! Dig in! Thanks for the food! You're kidding! Why? We don't know either.
What is this? The only thing I can say is It's as disgusting as ever! Kagami, didn't you make it with her? I did.
I even tasted it.
Then why? Coach's inability to cook is beyond human understanding.
But it's almost amazing.
It's good.
Kuroko, that's enough.
Don't do anything crazy! No, it really is good.
Did you Kuroko, did you serve yourself? Yes.
They forgot about me, so Riko, could you plate another serving? Sure.
First, you put the rice on the plate.
Then, before you add the sauce Has she been putting cheese on there? That's some serious cooking.
Hey! What is that?! It's protein and vitamin C powder.
Th-That's it! It's normal! Then say it tastes good! I smell the beach.
We must reach it quickly! Izuki, shut up.
Let's swim! This is a training camp, you idiot! Brats Lay a hand on my daughter, and I'll kill you.
Yes, sir! Thanks, Papa! The coach's dad He's as scary as ever.
So, what are those? My dad brought them here for me.
Don't tell me we're going to We're going to play basketball.
What? Imagine the team's power as an equation.
If the individuals' numbers are low, we'll never make a big number.
What Seirin needs now is to improve the skills of each individual player.
But don't get the wrong idea.
We're not creating a team of individual strengths, but increasing each one of the powers we combine as a team.
Seirin wins as a team.
Shooting, passing, dribbling In order to improve all of your actions, we have to start with the foundation of your legs and hips.
That's why we're practicing on the beach.
This is going to make us twice as tired.
We'll start by doing three times the normal amount of practice.
Let's get this training camp from hell started! I can't move at all! Over here! Kuroko, you can't bounce your passes! Since we can't dribble, we have to make plays by passing.
Is dunking the only thing you can do, you moron? Damn it.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
This will be perfect for whipping my body back into shape.
Good work! We'll move to the gym in the evening! Okay.
I can get a way better grip than I usually do.
Huh? It feels different than usual.
Is it easier? Is it my legs? They aren't flopping around.
Everyone's movements have improved.
We've started focusing more of our strength into the base of our big toes, the most important part of stepping on the ground.
This must have been the real reason we practiced on the beach.
You should have gone for a dunk there.
Was the timing off? If anything, wasn't it perfect? Did he hold back so he wouldn't jump too high? Ow, ow! You're doing it too strong, you idiot! Sorry.
Are you thinking about something? Is it about your new style? I'm a little concerned.
I don't have any ideas yet.
I feel rejuvenated.
You sound like an old man.
Riko, have you seen Hyuga? He just went outside with a ball.
Really? He's unbelievable like that.
What do you think of this training camp? What do I think? Are you not satisfied with something? No, but You're doing the right thing.
This practice will improve everyone's fundamentals.
If there's a problem, it'll be with the players.
If there's something we need to improve the team even more, it's for each player to understand his role.
You could call it establishing a style.
When you're trying to learn a new technique, first you have to understand yourself.
But Kuroko and the other second years haven't managed that yet.
I hate how you act like you know everything.
What? Seriously, why didn't you become the captain? I don't have any complaints about Hyuga-kun, but you're suited to the job, too.
Hyuga's a better fit.
You push them, and Hyuga pulls them.
That's the best way.
It's why I asked him to do it.
Anyway, you're saying we can't keep going at this rate, right? If only we had some kind of spark.
A spark My body hurts so much.
Do you do that on purpose? Good morning.
And your hair! This place is a dump.
Are we really staying here? I feel like I'm going to see a ghost.
Shut up, Takao.
What? Hello.
It's good to see you again.
What are you doing here? I could ask you the same thing! Shutoku has a long tradition of coming here to train together.
And here you are enjoying your vacation! What's with the tan? We're not on vacation! What? Hey! We're all waiting for you in the cafeteria.
What is your school, Kuroko? It's Seirin High School.
That's not what I meant! Huh? Shutoku? Welcome Seirin High School Welcome Shutoku High School Starting today, instead of holding our scheduled practice in the gym, we're going to be practicing with Shutoku High! Kagami-kun, hold on.
Go buy drinks for everyone.
What? Run on the beach to the convenience store 500 meters away! Why? They'll probably be heavy, so you can bring them one at a time.
One at a time? Everyone's practicing, so hurry! How many laps is that? It really is amazing.
Everyone's movements have improved.
Can he go one-on-one? You've come to make some ridiculous plays.
They're not ridiculous.
I just want to be stronger.
Don't make me laugh.
I don't know what you felt after losing to Aomine, but we already know your limits.
I thought you played knowing them.
Did you really think something would happen if you tried harder? A man who cannot play by himself cannot improve by himself.
Kagami's running outside.
Are they hiding something? No.
Kagami's strength is his jumps that increase in height with every one he does.
Even during a game.
They're powered not by spirit or will, but something physical.
She must have realized what it is and is now training it.
She's an impressive coach.
On top of that Kiyoshi Teppei A formidable opponent has returned.
I feel rejuvenated.
How long are you going to sulk, anyway? It's starting to get annoying.
Kuroko's normal plays are nothing special.
He's got his unfair misdirection, though.
He should use his misdirection when he breaks away.
An invisible dribble would be unstoppable.
It's impossible.
Do you know why Kuroko only makes tap passes? Because he cannot direct attention away from the ball.
During a game, you must never take your eyes off the ball.
In other words, it has more presence than anything else on the court.
That is why Kuroko never holds the ball.
Unable to use his misdirection while holding the ball, it will not be long before someone steals it from him.
However, conversely, if there were a way to overcome his weakness, he may show terrifying improvement.
That's great, but you've been talking to a lion.
I feel refreshed.
I just finished shopping.
What? Just now? No one was in the gym when I got back.
I'm sure these weren't meant for drinking, but here.
Did you buy drinks for Shutoku as well as us? How many laps did you run? I'm so tired.
Time for a bath.
He did way more than I asked him to do! We won't see the results for a while, but if he keeps training like this, he'll become an unbelievable player! What? The bath's already closed? Is it? Preview Good morning.
Morning Your hair is ridiculous! It seems to get messed up easily in my sleep.
That's still way too much.
Why don't you wear a night cap like Shin-chan? I'll Win Even if it Kills Me No.