Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e22 Episode Script

Episode 22

Game over! Seirin Shutoku Thank you! We won three out of three games at this camp.
Maybe they just got lucky at the preliminaries.
I don't like to think we lost because of luck.
Takao, go run.
You guys who played should know better than anyone.
They were stronger this time than they were when we lost at the preliminaries.
On top of that, they're that strong without Kagami.
At this rate, we'll have to be careful this winter.
What is this? It's my special icing technique.
It's great for sore muscles and fatigue.
That's cold! We ended up losing all our games.
Have we gotten worse? Not at all.
You've definitely grown.
Have some more confidence.
We're strong! He can't do it This guy can never do it.
He looks so stupid.
I'll Win Even if it Kills Me You're working hard.
Not really.
I was just putting this ball away, so I thought I'd practice a little first.
Actually I've just been running on the beach by myself during this whole trip.
What? Really? And the game's always over by the time I get back! Why did I even come here? What? You still haven't noticed? I'll tell you, then.
Try jumping.
By the way, what do you think Kagami's practice is? Huh? It's not just strength training, right? I think that's all he's doing, but It's probably to draw out his true power.
Seirin's lady coach and Kagami? What are they doing? Wait a minute He easily jumped higher than the hoop.
You're tired, so that's all you can manage right now.
Try jumping the other way now.
Huh? The other way? Don't you think his jumps are a little erratic? Now that you mention it, I guess so.
Maybe it's because he's good at one handed dunks with his strong right arm, but he tends to jump off his left leg.
However, his highest jumps occur when he jumps off his right leg.
What? Oops You idiot, you hit it too hard! In other words, Kagami's strong leg is not his left, but his right.
Do you understand now? Your greatest weapon is your jumping power, but you haven't drawn out your full strength.
For now, work on preparing yourself physically.
After that, it's up to you.
Don't forget to stand the hoop back up.
Maybe I gave him too many hints.
Well, he is a moron.
My jumping power A style that utilizes that strength There's only one answer.
Aerial combat! That's the only place I stand a chance against the Generation of Miracles! Hello.
Hey! What are you doing? It's almost time for dinner, so I came to get Kagami-kun.
It's that time already? I guess I should Duck! Keep quiet.
This looks like it's about to get interesting.
I haven't said anything.
What do you want? Nothing.
I simply went to buy something to drink.
A drink? Red Bean Soup I'm surprised you can drink that during the summer.
It's cold, you fool.
That's not what I'm talking about! I have lost faith in you.
Where did that come from? Before losing to me, you were destroyed by Aomine.
I'll win next time! It won't always be that way! Don't tell me you believe you can fight him in the air.
Is jumping all you think about, fool? What? Simply jumping higher will not change the results.
That is only half the answer.
It is not yet a weapon.
I will correct your simplistic thinking.
He's not just picking a fight.
Half the answer? There's something beyond those ridiculous jumps of his? We'll play ten tries.
You're on offense, and I'm on defense.
If you score even once, you win.
What? I don't know what you're thinking, but you really believe you can stop me ten times in a row? If you're so sure you can stop me, let's see you do it! Don't worry.
I will not lose.
In today's horoscope, both my fortune and match up are much better than yours.
What's gotten into you, Izuki? Why'd you suddenly suggest we go running? What did you think after watching Shutoku practice? They're all good.
What about you? Aside from my eagle eye, I'm not particularly good at anything.
I don't think that's enough.
In any case, I don't know enough about basketball.
As a team and individually, Shutoku has clear goals.
They don't practice without focus.
That must be Shutoku's strength.
Even at Teiko, every member of the Generation of Miracles had their own style.
Simply being skilled can't be enough to become a regular on a legendary team.
I didn't sense much at our last game, but playing one-on-one against this guy How insulting.
Did you really think I could do nothing but shoot threes? I know Midorima's defense is amazing, but he can stop him this well? But how? There's hardly any difference in their movements.
On the ground, they seem equally matched.
Higher Higher Jump higher! I'm sure I jumped higher than I did during that game.
There it is again.
Kagami's jumps should be better.
But for some reason he keeps losing the aerial battle.
Damn it.
One more.
I am finished.
No matter how many times we play, it will be the same.
You bastard! Notice already, you fool.
No matter how high you jump, stopping you is easy because I know you will dunk.
Let's go, Takao.
What? You knew? Do not disappoint me at the Winter Cup preliminaries.
We won't.
Damn it.
Kagami-kun, you're running a little fast.
What? Why are you running with me? I thought I would cheer you up.
You were watching? You're terrible! I don't need your help, you idiot.
I already know why I lost.
How I stopped Kagami? You fool, I am simply stronger.
That's not what I meant.
I told you.
I knew he would only dunk.
With only one option, I merely have to time my jumps accordingly.
I understand your logic, but even he must be able to pull a double clutch.
I can, but only when I jump with my left leg and hold the ball in my right hand.
If I jump with my right leg, I'll generally hold the ball in my left hand.
The truth is, all I can do with my left hand is dunk.
In other words, compared to his right hand, his left-handed ball handling is too clumsy.
Simply jumping high doesn't make an aerial battle.
The contest between two athletes' airborne options is the true battle.
I know what I have to do by winter.
Strengthen my legs and hips and improve my left-handed ball handling.
I'll become able to move at will in the air! But it pisses me off Midorima made me realize that.
That's why I was running.
All the members of the Generation of Miracles really are strong.
Even when I got past Midorima's defense, he forced me to jump off my right leg.
On the other hand, it means he fears you that much.
Is that really all you can do? A man who cannot play by himself cannot improve by himself.
What's wrong? Are you sure you should have helped our opponents that much? I will still win this winter.
We'll be fine if it's just Kagami.
Like you mentioned in the bath, if Kuroko grows too You may be able to beat the Generation of Miracles in an aerial battle, but you may not be able to beat them on the ground.
What? My passes don't work against them.
If you can't do it, no one in Seirin stands a chance.
But I just came up with something.
A new kind of basketball to make the most of you and the rest of the team.
By mastering my own drive in addition to my passes, I will surpass the Generation of Miracles.
I couldn't ask for more.
I could! Everyone's here.
Ready, and Thank you very much! All right! I feel alive! I thought I would die tons of times.
I want to sleep in my own bed! I can't sleep with a different pillow.
You were sound asleep.
That's it! Buried in pillows, buried in darkness.
Izuki, shut up.
Where do you think you're going? What? To the station.
Why do you think we held our training camp here? This year they're holding the games here! I see.
Today's quarterfinal game is between Today 14:00 Second Quarterfinal Game Kaijo High School (Kanagawa) Touou Academy (Tokyo) Kaijo and Touou! Let's go watch the Inter-High.
Kagami-kun What do you want? Just before we left, Midorima-kun gave me a message.
What? Thank you.
Don't be ridiculous.
I did nothing to deserve your gratitude.
Even a flea can jump.
"I only taught him a lesson because he's so stupid.
" That bastard Also, "Don't lose until I beat you," apparently.
Like hell I'll lose! You tell him that! Amazing! So this is the Inter-High! Coach, when's the game we're here to see? After this one.
It should be soon.
Kaijo versus Touou.
A game between Kise Ryota and Aomine Daiki! Kuroko, who do you think will win? I don't know.
This is the first time I've seen two Generation of Miracles starters play against each other.
However Aomine-kun inspired Kise-kun to play basketball.
Really? They used to play one-on-one a lot, but Kise-kun has never won.
Kaijo High School Locker Room Oh, man! I'm so excited! Oh, man! I'm gonna do it! I'm ready to show them what I've learned in practice! I'm gonna try real hard! Seriously, man! What did you say? I told you, I'm gonna try real hard! You're too close! You're crowding me, you're talking too fast to make any sense, and I don't have any idea what you're saying, you idiot! Sorry, but I Hey, Moriyama! Do something about this idiot! Actually, Kasamatsu Third row on the west side, way on the end Did you see them? They're here.
A super cute girl! I'm going to play for her today! Play for us, you moron! Senpai! What now? I got something from my fans, but it's okay if I eat it, right? If something's in it, I If you can eat and play, go die! I can't believe all of you.
Just let me focus.
Hey, are you guys ready to go? It's almost time to get out there.
Give it everything you have.
Why are you trying to compete with that handsome Touou coach, old man? Our game plan will be what we discussed in our meeting.
Stay focused.
Kise, come get me five minutes before we start.
Even he gets nervous.
Well, that's not all it is.
Huh? Touou Academy Locker Room Well, Momoi? Did you get in touch with him? He won't answer.
I can't believe how relaxed Aomine is.
We don't need that guy! Sorry, sorry! He's been late to every game! Even when he shows up, he doesn't always play! I'm sure he'll be late again today! We'll be in trouble if he doesn't show up today.
They're not so weak that we can beat them without him starting.
Did you say something? Looks like you've already warmed up.
I thought you guys might have some trouble without me today.
Don't make me worry every time! We're up against Kise.
There's no way I'd be late.
I've been looking forward to playing against him for a long time.
He's one of the few guys I can crush as hard as I can.
Senpai, five more minutes.
You've been doing that a lot since the Inter-High started.
At last year's Inter-High, we were strong enough to take the championship.
Do you know what happened? You lost your first game, right? It was my fault.
With a one point difference, I missed a pass and let them take the game.
My seniors' tears, their criticism.
I even thought about quitting, but The coach made me captain and said this.
That's why you should do it.
That was when I decided.
I don't think I can make up for what I did.
I don't expect to be saved.
But I'll still win the Inter-High.
It's my responsibility and raison d'etre as the captain.
Huh? Well, I'm just hoping to beat Aominecchi for the first time.
I see.
I'll win even if it kills me.
I see.
I won't lose, Aominecchi.
What? You're awfully confident, Kise.
Have you ever beaten me before? I'll win today.
I really don't want to lose today.
Good luck.
Good luck.
He's got presence.
I wouldn't expect less from such a strong team's captain.
Let the second quarterfinal game between Kaijo High School and Touou Academy begin! Preview Let's take it easy, Kaijo-san.
I don't see your eyes smiling.
I'm sure I'm just nervous.
I don't know what you're planning, but we believe in Kise.
And we have faith too, Not An Adult! that Aomine is the best.