Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e24 Episode Script

Episode 24

Just like I thought, Aominecchi's amazing.
If we don't prepare ourselves, we're screwed.
What's this? They look like they're ready for something.
They must have something planned.
There it is! Kise versus Aomine! How many times have they done this today? Hey, what's wrong? Have you already given up? What's going on? One-on-one isn't his only choice, but he's not coming at me aggressively enough! Don't Get the Wrong Idea A steal! It's a turnover! This doesn't seem right.
They don't seem aggressive enough, and then they pull that.
They have no intention of losing.
But it doesn't matter.
Whatever you do, the results won't change! He's fast! That's Aomine! Charging! Black No.
5! What? A foul? I can't believe it didn't count.
He's good! But more than that, he's got balls! Instead of withdrawing because of the difference in their builds, he charged into him for a foul.
You've really done it now, Senpai.
What? You just hit a guy.
What's with the attitude, kid? That's our captain! Nice Shut up! This is making me nervous.
Can we really do this? It's not a matter of can or can't! We're going to do it! Believe in our ace! He's not stopping.
Aomine's at full throttle.
What's going on? All that talk, and they're not doing anything.
Damn it He's so freaking cool.
That absolute style no one can copy I started basketball because I looked up to this guy.
I could make normal plays after seeing them once, but no matter how many times I tried, I could never copy his.
The truth is, I knew why I couldn't copy them.
Once you look up to someone, you can't overtake them.
Kise may indeed be worse than Aomine right now.
But I would still choose Kise.
He has no less potential.
He's an undeniable prodigy, too.
While I wished to win, I also wished he wouldn't lose.
That's why I'll give up on looking up to him.
Impossible It's probably exactly what you're thinking.
Kise-kun is trying to copy Aomine-kun's style.
Can he do that? Kise-kun can only copy what he can do.
He cannot copy anything he can't do.
What? Put simply, he's just a fast learner.
He can't recreate the movements of NBA players or anyone better than himself.
But if he's trying to do something, it means he believes he can do it.
Oh, well.
He just threw it.
There's no way it'll go in! What? A buzzer beater! Man, I'm lucky.
It went in.
Kaijo Touou Academy The second quarter is over.
There is a 10 minute intermission.
Kaijo High School Locker Room A nine point difference That last shot hurt.
Damn it, if only I had gotten the rebound! Rebounds don't matter once it goes in, you idiot.
Kise, how much longer will it take? At the earliest, the second half of the third quarter.
If I mess up, it might take until the fourth quarter.
Sorry, but can I go outside for a little bit? Yeah.
Come back soon.
Basically, we have to play the entire third quarter without Kise.
We can't do that against Touou.
No, we'll do it! It's all on you, Kise! Touou Academy Locker Room Copy Aomine-kun? Yes.
Not a single move, but his entire style, including the improvements he has made.
Even if he somehow manages to do it, it should take a while a longer.
But Coach! Knowing that, there's no reason to put him out there! We should bench him, and— Hey, don't be stupid.
Why would you reduce your power on purpose? We'll keep going like this.
What did you say, you bastard? Copy me? There's no way he can do that.
Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt and say he can do it, the results won't change.
The only one who can beat me is me.
Kurokocchi? What's with the dog? I kept him in my bag while I was watching, so I thought I would let him get some fresh air during the break.
There's plenty I could say about that.
So, what are you doing here? We were training nearby until yesterday, so we decided to come watch the Inter-High together.
So you didn't come to cheer me on.
So mean! By the way Between Aominecchi and me, who do you think will win? I don't know.
What? As long as you don't give up, anything could happen, and I don't think either of you will give up.
So I don't think it would be strange if either of you won.
I'll go do my best, then.
Huh? What? I thought you would say, "I'll definitely win!" What are you talking about? Of course that's what I'm trying to do, but honestly, I don't know either.
In middle school, it was natural for us to win, but I feel better now not knowing if I'll win.
There's even more pressure now than in the first half.
The intensity's amazing! A quick break already! No, you don't! Right to left crossover Could this be Aomine's Foul, holding! Black No.
4! He's still incomplete and nothing compared to the real thing, but he's learning much faster than I expected! Nice foul, Cap— Wakamatsu, do you remember the day Aomine joined? What? I thought he seemed promising, and at the same time, when I imagined playing against him, I got goosebumps.
This isn't good.
I've got goosebumps.
It's not quite like I imagined Faster I need to be faster Is this Aomine-san's again? Pushing, black No.
6! Free throw, two shots! Kise's amazing! He's just like Aomine! No, it's not perfect yet.
What? Only doing it when people besides Aomine come to guard him proves it.
He must still think he's off the mark.
In other words, when Kise tries to go one-on-one against Aomine again, it will be once he's perfected his copy.
Nice shot! He made them both! Good job, Kise! Kaijo Touou Academy They're catching up! Kaijo's fighting back! That was a shot? He's crazy! Don't drag your feet, Kise.
If you don't make it in time, it's over.
I'm not patient enough to wait until you're ready.
They said they'd have faith in their ace and wait, but there's no such thing as a quick comeback in basketball.
If the score and time remaining are too far gone by the time he perfects his copy, it's all over! I know! At this rate, a fifteen point difference That's our deadline! He can't break through! They know what he's going to do! There's no way that'll go in! Rebound! If I do this, your knowledge doesn't matter for shit.
Besides No one's better at getting offensive rebounds than Hayakawa! Damn it, this kid! Yeah! He made the shot! A twelve point difference! Sakurai? Damn it, the three pointer If he makes it, we'll be down fifteen points! All right! He stopped him! The point difference hasn't changed! Senpai Just focus on your own job.
In exchange, you can introduce me to girls if we win.
I wouldn't mind a mixer.
What are you talking about, Moriyama-san? I get the feeling I'm starting to understand what Kurokocchi said.
Kurokocchi's "team" What I need to do for them And what I need to do now.
The only one who can beat me is me.
What if that "me" is who you're playing against? I'm sick of waiting.
Go crush them! Kise finally broke past Aomine the ace! My bad feeling came true.
I don't believe it.
Those movements just now Those were Aomine's! Don't get ahead of yourself, Kise! No! Defense, black No.
5! Basket counts, one free throw! He made that shot? When you're fouled while making a shot, the basket counts, and you're awarded one free throw.
But more importantly that's Aomine's fourth foul! Damn it He can't make any more bold plays! They got us.
They had another trick up their sleeve.
Who are you calling a bad guy? You guys are way worse than me.
Who said we weren't? This is really tough.
Not only has he perfected his copy, but our ace's power has been significantly reduced.
Kaijo Touou Academy He made the free throw! The difference is only single digit now! This isn't good.
The entire fourth quarter's left, and we're in this situation.
We can't afford a nine point difference! Aomine! Kaijo's countering! Aomine fumbled? I have to stop him! How is this possible? Not only are his movements the same, but he's just as fast as Aomine-san! Slam it in, Kise! Those four fouls were my mistake.
But is this what Kise was hoping for? No Even if he's accepted it as a winning strategy for his team, this can't really be what he hoped for.
But I never thought he'd make that face.
And what's Satsuki's problem? Why does she look so concerned? Why do they look so panicked? Every last one of them Don't get the wrong idea! They underestimated me, thinking I'd back down just because I have four fouls.
But you're the one who bothers me the most, Kise.
Don't show any concern for me.
If you can afford to do that, you should be coming at me like your life depends on it! I knew you could do it.
If the game had ended like that, it would've been too easy.
Preview It's reaffirmed This is the Generation of Miracles.
We'll beat them all and become the best in Japan.
Our Basketball Yeah! I'm getting pumped!