Kuroko no basuke (2012) s01e25 Episode Script

Episode 25

Impossible It's probably exactly what you're thinking.
Kise-kun is trying to copy Aomine-kun's style.
Don't drag your feet, Kise.
I'm not patient enough to wait until you're ready.
Kise finally broke past Aomine the ace! Don't get ahead of yourself, Kise! No! Our Basketball Aomine having four fouls with the entire fourth quarter left is honestly tough.
But we still need you to be on the court as long as possible.
Change your formation a little and work together on offense and defense— The little stuff doesn't matter.
Give me all the balls in the last quarter.
I'll crush them.
Hey! You bastard! Seriously, keep your ego in check! Let him do what he wants.
Captain! We can handle the rest of the team, but the only one who can take on Kise in his current state is Aomine.
Whether we take him off or he's kicked off the court, once he's gone, it's game over.
Even if you try to handle it and get bent out of shape, it doesn't matter.
The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves for the worst.
If victorious, we're heroes.
If defeated, we're losers.
Either way, that's the story.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm all right.
Even if Aomine gets kicked off the court, we still need you to catch up.
If you aren't standing until the end, we'll be in trouble.
No problem.
You may not believe me, but I even ran on our days off.
I know, you mor-moro Don't stutter.
You're always doing that kind of stuff! I believe in you.
I always have.
You're naive Let the fourth quarter begin.
Touou hasn't changed their lineup.
Anyone would lose their edge with four fouls.
Are they going to be okay? There it is! They scored already! Not only has he not changed with four fouls, but he's even more amazing.
What incredible focus.
He really is a monster.
The ace of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine Daiki.
What? That was exactly the same shot.
They're exactly the same! Neither one's backing down! This isn't just a fistfight, it's an all-out brawl! I knew this would happen.
The Generation of Miracles is truly terrifying.
Kise! Aominecchi! It went in! Touou Kaijo I can't let my guard down for an instant.
I feel like I'm getting a headache.
That must be tough.
I'm exhausted.
Not you! I've never seen such static flow in a game before.
The inside players must be really worn down mentally.
It's especially tough on Kaijo.
They've been stuck eight to ten points behind forever, but even with the clock ticking they still haven't given up.
They should be snapping any time now.
I'll never give up! We'll get our chance! We can't just roll over when he's trying so hard! I'll admit he's good, but I won't let my guard down until the end.
As long as he has those eyes, there's no telling what will happen.
As long he has the same eyes as Tetsu! My head is starting to go blank.
Those two are working hard, too, but I feel like I've been doing nothing but sprints back and forth, damn it.
Sakurai! The balance is broken! This is Kaijo's chance! Stop them! Defend at all costs! Kaijo Touou One minute left.
This is where the game will be decided.
If they make this shot, they'll only be two threes behind.
It'll boost the team's morale.
If they miss, they'll have reached their time limit.
In other words, practically speaking It's their last chance! What will he do? From the right or from the left? If I were in his position, I would fake to the left and crossover To the right! So I'll outsmart him by doing the opposite and go Left But what if he tries to outsmart me again? Right or left? Since we both know the other so well, there's no point in trying to read each other.
A formless shot? He's fast.
He's going to stop him! What? Kasamatsu! He stopped the shot? They lost their only chance.
No one can react fast enough to do that.
Did he know what he was going to do? But How? You've done pretty well up until now, but in the very end, you finally made a mistake.
If it had been a one-on-one, you may have had a chance to win.
You faked by looking one way and looked at Kasamatsu on your right.
In that position, I wouldn't fake with my eyes.
At first glance, a pass seems like the most surprising move, but it's also something I would never do and the most easily predicted move.
My style of basketball isn't designed to rely on my teammates.
I missed my only chance.
This game is Get ready for the next play! This game isn't over yet! Kaijo I win, Kise.
Because you tried to do something out of character, this game came to a disappointing end.
Ultimately, you lost because you were weak and relied on your teammates in the very end.
You might be right.
But I couldn't have made it this far by myself.
I don't mind if we lose, but I can't be the only one to give up! If there's any reason I lost, it's simply I wasn't strong enough yet! Don't state the obvious.
Kaijo Touou Game over! Both teams, line up! He's feeling it in his legs.
Does copying the Generation of Miracles put exceptional strain on him? Can you stand? Hang in there a little longer.
Senpai, I You did well.
Besides, it's not all over yet.
You can pay him back this winter.
Are you sure you don't need to say anything? Isn't he your former teammate? What? I'll even get pissed at you if you make fun of me.
There's nothing for a winner to say to a loser.
Bow! Thank you very much! Quit moping! We all gave everything we had! We're still in the country's top eight! Let's go home with our heads held high! Touou Academy Locker Room All, right! We won the Inter-High quarter— Do you have to do that every time? Huh? Where's Aomine-san? He already left.
What? That was quick.
That game was really close! Why aren't you guys more excited? I guess I was nervous, but in the end we won despite everything that happened.
Even that idiot gave it everything he had! I see.
You guys don't know.
Aomine still hasn't shown us everything he can do.
He showed me once before.
He has an even higher level.
Well, he can't do it all the time.
What he didn't do this time, he probably couldn't do.
If I were really worried about him I'd say it's the soft spot left inside him.
Huh? Where's Kasamatsu-senpai? He told us to go on ahead.
I'll go check on him.
Don't bother.
He's right.
I can't go back now.
If I have time for that, I should move forward, even if it's only one step.
It's been reaffirmed.
This is the Generation of Miracles.
We'll play against these guys again this winter.
Can we beat them? No, we will win.
That said, the difference between us is still too great.
We'll have to become stronger.
We can't keep brooding forever! Let's go home and start practicing right away! What? We're leaving? Aren't there more guys from the Generation of Miracles playing at this tournament? I wish we could watch until the end! We can find a hotel, and A hotel, huh? Hey, Kagami.
Where do you have the money for that? Are you a rich kid? Are you actually some rich kid? You did say you live by yourself! Besides, if we extend our trip too much, the coach's dad will kill us! Winter will be here before you know it! We'll go home and practice! Yeah! Number Two, quiet.
Wasn't it an amazing game, Shin-chan? How did you know? I knew there was no way you wouldn't come.
Anyway, you should really stop thinking you've managed to disguise yourself like that.
It's none of your concern.
Kise and Aomine really are monsters.
Don't tell me what I already know.
Besides, there is a monster standing right before your eyes.
This winter should be fun.
You can probably let him out now.
You're right.
Huh? I feel like I've been here before.
Where am I? He's huge.
If he's wearing a jersey, he must be a player.
He must be at least two meters tall.
I mean, I don't want to play basketball anyway.
It's so tiring.
Oh, wow.
This new flavor's pretty good.
What are you doing? We'll leave you behind! What's wrong? Nothing.
I just forgot to greet someone.
Everyone's here.
Um Yes, it's Kuroko, isn't it? No, actually You still suck at everything besides passing.
How did you know I was here? I thought watching the game might have gotten your blood pumping.
I am heated up.
If you're heated up, I'm practically boiling.
Their play has the power to do that to people.
It's always been that way.
What are the rest of the Generation of Miracles like? I only know what they were like in middle school.
Kise-kun, Midorima-kun, and Aomine-kun have all made significant improvements.
I'm sure the other two have done the same.
Murasakibara-kun and Akashi-kun Murasakibara Akashi Not even I can imagine what they are like now.
I'll crush them all.
Let's show them.
Our No, my and your basketball.
This winter will be war.