Kuromukuro (2016) s01e05 Episode Script

The Samurai Goes to School

1 Morning, Kojo.
Quit distracting me.
Go wake Kennosuke up, Koharu.
Tell him breakfast's ready to be served.
Big trouble, Yuki! Kennosuke's gone! What do we do? Did he run away? No way If you're looking for Kennosuke, he's gone to Kurobe.
Mom's place? This early? What for? I don't know the details either.
Anyway, let's have breakfast.
You two had better hurry up, or you'll be late.
I'm off! I'm off too! Okay.
Take care.
Now, then.
I wonder how Yukina will react.
This ought to be good.
Morning, Yukina.
Oh, it's just you, Mika.
What's the matter? Why so scared? I was worried there'd be reporters waiting to swarm me again.
How scandalous! Aren't you a popular one! Wait, where's our samurai? Over at Mom's place.
And I'm not his mother, you know.
So Shirahane came by herself.
Well, ain't that great, Akagi? "I won't let anyone have my Yukina," huh? What're you talking about?! He actually thinks nobody knows.
Sheesh, we're not kids.
Doesn't he realize he's gotta put it in words? Whoops.
Crap! Better run! Rise.
Take your seats.
This is a bit sudden, but we have a new student joining us today.
Come in.
Introduce yourself.
My name is Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma! Pleased to make your acquaintance! Immorality creaks in the dark Blurring the advantages of evolution Sorrow remains silent Simply praying for the safety of the soul I'm always just barely behind the times Surrounded by thick gray clouds Acid rain pours down on me Melting away my morals tonight Everyone's assigned an alphabet Everyone's called by their code Acting with no sense of reason For whom are these battles fought The scar that remains in the corner of my memories sheds light to the end A voice in the distance whispered gently A new age is coming Love transcends time Dreams go the distance Voices will reach to the ends of the earth No matter how weak the light I have the ultimate strength to believe This is the strength of our bond Love will transcend time 40 Hours Ago As of this moment, Kennosuke Ouma and Yukina Shirahane will be placed under my direct command.
Wait, does that mean What does that mean, Mom? Am I gonna have to be a soldier? Well, you two are the only ones who can operate the artifact.
The two of you have had your nervous systems implanted with nanomachine channels to connect with the artifact.
Ow! If we attempt to forcibly remove them with the technology available to us, it may cause irreparable damage to you both.
If you're lucky, you'll only lose part of your motor skills, but odds are that you'll end up completely paralyzed.
Not to mention the worst-case scenario, death.
And not just a painless death, either— Dr.
Hausen That's enough gruesome details, don't you think? Really? The artifact you left back in Toyama City is due to be transported back shortly.
I wouldn't mind if it never came back, honestly.
I believe I told you That's my personal relic.
Um, I have a question.
Go on.
Does this mean I'll be forced to spend the rest of my life as a soldier? To be precise, you'll be a civilian employed as a second lieutenant.
So, uh, it's kind of like a part-time job? Something along those lines, yes.
All done.
What is this? A demon! This is surely the one Yukina's father encountered.
We'll put this portrait up in the UN's cloud to make it easier to share.
The stance of the United Nations for the environment— Oh my god! All right, men.
I believe you've already received and gone through info pertaining these two, but this will be your first meeting.
This is Yukina Shirahane and Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma.
And that's Captain Tom Borden, pilot of geoframe GAUS1.
Listen up good, you two.
You are the lowest form of life on Earth lower than maggots.
In fact, comparing you is an insult to them.
Excuse me? But you may thank your lucky stars.
Because I will do everything in my power to reform you non-hackers into normal human beings! GAUS1 Pilot: Tom Borden Look forward to it.
The captain is also the GAUS team's leader.
Then we have First Lieutenant Liu Shen Mi, GAUS1's navigator.
GAUS1 Navigator: Liu Shen Mi GAUS2 Pilot: Sophie Noël Sophie Noël, GAUS2's pilot.
Thank goodness you're here! So the rumor that you were a pilot here was true.
Oh, right.
You two knew each other already.
We're classmates.
Sophie's really popular, you know? She's cute and smart! Go on, Kennosuke.
Say hello to her.
What?! Don't break his arm, Sebastian.
He's a valuable combat resource.
I'm aware, ma'am.
I think you'll find I'm not as nice as milady.
A CQC expert as you can see, that's GAUS2's navigator, Toshiyuki Mozumi.
GAUS2 Navigator: Toshiyuki Mozumi Glad to meet you.
Please, call me Sebastian.
Sebastian? Isn't your name Mozumi? Why Sebastian? I'm Lady Sophie's butler, you see.
Butler? Mozumi's a JSDF Captain, too.
Being an SDF soldier is merely a cover.
My true calling is that of a butler.
Right Never mind him.
I'm glad you've all broken the ice already.
Be sure to maintain a smooth working relationship.
Major, I have a suggestion.
What is it? His name is way too long.
We should fix that.
My name? You have a point.
How about Ken, then? Ken?! Not bad.
So you're Ken from now on.
Get used to it.
Glad to work with you, Ken.
Ken?! I can't believe I'm with Ken in school too.
You're calling me by that name as well? Hmm.
His persona doesn't exactly scream "Kenny.
" Indeed! By the way, what does "persona" mean? Use your dictionary.
Major Graham gave you one, right? Yeah, press that button.
Which button? Dontcha think Akagi lacks ambition? If I had to go for one, I'd pick Ogino every time.
No objections here, but reality is a harsh mistress.
Shirahane's a more reasonable goal.
Why should I? I'll ask her, then.
Shirahane! Um, is it true that you and Ouma live together? Y-Yeah.
But my place has a lot of rooms, and a bunch of hallways too.
Straight out of an LN.
So you eat together and stuff? Think they run into each other in the bathroom? In the nude? Please! P-Persona: Aspect of someone's personality that is presented to others.
Personality? Another word I don't know! The Man Who Came to the Garden of Learning In the Sengoku period maelstrom, mighty warriors fight to claim the country for themselves! Unify Japan Nobunaga, joining the fray! Imma unify Japan! History Research Club Hi-yah! Come on! There! Point! Damn, Ken's weak! As if you could ever kill the enemy with that nonsense! This, too, is training for battle! Prepare yourself! I keep telling you, don't be so quick to jolt me! But I seriously thought you were gonna behead him.
I saw a flashing blade with my mind's eye, too.
As if a bamboo imitation could ever take anyone's head.
So you won't deny that you wanted to behead him.
Look, kendo is an actual sport with actual rules! You can't just do whatever you want.
What is a sport? Isn't that obvious? Physical competition that helps keep you in shape! What's so fun about that? U-Um Anyway, it seems you need to study this country's history, Lord Kennosuke.
Th-Then History? Like that "Imma unify Japan" stuff? Nah, the proper kind.
And where exactly do I go to study proper history? Uh, probably Th-The library, maybe! I'll take you there! This is the biggest library in the entire region and our school's pride and joy.
You can look up any historical information you want here.
Wanna start with the Jomon period? Sengoku should be fine.
Why're you here? Why can't I be? History of Japan The Samurai's Demise So the age of samurai has long since passed.
Though the sky is still the same.
U-Uh You're still here, Marina? I am Pardon my discourtesy.
I am—My name is Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma.
And you are? U-Um, I Ms.
Unami, the Health Ed teacher.
The what? You know, Health and PE.
Um, if you have any concerns, feel free to talk to me.
I'm also the student counselor.
C-Counselor? Someone who listens to other people's problems.
An advisor? Oh, an advisor.
Visit the infirmary anytime you like.
I promise to keep everything confidential.
I truly appreciate your kind offer.
You there! Are you here for an audience with the advisor as well? Or do you need something from me? Impressive.
Why do you keep following me? Do you want to throw me around again? You deserved that for your inappropriate actions, Ken.
Stop calling me that! Honestly.
A samurai is supposed to be assiduous and puissant, inviolable, of course, and also magnanimous.
I do not understand any foreign tongues.
What language was that? French, right? Check the dictionary! Did you follow me merely to say that? Of course not.
I want to ask you what you fight for— what your objective is.
To finish what the Washiba Clan left undone, of course.
So, revenge? You sound dissatisfied.
Actually, I'm disappointed.
Disappointed that two of humanity's greatest assets, the artifacts, will be used for such a petty purpose.
What? Are you like him too? I-I Why did it have to be you? A reason to fight The world is calling for samurai once again.
We're currently heading south on NH41.
The plan is to meet up with Squad B at the expressway intersection shortly, switch trailers, and then proceed to Tateyama.
Is Tateyama ready to take us in? No problem on that end.
Shin-Tateyama Station's direct-entry gate for large cargo is already open.
But having to reschedule trains seems to be causing a big mess over there.
Things aren't much different here.
The roads weren't blockaded in time, so they're having trouble diverting traffic.
The convenience stores are making a killing out of this, though.
Okay, stay on support.
Sitrep! Urgent message from NORAD! The invaders' ship in orbit has opened an exit gate.
Confirmed the launch of a single squadron.
Estimated landing point is Toyama Prefecture, Toyama City.
Margin of error is a mere 5 percent.
Whose phone is that? I'm very sorry, sir.
There seems to be an emergency.
Sebastian? Kennosuke! Yukina! You two have also been ordered to mobilize at once! We have some unwanted visitors heading our way.
It's the enemy.
The enemy? We will move out as soon as GAUS2 is ready to go.
Um, what about us? We have a steed.
Use these to keep in touch with Kurobe.
We can't install any of our devices in the artifacts, you see.
Get on, Yukina.
I need you.
Woohoo! It's getting hot in here! Way to go, Kenny! Let's go! Hey! You seriously goin'? Not that I can stop ya.
Move out! Get off, Kaya! You're going after Shirahane, right? I wanna see the big geoframes too, dude! Hurry.
Squad B on the expressway: cease the operation and evacuate.
The artifact squad is to follow suit once it's released.
There they are.
Yukina! You gonna be okay? W-We'll do what we can.
Are you afraid? Worry not.
Leave it all in my hands.
Heading out! Everyone's lonely and a stranger to others The names we are given Can be easily taken away The mirror shows our weaknesses We can't look away from it It is our feelings that make our hearts scream out in pain Don't stop Even if I have to take on the pain of others I will change the world one step at a time Acting on emotions won't help us understand each other But I won't stop believing in my reality I want to keep on living Because ever since I met you Something's taken root deep within my heart And it is starting to bloom This one's called Headless because, well, it's got no head.
The UN sure does play fast and loose with names.
Headless: 19.
6m tall.
Unmanned large geoframe that the invaders deploy.
It is capable of gravity and inertia control and thus nullifies most ranged attacks, but it has been confirmed that it can be destroyed by using a kinetic energy saturation attack to overload its gravity shield.
Dancing on the Bank of the River Jinzu