Kuromukuro (2016) s01e06 Episode Script

Face-Off at Juzu River

1 Sitrep! Urgent message from NORAD! The invaders' ship in orbit has opened an exit gate.
Confirmed the launch of a single squadron.
Estimated landing point is Toyama Prefecture, Toyama City.
Margin of error is a mere 5 percent.
I'm very sorry, sir.
There seems to be an emergency.
Get on, Yukina.
I need you.
Woohoo! It's getting hot in here! Way to go, Kenny! You're going after Shirahane, right? I wanna see the big geoframes too, dude! Hurry.
There they are.
Yukina! You gonna be okay? W-We'll do what we can.
Are you afraid? Worry not.
Leave it all in my hands.
Kennosuke Let the demon hunting begin! Immorality creaks in the dark Blurring the advantages of evolution Sorrow remains silent Simply praying for the safety of the soul I'm always just barely behind the times Surrounded by thick gray clouds Acid rain pours down on me Melting away my morals tonight Everyone's assigned an alphabet Everyone's called by their code Acting with no sense of reason For whom are these battles fought The scar that remains in the corner of my memories sheds light to the end A voice in the distance whispered gently A new age is coming Love transcends time Dreams go the distance Voices will reach to the ends of the earth No matter how weak the light I have the ultimate strength to believe This is the strength of our bond Love will transcend time We've received footage from SDF drones.
The artifact has made contact with the enemy.
Engaging now.
We're surrounded.
I'm aware.
On the right, Kennosuke! Watch out for the Dullahan! Leave the minions for later! "Dullahan"? I believe she's referring to one of the Headless.
I guess the silver lining is that they landed at Toyama Airport and not within the city.
Its official name is Toyama Kitokito Airport, sir.
Look, that's a real mouthful.
The Headless are moving around pretty strangely.
I wonder why they're not attacking.
It looks like they're inciting the artifact to duel Yellow one-on-one.
Really? Our enemies are extraterrestrials.
Don't apply your preconceptions to them when you have no idea how they think.
It's dangerous.
Right, sir.
How is Yukina doing? We would have telemetry data were she wearing a pilot suit, but as things stand, we can probably only tell whether she's alive or not.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
The loaded rounds are all APFSDS, as ordered.
Oh, and the optional magazines are loaded with HESH.
High-explosive squash heads? Why? To prepare for melee combat.
You heard her.
B-internal's hydro flow is running low.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll adjust it using backup flow.
GAUS2, can you move out? Yes, momentarily.
Let's stick some fireworks up the asses of those shitheads and send them back to the alien assholes up in orbit! Get your asses in gear! What a vulgar man.
No comment.
Behind us, Kennosuke! Didn't they want a one-on-one duel? Now that is a preconception, Major.
What?! These rotten scoundrels! Evacuate? Where to?! S-Somewhere safe! Like any place is safe! Stay calm and follow instructions while evacuating! An explosion?! Please don't stop.
Keep moving.
Whoa, you can feel it from so far away! Man, I can't shoot in peace here.
Hey, Kaya.
Where are you going? Closer, man! You don't get to see something like this every day! This is crazy awesome! Hey, wait! Molecular contacts and sense links online.
Endocrine harmonization accepted.
Ocular and motor feedback all green.
Inertia canceler active.
GAUS1 standing by.
Inputting launch coordinates.
Adjusting for geomagnetism.
Catapult, launch formation! GAUS1 accelerator online.
Stand by for launch.
GAUS1, roger! GAUS1 is ready for launch! Launch.
GAUS1, you are cleared for launch.
Roger that! GAUS1, launching now! GAUS2, you are cleared for launch.
GAUS2, launching now.
Dancing on the Bank of the River Jinzu On the double, men! Don't drag your feet! Hurry up! Couldn't we get in trouble here? That fear is the best part, idiot.
Hey, there's a bunch of things now.
Don't look at me! Comprehending the scroll is your duty! Watch out! What? Kennosuke! I'm fine.
But This doesn't even count as a wound of honor.
What? The enemy's weapon is infecting the artifact's nanomachines with apoptosis orders? So it's trying to get the nanomachines to self-destruct? Looks like the big geoframe's combat strategy centers around nullifying its opponent's recovery systems.
Kennosuke I think it's in pain.
The cavalry is here! Tom? Landing area all clear.
Stand by for landing.
Descending now! I'm gonna flush you down to hell, you little shits! That was an extremely elegant landing, milady.
Engaging target.
Sophie, you came! No chatting during combat! So they made it in time.
The problem is the enemy's gravity shield.
Neither artillery nor missiles can even dent it.
This won't do.
It seems that once the element of surprise wears off, we're at a disadvantage due to the lack of firepower.
Hey, Sebastian.
Mind if I destroy the airport terminal? Why ask me for permission? Because it's your country's property.
I suppose our hands are tied in this situation.
Get over here, you headless freak! Milady, how about we join in on their antics? I'd prefer it if you used a more refined term like "festivities.
" My views are skyrocketing! I've hit the big time! Filming from the air? Now there's an idea.
The airport Kennosuke! Not so fast! There! Now, milady.
Nicely done, ma'am.
Enemy KIA confirmed.
Out of ammo.
I know! Thanks for this, old man Akagi! Time to turn you into a roasted turd! Wh-What're we gonna do? We don't have a sword anymore.
I'm aware.
Yellow Crab neutralized.
Artifact and GAUS1 and 2 are still alive! Yukina Initiate information control! Don't let this leak out! Uh, but someone's been live streaming this for a while now.
What?! Here it comes! The first contact.
This is giving me chills! Isn't that a human? Hey, Kaya! I wanna get closer! I am Hedo, Efidolg's Frontier Reform Officer.
I concede.
You were truly a formidable foe.
Efidolg? Is he speaking Japanese? I ask you, wielder of Glongur! Why have you betrayed Efidolg and sided with the enemy? "Betrayed"? Is this it? But I, Hedo, shan't go down lightly.
Everyone's lonely and a stranger to others The names we are given Can be easily taken away The mirror shows our weaknesses We can't look away from it It is our feelings that make our hearts scream out in pain Don't stop Even if I have to take on the pain of others I will change the world one step at a time Acting on emotions won't help us understand each other But I won't stop believing in my reality I want to keep on living Because ever since I met you Something's taken root deep within my heart And it is starting to bloom This is Yellow Crab, which showed up for a second time.
Does it look like a crab? Yellow Crab: 19.
6m tall.
One of the six large geoframes that landed across the globe.
This one landed in Toyama City, Japan.
Thought to be a command unit in the invaders' army, it boasts a unique form and an extremely high-output gravity shield.
The first confirmed manned unit.
As such, it can perform nuanced and, unlike the Headless, strategic maneuvers.
Its weapons include two high-frequency blades and a flexible blade mounted on its back.
By the way, the red snow crab is Toyama's specialty.
The Daybreak Disappearance