Kuromukuro (2016) s01e07 Episode Script

Vanishing Into the Dawn

1 Are you all right? Wh-What just happened?! It was suicide.
That's what happens when the relic of a demon cuts itself.
I've seen it before.
So they die Of course they do.
That's the first I've heard of this! And that was a man, not a demon! That was A demon in human clothing! It's kill or be killed! There's no place for meaningless prattle on the battlefield! No! I want nothing to do with this Immorality creaks in the dark Blurring the advantages of evolution Sorrow remains silent Simply praying for the safety of the soul I'm always just barely behind the times Surrounded by thick gray clouds Acid rain pours down on me Melting away my morals tonight Everyone's assigned an alphabet Everyone's called by their code Acting with no sense of reason For whom are these battles fought The scar that remains in the corner of my memories sheds light to the end A voice in the distance whispered gently A new age is coming Love transcends time Dreams go the distance Voices will reach to the ends of the earth No matter how weak the light I have the ultimate strength to believe This is the strength of our bond Love will transcend time "The demons are aliens!" Your dad's a big, fat liar! You liar! Jerk! Get lost! I'll go make friends with the demons.
And I'll come back with gifts that'll surprise everyone.
Huh? Where's Dad? What does "vanished" mean? He's gone? "The survivors of an ancient civilization," "earthlings returned," and "that was a geoframe Japan developed in secret.
" There are all kinds of rumors making the rounds.
Also, several countries have called the Japanese foreign ministry and demanded an explanation.
The Security Council is divided on this issue, too.
Some want to hold talks, and the others want to fight.
All this over the leak of one video Ken.
While he looked rather unlike your drawing, was he one of your so-called "demons"? No.
Then who was he? I know not.
But a demon's a demon! Sitrep on the invaders.
As of now, Japan is the only country which has managed to eliminate one.
Are the others still sticking around? Yes.
The one that landed in the Nevada desert destroyed Area 51 and has stopped moving ever since.
The others seem to be behaving similarly, too.
The one that was nuked in Novosibirsk was rescued by its mothership and then descended from orbit again.
Director, do you have any new information? Judging by how similar they are to the artifact, it's safe to assume this is the second coming of the "demons" said to have landed 450 years ago.
So you're saying they were the ones who brought the artifact to the Earth? Yes.
The Black Relic is something the princess stole from the demons.
Princess? You didn't do it? It was your princess? How? I know not! What could they be after? It looks like they're on a search of some sort, though we're unsure of the exact details.
One thing we do know is that every spot they've landed at exhibits a positive gravity anomaly.
This place is no different.
Either way, Ken, Yukina, you are humanity's beacon of hope.
If you stay strong, the invaders will learn that we won't let them walk all over us.
All I care about is executing the fiends that destroyed the Washiba Clan.
We'd appreciate it if you did your best too, Yukina.
I don't wanna do this anymore.
I cannot have my revenge unless I use the Black Relic.
I'm not your tool.
I don't want to die or see anyone killed.
And I bet the princess died because you're such an awful pilot.
There is not a bone of racial bigotry in my body.
People who can't fight, regardless of the color of their skin, are all equally worthless.
A pig without the lipstick of fight is just a pig.
Make like bacon and fry.
Yukina won't be getting in the artifact anymore.
Wow, so even heroes go to school.
Amazing, huh? Apparently only Japan has managed to take out an alien.
They're superheroes.
Carlos? Why didn't ya save 'em? Ya coulda saved 'em with yer geoframe! What are you talking about? Akagi and Kayahara are missin'.
They left on a bike ta see the geoframes and haven't come back.
Wait, they went to the airport? Could ya try lookin' for 'em? Ya know people high up in the UN, right? Mr.
A He seems familiar That's Akagi's father.
Haven't ya met him at the facility? Oh, he's the one who fixes Sophie's GAUS.
That stream was Kaya's? Everyone knows.
Seriously? You look down.
I don't wanna ride that geoframe.
But it's awesome! You're a superhero! It's too much for me.
I don't wanna hear that the fate of mankind rests on my shoulders.
Yeah, you're not used to being in the spotlight.
"Noble or plebeian, young or old, wise or foolish, we are all bound by the inevitable.
" What's that about? You're Japanese and you don't know it? Hagakure! It's from Hagakure! I can't believe you don't know of the bible of bushido What're you even talking about? So what does it mean, Sophie? Everybody dies someday.
Well, duh.
And in fact, pilot mortality rate isn't nearly as high as you'd think.
The world is full of far riskier jobs.
That's not what we're talking about.
It's the same thing.
Will you die a fighter? Or will you die a coward? I'm not that strong.
Not doing something only you can do is basically a crime! Uh Could you take your seats, class? Marina? Where's Take-poo? Mr.
Takekuma has an emergency meeting to attend, apparently.
So I'm in charge of your class today.
It's gotta be about Akagi and Kaya, right? They're actually missing Um Please keep it down! I understand where she's coming from, really.
It'd be great if we could avoid bloodshed.
Words I never thought I'd hear from a killing-machine marine.
Well, if I actually became a machine, there'd be no going back.
I didn't think you still had the heart to feel that way.
I hope you take a 120mm up your ass and die! Welcome back, Chief.
Sorry for causing you trouble.
Oh, we're fine.
Are you sure about this? We're gonna have this ready to go today! Shin-Tateyama Station Yes.
Looks like we'll be able to transport it on schedule.
Good thing we can use the passage meant for transporting the GAUS.
The Daybreak Disappearance Er, today's pool class is self-swimming.
I don't have any tasks in particular to assign, but please take this seriously.
So you're allowed to wear that just because it's "self-swimming"? Wait, why'd you even bring it to school? I love swimming, you see.
Th-They're practically naked! Outrageous! And why are you wearing a loincloth? Whoa, you're scarred all over.
Are these seriously sword wounds? Of course.
This is naturally what happens when you go to battle.
Did you actually get cut? This is amazing.
You're like a man's man.
But how are you alive after all this? Yeah, you should've died several times by now.
Dead man walking.
So you really did go through life-or-death battles.
You think Akagi and Kaya actually died? I don't know, man! Shall we swim? Yeah Let's swim, Yukina! Um, Ouma Is something on your mind? Nay! You can talk to me! Oh, right.
You're an advisor.
Yes! I'm an advisor! I don't understand.
What is it? I've basically never spoken to lasses, so Girls? I'm prepared to protect her from any suffering.
But forcing a lass to do my bidding would make me a disgrace of a warrior—nay, a disgrace of a man! Yeah, you shouldn't force yourself on her.
As loath as I am to admit it, there's nothing I can do about this.
You're still young! Failures are part and parcel of youth! But what do you really want? I only want her to ride behind me Behind you? On a motorbike or something? Wha— Oh, to be young again! You have to confess! Confess! Confess? Tell her all about how you feel, and if she turns you down, give up.
But you're still young.
There are plenty of other fish in the sea.
I'll be rooting for you! Takahashi Supermarket Why are you following me? I-I was merely afraid you'd get hounded by ruffians again.
Uh huh This is heavy.
Deal with it, samurai.
Which one do you want? The black one.
You sure do love your chocolate.
Hidden amongst the sweetness is a bitter taste, which spreads an unspeakable deliciousness in my mouth.
It's truly— You don't have to try and copy Koharu.
Say, am I your princess's replacement? Don't get full of yourself.
You aren't even fit to tie her laces.
So I am a tool.
I have never thought of you in that manner.
I do feel bad about what I've done to you.
Do you regret getting me mixed up in all that? If I could go it alone, I would gladly do so.
Aren't you gonna tell me to ride it? You aren't from a samurai family.
I cannot force a lass like you into battle.
Why are you so fixated on revenge? Because that's all I have.
That was no demon.
He was clearly human.
Do you really wanna exact revenge on people like him? That was a demon! A minion of the demons! When will your quest for revenge end? Once I have slain all the demons! And what after that? I shall go to where the princess is.
Then I won't do it.
Are you mocking me?! Shut it! If riding it will lead to your death, then I definitely won't do it! Whether you ride it or not, I will die either way! Quit saying stuff like that at the drop of a hat! In the end, you only care about yourself too! What am I supposed to do when I cannot even die without relying on someone? I won I'm home.
Welcome back.
Only Japan was able to take out an alien.
It's incredible.
Apparently the pilot is still in his teens.
I'd really like to know how he ended up in that position.
Man, that's so awesome! I wanna pilot a robot too! Don't.
What's up? I don't understand what to do.
Then I've got just the thing! Th-This is a tablet? Yeah.
You know how to use it, right? But of course! You can find all the answers you need here.
Galoo! Answers It's really cool.
So, I should write a letter here? You liar! Jerk! Get lost! And I bet the princess died because you're such an awful pilot.
What the hell am I doing? The situation is as I've shared.
How have they managed to progress so much in a mere 450 revolutionary cycles? It doesn't matter.
They are simple frontier barbarians.
They don't hold a candle to the might of Efidolg.
Still, it is rather pathetic that he sortied without permission and got done in instead.
Are we certain that it was Glongur that killed Hedo? Yes.
Then the advance party really was destroyed? Who is wielding Glongur? Anyway, how are things progressing? I, Fusnarnie, have completed my mission.
You procured a hinge stone? Impressive.
What about the cornerstone? We haven't detected it as of yet.
The question is how much the resident organisms know.
Either way, it seems we must first eliminate Glongur.
I suggest dropping a kinetic shell from orbit.
We couldn't possibly drop enough to destroy Glongur.
We cannot count on assistance from home.
And, for that matter, I don't intend to suffer the ignominy of requesting help.
Then let us do what we can.
To Efidolg's peace and prosperity.
To Efidolg's peace and prosperity.
We've received a message from the aliens! It's being transmitted in 195 languages! And what does it say? "Return the humanoid vehicle that appeared in Japan.
It belongs to us.
From the harbingers of peace, Efidolg.
" Where's the director? I'm home.
Welcome back.
Oh, welcome back.
I'm beat.
What brings you home today? I came to tell Yukina she doesn't have to ride it anymore.
Isn't your job riding on this? Hey, I thought I could act like a mother for once.
You're as awkward as ever.
You're one to talk.
Is there anything to eat? I'm starving.
Welcome back.
What are you making? Gyoza.
Well, I do like them.
You came to tell me to get back in the robot, didn't you? Don't worry, I won't.
I never wanted to be the heroine who'd save the world.
I don't have the mindset for it, either.
Like you've ever had anything you wanted to be.
You never let me choose.
I don't recall objecting to anything.
That's not it.
Both Dad and you have only cared about yourselves.
You never once considered what I was going through.
What do you mean? What happened? Why didn't you say anything? See? You don't know a thing.
Because of Dad, I get called a liar all the time.
All because he had to dig up that artifact! Takehito wasn't the one who dug it up.
Quit nitpicking! I wish he wasn't my dad! Why did that jerk have to— What would you know about him?! What the hell? Why can't you act like a mother for once?! Director! Director Shirahane! We have an emergency! She could've at least stayed for dinner Where's Yukina? Morning Huh? Where's breakfast? I'm coming in! Everyone's lonely and a stranger to others The names we are given Can be easily taken away The mirror shows our weaknesses We can't look away from it It is our feelings that make our hearts scream out in pain Don't stop Even if I have to take on the pain of others I will change the world one step at a time Acting on emotions won't help us understand each other But I won't stop believing in my reality I want to keep on living Because ever since I met you Something's taken root deep within my heart And it is starting to bloom This big truck is a GAUS transport trailer.
GAUS Transport Trailer: A special trailer made to transport the GAUS over long distances.
It has been used before to transport the GAUS's US-made torsos to the Kurobe facility, but this is the first time it has ever transported a full-sized large geoframe.
It has a maximum payload of 450t.
It carried the Black Relic down the Hokuriku Expressway, all the way to Shin-Tateyama Station.
The Black Eagle's Castle