Kuromukuro (2016) s02e13 Episode Script

A Samurai Never Looks Back

1 What the heck? What are you thinking? Please take care of Yukina.
Huh? What are you talking about? I don't think your feelings for her are false.
That's why I will leave her in your care.
In my care? Please make Yukina happy.
You are being so selfish! You think Yukina will accept this? Stop being so selfish, you! Please.
Good morning! What's wrong, Sophie? You seem down.
I think I'll go back to France now.
Burnout, is it? I think so.
I'm relieved I won't have to move, though.
You were going to move? I told you just that! Does nobody remember? You said something like that? I did! In that movie of mine you saw, my message was included at the end of the video.
We didn't see.
Good morning.
Hi! Huh? You, too, really seem down, Yukina.
Me "too"? Sophie is returning to France.
So Sophie is also leaving? What's wrong? Your expression is as if the world were ending.
Besides, where is Ken-chan? Did something happen? Want to talk about it? He said goodbye.
What? He can't do that! What are you talking about? Did you break up because of Muetta and Zeru? I can't even get permission to meet Zeru lately.
Wasn't some important information obtained on the Efidolg mothership? A message from Zeru-san's planet.
That the final battle against the Efidolg will be fought soon.
Ken wants to travel there and assist? He intends to open the wormhole? He wants to attack the enemy-controlled planet? Can he even win? Just how much of a Samurai is he? Huh? He wants to keep fighting the war? Won't that expose us to another attack? I don't think we can withstand another attack.
Stop it! He may be an idiot, but he's not just thinking about himself.
He wants to repay his debt to Zeru and others who saved him in the past.
But to keep fighting after this very close victory? Why don't you stop him? He won't stop no matter what I do! That's just how he is.
He said it.
It's good to be in a world where you can do stupid things.
He will fight for our sake, too.
That's just how he is.
What will you do, Shirahane? Are you okay with him leaving to fight by himself? He needs you, doesn't he? Yes.
I… I… will go with Kennosuke! You will die if you aren't careful.
Kennosuke wouldn't hesitate to risk his life for me.
What if Ken-chan dies? I must put my life on the line to protect his.
What is this reciprocity? But isn't security very strict now? I'm willing to risk my life to help you get past it! Doing such a thing will forever bar you from enrolling in the National Defense Academy.
I will not defy my feelings.
I guess we have no choice.
Let's help Yukina elope! Elope? Yay! Finally, a chance to sneak onto the Efidolg ship? Let's do this! I, too, will go.
I don't think we'll see this world again.
Are you prepared for that? You will no longer be able to live a peaceful life.
However, there is still hope.
I, too, will go.
You're departing? Are you sure about this? You really are a person from this planet.
My freedom will be taken away soon.
But what about Yukina? I can't take her with me.
I'm sorry.
I entrust you with my life.
Why did they seize only my recording equipment? Good thing they even let us in.
They really want to arrest you.
The problem is, they have nothing to justify your arrest.
Problem? Anyway, your father works here too, right, Kayahara-kun? That's right.
Hi! Oh.
Jun! Are you well? I'm well, I'm well.
I'm so glad to hear it.
Is mom doing well too? She's enjoying life almost too much.
She's hardly ever at home.
Right now, she's traveling with her fourth husband.
If she's happy, then it's good that I let her leave me for another man.
Here I live on in solitude, devoting myself to research… Dad, I'm borrowing this.
Huh? What? Hausen-sensei is your father, Kayahara-kun? He is.
But my family name changed after his divorce.
I don't have sufficient clearance to access the details, but we should be able to deduce something just by checking what is hidden.
I didn't think we were open to the press today.
Why can't we interview the pilots? Why are the heroes who saved the Earth held in confinement? What's going on? Looks like some information has leaked.
That's because we didn't do enough to secure it! No matter what happens, don't shoot.
They're humans.
This research facility is not completely safe yet.
Please wait for the official announcement.
Don't give us that! Everything here should be made public! Explain things properly.
How can UN personnel disregard fundamental human rights? It's about time, isn't it? Also, you're pretty good at this.
I tried to imagine what the adults think the story is.
Maybe I can make such a story.
In form of a film? I don't know.
But he also said "all we have is here and now".
Huh? I want the world to know how Ouma fought.
Streaming alone may not get the message across.
Where is the Glongur? My steed didn't come when I called.
It's in the deepest part of the facility, but I know how to reach it.
Still, it won't be easy.
Yukina Yukina? Are you well? Yes.
This is the first time we're talking over the phone, isn't it? Now that you mention it… Not long ago, you would say "there's a person in the box".
In three days' time, someone who's more than a match for you will come, so be ready.
What is this statement? You know so little about words.
What will you do now? It has nothing to do with you.
Don't say such saddening things.
I'm leaving with Zeru-dono and Muetta-dono.
As I thought.
It's way too risky, so wait up.
No, I will not wait.
Then don't turn off your phone, got it? Will she be alright? Let's go.
You can remove these by yourself? I only kept it for mutual trust.
The cameras in this area have been destroyed.
Shirahane, forget about me.
Find happiness.
Thank you.
Don't put yourself at risk, Akagi-kun.
What brings you here today, ojou-sama? The fight for our future.
If that's what you wish to do, ojou-sama, then I will fight too.
This way.
Are you alright with this, Mozumi-san? No problem.
I am ready to fight for our future.
As a JSDF soldier, I must be ready to give up my life for the cause.
There's no need for you to die, though.
Only the JSDF soldier Mozumi Toshiyuki dies here.
But as a butler, I will follow you to the depths of hell, ojou-sama.
Go right ahead.
Now, to set the security to the lowest level.
No-one will be able to see us except with their own eyes.
Is it really that easy? I made some preparations while hiding from the Efidolg.
You really are skilled.
Am I? The problem is the soldiers who arrived from other countries.
Use this key to start it up.
This is? It's from one of the soldiers who fell in the last battle.
It's as if their ghost were still fighting.
Happens often in warfare.
Ghost? From now on, one wrong move can get you shot.
Please go back.
Why? You're lucky to have survived this long.
You can get lots of views just by editing you've already recorded.
That's not my style.
I don't lie in film.
I only stream the truth before my eyes.
It would seem I underestimated you.
Alright! If you're sure this is what you want, film the truth until the end.
The Samurai Who Doesn't Look Back No guards.
I don't like that.
Still, we can't stop.
Ouma Kennosuke Tokisada.
You've proven with your own behavior that you're a threat.
I will have to arrest you.
Where did the fire break out? In the abandoned block 08.
A message from the American forces stationed at the sloped elevator.
They have engaged an unknown enemy.
What? What's happening? Is there trouble? The UN have some explaining to do! It's the Black Relic! What's going on? Record it! Record it! The Efidolg geoframe has appeared! I-it's the Black Relic! What on Earth is going on here? Who's piloting it? Hey, why are you here? What am I to stream if not this? You know you may not be able to go back? Huh, really? Then I will broadcast there.
You're unbelievable.
I think we should activate wide-area jamming.
Trying to quarantine the information now will just add fuel to the fire.
What's going on? Director! No, ex-director.
Why are you here? There are many things I must hand over.
Also, security is a disaster.
What's with this security? You implemented this security! Where are you now? In a corridor.
Which one? She's a very capable woman.
This is being streamed? Alright, front building, first floor.
The Black Relic! Zeru! Let me pledge! I want to fight at your side.
I can't let you do that.
We're doing this so that you humans no longer need to become pilots.
I know that, but still… Farewell.
We owe a great deal to you.
Fight well.
Please stop the Black Relic! I know.
Immobilize the Black Relic and Medusa! Yes, yes.
We have to get those shitty kids back in line.
Stop! Huh? Zeru-san? Why are you here? Did something happen? The hinge is destabilizing.
It's dangerous.
This way.
What do you mean by "destabilizing"? Leave it to me.
Giro, have everyone evacuate.
Oh, right.
Everyone evacuate! Move it, move it! Are you opening the hinge? I'm sorry.
It is us who should be apologizing.
We're grateful for what you've done for humanity.
Still… People like you give meaning to what I've done.
Thank you.
It's almost broken after the forced startup and shutdown.
It may collapse if I open it now.
Will that cause any damage? It will disintegrate safely.
I'll leave this one in your care.
With its help, you can make progress in investigating the ship.
Got it.
Immorality creaks in the dark Blurring the advantages of evolution The hinge will open in 680 seconds Sorrow remains silent and stay open for 15 seconds, so move it! Simply praying for the safety of the soul Got it! Hey, let go! You stay here.
No way! I'm coming with you.
That's my decision.
I'm always just barely behind the times Surrounded by thick gray clouds You're not accustomed to the hardships of war.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Acid rain pours down on me Don't.
Melting away my morals tonight You'll never be able to return.
It's because of me that you're even alive now.
Everyone's assigned an alphabet Everyone's called by their code Without me, you'll get yourself killed in no time! Acting with no sense of reason I can't argue with that.
For whom are these battles fought You really are my wife.
The scar that remains in the corner of my memories Huh? I'm not your wife yet! A lovers' quarrel.
sheds light to the end Streamed to the whole world.
A voice in the distance whispered gently I can't get enough of you two.
A new age is coming Why not take her along? Alright, let's go together.
Come, Yukina! Love transcends time Got it.
Dreams go the distance Voices will reach to the ends of the earth No matter how weak the light Mother? What are you doing? Land at once.
I have the ultimate strength to believe Mother, I'm going with Kennosuke.
This is the strength of our bond What? Seriously? Yes.
Love will transcend time I see.
If that's your decision, go ahead.
But you must return for every new year's holiday.
I will if I can.
Thank you, mother.
Yukina! Don't make light of us adults, shitty kid! Don't interfere! I don't want to fight you.
So land right now and close the hinge, bastard.
I don't want this world to fear the future.
I will fight for it as long as there is hope! I am a soldier.
I swore to protect the world of today.
Without the present, we have no future.
The world of today has rejected us.
That's why we reach into the future.
If you can't guarantee that opening the hinge won't precipitate a shitty Efidolg invasion, I can't let you do it! Kennosuke, let's ascend! Perfect! Above us! The hinge has started to open.
Yukina! Kennosuke! No sign of the Efidolg.
Let's go! Kennosuke, wait! Kennosuke! I'm sorry, Yukina.
I'll go after you! I promise I'll join you.
I'll be waiting.
I'm furious at how powerless I am.
I let those youths go to meet certain death.
We'll have to bear this guilt for the rest of our lives.
But let's not forget that they departed to fight for our future.
You had no intention of obeying those orders, did you? Neither did you.
Farewell, shitty samurai.
I'll be back, father.
Toyama Kitokito Spaceport Alright, we're at the Toyama Kitokito Spaceport.
It's been five years since the incident that shook the world.
The ships that will join Ouma Kennosuke's fight against the Efidolg have finally been completed.
The lead ship of the Kurobe class of expeditionary vessels is about to depart.
Its destination is Chi¹ Sagittarii, 220 light years away.
The data Zeru-san left us has proven very useful, hasn't it? Mother, Yuki-nee is leaving.
I really, really don't want you to! We can find the light mitsukerunda hikari o Turn back once you've reached Mars.
our exit from here bokutachi no deguchi o Mars is just a stop along the way.
Yukina, it's time.
tatoe nani ga okitemo Come what may Oh, right.
I made a promise.
we will never abandon it again mou nidoto nagedashitari naka shinai yo Thank you for taking care of me all this time, mother.
Take care of mother, Koharu.
Take care! Yukina… As long as this is red, Ouma-kun is alive.
yukuate naku moguru With no destination, we dive His brain probably contains a circuit that's in shikou kairo no kousaten de at the intersection of our innermost thoughts quantum entanglement with the nanomachines.
nimotsu no nai tabi ga A journey without baggage I don't really understand how this works.
kyou mo hajimaru begins today konna hate naku tsuzuku In this neverending maze kyodai meiro no hibi no naka ja we spend our days kotaejimi demo wa zenbu Everything that seems to be an answer itsuwari no gooru peggu is a false goal peg Be sure to find him.
kimi wa doko de naiteru no? Where is it that you're crying now? Look, off they go.
bokura wa chikyuu no mayoigo da We are the lost children of this Earth Be…th… but we can find the light mitsukerunda hikari o Translation: Tora TC: Kupajirou, Hikki Timing: Kupajirou Typesetting: Tora bokutachi to deguchi o our exit from here When our hearts seem close to being crushed tsubusaresou na kokoro ni hata o hirugaesu we'll raise the flags within them tatoeba sou, donna ni Even if someone is led astray having thought samayotta toshitemo ashiato wa michishirube that our footprints would guide them mou nidoto nagedashitari naka shinai yo we will not abandon it again This program was brought to you by Pony Canyon and the following sponsors.