Kuromukuro (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

Dream of the Ogre

1 I wish I could have piloted the GAUS at least once.
Had we had just one more day, we could have finished the film.
Don't talk like this is the end.
Kennosuke and Yuki-nee are fighting a battle.
That's right! If Shirahane is doing her best, so should we! And what exactly should we do? Once the battle is won, I will propose to Shirahane.
You've never even been in combat.
Moreover, Kenn-chan only just proposed to her.
Doesn't mean I can't do it as well! I'm the only one who understands her.
She shouldn't be living her life on a battlefield.
That's some impressive, if unreasonable, confidence.
And you? What will you do when we win? M-me? I will go to Nagoya… no, to Tokyo! How unambitious! But coming from you, it's something.
And you, Kaya? Well, if I want to remain at the forefront, I should definitely film inside the Efidolg ship.
You don't know when to quit, do you? W-what about you, Ogino? Hm… when this battle is won, I will think about the future.
No grand plans yet? It's clearing up.
I have reception! Have we won? Hooray! They did it! With this, I won't have to leave the country.
Akagi-kun, when will you propose? Uh, I never said I would.
I have a recording as proof.
Ow! I said such embarrassing things… Yukina! Thank you! Corrections and timing: Kupajirou This program was brought to you by Pony Canyon and the following sponsors.
Translation and typesetting: Tora Almost nothing is known about the Reform Fleet? What happened to my planet after you left? By the time the Gezon-Reco squad left, its subjugation had progressed to 85%.
There still is a resistance movement? Unknown.
Why didn't they suppress it? Unknown.
It's likely that some military force not native to the planet has intervened.
A force opposing the Efidolg? Is there any more information on that force? Of the signals we received via the hinge, some were not of Efidolg origin.
What message did they carry? Children of planets subjugated by the Efidolg, it is time to unite.
We will now fight the decisive battle to take back what's ours.
When was that sent? Just now.
Some of my brethren are still fighting? Am I an artificial creation? Affirmative.
Blueprints of native species are gathered by advance parties and sent to manufacturing.
Then what happens to the Frontier Reform Officers once they complete their mission? They are disposed of.
Captain! Victory parades are being held all around the world.
I expect that the two pilots of the artifact will receive invitations from many countries.
We can discuss that later.
For now, let's focus on the matter of this research facility's continued existence.
What's underground survived, but above the surface is destruction.
The facility will not be relocated.
The major powers would clash over who gets it.
And what will we do about the force that's opposing the Efidolg? It was decided that we are to do nothing.
Also, the hinge is to be destroyed.
The demolitions team will arrive in three days.
But can we really say that we have secured peace? The world would start an arms race on the pretext of preparing for the Efidolg.
There seems to be a long winter ahead.
Major, Carrie Dunham-sama of the UN's ET Research Bureau has arrived.
At last, the heroes have returned! Thank you! Thank you! Welcome back! Yukina, you did so well! What is this? Everyone's way of showing gratitude.
It's so good to see that you're all safe.
Hey, Ouma-kun! Marry me.
Wait, what? You're going too far! How selfish.
I refuse.
Huh? Why? Well, that was coming.
Shall we continue filming? No-one really wants to.
We did it because we thought it'd be the last thing we'd do, but it really was embarrassing.
This is no time to be playing around.
Hm? What do you mean? We should work harder.
We're not like you.
Of course not! I am me, and you are you.
And that's why I'm studying hard for the entrance exams.
Japanese History A Huh? You're going to university? First, I will enter the military academy.
Yeah, like that's ever gonna happen.
Oh, that's right.
Right… Now that the aliens are gone, it's back to the grind of day-to-day life.
Will you look for work, Mika? I'm not exactly eager to study, so university would be a waste of time.
Are there any easy jobs that pay well? Wake up from your dream.
Look who's talking.
What about you? Well, there were many plot holes in my script, so I would like to study to improve my writing.
Nonsense! I returned here to finish your film.
Really? Well… I overstated that a little.
Still, I found that story you thought up entertaining.
I'll dance naked if that's what it takes to finish it.
Huh? I don't think anyone wants to see that… Ken-chan naked? I want to see that! I think I'd like to see it too! On with the show! No way… they really want to see it.
I… Uh, Kaya, may I borrow the camera for a little longer? Wh— What is this? Having pledged to a Glongur, you are now hypersensitive to toxins.
It'll be nice to quit smoking.
That is one big thing.
Great strength can cause a great many errors.
No kidding.
Nonetheless, we can't leave this extra-large shit here.
Could a pilot register with it? That is possible, but will take two pilots.
I will pilot it.
You're the one person I don't want as co-pilot.
It's an order from the Security Council.
Unfortunately, we weren't able to figure out how the brainwashing works.
I see… What happened to the abducted people? They were all dead, so we weren't able to learn much from them.
Just a few… Dr.
Get to the real issue.
Right… From what we saw in Ouma Kennosuke's and Muetta's blood, as well as during Fusnarnie's autopsy, those three don't age, so in a way, they are immortal.
As long as the brain is alive, the nanomachines' regenerative program keeps running.
In case of brain death, the regenerative capability is lost? In Fusnarnie, who was confirmed to be brain dead, there was no nanomachine activity.
An artifact capable of withstanding a nuclear strike, and an immortal pilot.
Long-lived aliens with technology far superior to ours.
They pose a great threat to humanity.
The Dream the Demons Had They exhaust all available resources and create numerous advance parties, which they send in search of new planets.
To avenge our comrades, we wanted to stop them from doing the same to another planet.
Driven by our sense of duty and desire for revenge, we stole an Efidolg ship.
To stop a ship that was impervious to missiles, we needed to crash a ship of equal strength into it.
However… Those who survived crashed on this planet along with the hinge stone.
We managed to steal a Glongur, but many of us lost their lives and we ended up too few pilots.
We needed allies.
We tried to rescue the abducted people, but only managed to save Yukihime and you.
He's the only survivor.
All the others have died.
What happened to Washiba Castle? It fell.
Father… mother… I'm sorry.
There was nothing we could do.
How can we fight them? We have a weapon.
But if you use it, you will no longer be human.
No longer human? I can accept that.
I will become a relic and take revenge.
One more person is needed.
Is he to become a relic? Yes.
Please fight with him at your side.
You said your enemy was called "Efudorg"? They're not just our enemy.
They're the enemy of every planet in the galaxy.
There are other countries up in the sky… If we can protect this planet from the Efidolg, someday your kin will also take to the skies.
So my descendants will travel to distant worlds.
We must stop the enemy's misdeeds.
That's what happened 450 years ago.
Why did only I survive? All I can say is that you were lucky.
I didn't even think you would make it.
You have my thanks for saving Yukihime-sama and giving me a chance to fight.
Please forgive me for failing to appreciate that earlier.
You caused me quite some trouble.
And you wouldn't have believed me had I revealed myself to you.
Is that your family in the photo, Zeru-san? Yes.
Did they remain on your planet? No, they were killed by the Efidolg.
Two moons? Yes.
When they align, they cause many maelstroms on the seas.
A pillar of light extends to the sky? Huh? How do you know that? It's in my memories, along with my father and mother.
The Efidolg planted the scenery of my planet in your memories.
But that scenery really exits, doesn't it? Not everything was a lie.
Rest in peace, Yukihime-sama.
Have you been watching this castle for 450 years, Zeru-dono? Yes.
It was a long, long time.
It's hard to even imagine.
For me, it's been less than a year since I left this castle.
But the attachment lingers.
I wish I could see home planet once more before I die.
Zeru-dono… But I don't have much time left.
Now I will die in obscurity.
Uh, Muetta, aren't you coming home? I don't have this thing called freedom.
This planet's evening sun is beautiful, but I want to see the evening sun of my birthplace.
Even if it's just a place from false memories.
If it exists, I want to see it with my own eyes.
Why have you come here, heartless woman? You too should break the chains of Efidolg.
You expect me to believe such heresy? Because of you, our brethren died, and our mission was a failure.
You and the native lifeforms probably arranged some scheme against me.
You fool.
You intend to rot away like this? Sooner or later, the Reform Fleet will arrive.
They will execute us, no longer having need of us.
Get lost, traitor.
Don't show your ugly self before my eyes.
We should promptly kill these Efidolg.
Up till now, I could pass with no problems.
The rules changed a few days ago.
Muetta-dono! Kennosuke? That is… The price for being able to move around freely.
Why would they do that? Because I'm a traitor.
They're being unreasonable! Does my life have any meaning? It's a life of an artificial creation.
Still, I will live my life.
I want to live as a human.
It'll be alright, Muetta.
Kennosuke and I are your friends.
Yukina… Here, eat this.
A cake made by Koharu and me.
Let's make one together sometime.
Thank you.
What on earth is going on? I don't feel well lately.
Hausen-dono, Muetta-dono is… That's normal.
The drug is showing effect.
No need to worry.
A drug? She's being treated like a criminal! It's just risk management.
Get well soon, Muetta Wait! Muetta-dono! You can't stay here.
Let's go home! Steed! Steed! Why isn't it coming? Kennosuke! The drug was made for Muetta, but it seems to work well on you too, Ouma-kun.
Bastard… what is this… This was a good test.
You'll be fine.
Your body will fight it off soon.
D-damn… Are you alright? Where are you going? Just go home, you.
Kennosuke… I'm back.
Welcome home.
Oh, where is Kennosuke? I don't know.
Welcome home.
Mother? Shouldn't you be at work? Heh, your mother lost her job.
Huh? They fired you? I had given them reason to do so.
It was coming.
But my daughter returned safely, so everything is alright.
Thank you, mother.
Show more appreciation.
More? Still, for the time being, I can't find new employment without risking a breach of confidentiality.
So you'll be a housewife.
No way! There are still so many things I want to research.
Huh? I know! It's been a long time since we had a family trip.
Good idea.
Where shall we go? Hot springs? I was thinking of the Mediterranean.
Huh? Abroad? Will that work with Kennosuke? Yukina, forget about him.
Huh? Are you serious? Still, that's very dangerous.
Do we have another option? It's a long shot.
No, it's not even that.
It's the height of madness.
Don't we have some chance of winning? One in ten thousand.
Oh, Kennosuke.
You really took your time.
I'll reheat the food.
Wait a moment.
Yukina, go out with me tomorrow.
We, too, should go back to reality.
Don't you have something you want to do? I want to try something different.
That's alright.
Steed! You look surprisingly good here.
Maybe the machine was broken? You want to go no matter what? To Zeru's planet, taking those two with you.
Koharu has grown up, and mother has been fired.
They should be fine.
I do not intend to take you along.
Huh? Didn't you say you'd take me as your bride? Was that a lie? That is now null and void.
Don't annul it like it's nothing! Why? Saving a life.
Giving it meaning.
I must repay that.
As the warrior I am.
I'm sorry.
This thing that's always at Zeru-san's side is Ridi-kun.
It was his only companion until he met my father.
The Samurai Who Doesn't Look Back