Kyle XY s01e03 Episode Script

The Lies That Bind

Previously on Kyle XY: Kyle, you've been with us for over a week.
You haven't slept? Not even once? I'll tell you why Kyle hasn't slept.
He's an alien.
You said the last thing you remember is being in the woods.
- Now, how did you get there? - I don't know.
No one noticed he's gone? How could that be? He has to have come from somewhere.
Someone has to be missing him.
Trager, I haven't seen you around.
No time for me anymore? I might be able to fit you in my schedule.
I want you to draw anything you remember about where you came from.
This must be the place near Victor Falls where he was first seen.
Something may have happened there.
I bet your family's searching for you now.
I mean, they have to be.
You didn't just fall from the sky.
Kyle! It's OK.
- What are you doing here? - Why did you come? I came so my family could find me.
Mom, Dad, help! Kyle, come on, already.
Kyle, get out! - What? - I have to take a shower.
And brainiac is still asleep in the tub.
Kyle, time to get up.
It's so gross that he sleeps in there.
It must remind him of his pod.
What are you gonna do, lure him with a credit card? No.
That's how I would lure you out.
Kyle's a lot easier.
- Whoa.
Teach me.
- Not a chance.
- Me first.
- I'm bursting here.
Use my bathroom.
Take a shower and use soap and shampoo.
- Don't just get your hair wet.
- Fine.
Kyle, come on.
I have to go to work.
He couldn't sleep, now he's Rip Van Winkle.
- Kyle! - Dad, this isn't right.
I have to take a shower before I go to work.
OK, but Kyle first.
Everyone had something to do and someplace to be.
Would you mind dropping off Josh? No, but we gotta get going.
Not until I find my notebook.
Here, dork.
Must've left it there last night when I went for that pudding.
OK, Kyle.
You've got plenty of paper, markers, Sour Patch Kids.
I cannot believe you're taking Kyle to your office.
Your mom's got a lot of cases to catch up on.
No big deal.
Besides, it's Take Your Alien to Work Day.
Thank you.
Call if you need anything.
All right.
We'll be fine.
- Ready, men? - Ready.
Oh, joy.
Summer school.
See you later.
Lori, you're on my way.
I can drop you at work.
That's OK.
I'm meeting Hilary.
- Hello.
- Mrs.
Trager, Detective Breen.
- Good morning.
- I need to come see you today.
- Did you find something out? - Looks like it.
I think Kyle may be connected to a murder.
I'll give you details when I see you.
The elevator was a little room that gave me the strange sensation of rising.
Everyone was careful not to look at each other, or touch.
Yeah, we're in the elevator.
Tell Brad we got stuck in traffic.
- Yeah.
- We didn't get stuck.
- Just a little white lie.
- You lied? Yes, but you shouldn't.
Always tell the truth, Kyle, OK? Here we are, first day on the job.
- I have a job? - I'm just kidding.
- I want to help.
- I'll find you something.
I'm late for a meeting with Brad.
LWK Software, please hold.
Yes, sir, they're sending somebody.
Yes, I did call.
It's just I - Sir - Rough morning? Yeah.
Our server's down.
- Again? - It crashed this morning.
But can I help you? I'm Stephen Trager, the VP.
- Oh, sorry.
I'm Alison.
I'm a temp.
- A temp? She's not here all the time.
She's not permanent.
I have to go and talk to Brad.
- Brad? - The CEO.
- Oh.
- I need you to watch Kyle here.
He's not used to being around so many people.
Don't worry.
He's just gonna sit here and draw.
Kyle, stay here with Alison.
I'll be right back as soon as I can.
Why don't you wait for your dad just over there? Stephen's not my dad.
I'm a temp too.
The victim was shot.
Some hikers found it near Victor Falls.
Detective, I know Kyle was first seen there, but that was a few weeks ago.
This person was killed way before.
Not necessarily.
The bones are bleached clean.
We know that quicklime was poured on the body.
- Quicklime? - Used to decompose a corpse quickly.
Makes it hard to identify.
Probably the same reason why the teeth are smashed in.
- Kyle could never do this.
- I'm not saying he did.
He's not a suspect? We can't completely discount the possibility.
Some flesh remained beneath the victim's fingernails, indicating a struggle.
Kyle didn't have a scratch on him when he was found.
For Kyle to be involved in any way You yourself said that trauma may have caused his amnesia.
It's possible he witnessed the attack, or stumbled upon the skeleton.
- Has he remembered anything? - I'm still working with him.
All right.
Well, - once he sees these photographs - No.
Detective, we can't do that.
Exposing Kyle to something like this could further traumatize him.
This is a murder investigation.
If Kyle is a witness or in some way involved, I need to find out.
If you could find a less disturbing trigger to help him remember.
This symbol was on some sort of security key card we found near the remains in the woods.
The victim or the killer may have dropped it.
We've run it through our database but haven't been able to trace it.
If Kyle were to identify it, he might give us a lead.
This so beats sneaking out at night.
Except it cost you your job.
Who knew missing one shift was a big deal? - Your parents must be proud.
- They still think I'm going to work.
Trager, you're a bad girl.
Declan, it's not happening.
There's always tomorrow.
I can't tomorrow.
I gotta golf with my dad.
- Your dad? - Yeah.
We're doing guy stuff all day.
Since when do you like hanging out with your dad? Who said I liked it? I like this, though.
LWK Software.
No, no.
I've called three times already.
We need to get somebody up here.
We need our server fixed now.
LWK Software, please hold.
Everyone had a place to be and something to do.
Just like at home.
- Excuse me.
- I felt in the way here too.
You must be Kyle.
I'm Mark, a friend of Stephen's.
- He's told me all about you.
- He has? Absolutely.
So, what do you make of this joint? The office.
Everyone has a job.
This is true.
Anyways, Stephen's the best.
The way he works, one big family.
I gotta take this, Kyle.
Hang on.
It was as if it were calling out to me.
The server was something I understood.
A chance for me to be useful.
I told you it's not just me you're getting.
You're getting my whole team.
- We're a package.
- That package got too expensive.
We had a terrible quarter.
Terrible year.
If we outsource the research, dump the division Dump the division? These are people with lives and families.
Mark Renshaw's wife just had a baby.
You're not working in your garage.
You have an obligation to shareholders.
- And my friends.
- They're employees first.
You knew this day was coming.
We have cuts to make.
You know that we do.
All right.
- I'll tell them.
- No, you can't.
You have to Just wait till next month, OK? After this quarter.
- They have to make plans.
- Our shareholders will smell trouble.
Our stock could tank.
You have a loyalty to this company.
You can't say a word.
Stephen, um, I, uh kind of lost track of Kyle.
What? I told you to watch him.
I'm just supposed to answer the phones.
Oh, no.
Kyle, what did you do? We need IT up here now.
I've been calling.
There's some kind of design flaw.
They need to call a specialist in.
What the hell is going on here? Brad, where are you going? My e-mail's not working.
It's about time.
We just left him a few minutes ago.
Good job.
You don't have to draw there.
You can use my desk.
I don't mind.
Now that you're sleeping better, let's put the second bed back in Josh's room.
That's Josh's place in the house.
I'll just sleep here.
I'll wake up earlier so Lori can take a shower.
- It can't be comfortable.
- It is for me.
But it's so cold and hard, and Lori's hair products all over the place.
They smell good.
I think it's time you transition back into a bed.
But I like the tub.
There's something about it.
- It feels - Safe? Yes, but it's more than that.
I don't know.
All right.
We won't push it.
Sleep in the tub.
For now.
May I see? More of the woods.
It's all that comes out.
Because these images are very vivid for you.
And we'll find out why in time.
Meanwhile, there's something I need to show you.
Come on.
Think carefully, Kyle.
Does this mean anything to you? - No.
- Take your time.
Do you recognize it at all? - Should I? - I don't know.
Do you think you've ever seen it before? No.
Dad, I was on fire at summer school.
Aced every problem.
So algebra's making more sense to you now? Yeah.
I need to chill out for awhile.
Let me guess.
With video games.
- Great idea.
- Josh.
Not till your grades improve.
Dad, I'm going through some serious withdrawal.
If you don't pass summer school you're not gonna go to high school.
- Is that what you want? - No.
Then get upstairs and finish that test you brought home.
I thought I could be tough.
The kid's smart.
He just needs to focus.
- You through working with Kyle? - Yeah.
Listen, I have to tell you something.
Try not to get alarmed.
I saw Detective Breen this morning.
The police found - What? - Nothing.
We're just talking.
About Kyle? - Fine.
Be that way.
- Hang on, Lori.
Listen, I can't bring Kyle to the office and Mom has to work.
We need you to watch him tomorrow.
Uh, like, I have to work too, remember? He can sit near the counter.
Some weird mutant scaring off customers? It's just for a couple of hours.
I really need your help.
You brought him here.
It's not my job to watch him.
Come on, he's part of the family.
You like to think that, but he's not.
What are you doing? Homework.
Homework? Is that your job? It's my hell.
X equals 49.
Hey, that's right.
You like math, don't you, Kyle? - He's linked to a murder? - Shh.
The kids will hear.
What else did Detective Breen say? He's not sure Kyle is connected.
- Kyle didn't recognize this? - No.
Not yet, anyway.
It's a big coincidence, him being out there in the same area.
It doesn't mean he's guilty of anything.
I mean, maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Do they have any suspects? No, not yet.
He said that the killer would probably have scratches on him.
If Kyle's a witness, his memory comes back, - he could identify him.
- It's possible.
He's living with us and some murderer could be looking for him.
Or he's just a lost boy who needs a temporary home.
Still at it? - Done.
- Excellent.
Here you go.
Not bad, not bad.
I'll have to change a few answers.
- Change them? - I can't get them all right.
They'd know somebody helped me.
- I thought it was good to help.
- It is.
But it has to be a secret.
A secret? Is that lying? How could it be lying if we're not saying anything? Yes, I showered.
- I'll be ready in a second.
- You finish your test? I did it last night.
No sweat.
It made the papers.
The other night we found Kyle sitting next to this spot.
It's so hard to imagine he's involved.
Even if he's not, we still don't know why he was wandering around the woods.
First you shower with no complaint and now you're eager to go to summer school? - I could stay home all day.
- Oh, nice try.
- Where's Kyle? - Must have left with Lori.
She actually did something we asked her to.
- You ditched out on watching Kyle? - My parents said to take him to work.
And I lost my job, remember? But your parents will be so pissed when they find out.
They're probably talking right now about how irresponsible I am and I can never be trusted to watch Kyle again, which is fine by me.
I'll watch him for you.
Where's Declan already? It's so cool that we're stalking him.
We are not stalking him.
We are confirming.
Somehow I can't see him playing nine holes of golf with his father.
Look, I don't care if he sees other girls.
I just I just want him to be honest with me.
You are so full of it.
I can see other guys too.
That's our arrangement.
Quite the open door policy.
Listen to you.
Slut central.
Come on.
We both know you like him more than you let on.
That doesn't mean that I expect this big commitment.
Just the truth.
Hello? Stephen? Nicole? Where are you? In the family everyone had a place, a purpose, something to contribute.
Everyone mattered but me.
They didn't even notice they left me behind.
But then I stumbled on a way to help them, to show them I was useful.
How did you do that? What? You jumped off the roof.
I had to get down.
People don't do that.
They use ladders.
I don't get you at all.
I am so grounded.
- Your mother will understand.
- Have you met my mom? Yes.
Kyle, obviously she's gonna punish me.
You just need to explain.
That I saw you jump off the roof? Even I don't believe it.
But it's the truth.
It doesn't matter.
I thought the truth always matters.
What's happening here? - Are you OK? - Yeah.
Just a fender bender with the trash.
How much trouble am I in? - For leaving you behind.
- Oh, they don't know.
Come on.
We gotta get you inside.
Two thousand square feet, great yard, schools.
Nursery plus a third bedroom for another kid if we want one I want to, but Chloe's already so tired she can't imagine Mark, I know you're excited.
I can't believe they accepted our offer.
Is this the right time to buy a house? The market is high, it will be a bit of a stretch What? What's going on? - Well, uh - Thank you.
I was just thinking, because of the baby and all to pack up and move now - Stephen.
We can't breathe in our place anymore, it's so tight.
Now is the perfect time to move.
- Yes? - They found Kern.
In the woods, along with his card.
- You were sloppy.
- I was rushed.
Have they identified him yet? - I've made that difficult.
- It's a matter of time.
Time is what I need to cover my tracks.
Do a betterjob of it.
Lori! I need clothes.
Kyle, it's time for you to learn about modesty.
- I'm not modest? - No.
Not Jewish either, apparently.
Put on your clothes and come out.
We need a cover story.
Cover story? What we tell my parents about today so they don't know that I lost my job.
You want me to lie? You could put it that way.
Come on, you're a guy.
Lying should come naturally to you.
- It should? - Lying's part of your makeup.
- It doesn't feel like it.
- Believe me, men lie.
It's a fact.
- A fact? - And what's even worse - Something worse? - Men want women to lie to them too.
- We do? - Yes.
Because if we dare tell you the truth, tried to express how we are feeling, men freak out.
You'd rather we just keep lying to you so you don't have to like, commit.
- I don't understand.
- That makes two of us.
Hey, Kyle, is Mr.
Trager home? No.
You don't know if he has any touchup paint? For my car.
For the fender.
Not that he'd have any that could match, but I figured it's worth a shot.
You're talking really fast.
I'm in full-on freak-out mode.
I need something to hide the damage.
- You want to hide it? - Till I can fix it.
What's up? I need to camouflage my car.
Just tell her it was parked and someone nailed it.
- You think? - Well, yeah.
If you tell her what happened, you're screwed.
It's a no-win situation.
Mom, I'm so sorry.
I don't know what happened.
I've been so careful.
Just like that.
She'll forget all about being mad.
I thought you said men were the liars.
I don't know.
I'm a terrible liar.
Why don't we see if we can find something to fix it? My way was better.
What am I doing? I don't know what I'm looking for.
My mom's gonna have a coronary.
Maybe you can wait until Stephen gets home.
I don't have time.
My mom's gonna be home in an hour.
If I park by the hedge she won't notice.
Maybe she won't be that angry.
Kyle, she got me that car so I'd be responsible.
What will she say after I crash it in one week? What will happen? Oh.
Well She'll take away my car, my social life.
Besides that, nothing, except for a long exile to my room.
I think you should tell her.
Not telling her is making you feel worse.
Wish me luck.
How do I do that? You just say, "Good luck.
" Good luck.
Kyle got to go to the coffee shop today.
How did it go, Lori? Any problems? No.
It was great.
He just sat there near the counter and drew the whole time, just like you said he would.
How did you like it there, Kyle? It was so hard to look Nicole in the eye.
I think he was lonely.
It's probably not the best place for him.
I can take Kyle to school with me.
He'll sit right by me, read along.
It'll be fun, right, Kyle? My mouth began to feel dry.
It's not supposed to be fun, Josh.
By the way, how did your test go? I passed.
Yeah, all that hard work really paid off.
They spun their stories with ease and conviction.
By staying silent was I lying too? Sure you didn't cheat? I could feel my heart pound.
Lori, just be happy Josh is doing well.
Mom, think maybe I could play some video games tonight? Yeah, I think you've earned a reward.
Until finally I couldn't take it anymore.
I took the test for Josh.
- I knew it.
- He's lying.
It's the truth.
And I wasn't at the coffee bar.
I was here all by myself.
- Shut up, Kyle.
- Why didn't you take him? I got fired, OK? Thanks a lot.
Yeah, Kyle, I thought you were my friend.
I never wanted you here to begin with.
- Kyle, they don't mean that.
- No, you did the right thing.
Then why does it feel so wrong? - How'd you get up here? - Climbed.
Climbed? How? Nice up here.
Out of the way.
I'm in the way.
No, that's not true.
Lori and Josh didn't mean what they said.
All I wanted to do was help them.
Lying's not the way.
Like I told you, tell the truth.
No matter what.
- Telling the truth can hurt.
- Yeah.
But you still shouldn't lie just to protect people.
But allowing people to be hurt is that all right? Hey.
I'm sorry I didn't watch Kyle.
I guess I was afraid to tell you guys I got fired.
Why? Why did I get fired or why was I afraid to tell you? Take your pick.
I blew off a shift, and I know it was wrong, so please spare the lecture.
Lori, I hope you know you can tell me anything.
Now, I'm not just saying that.
Just whatever you're going through, I have the feeling I've been there too.
This is one of those "when I was your age" speeches? Well, the fact is, I was your age once.
Not that long ago.
Some styles may have changed, but the basics I think I still have a pretty good handle on it.
Did you ever wish that somebody felt the way that you did? Which time? One thing I've learned you can't make anybody feel the way you'd like them to.
If they do, it's wonderful.
And if they don't, you move on.
It's Stephen.
What's up? In the morning I'm telling the staff about the layoffs.
- You can't do that.
- They deserve to know the truth.
- If you say anything, Trager - What? You'll fire me too? You won't have to.
I'll quit.
And I'll take my software and patents with me.
All right.
Don't get carried away.
Come in tomorrow and you can break the bad news to them.
- I can explain.
- I trusted you with this car, Amanda.
- You promised to be careful.
- It was an accident.
I'm sorry.
What happened? - I was I was - I did it.
I broke the car.
What are you doing? - That's not what happened.
- Do not cover for him, Amanda.
- I'm not.
He's lying.
- It's the truth.
You listen to me very carefully.
I want you to stay away from my property and my daughter.
Come on, Amanda.
This lie was easy because I knew it was the right thing to do.
- Surfing for porn? - I wish.
No Internet, no Xbox for a week.
- You? - I got the "mature" discussion.
So not fair.
I completely suck.
I didn't mean what I said and I should never have asked you to cover for me.
- Lie for you.
- Zip it, cheater.
Hey, if you're gonna apologize, make it accurate.
At least I'm apologizing.
I'm sorry.
- We got busted.
- Josh! And, uh you can still be my friend.
You are so unbelievably lame.
It's OK.
I think I understand about lying now.
We will never ask you to lie for us again, but can we trust you not to narc? To keep things just between us.
You can trust me.
I think we all learned a very valuable lesson today.
- All set.
- You're sure about this? You don't mind giving it up? I hardly use it anymore.
Besides, it's important for Kyle.
Mom, Dad! I need you.
Kyle, come on, already! Kyle locked the door again? Not for long.
Too bad they don't give A's for breaking and entering.
- And theft.
- I didn't charge anything on it.
- Shouldn't you be studying? - I will.
If you don't pass on your own, I'll tell the school you cheated.
My own mother? I can't wait for Kyle every morning so I can shower.
- You won't have to worry about that.
- Why? Just use our shower today.
I'll tell you later.
And when you're done, you're on the clock.
When's my first break? You sure paying her to watch Kyle is a good idea? She needs a job.
He needs supervision.
Time to get up.
We've got a surprise for you.
Open them.
What do you think? What happened to the workshop? It's not my workshop anymore.
- It's your room.
- Mine? All yours.
Do you like it? In that moment I felt I finally had a place here.
I belonged.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
So let's go get some breakfast.
You guys go on.
I'm gonna set up a little.