Kyle XY s01e04 Episode Script

Diving In

Previously on Kyle XY: - Did you find something out? - Looks like it.
Kyle may be connected to a murder.
Some hikers found it near Victor Falls.
The other night we found Kyle sitting next to this spot.
You yourself said trauma may have caused his amnesia.
Yes, it's possible he witnessed the attack.
Has he started to remember anything? You like him more than you let on.
That doesn't mean that I expect this big commitment.
Just the truth.
I bet your family's searching for you now.
You didn't just fall from the sky.
This symbol was on some sort of security key card - we found near the remains.
- Does this mean anything to you? No.
It was my first dream.
At least the first I could remember.
My subconscious mind was weaving a tale of love and loss, even though my memories contain no such stories.
I wondered what it meant.
Was it something I had already experienced or simply a vision of things to come? I wished to go back to that moment with Amanda.
I wanted to see how it would end.
He didn't draw this after he saw the keycard? I noticed these markings on his drawings well before.
Kyle, why did you draw this in pieces? That's how I saw it.
It's possible that fractured pieces of his past are starting to enter his consciousness.
I've seen it before in patients with trauma-based amnesia.
Everyone was concerned about the images coming from my head.
I couldn't explain them any more than I could explain my dream about Amanda.
My mind was doing things the rest of me didn't understand.
Where you going, Lori? Uh, yeah, where you going, Lori? - The pool? - Last time I checked, looking after Kyle meant looking after Kyle.
- But he's busy.
- Actually, we're done here for now.
Kyle, do you want to go to the pool? I'm the only girl in America who has to baby-sit a fully-grown teenager.
Take your brother too 'cause we have to go to the high school to register Kyle.
Uh Choice.
What if I don't want to go to the pool? Uh, maybe you don't want to spend the rest of the day with your summer reading list either.
I'll go get my stuff.
Ten years of service to the company, Tom.
Sorry to see you go.
Time to move on.
- Is this your forwarding address? - Yeah.
The company likes to keep in touch.
Especially now with Kern still MIA.
- I'm sure you'll track him down.
- Goes without saying.
A friendly reminder, you know how aggressively we enforce these confidentiality agreements.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
One more thing.
Your security card.
Of course.
Love and Memories] Whoa! Both of you stay at least 20 feet from me at all times.
Close enough I can see you're in trouble, far enough away I can ignore it.
Lori, come on! Over here.
And don't drown.
I'll tell you, brother, give a woman an ounce of power and she'll run over you.
Why is Amanda sitting up there? She's a lifeguard.
She guards life? Sorta.
She'll jump in to save you if you can't swim.
He's like, seriously, manorexic.
Eat a sandwich! - Yo, Trager.
- What's up? Are you still mad at him for lying or are we playing the hard-to-get game? Not a game.
I'm over it.
- Really? - Really.
So you're not secretly yearning he'll call you over? Nope.
You're not quietly wishing he'd sit here with you? Not in the least.
Deep in your subconscious, you have no desire to sleep with him at Preston's party Friday, even though we both swore we wouldn't go back to school with our virginities intact? My virginity.
Yours hasn't been an issue for quite some time.
Are you serious? You're really over him? I'm done with the whole friends with benefits.
It's not fun anymore.
We're not really friends, which means we're just benefits.
If I'm gonna be giving benefits to anyone, it should mean something.
Look who's all protective of her first time.
You've wanted to sleep with Declan for, like, ever.
I still do, but I'm not giving it up to some guy whose idea of fun is crawling into my bedroom drunk at 3:00 in the morning.
We'll just have to find you another de-virginizing opportunity.
Like yummity goodness over there.
Eww! - Hilary! - Fine.
I'll take him.
You are so not allowed to corrupt Kyle.
- Why not? - Because it's, like, wrong.
- When do we swim? - We don't come here to swim.
We come here to scope babes.
Babes? You know, the ladies.
Hot mommas.
Girls with C-cups.
Like her.
Good Lord of the Rings.
Is she a friend of yours? Dude, a chick like that doesn't know I exist.
- So you won't go talk to her? - Talk to her? Are you nuts? So we come to the pool but don't swim, and we scope babes, but we don't talk to them? It's a cruel world.
I just live in it.
Did she just? Don't move.
- Lori, my favorite sister of all time.
- No.
- Come on.
Go in the bathroom.
- No.
Go in the girls' locker room.
Get the name and the number of the girl in the pink bikini with the polka dots on her whatnots.
Her whatnots? Forget it.
Look, you're gonna go in there right now, or I'll yell, "Lori Trager stuffs her bra," at the top of my lungs.
You are the devil.
Fine, you manipulative little freak.
He has no records, no history of school? As I explained, Kyle's situation is unique.
It certainly is.
But he's exceptionally bright.
You're requesting a one-on-one tutor.
That's, um That's an expensive arrangement.
Legally, you're obligated to provide it.
I know you, Mrs.
Anything I say in opposition to this will be met with all legal precedents that will refute my position.
Now that you mention it, Mr.
Hooper, I have done the research.
Are you sure he wouldn't be better suited for a special ed program? - He's not disabled.
- I'm sure.
To be fair, high school can be a very difficult experience even for the most well-adjusted students.
If this boy is special, it may not be the easiest of transitions for him.
I assume you'll pass our request up the administrative ladder.
Of course.
- Did you find her? - There is one girl in there.
Gorgeous, great body.
She's in the shower right now, naked.
- That's her.
- That's impossible.
Josh, she's a ten.
There is no way a girl that hot would come within a mile of you.
- Get in there and find out her name.
- It's not her.
- Quit messing around, Lori.
- Quit bugging me, Josh.
Lori Trager stuffs her bra.
Josh Trager has wet dreams.
- You are so dead.
- You guys? Where's Kyle? It felt just like my dream.
And just like Josh said, she came to help me.
- Is he OK? - How long was he under? My whole body tensed and tingled.
I suddenly felt a strange sort of pressure.
Good pressure.
No way.
Kyle, cover up.
Oh, my God! Look at his shorts.
He had a lot of nerve implying Kyle didn't belong there.
He's not an educator.
He's a bureaucrat worried about the bottom line.
- He was inappropriate.
- He's not subtle for sure.
But he has a point.
- Hey, honey.
- Houston, we have a problem.
What's up? Funny you should ask.
Rough day? You want to talk about what happened? At the pool? You mean - Yeah.
- Everybody laughed at me.
You don't know why? - No.
- You never had an erection before? Not that I can remember.
OK, then.
First of all, you have to understand that what happened to you was completely normal.
You just don't typically want it to happen in public.
- Then it's not normal.
- No, it is.
It's your body's way of telling you how you feel.
In fact, it's a very honest physical response.
Then why should it be hidden? Well Uh Poor dad.
He has to explain the birds and the bees to someone with quadruple his IQ.
He thought he was done with this part of his job.
I know I did.
- You were good at it.
- You think? I feel well-informed.
I'm always available for brush-ups.
Trust me, there's nothing to brush up for.
- Hello.
- Is Lori around? Declan.
Thanks, Mom.
You're welcome.
Come in.
So you're, um, at my house.
In daylight.
Through the front door.
Who would have thunk? - Why? - I didn't see you leave the pool.
I had to bail.
Anyway, um, Hilary said you'd be home.
We still haven't covered the "why" part yet.
I thought you might want to go to Preston's party.
Of course.
Everyone's going.
I meant, um with me.
All this back and forth, Trager, I'm tired of it.
And I'm sorry for whatever I did to piss you off.
I think it's time we went out together.
Really went out.
But if you're not into it No.
I'm into it.
Well, good.
- So we'll go.
- Yeah.
Oh, uh Do you want me to, like, pick you up or something? - I can meet you there.
- Sounds like a plan.
All right.
Later, Trager.
OK, look.
I've been on the other side of that talk.
It ain't pretty.
When it happens in front of people I should think of something I don't like.
I usually go with zits and old people.
- You? - Grapefruit.
You should know, there are other ways to handle your little problem.
- Charlotte? - No.
Charlotte's mine, dude.
You are not ready for Charlotte.
Meet Ginger.
- What do I do with it? - Look at it.
Like at the pool, scope babes.
Except when you're here alone you can lock your door and do other things.
Is Kyle around? I feel horrible about what happened today.
Straight back, other side of the kitchen.
I have to go.
How'd you like to get out of watching Kyle for a couple hours every day? - I'm listening.
- I can make it happen, in exchange for Miss Pink Bikini's digits.
- Are we still on that? - Are you interested or not? Of course.
Hi, Mom.
What do you want? Lori and I were thinking, maybe we shouldn't bring Kyle to the pool today.
- I mean, not after yesterday.
- Because of the incident? No.
I was more worried about the whole drowning thing.
- What drowning thing? - Kyle doesn't know how to swim.
That's no reason he should miss out on going to the pool.
- We should get him lessons.
- That's a great idea.
They offer lessons down there.
A couple hours every day, he'll be swimming in no time.
Amanda, your next lesson's here.
She hates me.
Just don't hump her leg and you'll be fine.
You're Ashleigh, right? - Yeah.
- Hi.
Can I talk to you for a second? Mission accomplished.
Ditched responsibility and paid off a debt, all at once.
You know, I'd happily give Kyle swimming lessons.
- I'd show him the breaststroke.
- You're seriously grossing me out.
- OK, prude-y.
- Please.
I am so not a prude.
Just a virgin.
By a very minor technicality.
Besides, I decided you're right about the sex thing.
You're kidding.
Well, it's not like I'm waiting for true love.
The only reason I've held out this long is he hadn't done anything to deserve it.
But if he's finally stepping up, there's no reason why I shouldn't.
So cup your hand and pull water along with you.
You have to float.
- Float.
- Yeah.
You know.
You don't know.
Uh Here.
See? Let the water hold you up.
Her name is Ashleigh Redmond, she's your age, Catholic school.
You better call now and get the humiliation over with.
Hello? Damn.
It all made sense in theory.
Now it was time to put it into practice.
Where did he go? You must be a great teacher.
Are you sure you've never been swimming before? Yesterday.
That wasn't swimming.
That was drowning.
You don't You don't have a belly button.
- Why not? - I don't know.
You still don't remember anything about your life before? No.
But you can jump off tall buildings and swim like an Olympic champion.
- Josh thinks I'm an alien.
- Or Superman.
- You're not angry anymore.
- I never was.
I just thought your drawings were kind of weird.
Why? There were a lot of me.
I draw everything exactly how I see it in my head.
You're special.
I can't seem to get you right.
- How come? - Seems like there's something missing.
My mom's gonna be out tomorrow afternoon.
Come by my house.
I want to show you something.
I spoke to Detective Breen again.
- Did he have anything about the logo? - Nothing.
It doesn't match any corporation on record.
They haven't been able to decrypt the computerized strip on the keycard.
Must be some sophisticated security system, whatever it's for.
This worries me, Stephen.
We have no idea what Kyle might have witnessed.
You're doing what you can to help him remember.
Well, maybe now's not the best time to send him to school.
Oh, please tell me you're not letting that vice principal get to you.
Well, he's right.
I want to protect Kyle, not thrust him into another traumatizing experience.
Don't you think he should live like a normal teenager? I'd feel better if I believed he was normal.
- What are you doing here? - Something's been bothering me.
I thought we should have a little chat.
Your keycard.
I ran it through the system to deactivate it.
The clearance code didn't match your assignment.
- Strange.
- That's what I said.
I thought maybe it was a computer error.
And then I discovered that Kern was cleared to that level.
Interesting coincidence, him being missing and all.
I thought it might be a piece of information you might find worth something.
Something you might want me to keep quiet.
Get out.
Think about it.
I have a feeling you don't want the company to know what you've been up to.
This was my dad's.
He was an artist too.
Not for, like, a living, but it was his thing.
Was? He died last year.
He's what's missing.
Anyways, take a look.
- He saw this in his head? - Kind of.
Art is about drawing what you feel, not just what you see.
How do you draw a feeling? It's like piano.
Right now I'm just playing notes.
But art is about putting your whole self into something.
Everything you feel.
How do you feel? Just listen.
I didn't know that I could make a picture of how I felt inside.
But I really wanted to try.
- Josh Trager? - Uh - Hi? - I saw the caller ID.
- Your sister said I'd hear from you.
- She did? - I'm totally psyched.
- You are? You going to Jeff Preston's party? I don't know him, but everyone goes, right? - Right.
- Awesome.
So see you there.
- Wardrobe crisis? - The usual.
- I love that red shirt you have.
- I think I'll go with the blue.
Josh wants to go to the party.
- I know you have a date.
- Date? - Mom, so '80s.
- OK.
Whatever you want to call it.
I was gonna say no, then he went into this sales pitch about how it's a rite of passage into high school.
He's sort of right.
But don't worry.
It's chaperoned.
And I'll look out for him.
Unless he embarrasses me, then I'll kill him.
Thank you, Lori.
So this Declan, is he a good guy? Mmm Most of the time.
You're coming to the party.
I don't like parties.
You have to come.
Everyone goes.
- And Amanda? - Guaranteed.
I have something for her.
Bring it.
Get dressed.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye, guys.
- Kyle, you're not going.
Lori, see you at midnight.
Kyle, Josh, - But - Go ahead, have a good time.
- Let's get this over with.
- I thought you'd come around.
I underestimated you, Tom.
I never thought the quiet guy from work would be - Hi.
- Hey.
Remember the rules.
No drinking, no puking, out of here by 9:45.
I'll be watching and I will narc.
- I don't see Ashleigh.
- Or Amanda.
I should have known it was too good to be true.
There she is.
- Hi, Josh.
- Ashleigh.
- Hey.
- I'm so glad you made it.
I don't know anyone here.
Come on.
- I like the shirt.
- Thanks.
- I was going for naughty and nice.
- It's working.
- Yo, Preston.
- What's up, guys? - Great party.
- Yeah.
It'd be better if my parents weren't lurking.
But I hid beer around the property so help yourselves.
Thanks, man.
Thirsty? Always.
Oh, sweet.
- I didn't bring a suit.
- Damn.
Me neither.
What are you doing? I don't want to get my clothes wet.
- What are you doing? - Checking for hidden cameras.
You're funny.
It's my thing.
Why are you sorry? You're hot.
It's warm outside.
No, I mean "hot" hot.
Like smokin'.
Sister Mary Lourdes would definitely not approve.
What she doesn't know won't hurt her.
This is totally fun.
When I saw you at the pool the other day I was hoping you'd talk to me.
- You were? - I thought you were cute.
You did? There aren't any other boys in my school to compare you to.
But yeah.
What the hell is going on? - Mr.
And Mrs.
Preston? - Get out of there right now.
Honey, come on.
- Young man.
- I can't.
Old people.
- Zits.
Old people.
- I'm gonna count to three.
- One, two - Grapefruit.
So Yeah.
Um, was that your, uh? Yeah.
- Yours? - No.
I mean, I haven't done it a ton but it wasn't my first.
It gets better.
Well, I better get back to the party.
Everyone thinks I'm a slut because of the eighth grade field trip to Tacoma.
But I just want a sweet guy to cuddle with.
Is that so wrong? You feel nice.
Hilary made my body feel good.
But like the girls in Josh's magazines, something didn't feel right.
There was a piece missing.
Hilary, get off of him.
- Go away.
Ow! - God, you slut.
- I told you to leave him alone.
- What are you worried I'll do? Gee, I wonder.
Do you really think I'm such a super-skeeze? You've held out on one thing and you act like the frickin' purity police.
- That's not what - I'm tired of it.
Poor Declan.
I never should have told him to ask you out.
What? I told him you weren't gonna put out unless he stepped up.
She didn't say it like that.
That's not what Don't talk to me.
You two totally did it, didn't you? Who knew after all this time you'd be so easy? Declan, man, dude.
You gotta come check this out.
It's hilarious.
We still in the non-speaking part of the evening? How could you let him go to the party? We let Josh go and he's younger.
I'm not worried about Josh handling himself.
I'm not worried about Kyle.
Listen, Nicole, you need to ease up on the reins just a little bit.
Kyle needs to get out there and experience life.
He needs to have it knock him around a little bit.
- We took him so we could protect him.
- Not by keeping him in a bubble.
All right, look.
- I realize that he's your patient.
- Yes.
But it's hard for me to stay clinical about him.
Of course it is.
Let's handle him like we handle Josh and Lori.
The reason they're well-adjusted is because we treat them with respect.
We let them make their mistakes and they know we're here when they need us.
You need to give Kyle the same chance.
I hope you're right.
It had to happen sometime.
Everyone had arrived at the party with expectations.
None had been met the way we'd hoped.
- What are you doing? - Hiding.
From what? Everything.
Everybody out.
So you finally tapped that, huh? No, man.
She's not like that.
Seeing Amanda I realized something.
I had been struggling to understand what my mind and body were trying to tell me.
And right then I knew what it was.
Everything was working together, sending a message to my heart.
- Kyle.
- Amanda.
- There you are.
- Hey.
I've been waiting for you.
Charlie, this is my neighbor, Kyle.
Kyle, this is Charlie, my boyfriend.
Hey, nice to meet you, man.
Now my heart was sending a message to the rest of my body.
You live across the street? Pain.
Next door.
He just moved in.
Life is a puzzle.
Every piece fits together to create who we are, what we do, how we feel.
Every experience shapes us into who we will eventually become.
I began as a blank slate.
Maybe my hidden memories tell a different story.
Maybe I hold the key to a mystery even greater than that of my past.
I'd been so eager to remember, to grow up and experience life like Lori and Josh.
But in that one moment I wished I could go back to that blank slate.
When life was easier.
I think they wished for it too.
Ready? Let's go home.