Kyle XY s01e05 Episode Script

This Is Not a Test

Previously on Kyle XY: The boy has no family, he doesn't communicate, and he was found wandering alone.
He has to have come from somewhere.
Someone has to be missing him.
Kyle may be connected to a murder.
It's possible he witnessed the attack, or stumbled on the skeleton.
- Do they have any suspects? - No, not yet.
He said the killer would probably have scratches on him.
- Hilary, get off of him.
- Ow! I told you to leave him alone.
Do you really think I'm such a super-skeeze? You two totally did it, didn't you? Poor Declan, I never should have told him to ask you out.
- Amanda.
- There you are.
- Kyle, this is Charlie.
My boyfriend.
- Hey, how you doing, man? High school can be very difficult, even for the most well-adjusted students.
If this boy is special, it may not be the easiest of transitions for him.
Lori, Josh, we have to go.
Hold on.
Yo, Dad, keep it in your pants.
- What was that for? - Little preview.
Oh, well.
OK, we ready? Where's Kyle? Here.
At least someone's excited.
First day of school.
Everybody should be.
This isn't Kyle's "first" first day of school.
No, that's true.
He just doesn't remember the other ones.
I meant he must've gone to school on his home planet.
See you.
I'd gotten used to spending most of my time at home with the Tragers.
But this was a whole new world.
Mom, no escort.
What kind of mother would I be if I let you die of embarrassment? - I'll count to ten.
- Make it 20.
- Bye, Mom.
See you later.
- Have a great day.
- Proximity, Josh.
- I'm sorry, do I know you? I thought we went to school together.
Well, they're just eager to get to their friends.
Don't worry, Kyle.
I won't leave till you're settled.
Everywhere I looked, I saw people connecting.
At first, I thought people gathered by how they dressed.
But bonds were acknowledged in more subtle ways too.
Attitude, skin color, gender.
There didn't seem to be any one way to figure out how these groups were formed.
I had to wonder, would I find anyone like me in this place? Hilary! Wait up! - What's up, Trager? - Hey.
I got to catch her.
Hills! Did you see that? Hello, awkward.
Not as awkward as the actual sex, but Hey, check it out.
News flash, that shirt doesn't go with skank.
Guess we're still fighting.
Yo, this is it.
First period's McNally.
You got Schultz? Dude, she's remedial.
Go ahead, bust your ass in McNally.
I'll sleep through Schultz and still get an A.
All right.
Well, we'll catch you at lunch? - Absolutely.
- All right.
Hey, if you bozos need any help reading the menu, let me know.
Good morning, Mr.
This must be Kyle.
I'm Mr.
Hooper, the vice principal.
These kids and their handshakes.
- Can we have a moment? - Sure.
Kyle, I'll be right back.
I noticed that everyone knew exactly how to respond to the sound.
They knew just where to go and who to be with.
I knew if I'd ever been at school before, I'd know these things too.
But nothing felt familiar here.
This place was different and so was I.
School is supposed to provide one-on-one instruction.
I thought you understood Kyle's needs.
Trager, I strive to meet the needs of every student.
And given Kyle's situation, a personal tutor is probably best.
But that is a costly arrangement, and I have some additional concerns.
He spent time in a detention center.
- That was an improper placement.
- Where he engaged in an altercation.
Another resident punched him.
Kyle never hit back.
He is currently involved in a homicide investigation.
As a possible witness.
He still can't remember anything.
And I am afraid that his memory issues may become problematic.
Hooper, Kyle is an exceptionally bright boy who is eager to learn.
I think this school would be lucky to have him.
We have five hours of testing ahead of us.
We should get started.
I've already tested Kyle.
His IQ is phenomenal.
Trager, aptitude and IQ are not the same thing.
And since we do not have any former school records for Kyle, I can't even consider a personal tutor until we determine his grade level.
What kind of tests are we talking about? Well, assuming he's around 16, I'll administer the standard tenth grade placement exams and we shall see how he does.
He's a great kid.
And he's so happy to be here.
I hope your instruments haven't gathered too much dust over the summer, but my guess is, this is the first time most of them have been out of their cases since June.
The good news is we got some very talented musicians joining the band this year.
We finally have a French horn.
We're gonna start our brass Kyle, there you are.
I have to leave now, but Mr.
Hooper is going to give you some tests.
Tests? To see what you've learned and what the school still needs to teach you.
He loves math.
That's a good place to start.
Thank you.
I'll take it from here.
OK, so you have your money for lunch and I think you're all set.
- Thanks.
- You're going to do fine.
- Bye.
- Bye.
All right, Kyle, let's get started.
OK! Fire up those brains and check this out, people.
Solve it by the end of the semester, you get an automatic A in my class.
A professor at MIT presented this problem.
It took his students six weeks to crack it.
Sort of like a mathematical Mount Everest if you will.
Trager comma Lori.
Discussing the Jacobi algorithm? Um, what? Didn't think so.
Conduct your personal business on your own time.
And as for wasting mine, I'll see you after school.
"It was a cold, damp morning.
The mist clung to the ground like a silver cloak.
" Continue with the next paragraph Toby.
I'm afraid I don't offer that option.
"Grandfather's hat was still in the gravel path near the ger-geraniums.
" That's enough.
Toby, continue.
From where we left off.
"Near the geraniums he hadn't finished planting.
Rich earth was piled next to a hole he'd prepared, like a mound of dirt beside a fresh grave.
" - This is not Math.
- We'll start with History.
Ninety minutes for that portion.
I'll check on you then.
Page after page of names and dates, all of them unfamiliar.
George Washington.
Marie Antoinette.
I hadn't been taught anything yet, but I was expected to complete a test.
I thought I was here to ask questions, not answer them.
That bell again.
It rang at precise intervals, moving students at a regular pace.
At least this time, I knew what to do.
Time to find a place again.
In a morning filled with confusion, here was something that spoke to me clearly.
Finally, a test I could pass.
Someone solved it.
I'd learned to follow the ebb and flow of students, but this time, instead of scattering in every direction, they all moved to the same place.
- Hi.
- It seemed everyone was welcome here.
And I thought I might find a place to belong.
Oh, I wouldn't sit there.
Unless you want to be known as "Geek-man's" friend.
It's what everyone calls me because my last name's Deichman.
People might also think you're "Dyke-man's" friend, which would make you a lesbian.
Whatever, do what you want.
- I can't see? - This is a joke.
Right? Someone told you to sit here.
Very funny.
- No.
I draw too.
- Shut up.
- You do? - See where Kyle's sitting? - If you need five bucks for lunch - He's sitting with L.
- And? - That's social suicide.
You're supposed to look out for him.
So are you.
Let him sit with your punk-ass little posse.
So Lori got like ten shades of pissy and called me a slut, after her freakazoid foster brother was groping me.
Like I'd ever go there.
You've been salivating over him since he messed with that cop.
Well, not anymore.
Look at him.
He's friends with Geek-man.
Want to hear something funny? Nadine Velasquez last period? Same shirt.
Laugh riot.
You call her a slut too? Come on, Hills.
Truce? I'm so over fighting.
For reals? Because I'm so over you.
Girls, coming? - You guys, come on.
- You should've taken off the shirt.
He doesn't look like an alien.
I'm telling you, the stuff I've seen him do.
- I've got a whole file.
- Right.
So instead of taking over the world, he's here in high school.
It's part of his master plan.
To recruit an army of losers like L.
Speaking of losers, how was Schultz this morning? I'm the king of that class.
- Bunch of morons who can't read.
- Man, that's pathetic.
That's the thing about comics.
The mainstream stuff, it's pretty cheesy.
" It's just a fancy word for cartoons.
I like the indie press stuff.
Comics like Diesel Dan, Tarsus, Vera Zero.
- Why do they have secret identities? - To hide their amazing abilities.
So they can help people without freaking them out.
This is basic stuff.
How can you not know this? I don't know.
But what about George Washington? - Mmm.
How about him? - Is he a superhero too? He's the first president ever of America.
And Hathor, is she on another test? Superheroes aren't real.
What's wrong with you? Seriously, I know it's your first day and all.
- Don't you know anything? - That's why I came here.
To learn.
You came to high school.
To learn.
That's a good one.
OK, look, maybe I can help you.
- You get the sushi? - Got the sushi.
- I can't believe we have an hour alone.
- Oh, an hour is barely enough time.
- Yeah, we'll make the most of it.
- Are you close? - I'm around the corner, baby.
- I'll be waiting.
Nicole? Uh, hang on.
I just heard something.
Hello? Stephen, I think someone's breaking in.
Get out! Now! Just go! I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible.
My husband is really worried about me.
- Nicole.
- Stephen, I was just going to call you.
- This is Tom from our security company.
- Hello.
- What's going on? - Well, I was on patrol and saw someone break in your window.
Tom scared him off.
- Does, um, that belong to anyone? - No.
I'm sure he dropped it.
Probably used the handle to break the glass.
- Any idea who it might be? - No, I didn't get a good look, but there's been break-ins lately.
I've called in the incident.
I'll make sure the police are aware.
- You OK? - I am now.
I'm sorry I scared you.
- As long as you're OK.
- Yeah.
- You just happened to be driving by? - Yeah.
Lucky thing.
Now if I can just finish up this report, I'll get out of your way.
OK? - Sure.
- This room is what? Oh, um, it's a guestroom.
Pardon me, but our records indicate that, uh, all your bedrooms are upstairs.
No? Well, we have a temporary foster care situation.
Oh, I see.
I see.
Well, that's nice of you folks to take someone in.
How's that working out? Fine.
What happens if he comes back? I'll drive by more often and keep an eye on the house.
- Well, we'd appreciate that.
- It's my job.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Gosh! Sorry.
- Sure you are.
- I hope I didn't ruin it.
Anything you wanna know, this is the place to find it.
Like the Fortress of Solitude.
More like a good place to nap.
Might as well start with this.
It's like everything.
Boiled down.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
Look, I guess I'll I'll see you around.
- Kyle? - Amanda.
How's it going? - Oh! You remember Charlie.
- Yeah, we met at Preston's party.
I remember.
A little, uh, light reading? Listen, uh, I know it's your first day and I remember when I moved, it took getting used to.
So if you need anything, just give me a shout.
Well OK.
Bye, Kyle.
We'll see you later.
Big talker.
He can be shy, but he's really sweet.
I could be wrong, but I think he's got a problem with me.
Who could ever have a problem with you? I'm telling you, she was triple-X hot.
Totally into me.
You're such a liar.
As if you were anywhere near that hot tub.
All true, man.
Our stock is going way up this year.
- Dude, what was that about? - I don't know.
I think I insulted him.
Well, un-insult him.
That's Toby Neuwirth.
He's got major anger management issues.
No kidding.
- Still on hold? - Yeah.
Probably nothing, but I haven't seen him on patrol before and he shows up just in time? Have you heard of any break-ins? - No.
- Mr.
Trager? Sorry to keep you waiting, sir.
Yes, Tom is a new employee here.
Tom Foss.
He just started this week.
It's just that we didn't know him.
I assume you do background checks? Absolutely.
In fact, Tom has a very impressive military background.
Decorated veteran.
Several years in security.
So nothing to worry about.
- Sounds good.
Thank you.
- No problem.
He checked out fine.
These suburban types, I'm telling you.
Must be something about paying a mortgage makes them all jumpy.
Meanwhile they got a guy like you looking out for them.
They couldn't be in better hands.
Twenty-two volumes.
Over 17 thousand articles.
In one afternoon, I'd covered the span of human history and circled the globe.
I thought you'd still be here.
Kyle, Charlie's a really great guy.
I think you'd really like him.
Because I think you're a great guy too.
But you know You know there's nothing between I mean, he thought there might be but I just I wanted to make sure that You don't like me, do you? I just learned of every human tragedy, war and disaster.
But Amanda presented the most difficult lesson.
I could tell which answer would relieve her.
And which she didn't want to hear.
Kyle? You're my friend.
We're friends.
Telling Amanda my true feelings might have brought us closer.
But she belonged with Charlie.
Which meant I still belonged nowhere.
Kyle, wait.
You don't have to learn everything in one day.
School's over for today.
Two more seconds.
Now it's over.
Well, so much for our afternoon rendezvous.
- So, you'll call the insurance company? - Yeah, the glass company, too.
No, hold on.
No, I can hang a window over the weekend.
Thanks for coming to my rescue.
You're welcome.
Don't get that.
Hello? Yes.
I'm sorry, what? Oh.
I'll be right there.
That was the school.
- Trouble? - Yeah.
- Which kid? - Kyle.
Yeah, it's going to be a great game.
- Hey, I'll check you guys later.
- Peace.
- What's up with you today? - I'm late for detention.
If you wanna talk about what happened - What happened? - Yeah, you know.
You want to talk now? - I figured that you could - It wasn't some game, Declan.
"You catch that sex we had last weekend?" "Yeah, that was awesome, nice offense.
" I don't know Hilary told you to ask me to the party.
Like you guys didn't yuk it up at lunch.
You got it all wrong.
I was just checking up on you.
If you wanted to check up on me, you would have called.
You didn't, which is fine.
It's honest.
But this sudden interest in my feelings or whatever, it's fake and unnecessary.
The sex was awful, you could give a crap about my feelings, and you are the absolute last person that I want to talk to right now.
I was asking about what happened today.
With Hilary.
Hey, man.
- You're in Schultz with me, right? - Little wiseass.
I don't know why you've got a problem.
I don't.
You got a problem.
You're right.
I do.
And I'll go take care of that.
You think you're smart, huh? Dude, I'm in remedial.
With a bunch of morons then? Stop.
- Why'd you hit him? - Who's this? Your boyfriend? Let's go.
You know, you really are an idiot.
Whoa! What's happening here? The other student insists Kyle threw the first punch.
- I didn't hit anyone.
- That is not how it appeared.
Hooper, all we saw was Kyle holding that boy.
He was stopping him, not pushing him.
Are you looking to discredit him? Mrs.
Trager, that altercation, plus Kyle's complete disregard for school rules, his wandering, the tests he simply ignored.
I'm sorry, but there's just no place for a boy like Kyle in this school.
Trager comma Lori.
Have a seat.
One plus two minus one until you reach 500.
- How is this possible? - Someone answered it? Yeah.
You know I put it up every year just to motivate you kids.
Hardly anyone attempts it, let alone answers it.
Well, congratulations.
Someone must know a mathematician.
Or have searched the Internet.
No student here could possibly solve this on his own.
Miller, if I could point you in the right direction, can we forget about detention? He's entitled to a one-on-one tutor.
Not after today's performance.
- That's him.
- I'm in a conference.
Excuse me, this is important.
- Did you solve my math problem? - Kyle? - Yes, I did.
- OK.
How'd you do it? The Fourier series? You used Bessel functions? Kronecker delta? - I just looked at it and I knew.
- Please, tell me what's going on.
Um This student just solved a grad school level math problem and he can't tell me how.
This young man is not a student at this school.
Well, he has to be.
I have to work with him.
- He didn't answer a single question.
- Kyle, why didn't you? - I didn't know the answers.
- You see? But I do now.
Let him take the test.
Testing must be completed in a five-hour period for the scores to be valid.
There's 30 minutes left.
Just give him the test.
So how'd your day go? - Awesome.
- I want to transfer.
Hey, what happened? I'll be outside.
Yeah, practice was crazy.
Coach is going nuts.
He was all over me though.
- I'll see you guys later.
- Peace, man.
Look, I know I was super harsh before.
- I thought - I know what you thought.
Look, this whole day sucked, so it wasn't about you, OK? It was a little about me.
Well, it was mostly bad timing.
Declan, we're going for coffee.
Come with? No, I'm good.
You didn't have to do that.
Wanted to.
- I should apologize.
- Yes, you should.
But you don't have to.
Look, I screw up all the time.
Maybe it's your turn.
Sounds fair.
You OK? I'll live.
Hey, Trager? Define "awful".
I'll see you tomorrow.
Done? With which section? All of them.
- That's not possible.
- Totally is.
- Good going, Kyle.
- Now hold on here.
I still have to grade them.
I think that's just a formality, Mr.
So when can he start with his tutor? Well, if if his scores measure up, first thing tomorrow morning.
Nice job, Kyle.
I'll see you soon.
I don't want a tutor.
Well, but Kyle, I thought you wanted to go to school.
I do.
But not like that.
Now explain this to me.
That whole private tutor was such a sweet deal, but you want to go to class with the rest of us? - If I don't, I'll be alone.
- You'll be lucky.
No vicious backstabbers to deal with.
And those are her friends.
It's not like you need to go to school.
- You already know everything.
- Facts, maybe some dates.
If I'm stuck with a tutor I'll never learn what I really need to know.
Why do people do what they do? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Thanks for helping me today.
- No worries.
- That's him.
- The kid that took on Toby.
People are looking.
- So? - It's weird.
I think weird is good.
I saw what you did.
Ka-blow! Swoosh! Bam! - You know, vanquished.
- "Ka-blow"? I know I said superheroes aren't real, but Keep it.
I still don't know if I'd ever been to school before that day.
And I wish I could've learned something, anything, that would've helped me remember my past.
Still, every day I spent here became a part of my own history.
And if I wanted to learn people, I knew that part of that meant learning from my own choices.
And making new choices tomorrow.
He said he read the entire encyclopedia.
He probably flipped through and jogged his memory.
And then got a perfect score? How could he know that much?