Kyle XY s01e06 Episode Script

Blame It On The Rain

Previously on Kyle XY: - What are you doing? - I'm keeping a list.
What makes Kyle an alien.
He's this super-brain with amnesia.
He barely knows what you're saying sometimes, but does calculus like it's two plus two.
I'm telling you, Kyle is not human.
- You don't have a belly button? - No.
- Why not? - I don't know.
Anyway, I should apologize.
I screw up all the time.
Maybe it's your turn.
- Do they have any suspects? - No, not yet.
- Does this mean anything to you? - No.
I think someone's breaking in.
- Tom from our security company.
- Hello, sir.
- You just happened to be driving by? - Yeah.
It's a lucky thing, huh? Thanks, man.
It's getting pretty wet out there.
You're Kyle, right? The amnesia guy? Yeah.
You broke the window at my party.
My dad had an aneurism over that one.
- Sorry.
- He has aneurisms over everything.
So, whatever.
It's cool.
You mind? - You know, Lori's sleeping.
- Well, yeah.
It's pretty late.
I need a place to crash.
I didn't think it was too smart to climb up to her window.
You're bleeding.
It's OK, but what happened to you? It's a long story.
Too boring.
You got an extra blanket or something? I'll crash on your floor.
- What is this place? - My bedroom.
Where's the bed? - You sleep in a tub? - Yeah.
Trager said you're a head case.
I mean, but not, like, rudely.
It's cool.
- The rain should let up by morning.
- Actually, not until 2:27 tomorrow.
Yeah, whatever.
- Tell me you're joking.
- No.
He's in here.
Not good.
What are you doing here? Got in a fight with my dad.
Needed to crash.
If my parents find you, I am dead.
That is nothing compared to what my dad'll do to you.
Relax, Trager.
They will never believe that you weren't in my room.
The one time I'm not actually doing anything wrong.
Today of all days.
What did you do to your head? Uh, slipped on some wet leaves.
Drink much? I can sneak out.
They'll never know I was here.
They better not.
Just don't make a sound.
Oh, man.
You're up too early.
I thought I'd have another half hour to get breakfast ready.
- I'm turning over a new leaf.
- Happy birthday, honey.
Thanks, Mom.
- I love you.
- Oh, I know.
I love you too.
Good morning.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
I'm Declan McDonough.
I just popped by to wish Lori a happy birthday.
Declan, huh? Well, it's nice to finally meet you.
Do I smell pancakes? What happened to your head? Went up for a dunk on the court and landed the wrong way.
- You play ball? - Shooting guard.
- More pancakes? - Thanks.
You make a great blueberry pancake, Mrs.
They're Lori's favorite.
I make them every year to celebrate.
Because we're so happy she was born.
- I'm ignoring you.
- Good move.
If your birthday means you're a year older, aren't we celebrating one year closer to death? - I guess that's one way to look at it.
- I think I just lost my appetite.
Don't worry, Lori.
The average lifespan for the American woman is 79.
2 years.
If you were Japanese you would have a few more years, but it's still not so bad.
Whose idea was it to let him read the encyclopedia? Hey, we should bring out Lori's baby pictures.
Reminisce over the awkward years.
At least I'm out of mine.
Baby pictures.
Blueberry pancakes.
They were talking about memories and traditions.
But I had none of my own.
You gonna eat that, or what? Kyle, everything OK? I'm fine.
Seems like it will never end, doesn't it? - Three more hours.
- You think? You know.
It's easy to process data from global weather satellites.
I just can't figure out why rain triggers nightmares.
- Are you having bad dreams? - Last night.
- What was it about? - I'm not sure.
Well, don't dismiss it.
Every piece of information from your head counts.
And dreams are a reflection of what's going on in our subconscious.
- Where memories are stored.
- Exactly.
The brain is a powerful tool, especially yours.
Yet it can't tell me something simple, my birthday.
That's something we'll figure out together.
The science of weather came easily to me.
It was numbers, data and patterns.
What I couldn't figure out, no matter how hard I tried was me.
Where's Declan? Geeking out with Josh.
Put a guy in front of a video game and there goes his personality.
Well, try growing up in the Pink Floyd era and replace video games with pot.
It's so tedious.
- You're baking? - I bake.
You make.
It's a special occasion, OK? Cut me some slack.
I'm just saying, you don't have to bake a cake for me.
Well, birthdays are all about cake.
I guess I'm just not feeling the birthday thing.
But you love your birthday.
Not this year.
Kyle's just bummed out 'cause he knows the aliens are coming back to get him.
It's the rain.
They travel on lightning bolts.
- Like in War of the Worlds.
- Cool it, Josh.
You got a better theory? Get him The ax guy in the corner, get him.
- Oh, great, it's spreading.
- Hey, hon.
Did you know Lori hates her birthday? Do we still have to suck up to her? Oh, 'cause you were doing such a good job.
- 'Cause she's in a fight with Hilary.
- She's in a fight with Hilary? Hey, Kyle, come in.
We'll play teams.
Kyle, what's wrong? - Is this from your dream? - I think it's a memory.
You saw him in your dream last night? - Then again earlier, like a flash.
- But you don't recognize his face? No.
He popped into my head.
I checked the weather archives.
The last storm we had was the night before I woke up in the woods.
- Maybe this is a memory from then.
- It's definitely a possibility.
I'm tired of possibilities.
I need something to be real.
That's the problem with amnesia.
Your mind only unlocks information when it's ready.
There are other methods.
Hypnosis, drugs - You've been studying.
- I need to understand myself.
I get it, Kyle, I do.
I promise you, if I believe there's an alternative to the "wait and see" method I'll give it a shot.
But those kinds of aggressive therapies can work against you.
You just had what may have been your first memory.
I don't want to risk a set-back.
Can you trust me on this? The power line's down.
What are you doing? Tom! Sorry to startle you, Mr.
A bunch of houses in the neighborhood have lost power.
I'm just doing the rounds, making sure everybody's OK.
I'm glad you're here.
Our foster son drew a picture of someone staring in at him from the window.
At first we thought it was his imagination, but now I'm not so sure.
What if it's the same person that broke in the house last week? You said something about, that he drew a picture? - Yeah.
- I should probably look at that.
- All right, it's inside.
- Yeah, let's do that.
I hear you're anti-birthday.
Word travels fast.
My last birthday, my dad couldn't be bothered to be in town.
So, I raided the liquor cabinet in protest.
- At least you got blueberry pancakes.
- Your favorite.
Parents like me.
What can I say? Seriously, what's your deal? I'm just feeling particularly friendless right now.
It makes celebrating another year of life sort of bleak.
I'm your friend.
Kind of, I think.
Yeah, after you duped me into losing my virginity? - I didn't dupe you - Please.
So what really happened to your head? It seems like whoever asks gets a different story.
I told you, I fell.
Before or after your fight with your dad? Can we drop this, please? You know, my mom's a therapist.
You could Trager, it's no big deal.
No scandalous family drama.
No horrible tales of abuse.
Let it go.
I'm fine.
Door! Hi.
The power's out at my house.
I didn't wanna be home alone, - so I thought I'd come here.
- Where's Charlie? - At his house.
- Why didn't you go over there? I guess I just wanted to come over here.
Josh said you remembered something.
- I still don't know what it means.
- It will come back to you.
I'm beginning to wonder if it will.
I think you should get out of the tub.
You're wallowing.
"To indulge oneself immoderately, as in, wallowing in self-pity.
" - I'm wallowing.
- Well, it's depressing.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna wallow with you.
- This is strange.
- Yep.
Well, here it is.
It's a lot of detail.
- You recognize him? - No.
No, I never saw him before.
Did Kyle say when he saw him? No, he was spooked by the whole thing.
- He didn't say much.
- OK.
I'll circulate it at the security company.
I'll pass it on to the police and maybe they can ID him.
I really appreciate it.
No problem.
Just doing my job.
- Did you give him the picture? - Yeah.
Poor Kyle.
He was so sure it was a memory and not a dream.
I wish it was.
I don't like the idea of someone trying to break in.
It's strange that both times somebody tried to get into Kyle's room.
- Do you ever wonder if Kyle - What? No.
It's ridiculous.
After everything we've witnessed, nothing is ridiculous.
No one's reported him missing.
He's capable of doing things that no normal child, or no normal human being, should be capable of.
I'm not saying that I believe in Josh's crazy theories, but But? Maybe he's not missing for a reason.
Maybe there's someone out there that knows exactly where he is.
Maybe they're watching him.
You mean, like little green men? No, but You know, all of this, it's so crazy.
It just kind of makes you wonder.
- Yes? - We've got a problem.
He's starting to remember.
- Board games? - Anything's better than dodging real conversation.
- You went in my room? - Get over it.
Mystic vision? I don't think so.
Yeah, we don't want to play that.
- What is it? - It's a Ouija board.
You ask it questions and supposedly the spirits spell out answers.
When, in reality, it's usually some idiot moving the pointer around.
We should do something.
This rain's not letting up anytime soon.
Actually, it's letting up in 32 minutes, according to KZRE Weather here.
Not anymore.
The wind shifted.
- I bet it did.
- Let's play.
- It's totally fake, Kyle.
- I don't care.
Seriously, find another game.
Looks like the spirits are total pervs.
One word, dude, Internet.
How do we start? - Yeah? - I'm hoping you have a plan.
You still there? I think I know how to stop that family from asking more questions.
If his memory's getting any clearer, the family's gonna become a problem.
I'll take care of it.
I'll go first.
Who is the biggest queen bee bitch at Beachwood High? "L" "O" "R" Josh! What can I say? The spirits speak the truth.
My turn.
How badly am I going to destroy Declan's high score once the electricity comes back on? No spirit can help you with that, junior.
- You're toast.
- Can I go next? Knock yourself out.
When's my birthday? Kyle, you know this is just a game? For 12-year-olds.
Hey! If anyone can get a Ouija board to work, it's him.
Just concentrate, Kyle.
I don't think Who's moving the pointer? Seven Eight One - Two - I'm getting freaked out.
Two Seven Seven, eight, one, two, two, seven.
- What does it mean? - Seven, eight, one, two, two, seven.
- You had to have been pushing it.
- Spelling out your alien birthday? - I wasn't.
- You don't think you were.
- I wasn't.
- What is that? A Kyle file.
I've documented every out-of-the ordinary event and behavior ever since we got him.
"Made contact with spirit world.
" Whoa, buddy.
It's classified.
This is ridiculous.
He's not an alien.
He's not even a good weatherman.
The rain? It stopped.
This doesn't make any sense.
Neither do the Chicken Little conspiracy theories Josh has been spouting.
You guys aren't buying any of this? Kyle isn't supernatural.
He's just kid with no memory and annoyingly accurate knowledge of the encyclopedia.
- You don't know that.
- It's a game.
There's no such thing as spirits or ghosts.
When you're dead, you're dead.
Buried, rotting.
Declan, shut up.
- No, it's OK.
- No, it's not OK.
Oh, God, your dad I'm sorry.
There was a sudden drop in the barometric pressure, the crackling rise of static electricity in the air, and the subtle smell of ozone.
- Get back inside, now! - What are you talking about? Just come on! - That was weird.
- What was that? Nothing.
It was nothing.
Hallelujah! Ready to get your ass kicked? You wish.
- So how's your day going? - It's a fiesta.
Kyle channeled a supernatural dimension.
What? The Ouija board.
It spelled out some weird number for him.
He was totally pushing it.
Of course, but he may not realize he was doing it, in which case, maybe it's another memory trying to claw its way out.
Did he say he knew what the number meant? Of course not, that would be too easy.
Well, I have to talk to him about it.
He asked it when his birthday was.
He's having a hard time with that today.
Everyone's weird today.
Even Declan, who's usually dependably un-weird.
So, what's going on with him? I don't know.
He won't talk to me.
I haven't mastered the art of shrinking like you.
Well, sometimes the easiest way to get somebody to open up is to just be there for them without judgment when they're ready to spill.
See, that's the problem.
I live for judgment.
You and Declan definitely seem to be getting closer.
Yeah, I guess.
I guess you probably feel that you're ready for more physically, I mean.
Are you shrinking me right now? Shrinking, momming, you know whatever works.
Stick to baking.
It's less mortifying.
You know, life can be mortifying sometimes.
And trust me, sometimes sex can be too.
That's straying from the usual "when two people love each other - they make magic" script.
- Well, that's true too.
It's just that it doesn't always happen that way, especially if you rush into things.
You're right.
- I am? - I'm not ready.
What did you find? Try "7-8-1-2-2-7" and "alien".
That's not funny.
How about "freaky meteorologist"? Try "7-8-1-2-2-7", "birthday".
Doesn't matter.
I've got the whole thing figured out.
How? You sure you can handle it? My theory is you're an alien-human hybrid.
The meta-geeks who created you put you here to be their lab rat.
Maybe he's here to check the climate for inhabitability.
That would explain the weather thing.
- Stop.
- Seriously.
They're watching you interact with us, taking notes.
So they can wipe us out and replace us with a master race of hybrid freaks.
Then, when they've done enough recon, they'll beam down and take you away.
- Please stop.
- I don't think No, it's OK.
Here's the beauty of it.
It's totally out of our hands, and there's nothing we can do to change it.
So you gotta go with the flow, you know? Josh! I don't want to hear any more! How is this supposed to make me feel? "Searches for alien mother ship"? "Sleeps in a bathtub"? "Memorizes the encyclopedia"? "Predicts lightning"? This is fun for you.
Everyone around here gets a kick out of it, but this notebook, this is the only thing I know about my entire life! - Kyle.
- Mom, I didn't I need you to go upstairs.
Please, all of you.
I can't feel like this anymore.
I don't wanna be this freak in Josh's notebook.
I need to know who I am.
Kyle, I want you to listen to something, OK? Come on, sit down.
Forget about everything else you're feeling now and just listen to the sound of my voice.
Now, find the rhythm of the other sounds in the room.
Listen to the water dripping off the gutter.
Breathe into that sound.
Let it fill you up.
Let your mind and your heartbeat connect to it.
It's all gonna be OK.
I am the scum of the earth.
You're not scum.
Maybe like, algae.
Nobody knew how much that stuff bugged him.
Here I am, whining because I'm not psyched about the way my life has turned out, and he's wishing he could remember the things he regrets.
Maybe I'm upset about things that happened in the past, but at least I have one.
He's just this total blank.
- That doesn't sound so bad to me.
- But it feels bad.
Kyle feels bad.
It sucks.
Come on in, Tom.
I've got some information about your intruder.
Hi there.
How are you doing? I know you.
You recognize me from patrolling the neighborhood.
- You had some news? - Yeah.
According to police, there was a hit-and-run around 2:00am.
No one was hurt and was probably caused by weather, and not reckless driving, but a driver fled the scene, which is a crime, so Why would he lurk outside our house? Who was lurking outside our house? We didn't want to worry you, but we found some blood on the sill outside your window.
We think that man from your drawing must have actually been at your window.
Hit-and-run? In my room, now! OK, I panicked.
I was on my way home, it was really hard to see, and I skidded and hit another car.
I freaked out and drove off.
The light, it was on in Kyle's room, and he let me in.
I couldn't go home.
My dad would have murdered me.
Every time I think you're a good guy, you do something to completely annihilate yourself.
You think I don't know that? You can't believe that I don't recognize that I'm a total disaster of a person.
I'm sorry.
I'm judging.
I get mad and that's what I do.
Look, I know we've had a lot of back and forth, and played a lot of idiot games with each other, but you've been a really good friend to me lately.
And if you need someone to be that for you, I'm here.
That's all I want you to know.
What do I do now? Depends on which guy you want to be.
I have to turn myself in.
I'm so dead.
I'll visit you at County.
- You don't really think - No.
You'll be fine.
It's the right thing to do, so you can pat yourself on the back for not being totally unredeemable.
This friendship thing might work out OK, huh, Trager? Sure.
Spring cleaning? I don't want to be reminded of what I can't remember.
I think you've got this all wrong.
You do? Yeah.
You may not have anything to hold onto now, but maybe tomorrow there'll be a new memory.
And the day after that another one.
Soon you'll be drowning in them.
But see, the rest of us, as we grow up, our memories get dimmer.
And we try anything we can to stop them from disappearing completely.
If you ask me, you got the better deal.
Thank you.
- For what? - For making me feel better.
You make me feel like there's hope.
Everyone needs hope.
It gets us through the rough spots.
- Will you tell me about him? - Who? Your dad.
But not here.
In here.
Wallow central.
First off, he was nothing like my mother.
But she was different around him.
It was impossible not to be.
Lighter, happier I remember this one time he took me to get my ears pierced - So Kyle doesn't have a serial stalker.
- Or little green men watching over him.
Just a teenage boy afraid to tell his dad what he did.
By the way, Lori's not a virgin anymore.
You segued to that? Thought I'd rip the bandage off quickly.
- Did she tell you? - No, of course not.
But I was talking to her about not being ready for sex yet and she agreed with me.
Oh, man.
I am not ready for this.
It's Declan.
- Car-wrecking, home-invading - Stephen.
I'll kill him.
You slept with Shelly Peterson and weren't much older than Josh.
You're not allowed to use something I said after ten tequila shots - on our honeymoon against me.
- Did it screw you up for life? That's not fair.
It's different for girls.
- Isn't it? - I think she's fine.
You know, talking to her earlier, there's something there, like I don't know.
Whatever she's experienced has made her more together.
She's growing up.
We don't have to worry about Josh, do we? Josh still stashes porn in his board games.
That's not a boy who is anywhere close to being sexually active.
If Declan was the person at the window, who's the man in Kyle's drawings? The police station's gonna be a party compared to what I got coming at home.
Here's one from the parental manipulation handbook: Just apologize, cry a little, throw out a few self-loathing comments.
He'll end up trying to make you feel better.
You know what you said about me duping you into having sex? - Yeah.
It's really not a big deal.
- It is.
Know that no matter what Hilary said to give me the push, she made me realize I was about to lose you.
That's why I asked you out, because I wanted to.
Thank you for that.
It's a shame it sucked so bad.
Happy birthday, Lori.
How are you feeling? Better.
Lori told me about the number you discovered.
You want to talk about it? Tomorrow.
- Can I help? - Sure.
I'll go gather everybody.
I'm not mad at you.
Thank God.
If you're gonna be part of this family, you've got to understand all the traditions.
Here we go.
- One, two, three - Wait, wait, wait! I was thinking, if it's OK with Kyle, I want to share my birthday with you.
At least until you remember when your real birthday is.
Thank you.
You can help me blow out the candles and make a wish.
Make a wish to age better than Lori.
Do you know what you'll wish for? Don't say it or it won't come true.
It's another birthday tradition.
That doesn't make any sense.
You're right.
Screw it.
What do you wish for? - I think I'll keep with the tradition.
- OK.
Let's do it.
It never gets old, does it? With the flash of the camera the Tragers gave me the first page of my history.
It may not go back as far as Lori's or Josh's, but I finally had a beginning.
And then my birthday wish came true.
It made me feel like anything, anything was possible.
What's the forecast say? Sunny in the 60's through Tuesday.
Kyle, what's wrong? That's him.
Detective, there's a Nicole Trager on the phone for you.
- Put her through.
- Yes, sir.
Trager, what can we do for you?