Kyle XY s01e07 Episode Script

Kyle Got Game

Previously on Kyle XY: This symbol was on some sort of security key card we found near the remains in the woods.
The victim or the killer may have dropped it.
Do you think you've ever seen it before? No.
Kyle, you know this is just a game.
If anyone can get a Ouija board to work, it's him.
Seven, eight, one, two, two, seven.
What does it mean? Kyle, this is Charlie, my boyfriend.
Come on, Hils.
Truce? I'm so over fighting.
For reals? Because I'm so over you.
Fractured pieces of his past are entering his consciousness.
I think it's a memory.
- You recognize him? - No, I've never seen him before.
He's starting to remember.
Kyle, what's wrong? That's him.
He was all I could think about.
I couldn't understand why or how he'd been in my dream.
Or how I could draw his face if I didn't know him? Was he dead? Or was the professor still missing like me? Kyle? Hey.
We talked about this.
It's not good for you to keep obsessing.
Have you heard from Detective Breen? The police still don't know if those remains were Professor Kern's.
The more you think about this the more it'll agitate you.
So let's just wait for the test results, and we'll deal with it then.
Josh is outside with some of his buddies.
Why don't you go take a few shots? Show 'em how it's done.
Nicole was right.
Basketball was a welcome distraction.
It took me out of my head and into a zone where nothing mattered but the ball and the hoop.
- That's ten for ten.
- The guy doesn't miss.
- Yeah, at free throws, maybe.
- Yeah? Kyle, back up.
Make some three-pointers.
Come on.
Oh, my God! Sweet shot.
That's nothing.
He nails it every time.
- Oh, yeah? - Show him, Kyle.
Spice it up a little.
I tried to calculate all the data, but one variable was hard to determine.
Then I found a solution.
Oh! That was insane! How'd you do that? Angle, trajectory, velocity, wind.
And all this time I've been chucking a ball through a hoop.
You ever think about joining a team? - There you are.
- Hey, you.
- How you doing, Kyle? - Good.
- We got a sweet shooter here.
- We do? Oh, yeah.
Seriously, Kyle, come by the rec center tomorrow, try out for the team.
This late? You're already in the finals.
Kyle hitting these three-pointers could make all the difference.
I'll talk to coach about you.
Well, if anyone can make it happen, it's Charlie.
- OK, I'll try.
- Cool.
I'll see you then.
Bye, Kyle.
Kyle, light it up! Man, there's no way he can do it again.
Kyle, shoot! What? You got to look cool playing ball, Kyle.
I don't? How do I put this? No.
Let me show you.
See? Now you're a real baller.
But you can't just look the part, you got to talk the talk.
- Speak the lingo.
- Lingo? Yeah, the slang, dude.
Like when you dunk, you got to scream, "Booya! That's the kizzle dizzle!" - What's the kizzle dizzle? - You are.
Trust me, Kyle.
I know what I'm talking about.
Wow, Kyle, you look like a pro.
- Ready for action? - I think so.
I remember when I played.
Out on the court, get that rhythm going, the whole team moving like they share one brain.
Five jocks equals one brain.
That sounds right.
Anyway, I remember one game, down by one, five seconds left, I steal the ball, dribble down the court and Swish! Hit the game-winning shot at the buzzer.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thanks, Josh.
Spoil it for Kyle? I'm sure you'll tell it a hundred more times.
Lori, could you drop Kyle off today? - What am I, your chauffeur now? - I'm late for a consultation, OK? - Enjoy your morning.
- Thank you.
Don't be long.
Bye, guys.
Kyle, good luck today, OK? And remember, as long as you give it your best, you can't lose.
Words to live by, by Nicole Trager.
Here you go.
You're welcome.
They tossed the ball in a symphony of lines, curves and angles.
Kyle, what's up, dawg? That means, "Hey, how are you?" - Oh.
- So you made it.
- Can I play? - First, just First, lose this.
Come on.
I'll show you around.
Trager! Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Yes, what are you? - Brought Kyle to practice.
- Kyle? What for? Charlie wants him on the team.
What the hell is he thinking? So are we doing the ignoring thing now or just shooting nasty looks? I just want to be clear.
Don't flatter yourself.
I don't waste my time worrying about you.
You don't waste any time at all, do you? You and Declan crashed and burned.
He's fair game.
Oh, yeah.
I'm so sure you're concerned with the fairness of it all.
I see what I want and I go get it.
I don't hold out my whole life and then finally go through with it and completely mess it up.
- Dude, we can't add Kyle now.
- Why not? For one thing, the guy doesn't know his ass from his forehead.
Well, have you ever seen him shoot? Tanner, we can't pick up a new player a week before the finals.
That's what I said.
Coach, the guy hits nothing but net every time.
The team is perfectly balanced.
We're up against the Lancers.
I can't have some unknown coming in to disrupt everything.
- At least watch him shoot.
- Why are you pushing this? I want to win.
Are you afraid he'll steal your thunder? - Me and him, one-on-one.
- Enough.
It's too late to change the roster.
But Kyle's new in town.
I bet the league will make an exception.
Where did you say this kid comes from, Tanner? Does it matter? - Kyle's on the team? - And he practically made every shot.
That's fantastic.
Kyle, this could be such a great experience for you.
- When's the game? - Next Sunday.
It's the championship.
You're playing in the final? Against who? - I don't know.
- The Lancers.
Apparently, they've won the past two years.
Kyle's team is gunning for them.
- It's testosterone overload.
- It's just a game.
It is not just a game, it's a championship, and Kyle is their secret weapon.
- Weapon? - Kyle, it is just a game.
It's just all about fun.
I know, I know.
He's on the team one day and I turn into one of those obnoxious fathers.
I just don't want to put any pressure on him.
He needs to ease into new social situations.
I'll root him on quietly.
I've been reading about Professor Kern.
Hon, we still don't know if there's a connection.
- I know.
- Did you find anything? Most of his research is about the brain, maximizing its potential.
- I know what you're thinking.
- We've seen what Kyle can do.
Maybe Professor Kern was his teacher, and if Kyle witnessed his murder Hon, you're drawing conclusions before there's any real evidence.
Kyle drew that picture of Kern before he knew Kern was missing.
And if that skeleton found in the woods turns out to be Kern's, you can't tell me that's just a coincidence.
Kyle's around 16.
Why would a college professor be teaching him? He knew Kyle was gifted.
- This is Foss.
- Kern was in the news again.
The police are going to start making connections.
I told you they won't.
I got a plan.
- What kind of theories? - There's not much detail here.
I enjoyed the simple logic of the game, but having someone try to prevent me from making a basket was a totally new experience.
- Hey! You totally hacked him.
- What're you, his personal ref? - He's still learning the game.
- He only has a week.
He needs a crash course.
You OK? I don't think Declan wants me on the team.
No, he gets a little intense.
Hang in there, you're doing good.
Now that Kyle's on the team, the Bison are gonna wipe the floor with the Lancers.
I don't know, dude.
It's one thing to score in your backyard, but the Lancers got killer defense.
Well, I'm a believer.
Dude, trust me, they'll double-team him.
That won't stop Kyle.
Got five? Got five.
Want to bet? Sure, put me in for five.
Dude, put me down for a Hamilton.
Here's everything you need to know about the game.
Pulls it up in the front court, finds O'Brien around the corner.
Three hundred pages should take you five minutes.
Who's Michael Jordan? Yeah, you're not from a different planet.
He's only the greatest basketball player ever.
Ever? Look, if you're gonna play, you gotta learn from the best.
Read these.
They'll make you unbeatable.
- Josh, get the door! - I'm not your butler! Just answer it, you little creep! Whoa.
I didn't know Lori could handle two at once.
Very funny.
Now get out of my way.
Is Kyle here? - In here.
- OK.
So now that Kyle's on your team, what do you make of your chances? - The Lancers are going down.
- I guarantee it.
That's all I wanted to hear.
Because he's really bringing the heat.
- Jackson brings the ball - Hey, Kyle.
What's up, dawg? Coach told me to drop off the playbook and About practice today I should've gone easier on you.
That's OK.
You blocked my shot.
I should've pump-faked to make you leave your feet and draw the foul.
This final, dude, it's vital.
We lost to the Lancers last year in overtime on a heartbreaker.
A buzzer-beater won the championship.
Hey, I didn't know you guys were here.
- Hey, Lori.
- What's going on, Trager? - Well, I don't want to interrupt.
- No, no, no.
I'm done here.
Come chat with me.
You must really love the game.
More all the time.
You know there's nothing like being on a team.
You know, knowing my boys got my back and I got theirs.
That sounds cool.
The judge slammed me with That's so harsh.
Said I could've gotten worse for hit-and-run.
- Did your dad totally freak? - It wasn't pretty.
So you coming to the game? You're looking at your cheering section.
- Really? - Yeah, I love to watch you play.
Hang on a sec.
- Oh, it's you.
- I live here.
What do you want? - Declan.
- Excuse me? - Hey, Hils.
- Hey! I saw your car.
- So you're stalking him now? - No, that's your MO.
I just figured I'd pop in and save us some time.
Ready to go? You had plans? Uh Did we? Well, when I saw you today, you said, "See you later.
" Here it is.
That is so lame.
Come on, guys, this is ridiculous.
Just get over it already.
- Over what? - Yeah.
It's all good.
So it's up to you.
A night out with me or slum it here with Trager.
- Ready to bounce, D? - Absolutely.
- Check you later, bro.
- Later, bro.
Hey, Kyle.
Oh, that felt good! I thought about what Charlie said.
I wanted to prove I was one of the guys.
In all the books Josh gave me, one move was respected more than any other.
They called it the Air Jordan.
Booya! That's the kizzle dizzle! Did you see that? He's awesome.
Yeah, yeah, that was pretty cool.
Hey, yo.
Check this out.
- Are you all right? - I'm fine.
It's no big deal.
He hurt the same ankle a few weeks ago.
We need you a hundred percent for the game.
- Sit out the rest of practice.
- You know coach.
I'd lose my spot.
Why would you lose your spot? Let's go, ladies.
Line up.
Ladies? - McDonough what's up? - Nothing.
No room for soft players here.
Kyle, are you waiting for a special invitation? Move it! Rush down on three, come back two on one.
Let's go! Move it! Move it! So I've got you down for 25 and you for 30.
- Sure you can cover these bets? - Dude, I've got deep pockets.
You must be smoking something.
Lancers haven't lost in two years.
- They won't start with the Bison.
- Guess I'm feeling lucky.
Pleasure doing business with you.
You want in? So you ready for the NBA? - I don't think I'm tall enough.
- It was a joke.
God, could she be any more transparent? You don't like her talking to him? Well, she's just flirting with him to annoy me.
It's working.
Oh, so now you're an expert on teenage girl warfare? You're at war with her? Over what? Because she I What difference does it make? She's a total bitch and we're fighting.
Wait here, LeBron.
- OK, I'll show it to you.
- OK.
For sure.
Hey, Trager.
Picking up Boy Wonder? Yeah, it's such a pain, but at least I get to see you.
Gag me.
So I was thinking we could hang out this weekend.
A bunch of us are going to No, no.
Just us.
Just us? We have been known to hook up every now and then.
I thought it was only "then.
" Yeah, and "then" was a total disaster.
It's a new day.
Let's see where it goes.
Nice shot.
Nice work.
Come on, sit.
Come on.
Hey, buddy.
Want to make some money? - What's the catch? - There's no catch.
Get in, I'll explain it to you.
Come on! Thattaboy.
- Hey, what's going on? - You're not gonna believe this.
- Adults only.
- What? The kids aren't home? Let's enjoy it while we can.
Well, one of us really should start dinner.
Let's order in.
I like the way you think.
In an exclusive story, police have identified the remains found by hikers near Victor Falls last month as William Kern, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Washington.
Kern was last seen leaving campus in June.
Police believe he was killed soon after, but so far, no arrests have been made in the murder.
And coming up next, all your local weather and Yes, I'm still holding.
Well, I've called three times.
Has he gotten my messages? Well, tell the detective I'm expecting his call.
He would've called if he had something new to tell us.
Yes, those are Kern's remains.
The police haven't found anything to link to Kyle.
He saw Kern in his dream.
He was able to draw his face.
He must've known him.
He had to.
Maybe we should tell him what's going on.
Not yet.
He's so excited about basketball.
Let's wait and tell him tomorrow.
- More? - You got to keep your energy up.
Remember, every shot counts today.
I've got a lot riding on this game.
- You do? - Well, yeah, I've been chatting up how great a player Kyle is.
- Don't let me down.
- Josh, you'll make him nervous.
It's OK if you are, Kyle.
It just means your adrenaline is pumping.
My stomach does feel strange.
You've got butterflies.
It's an expression.
Wait till you make that first basket.
You're going to feel an incredible jolt of energy.
- Oh.
- Are you both coming to the game? - Wouldn't miss it for the world.
- Can't wait.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Can I have your attention, please? Welcome to our championship game! - This is it.
- Would you give it up, please, for last year's champions, the Lancers! And this year's champs in the west side division, the Bison! Way to go, Kyle! Dude, could your dad be any more into it? - Woo-hoo! - Let's meet the starting lineup.
First, for the defending champions the Lancers Point guard number eleven, Noel Beck.
- Hey.
Can I sit here? - Sure.
All right.
It all comes down to this.
One game, one moment in time to prove that we are the best.
And we are the best! We haven't beaten the Lancers in two years.
Two years! I had no idea why coach was shouting or why he kept saying things twice.
My grandma plays better defense than them.
- My grandma! - Too bad she's not playing.
Make sure to set screens for Kyle.
Free him up to shoot.
He's our star.
And help him out on defense.
He's still adjusting to our system.
- We got your back, Kyle.
- OK, "team" on three.
- One, two, three.
- Team! Trager, feeling the heat.
Hey, so how much are you going to end up owing? - Yeah.
- Yo, I'm cashing in.
And don't come crying to me when I upgrade my game system.
- What's that for? - Oh, I keep Charlie's stats for him.
Do you want a page to keep track of Declan and Kyle? Are you kidding me? I hate watching basketball.
Then why are you here? Yeah! An explosion of positive energy filled the gym.
I felt a wave of excitement from the crowd and the thrilled support of my team.
Playing basketball was everything I'd hoped it would be.
Yo! Here we go! Let's go, Declan! Oh, yeah! Yeah! In the final minutes of the game the competition became more intense.
Kyle, what are you doing? Come on, man! Get the foul! Come on, man.
Make the pass.
My own teammates grew hostile and impatient.
- Get your head in the game.
- My own coach seemed against me.
Kyle, control the ball, you control the game.
The game! That's my rock! Don't forget it! Damn it, Kyle, guard the man! That's your man! I was trying my best, but even Stephen seemed disappointed in me.
Everything I'd loved about the sport began to disappear.
My ankle.
- You OK, man? - Timeout! Shake it off, McDonough.
It's crunch time.
- Damn it! - McDonough, we need you.
Come on.
- I can't, coach.
- Can't? Get your ass on that court or you're out.
I couldn't believe that the coach wanted him to play.
It was like winning clouded everything.
Play or you're off the team for good.
- Coach, you can't do that.
- Shut up, Tanner! We can't win if we play with quitters.
Kyle, take his spot.
You deaf? Forget McDonough.
You're the shooting guard now.
What did you say? - I said no.
- This is your team now.
Your chance to shine.
I can't play, coach.
I'm injured too.
Then you're off the team with McDonough.
Tanner, take over.
My ankle's hurt too.
- Who's going in? - Can't, coach.
I'm hurt.
Me too.
This can't be happening.
- What's Kyle doing? Why won't he play? - I don't know.
Coach, I need your team on the floor or you forfeit.
All of you out on that court now! Do this.
Do this and you'll regret it for the rest of your lives! Bison forfeit.
Lancers win.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Bison have forfeited.
The Lancers retain the championship.
File this.
- Yes.
- Detective Breen.
Trager, I owe you a phone call.
You should've told me as soon as you identified those remains.
You're not entitled to that.
But isn't Kyle? He's desperate, detective, to unlock his past and Professor Kern holds the key.
No, he doesn't.
We've already interviewed several of his friends and colleagues.
No one recognized Kyle's picture and Kern never mentioned knowing a boy.
But Kyle had to have known him.
And they were both there, in those woods.
Maybe Kyle knows who killed him.
That man was found dead last night.
Drug overdose.
We found several items on him that belonged to Kern as well as a gun the same one used to kill Kern.
- Why did he kill him? - A junkie looking for cash.
He had priors.
Attempted murder, assault.
Trager we'll keep making every effort that we can to help Kyle.
But we've found no link to Professor Kern and this murder case is closed.
- It's the professor.
- Yes.
And he's dead? Does that mean I knew him? Maybe.
So far no one's been able to make the connection.
But I drew his face before I ever saw his picture in the paper.
I don't know how to explain that right now.
That doesn't mean we'll stop trying.
We'll keep working together, keep looking for answers.
Every time we look for more answers we only find more questions.
I was so sure we were on to something.
Now I'm right back where I started.
Kyle, I know you're frustrated.
This is a very complicated situation.
Forfeit? Forfeit? I'm sorry, Josh.
How could you do it? How could you not play? - No, no, no, don't! - Nope.
Hello? - Hold on.
- I'm not here.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm sorry, he's not in right now.
What's going on? That's the tenth call I got this morning.
- I'm popular.
What can I say? - Josh, spill it.
Um Can I borrow $200? - I took bets on the game.
- What? Well, Kyle was doing so good.
I mean, I got all caught up in the excitement.
And you thought you'd just cash in.
My son, the bookie.
- I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment.
- Hold on, I'm not done.
What do you care what I do? Like you've even noticed I'm around.
What are you talking about? You should've seen how pumped up you got over Kyle.
Just because he's good at some stupid game.
- Josh - You've never been that way with me.
Never, over anything.
Now you've got the son you always wanted.
Hold on.
Oh, Josh.
OK, I admit sometimes I wish you'd be a little more excited about sports, but only because then we'd have something more we could share.
You are the son I've always wanted.
I couldn't hope for any better.
So you'll spot me the money? Not a chance.
Use your allowance, which is cut off effective immediately.
- Dad, I spent it all on video games.
- Then sell them.
You're not gonna play them for a very long time anyway.
I thought I'd find you here.
Don't ruin my workout.
I just came to tell you I'm not gonna fight with you over Declan.
Sweet surrender.
That's it? You're telling me you don't want him? I don't know if I do.
But I don't want him like this, that's for sure.
Well I don't want him either.
He's so not my type.
Then why have you been throwing yourself at him? I wouldn't put it that way.
Hilary, it was like two seconds after I slept with him, - and there you were, pouncing.
- OK, look.
I'm sorry.
I was really pissed at first.
You embarrassed me in front of everyone at Preston's party.
And I did kind of like getting back at you.
But the truth is it was like, as long as we were fighting Better fighting than nothing at all.
Pretty stupid, huh? Totally.
Like, maybe you could've picked up the phone.
Did you forget my number? OK.
So Yeah.
Can we please stop watching basketball now? Please.
Was that torture? The worst.
Nice shot.
I just wanted to come by and say thanks for what you did yesterday.
My doctor said if I'd kept playing, I would have really done some damage.
Sorry I lost us the championship.
You didn't.
What happened was a team decision.
Hey, there's always next season, right? The guys want you back, Kyle.
We all do.
Thanks, but I think I'll take a break for a while.
If you ever change your mind So you want to shoot around? I can still take you, even on one leg.
We may have lost the championship, but I still feel like I'd won because I knew I'd made a friend who had my back.
The bonds we form with other people can help us through any setback.
Genuine friendship will survive any dispute or competition.
And true partnership provides strength in times of trouble and confusion.