Kyle XY s01e09 Episode Script


Previously on Kyle XY: Seven, eight, one, two, two, seven.
What does it mean? Kyle may be connected to a murder.
Police have identified the remains as William Kern, a professor at the University of Washington.
If I knew Kern and that's where he taught, someone there might know who I am.
What is it? This grad student looks exactly like Kyle, except he's missing since the '80s.
I found out his name.
The guy in the photo.
It's Adam Baylin.
The guy drew the symbol Kyle kept drawing, with this code next to it.
Kyle figured out it's latitude and longitude.
It's a spot in the woods right by here.
Everything I did was to protect you.
Stop asking questions.
Forget the past.
Because if you don't, they'll kill you, Kyle.
They'll kill all of you.
Seven, eight, one, two, two, seven.
He's alive.
I'm looking at a ghost, Mr.
for termination two months ago.
- How is it possible he survived? - I'm still looking into it.
How did he leave here? How has he functioned all this time? I'll get you the answers.
This is an inexcusable breach.
This company cannot afford to have that subject loose in the outside world.
You must find him.
The babe count is lame here today.
Wait until the Beachwood Carnival this weekend.
Tons of ladies there.
Major opportunity to score.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
She wants me.
Dude, she was totally throwing me the vibe.
If you say so.
Don't let Charlie pressure you.
Wait until you're sure.
How do I know I'm sure? You don't.
So either dive in or let the guy go.
Don't make a blanket statement.
Each situation is different.
- Yeah, but every guy is the same.
- No, Charlie's different.
He's special.
Haven't you ever found anyone special? Not for more than five minutes.
Actually, I have found someone.
Oh, really? Who? I think she's talking about me.
"Lick the paper walnut.
" - What are you doing? - Reading her lips.
"This is different.
He's different.
Which is why I'm not going to talk about it.
" "I'm your best friend.
I can't believe you won't tell me who it is.
" - Did she just say that? - I don't think she's talking about you.
Oh, she totally is.
Come on.
You just said that she said "The first time we kissed, God, it gets me hot just to think about it.
" He giveth and he taketh away.
Well, it's her loss anyways.
Now you're a master lip reader.
Is there anything you can't do? If we don't locate him soon, his abilities will draw attention, invite questions.
- We can't let that happen.
- I'll take care of it.
That may be difficult.
Apparently, he has a protector.
Yes, we're still trying to identify him.
Do that.
Then remove him.
And the boy? Do what should've been done months ago.
Watch him, but don't get too close.
The company will make the connection soon, and send someone to trail you.
I know how they work.
I'll be ready.
Has he been asking any more questions? I told him to keep quiet.
So far he has.
Tom Foss had warned me to stop digging into my past.
But how could I surrender my search? How could I leave all of my questions behind and simply move on? Still, I couldn't put the family at risk.
Kyle, I haven't wanted to push you, but with everything that happened at the university, - it's time we talked.
- I don't need a therapy session.
You saw a 20-year-old photograph of a man who looks just like you.
A man who drew the same symbol you've been drawing.
That's all in the past.
I want to focus on the present now.
We need to figure out your past in order for your present to make sense.
Why? What's done is done.
It's time to move on.
How's it going? - It's going good.
- Yeah? - Forget about what happened.
- Forget it? Right.
You don't know Tom Foss, but he tells you to stop investigating your own life, - and you're gonna listen to him? - If I don't, and he finds out I'm still asking questions, the Tragers could get hurt.
He doesn't have to know about it.
- Am I interrupting something? - No, not at all.
- I don't like that guy.
- Who? - Dexter.
- Declan.
- I don't want Lori seeing him.
- Well, good luck with that.
- He's trouble.
- I think he's got some potential.
A hit-and-run driver that deflowered our daughter.
He's lucky I let him in the house.
- Holding up the door? - Shh.
I can't hear what they're saying.
Why don't you just ask them what they're talking about? Because they're talking about me.
My midterm grades were mailed out.
I need advance warning if I tanked, so I can start spin control.
Hey, you don't have X-ray vision, by any chance, to read their lips through the door? How about X-ray hearing? - I won't stand for it anymore.
- Crap.
Who said that? Your dad.
Wait, you can really hear what he says through the door? - But I'm not going to listen.
- Hang on.
Talk about potential, buddy.
This could be huge.
Tom Foss.
He was assigned to 781227.
- What do you know of him? - He was with us for ten years.
As a matter of fact, he had a hand in training me.
He's quiet, intense.
Never had a problem with his assignment, not until the subject was scheduled for termination.
Yes, I see he resigned shortly after.
William Kern went missing around that time.
Oh, and Dennis Bunker, who processed Foss's resignation? - He disappeared too.
- Foss has been covering his tracks.
Oh, I'm sure he's expecting our visit.
He won't go anywhere near the boy now.
- Does he have family? - No.
His wife and daughter died in a car accident a few years back.
Follow him for now.
See what you find.
If you could hear through the door, if you concentrate, maybe you could hear what people say from far away.
Why would I want to do that? God, that brain is just wasted on you.
Humor me.
But what do I do? You're the genius.
Figure it out.
Focus or something.
Over there, with the dog.
What are they saying? I tried to ignore my other senses, devoting all of my attention to hearing.
And slowly, I could filter out the unnecessary noise.
How often does she visit? The woman hovers.
She flits around, making helpful suggestions.
It's for a few more days.
And then she's back to Florida.
She'd better, or I'll strap your mother on that plane.
It's not like your parents are perfect, either.
At least they don't get in the way.
It's just like I want to tell you Can you hear anything? - I saw a flash of light.
- What's wrong? Like a strange electrical charge in my head.
It was as if my body were warning me not to continue.
Declan told me to look into my past without Tom Foss knowing.
I knew I'd just found a way.
But I couldn't let on to anyone else.
Kyle, could you hear anything? No.
Not a sound.
Yeah, thanks so much, Lou.
Lou Daniels? Yeah, I was checking a reference on a therapist for Kyle.
Why does he need a second therapist? Actually, I don't think I should be treating him at all.
I've been working with him for months.
He can't remember anything beyond flashes, which I can't explain.
And then yesterday, he insisted he's ready to put the past behind him.
Well, maybe that's the best thing.
Stephen, he's been struggling for so long to remember.
He can't be done, just like that.
He's regressing and I can't get through to him.
Give it some more time.
But he won't talk to me, not as his therapist.
You've never given up on a patient before.
Kyle's become more than a patient to me, and that's the problem.
I'm afraid I can't be objective, and it's getting in the way of his progress.
- Hey, Kyle.
- Hey.
- How's the game? - Oh, I don't know.
I've been studying for my confirmation.
- What are you confirming? - My faith.
My mom really wants me to do it, and I was all set to go last year, but after my dad died Well, I wasn't really into the whole religion thing.
But I'm doing it now.
I'd really love you to come to the ceremony.
Sure your mom will be OK with that? She doesn't get to decide everything for me.
Besides, you're my friend.
I want you to be there.
Hey, babe.
- Oh, gross! You're all sweaty.
- Oh, you know you love it.
Well, I got to run.
Our church's bishop is coming by.
Sounds like a blast.
- Bye, guys.
- I'm out of here too.
Forget about her, man.
Plenty more where that came from.
It's not Amanda.
I need your help.
- Bye, Dad.
- Where you off to? Just going to hang with Declan before the carnival.
You say his name with such enthusiasm.
- What do you see in that guy? - Dad.
You could find somebody honorable who hasn't committed a felony.
Declan owned up to that accident.
He's doing community service now.
Ah Well, I feel so much better.
I was his age once.
I know how boys like him think.
Oh, really? How's that? I don't like to think about it.
No, I'm serious, Lori.
I don't trust him.
Well, then I guess you'll just have to trust me.
- So now you got super-hearing? - No.
My ears work just like yours.
But when I concentrate, my brain can pick up specific sounds.
I can hear voices from a distance.
You wanna find Tom Foss and listen in.
Help me track him down.
- Just say when.
- Now.
Declan, tell me you didn't forget.
I didn't.
But can we hook up at the carnival instead? - Why? - Something came up.
Not too vague.
I'm sorry.
I got pulled into something.
Be straight with me.
I don't want to start this again.
There's nothing to start.
I have to meet later, all right? Fine.
What's up? Declan just totally bailed on me and he's acting all shady.
- Tell me I'm being paranoid.
- Yeah, you're being paranoid.
What, no conspiracy theory to bolster my neurosis? - Lori, I got to go.
- Are you with your mystery man? About to be.
I'll try to swing by later.
Look, I can't give out Tom's address.
We need to find him, Kim.
It's important.
Leave your name and number, I'll have him call you.
- But we have to see him now.
- Hey.
- There she is.
- Hello? Look, that information is private and confidential.
- What are they talking about? - First of all, I wouldn't - Happy Hour.
- I knew it.
- How'd you know that? - I read their lips.
She put on quite a show.
Look, I had three margaritas.
So, what's the cute one saying? - Which one's the cute one? - Hold on.
You want to know more? That information is private and confidential.
Look, I'd really like to help you, but I can't.
The truth is, Tom's the security guard in our neighborhood, and he got us out of a huge mess.
We want to see him right away to pay him back.
- Foss doesn't live far.
- Then let's go.
- Look at you, ready for a stakeout.
- I don't wanna waste more time.
I found Foss.
- Is the boy with him? - No.
- I taught you better than that.
- Is that any way to say hello? - What do you want? - I'm sure you know.
You betray the company, all we worked for, to end up as what? Some neighborhood watchman? You kill me they'll send somebody else.
They'll keep searching until they find the subject.
- He's not a subject.
- See? You let your heart get in the way.
You know, this humanity of yours has really made a mess of things, hasn't it? You had to kill Kern and Bunker.
I mean, look what protecting this boy has cost you.
Just tell me where he is and be done with it.
He's gone.
He's gone so far away they'll never find him.
Oh, we will.
And we're watching you, Tom.
If that boy comes anywhere near you, we're gonna get him.
You stay away from him.
You understand? She sent someone.
Cyrus Reynolds.
He's the Head of Security.
What did you tell him? I said they'd never find him.
But they're on the trail This is it, 509.
What do you hear? Is he in there? We have to take him out fast.
- That plan is already in motion.
- OK.
I'll keep track of the boy.
They're watching you.
Don't interfere.
I need to ask you something and I want you to be straight with me.
I'm not in the mood for one of those talks now.
Look, it's not about you, it's about Kyle.
- He's been acting strange lately.
- Nicole.
- What about her? - And Lori.
I can hear them inside.
- What are you talking about? - Acting strange? - This is news to you why? - I'm serious.
Ever since you took him to the university, he's been distant.
Did anything happen there that I should know about? You mean aside from him seeing that picture of his look-alike? Of course Kyle's freaked out.
I just wish he would talk to me about it.
- You can't be on him all the time.
- Well, I'm his therapist.
Give him some space, like you do me and Josh.
More flashes of light.
The harder I tried to listen, the more intense.
You try to let us figure things out and then you tell us what to do.
Kyle, are you all right? Yeah.
But I heard them.
Lori and Nicole, I heard their voices.
That's impossible.
He's coming.
- We have to go in.
- You want to break into his apartment? No.
But I have to know why I heard them inside.
That is bizarre.
How do we do it? Come on.
Looking for loose change? No.
I was just Skip the story and just tell me what's going on.
OK, fine.
- How bad are they? - What? My grades.
I know they came in today, and you and Mom are just making me sweat to torture me.
No, well, as appealing as that sounds, the mail hasn't even come yet.
- Great.
- I see you've been applying yourself.
What do you have to worry about? Josh? Look, I've tried.
I've done all the work, I really have.
And if I bomb out in remedial which means It just means you're gonna have to work a little harder.
But don't get ahead of yourself.
You've got good news coming.
- You have to say that.
- No, I don't.
I just believe in you.
I think you should too.
So can this vote of confidence translate into an extra 20 for the carnival? - Always working it.
- Saw my chance.
I had to take it.
At least we know they aren't tied up.
I know what I heard.
Got your wires crossed, buddy.
Don't touch anything.
Nothing to touch.
This guy lives like a monk.
Except for that.
That's pretty high-tech.
What the? This guy's a frigging stalker.
You give me every single detail of your sex life.
More than I need to know.
Now you've got this mystery man and you don't kiss and tell? Why is it so important to you? Because I know what you're hiding.
I know it's Declan.
How could she think that? - Oh, my God.
You're insane.
- I'm not stupid.
Right now, you are.
It's not Declan, OK? I swear.
You know, not everything has to do with you and your boyfriend.
I gotta go.
This is sick.
We gotta rip these damn cameras out.
The subject's in sight.
But he's not alone.
Find your moment then do it.
Josh? Josh! - We need to see you.
- What did I do? Got the mail.
I did it.
- You did it.
- I'm out of remedial! What's going on? Check it out.
I'm a genius! - With a B-plus, two B's and a C? - Josh, congratulations.
- And Kyle didn't help me at all.
- Where is Kyle? He just called.
He's going straight to the carnival with Declan.
Declan? Get away from me, you little creep! - Yeah! I'm a genius! I'm a genius! - You're a genius.
Oh, right.
Yeah! go around and stuff.
- Oh, wow! Meet me out front in two hours and don't come near me until then.
It's not me you should be worried about.
- It's the carnies.
- Who? Circus folk.
Chicks with beards, fortune tellers.
They totally abduct teenage girls.
Like I'm scared.
I live with a freak show.
Oh, yeah.
- I know he's so - Hello, ladies.
I want to go on a ride.
Why can't we? Hey, Kyle, see you later, all right? Hey, Kyle.
Checking out a ride? Go on The Rotor, dude.
It's crazy.
- I won't go near it.
- Which one do you like? Charlie will make fun, but the carousel.
Oh, no, no, no.
The carousel's great if you're seven.
Well, you don't have to go on it with me.
What do you think, Kyle? You up for a spin? Sounds good.
Oh, go ahead.
Try to contain your excitement.
Look, I'm sorry I had to bail.
Why didn't you just say you were with Kyle? I don't know.
It's personal.
- What are you two up to? - I had to help him with something.
- Why are you suspicious all the time? - Why do you give me reason to be? Hey, if you want this to work, you gotta trust me.
- Where should we sit? - How about these two? - Sorry.
- I'll stand.
Are you sure? Here we go.
It gets faster.
Just warning you.
How fast? Fast enough for a seven-year-old.
- For a seven-year-old? - Yeah.
See? - You have to tell her.
- Are you nuts? Lori thought I was with her.
It's not my fault Lori doesn't trust you.
Oh, like Amanda trusts you? I've got a great thing going with her and I'm not going to ruin it.
Great for you.
Go out with Amanda, tap Hilary on the side.
Kyle? Are you all right? I'm fine.
Kyle, relax.
This is fun.
You taught me well after all.
Going to shoot me in front of all these people? You know how it works, Tom.
A shot or two out of nowhere.
Mass hysteria always provides an escape route.
I struggled to hear them and I knew if I tried any harder, it might bring back more of those uncomfortable flashes.
But I had to hear what they were saying.
You should have obeyed orders.
You should have terminated him per instruction.
Well, it's done now.
It's too late.
The boy doesn't know anything.
Your mistake could expose the company.
Everything we've ever worked for could be destroyed.
Leave him alone.
Kyle! Oh, my God! Help! Kyle! Please! - Somebody help! - Call 9-1-1.
Kyle! Kyle! Kyle! Kyle! Kyle! Please! Kyle! Oh, my God! Kyle! Somebody please! He needs help! Kyle! Kyle's a lucky young man.
Vitals are stable and he's resting comfortably.
- Why did this happen? - It's hard to say.
Seizures are generated by electricity in the brain.
Any number of things could've triggered this.
Has Kyle bumped his head recently? - Experienced headaches? - Not that we're aware of.
I know he was riding on a carousel at the time.
It's possible the motion of the ride, lights, noise, might have disoriented him and set it off.
Could this happen again? I can't be certain, and given Kyle's amnesia, we don't know if he has a history of seizures.
Fortunately, MRI results are normal.
- Normal? - Mrs.
Trager, that's good news.
No brain damage.
No abnormal activity.
Yes, of course that's wonderful.
Your MRI machine is working properly? Absolutely.
And our radiologist is one of the best.
So hopefully, this is an isolated incident, and Kyle can head home later tonight.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I'm telling you.
The sympathy angle works every time.
Chicks eat it up.
- Hey, buddy.
How you feeling? - Pretty good, I guess.
Doctor says you're gonna be just fine.
Lori, Josh, why don't you tell everyone Kyle's OK.
Feel better, Kyle.
Do you remember what happened just before you started feeling sick? Anything that might have caused this? No.
So when can I go home? They want you to rest a little while longer.
Then we'll go.
- Big relief.
- Yeah.
- I'm surprised by that MRI.
- Yeah, I could tell.
His first MRI, months ago, showed an extraordinary amount of brain activity.
- They said the equipment malfunctioned.
- But since then, we've seen what Kyle can do, how remarkable he can be.
I guess I couldn't help thinking, maybe it was true.
Maybe his results really were off the charts.
Instead he's a normal teenage boy who's incredibly smart.
You're right.
Every man has his price.
Even radiologists.
Allowing that boy's true results to come out would beg too many questions.
Questions that might have unwanted consequences for the company.
- I won't be able to get to him tonight.
- I'm not concerned.
Next time we will.
I'll be right back.
- Is he OK? - We're still waiting to hear.
- Lori said he collapsed.
- He was standing right next to me.
He was fine one minute, then he just fell on the ground shaking.
- It was so scary.
- It's all gonna be OK.
What was he doing right before he fell? He looked distracted.
He was staring at people with this really intense look on his face.
He's doing great.
- When can we see him? - Better wait till he gets home.
Can you just tell him I'm thinking about him? Sure.
- I need to see Kyle.
- Declan, they said just family.
Look, there's stuff going on that I can't explain, but it has nothing to do with us.
You have to believe me.
Come on.
You gave us all a big scare, man.
- Sorry.
- You were trying to hear something.
Foss was there.
And another man with a gun.
You got to tell the Tragers what's going on.
They could get hurt.
But you will if you don't say something.
They're your family.
Now's the time you need them the most.
I may have judged Declan a little too harshly.
He's a great guy when he wants to be.
I just traded calls with Detective Breen.
- His message said he had news.
- Like what? He didn't get into it.
Thanks, Declan.
A lot of people were here for you tonight.
- I don't want you to worry about me.
- Can't help it.
Kyle, we haven't talked lately, really talked, professionally.
And I've tried not to push you, but I can't help feeling that I've let you down.
Let me down? It's my job to help you break through.
To heal you.
- But you have.
- But you haven't been able to remember.
I keep promising answers and you're left with only more questions.
You took me in.
When I had no one.
You made me feel safe.
And cared for.
And loved.
You made me feel like I was your son.
I think that's what's gotten in our way.
No, it's what I needed.
I still do.
There's something I need to tell you.
Lori Trager? I need to see your parents.
Kyle, whatever it is, you can tell me.
- Mom? - Lori, I need a moment with Kyle.
This is important.
Trager, there's been a new development.
I'm sorry, we can't wait anymore.
Noah, is that really you? Who are you? Don't you remember? It's me.
It's Mom.
We finally found you.