Kyle XY s01e10 Episode Script


Previously on Kyle XY: What is it? It's you.
I found out his name.
The guy in the photo.
Adam Baylin.
Adam Baylin has been missing for 20 years.
You gotta stop asking questions.
Forget about the past.
Because if you don't they'll kill you, Kyle.
for termination two months ago.
This company cannot afford to have that subject loose in the outside world.
- Kyle! - It's all gonna be OK.
I've got a great thing going, and I'm not gonna ruin it.
Great for you.
Go out with Amanda, tap Hilary on the side.
I can't help feeling that I've let you down.
Let me down? You made me feel like I was your son.
Noah, is that really you? Who are you? It's Mom.
We finally found you.
The kids called from the car.
Apparently, he had a seizure.
It's gonna be OK.
We're gonna figure this out.
That's about what happened.
It's all we've been talking about.
At a glance, anyone would believe the Petersons and I were related.
They'd say I had her mouth and his chin.
But I wanted more than a passing resemblance.
Instead of thinking they could be my parents, I needed to feel that they were.
They look like nice people.
What the hell kind of name is Noah? I can't believe you.
Kyle's getting hauled off.
Can't you think of something decent to say? It's not like I want him to go.
He doesn't even look like a Noah.
Do you think they'll want to take me home with them soon? Maybe.
I don't know.
We'd lived in Hong Kong for two years when it happened.
Five years ago Noah left for school and never came home.
We thought it was a kidnapping, some sort of extortion scheme.
- David's an executive for a bank.
- There was never a ransom call.
There were no clues, from the beginning.
Still, we never stopped looking for him.
We never stopped hoping.
And finally, out of nowhere, a hit on a missing person Web site.
We couldn't tell from the picture, but after talking to the detective and now seeing him I used to call him my wandering wonder.
Sharp, inquisitive.
Studying everything, taking it all in.
Kyle is I'm sorry.
- We're so used to calling him that.
- We understand.
Kyle is special.
And different in many ways.
He was born with some physical defects.
His organs weren't all in the right place.
Corrective surgeries have made him as good as new, but without a bellybutton.
- We have so many questions.
- So do we.
Well, they'll have to wait.
The hospital arranged some DNA tests to verify paternity.
In the meantime We were told that Noah has no memory from the day before he was found.
I put this photo album together.
Thought it might jog some memories.
You said you had answers.
Foss! Listen to me.
I know you're there.
Who are these people? I have questions.
- Go ahead.
- Where am I from? Well, let's see.
You were born in Manhattan.
And from there we moved around a little bit.
DC, Connecticut, Hong Kong.
- Do I have brothers or sisters? - We only wanted one.
- Pets? - We're both allergic.
- Kyle, slow down.
- Maybe if we tell you some stories.
You remember the old claw foot tub? From the house in Connecticut? When we were moving to Hong Kong, Noah kept insisting he didn't want to go because he didn't know what the tub would be like.
David, as a surprise, had the tub shipped.
He jumped in it as soon as we took it out of the crate.
- Slept in it that night.
- And every night until Is there anything else you want to ask? Yes.
Who's Adam Baylin? - Doesn't sound familiar.
- Professor William Kern? - Who? - This logo? Do you recognize it? - Kyle.
- No, they act like they know me.
They can't tell me anything to help me remember.
They don't know why people are missing or how these people are connected to me.
It's a lot to take in.
It seems like for all of you, five years is just gone.
Let's go, people.
God is waiting.
You want to go to Amanda's confirmation with me? Sure.
Church is neat.
And I never get a chance to wear this suit.
When do you ever wear that suit? And when did you start reeking of my aftershave? - What's her name? - OK.
Maybe there's this girl named Ashleigh that I met at a party.
Maybe she goes to Holy Family and sings in the choir.
And maybe she finds the scent of a man irresistible.
Tuck in your shirt.
The Lord hates a slob.
Watch yourself.
Church isn't supposed to be fun.
Oh, is that why you never go? God, she's hot.
Oh, my God, can I even say "God"? Sorry.
Everywhere I looked, church provided unsettling contrasts.
People whose beliefs encouraged honesty also practiced betrayal.
There was a lot about church I didn't understand, but I did know that faith meant believing in something, often without tangible proof.
I wondered if I'd be able to do the same with the Petersons and come to accept them wholeheartedly.
What's he putting on her head? Everyone else is being quiet, Josh.
I think we should be quiet too.
Did the church walls crumble at the sight of you? Very funny.
Yeah, I'd gotten used to Kyle having no memories.
It feels kind of strange to have his whole life laid out before us.
Well, he looks happy in these photos.
- How you doing? - I'm fine.
You can't be fine.
I'm not fine.
Since day one, he's been searching for clues to who he is and where he comes from.
And now he knows.
For me to be upset would just be selfish.
Or human.
I'm fine.
I'm just so proud of her.
- Look, it's our neighbor.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey, Kyle.
Good to see you feeling better.
Amanda, I think we should go and thank the bishop now.
- We already thanked him.
- Amanda.
- OK.
- Shh.
Her mother is a piece of work.
I think Amanda has bigger problems right now.
I know about Hilary.
You can't tell her.
I'm not the one who should.
- Men are such dogs.
- Gee, thanks.
You've proven yourself to be moderately un-doglike.
Amanda's the nicest girl in the universe.
How could he cheat on her? She's a nice girl who doesn't believe in sex before marriage, and he's a guy.
- That's hideous logic.
- But accurate.
- Church sucks.
- News flash.
- Did you get the DNA results? - Not yet.
The police run their plates? Have they done anything to prove the Petersons are who they say? They're not criminals, Declan.
They're a nice, married couple from Connecticut who lost their son.
- I just want to make sure.
- He has a point.
I mean, aliens can't just land their craft on the front yard and get Kyle without drawing attention.
They hatched the perfect plan.
We invite them into our home, and they make off with our alien.
What? You wanted to see me, Ms.
Thatcher? Every day that subject 781227 remains alive, we risk someone discovering his abilities.
He's always surrounded by people.
It makes it very complicated to try to take him out.
But I do have a plan in motion.
Just find a moment when he's alone and get rid of him.
I do not want any evidence of our experiment to exist outside the walls of this company.
Let's think this through.
You remember being in a car on a rainy night.
And seeing Tom Foss kill Kern in the woods.
- Then you woke up alone.
- With no memory of what just happened.
No memories at all.
We know Professor Kern was connected to Adam Baylin, who looked just like me 20 years ago before he disappeared.
I'm also ruling out time travel and aliens in pink goo.
It's too ridiculous.
And Adam Baylin drew a picture of the keycard logo.
Which you subconsciously drew.
Which led me to a location I couldn't identify.
Then your supposed real parents show up.
With no idea of where I've been for the past five years or why I can do the things I can do.
I got nothing.
But you're not a superhero, either.
I wish more things would come back to me.
They're trapped in my head.
I bet Tom Foss could put those pieces together.
We can't go near Foss.
It's too dangerous.
You should have seen Charlie all clean-cut and churchy, holding her hand like a freaking choir boy.
Too bad she can't make him sing like I can.
Hil, I hate to be all doom and gloomy, but you know this can't end well, right? I know he doesn't want to hurt her right now because she lost her dad, but I can wait.
And what happens if he dumps her for you? You're with a guy who's cheating on his girlfriend.
What's to say he won't do that to you? How are you suddenly a relationship expert? It's not like Declan's Mr.
Ideal Boyfriend.
No, but weirdly enough, I trust him.
- Turnaround of the century.
- Crazy, huh? But sweet.
I'm happy for you.
I didn't get a chance to thank you for my present.
It was really thoughtful.
Saint Colette is Patron saint of people who've lost a parent.
We haven't had the chance to talk about what's happened to you since yesterday.
You want to? You should be happy.
You don't look happy.
I'm not.
Funny thing about my religion, there's a saint for pretty much everything.
Cab drivers, stomachaches, geese.
There's even a patron saint for bald people.
Sometimes I wonder, if everything's covered, then why do so many bad things happen to people? I realized that everyone needs something to get us through the bad stuff.
So I need a saint.
The patron saint of lost pasts and confusing futures.
Any idea where I can find one? Why are they coming again? Nothing's triggered recognition.
The more they get to know each other, the more hope of Kyle remembering them.
Unless there's nothing to remember.
Josh has spun an alien conspiracy theory of epic proportions.
This is difficult, but we have to start dealing with the idea that Kyle might be leaving us.
What's the matter? I just got off the phone with the hospital.
The DNA is a match.
Well, now we know.
I'm not going with them.
Damn straight.
Kyle, of course we don't want to lose you, - but it's not that easy.
- They're your family.
You're my family.
I don't care what the test says, they're strangers to me.
How can I go live with them when you're the only family I know? - Kyle, wait.
- Honey.
I'd read the story of the father who sacrificed his son for the good of all mankind.
I wondered if having faith meant making our own sacrifices for the good of others.
You can kneel if you want to.
Helps sometimes.
Gets you in the mood to pray.
I've never prayed before.
It's simple.
It's like telling your troubles to a friendly ear.
I'm in search of a saint.
Well, you picked a good place.
What do you need a saint for? I don't know where I belong.
I don't know where I come from.
But I'm supposed to go there, wherever it is, with people I don't know.
That's a lot to handle.
I don't know what to do.
And I'm not sure how any of this here is supposed to help.
Well, whether or not you consider yourself a believer, there's someone out there who made you, who cares about you very much.
In the midst of a confusing situation, you may not be able to see or appreciate him, but he's there and he wants you to have the answers to all of your questions.
When? When the time is right.
I didn't know where I was or who had taken me.
But it seemed the danger I had been warned of had finally come to pass.
The memories that haunted me came flooding in again.
Was I remembering my past? Or was history repeating itself? Julia and I prayed for his safety.
We were thankful he was taken in by people like you and Nicole.
Are you a religious family? I take it you're not.
Well, I was raised to be, but it got away from me over the years.
Yeah, we never used to be either, but when you lose a child, somehow you need a kind of higher power for comfort.
I can't blame him for being scared.
We're strangers to him.
And he's like a stranger to us.
Maybe he's not the only one who's scared.
What if those five years have changed him somehow? - They've changed me.
- He's still the same boy you knew.
No matter what happened.
He's still got a sweet tooth.
I caught him putting Sour Patch Kids on his cereal.
- Oh, my.
- Yeah.
And he's funny.
You know, not just his humor, but the way he looks at the world.
I mean, he can turn everything and show it to you in a whole new way.
And he's got such a strong sense of what's right, and he's so quick to learn and so eager to connect with other people.
Like he's connected with you.
With all of us.
Once again I was in a familiar place, where my story began.
But suddenly, like a flash, the whole story fell into place.
- Don't do this.
- Zzyzx ordered you to exterminate him.
- I can't let either of you walk away.
- You were Baylin's mentor.
He trusted you.
Now you're working for them.
Baylin gave up any claim on the boy when he turned on the company.
They want the boy dead.
I finally had a piece of the truth.
Now it was time to get the rest.
It's all right! It's all right! Settle down.
Listen to me.
It's OK.
I'm sorry about the chloroform.
I tried to get the jump on you before and it wasn't pretty, so I remember what happened with Kern.
The two of you were talking about Adam Baylin, something called Zzyzx.
Is that connected with the location I discovered in Baylin's papers? The logo? This is why I warned you to stop asking questions.
You didn't bring me out here to lecture me.
- No.
- Then why? Because I thought it would help you remember.
Did you hear something? What? Get down! Get down! Go! Go! Are you all right? Come on! Give me your arm! Go! Get in! Get in! You don't know how to drive.
Hold on.
Go! Hey.
- What are you doing here? - Driving through the neighborhood and felt the strains of downer lesbian music emanating from your house.
Thought you might need a boost.
Let me guess, you think I should heal my pain through sex? I was going for a heavy-duty mack session, but if you insist It freaks me out, I spent so much time not caring if Kyle was here or not and now that he might leave - He's not going anywhere.
- You sound like Josh.
- He's got a life here.
A trippy, no-memory, messed-up life, but it's still a life.
He's not gonna throw that away for two people he has no memory of ever knowing.
How can you be so sure? Because the other ending to that story's It's not something I'm willing to accept.
You should've let me take you to the hospital.
I'll take care of it.
Get out of here.
I'm not getting out of this car until you've told me everything.
You know most of it already.
We were in the woods.
And we were surprised by Kern.
And I killed him because he was gonna kill you.
By the time I was done getting rid of the body, you'd woken up and you wandered into the city and got put in juvenile detention.
Once Nicole Trager took you in, I just figured it was smarter to keep an eye on.
Tell me more.
Tell me why people want me dead, why that test said David and Julia Peterson were my parents when I don't remember anything about them.
Why don't I remember anything before that night in the woods with Kern? OK, I'll tell you.
Should we be worried he's not back? I think he got overwhelmed.
We'll talk to him.
We can try again tomorrow.
- That would be great.
- OK.
- OK, thanks a lot for your time.
- You're welcome.
- Kyle.
- Noah.
Where you been? Doing OK? My mind was racing with the information I'd just learned from Foss.
Foss, my patron saint of lost pasts and confusing futures.
Everyone was there in front of me.
The family who took me in and the family who wanted to take me home.
And right then, I knew exactly what I had to do.
I remember.
I remember you.
I remember the vacation we had when I was nine to Hawaii.
I'd never seen a palm tree before.
And you took me to the science museum where they had the Whispering Corridors.
And we went sailing near the waterfall, on the boat with the rainbow sail.
And every night at the hotel, I'd order the same thing for dessert.
Banana split, hold the banana.
Can you tell us what happened to you? Where you've been all this time? Still a blank.
Well, once you get home, I'm sure you can find a new therapist who can help him recover even more of his memory.
- Why can't you still be his therapist? - Yeah, you know him better than anyone.
No offense.
The Petersons live in Connecticut.
So how soon before you leave? Well, um, we don't want to rush anything.
I'll be ready to go by tomorrow.
Now that I know, I'm ready.
I can't believe he's leaving before I got to make out with him.
We should be happy for him.
Keep telling yourself that, Sister Sunshine.
I thought this was supposed to be a goodbye party.
I just don't get it.
You went from savant amnesia victim to banana split guy in, like, two hours? - It all just came rushing back.
- Dude, I put myself out for you.
I kept your secrets, almost screwed things up with Lori.
I did everything to help you get to the bottom of the mystery and now it's done? Yes.
There's something else going on here.
- Something you're not telling me about.
- You've proven you can keep my secrets.
If there was anything, don't you think I'd find a way to bring you in on it? This sucks.
Oh, whoa.
Whoa, did you two break up or something? All right.
Look, man.
I know you think I'm a bad guy.
It's just, I know where Amanda stands on the sex thing.
Look, I respect her for it, I do.
You know, I would give anything for the self-control to wait for her.
I mean, this whole thing with Hilary, it's just physical.
It has nothing to do with how much I love Amanda.
It's OK, I understand.
You have needs.
I have needs too.
Right now, I need to do this.
Don't judge me.
I've seen the way you look at Amanda.
You're dying to tell her.
I'm leaving in a few hours.
The only thing I want is to know that after I'm gone, she'll be surrounded by trustworthy, honest and kind people.
Because that's exactly the kind of person she is.
- Bye, guys.
- Where are you off to? - Out.
- I'm sure whatever it is, it can wait.
- Kyle will be leaving soon.
- Shouldn't you call him Noah Peterson? - That's his real name.
- Hey! Now that's not cool.
You get back here, Josh! Stephen, he's protecting himself from some strong emotions now.
He shouldn't be running off.
Well, just let him deal with it in his own way.
Stephen? What, Nicole? Can't I be just a little bit upset? Yeah, Kyle's going off to his home.
That's where he belongs.
Doesn't make it any easier.
Through this whole thing, you haven't faltered.
Not once.
Well, in my line of work, this is what you hope for.
Most foster care stories don't have happy endings.
For Kyle to be placed with his real parents and his memories coming back I couldn't be happier.
That's why you're my higher power.
You OK? I'm totally not crying.
Water-proof mascara rules.
What happened? You know the story.
Homewrecker-in-training tragically rejected by the heir to the cheater's throne.
You can say you told me so.
What kind of homewrecker's friend would that make me? Put it behind you.
One day, you are gonna meet a smart, faithful guy - Doctor.
who will whisk you off your feet.
- In his convertible.
- And you'll live happily ever after.
Until the magnificent divorce settlement.
Have you seen Charlie? He just disappeared.
He's inside.
Cleaning up.
I can't believe you're leaving.
I'll see you again, though.
It's not like forever, right? I don't want it to be.
Then no goodbyes.
No goodbyes.
Just, like see you.
See you.
Come on.
Need any help? I'm not taking much.
I bet Stephen will be glad to have his workshop back.
I don't know.
He may want to leave it this way in case you want to come visit.
That would be nice.
You're not taking these? Something to remember us by? I'll draw new ones.
Kyle, if Josh doesn't make it home to say goodbye, it's not because I understand.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come for a real goodbye? Yeah, you know, I don't want him to leave with me all mad at him.
- Totally un-doglike.
- Don't make a thing out of it.
Out of what? The fact that you turned me into a good guy.
I have? What, Trager, you think all this sensitive crap comes naturally? Get real.
I feel like we're having a moment.
I guess that's what happens when you're in a relationship.
- Horrible, right? - Awful.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We're all set here.
- So you're finally out of here? - Yep.
After all that, you're just a regular kid with normal parents.
I liked you better as an alien.
Don't worry.
I still got a few alien tricks up my sleeve.
- Thanks for everything.
- Take care, kid.
We'll call you every day.
Ready? Ready.
I left a few things for you.
They're in my room.
Thanks, man.
I remember the vacation we had in Hawaii when I was nine.
I had never seen a palm tree before.
And you took me to the science museum where they had the Whispering Corridors.
And we went sailing, by the waterfall on the boat with the rainbow sail.
You've proven you can keep my secrets.
If there was anything, don't you think I'd find a way to bring you in on it? What you got there? You two are very good liars.
It's our job.
- Banana split, hold the banana.
- Had to seem authentic.
And the DNA test.
We were provided the appropriate genetic material.
From who? Oh, you'll meet him soon.
It's done.
Zzyzx will come after you, you know.
Rebecca Thatcher will make it her mission.
- What are you gonna do? - I'll be ready.
What did you tell him? Go with the Petersons to keep the Tragers out of danger, and I'd send him to somebody that could tell him everything.
I'll be waiting.
Tell me more.
Tell me why people want me dead, why that test said David and Julia Peterson were my parents when I don't remember anything about them.
Why don't I remember anything before that night in the woods with Kern? OK, I'll tell you.
You don't remember anything before that night because there's nothing to remember.
What do you mean? Before that night, for all intents and purposes, you You didn't exist.
I assume the news isn't good.
According to records, the boy's been returned to his birth parents.
That's amusing, considering he doesn't have any.
I tried to find out who they are, but the paper trail led to a series of dead ends.
As though he disappeared without a trace.
Not entirely.
I have an idea who's behind all of this.
Where are we? All we were told was to bring you here.
It's good to see you again, Kyle.
I'm Adam Baylin.
What do you want from me? What would you like to know? Everything.
Then you should come with me.
Do you think they'll actually tell him where he came from? That he was nothing more than a scientific experiment? A failed one? Well, Baylin might disagree with your assessment.
With being a failure? After all, the boy did what neither of you intended him to do when you started.
He survived in the outside world.
I'll take care of 781227 and Adam Baylin.
In the meantime, I've run the diagnostics.