Kyle XY s02e18 Episode Script

Between The Rack and a Hard Place

[Kyle] Previously on Kyle XY: You have no idea how disappointed l am right now.
Don't you care l'm not happy at the conservatory? Thank you for letting me know Amanda was here.
- Glad l could help.
- My mom and l talked.
She won't let me see you outside of school.
l need to get a job to learn to be mature and responsible.
l am lazy.
My work ethic does suck, and l don't care about school.
Don't expect me to ride shotgun on your ''woe is me'' interstate.
You're smart, and you know it.
Get off your ass and start making something of yourself.
l know that box is important.
Don't think Kyle'd want you to handle it.
Do you know why it's important to him? Because l do.
You have no idea about what Kyle and l share with each other.
l know you don't know him as well as you think.
The way you crossed boundaries, mixing your personal and professional life, - shows an alarming lack of judgment.
- l have big plans for you, Jessi, and l need you to be as strong and as smart as you can possibly be.
l need to focus on my family now.
Brian said you'd be like this.
He said l couldn't count on you.
- Why would he say that? - You keep sending me away.
l'm comfortable with where we are.
- [Declan] Which is? - Friends.
- Friends.
- Without benefits.
lf there's ever anything you want to tell me, l hope you know you can.
l do know that.
lt's time we take your training wheels off.
You ready? l wanna go over the milk to espresso ratio Forget the cheat sheet.
Just shadow me.
You'll get the hang of it.
How's the rookie? - OK, l guess.
- You'll be fine.
l mean, if Josh can do it - Nice.
- Sundays are slow.
lt's a good day to, you know, ease into it.
OK, this cash register can get a little complicated.
You could put a rover on Mars with this thing.
Anyways, we start with 200 bucks in the till to make change.
We take the drawer out of the safe in the mornings.
At the end of the day, we add up all the sales and put it back in the safe for the next day.
- For? - l want to be your first.
Being somebody's first can mean something completely different.
- l want to be your first customer.
- l knew what you meant.
- ls this what you need? - Oh Thanks.
Now, what can l get for you, sir? l'll have a pineapple-orange- banana smoothie.
Oh, whoops.
l must have hit the wrong button.
- No, l don't want kiwi! - Kiwi sounds good.
- Really? - l love kiwi.
- OK.
How do l take the strawberry off? - l want strawberry, too.
lf you keep changing your order to cover for me, - l'll never learn how to do this right.
- Kiwi-strawberry.
That's my order.
- Promise? - Promise.
- Except there's lime on here.
- Lime makes all the difference.
- Promise? - Promise.
ls this, like, some lame ritual you guys have? Because l promise l'm about to puke.
- Keep it professional.
- l am.
l'm working.
Kyle's a customer.
Listen, l got to take off for a few hours, so you're in charge.
l am? l mean, are you sure? lt's just me and Amanda, and she's new.
Nothing ever happens on Sunday.
- [blender grinding] - Whoa! Aah! Nothing ever happens on Sunday.
l don't want you to see Kyle anymore.
- [Jessi] Why? - l'm just not convinced that he has your best interests in mind.
But he's the only one that understands what it's like to be me.
But he doesn't believe in you.
Not the way that l do.
And the others, Latnok, they They just don't think you're as good as Kyle.
But they're wrong, OK? You can be better.
See, they don't see your potential, and neither does Kyle.
Or he won't.
lf he acknowledges how special you are, then, somehow, it makes him less special.
- He's always helped me.
- Has he always helped you? lt seems that he's pushing you away.
l am the only person who will always be there for you.
Whenever you need me.
Just you and me.
[soft rock plays] You should probably take the seed out of the avocado before you put it in the smoothie machine.
Should've known.
l thought they were just really big limes.
OK, so l'm not that great with fruit.
At least you know an avocado is a fruit.
Most people think it's a vegetable.
- Tell that to the smoothie machine.
- We got customers.
Look alive, OK? l'm on it.
l can't help it if all l want to do is be alone with you.
You really do sound like the manager.
Think l should make the other employees call me ''the Man?'' Anyway, l've got my eye on a big, fat raise.
So if l have to crack the whip a little - Glad l'm not one of your employees.
- Then technically, you're loitering.
You here for Kyle? Do you think, maybe, we could talk? - You know, like we used to? - Jessi, l don't l mean, l'm not your therapist anymore.
Can't we just talk as friends? - l'm not sure that's appropriate.
- Why? Well, there are ethical boundaries, and it's just better if we maintain them.
l think Kyle's at The Rack if you need to talk to him.
[? The Honorary Title: Apologize] What's a girl got to do to get some service around here? - Well, you can start with the manager.
- What happened to J.
? - He put me in charge for a few hours.
- Brave man.
Aren't you forgetting something? Oh, sorry.
Um, sweet, but no.
Money? Cow Keys tickets? - On sale today? - Oh, right.
Fork it over.
Mama needs some green.
Are you sure you're up to this? l thought you'd be too chemo'ed out to wait in line for tickets.
My last chemo was, like, two days ago.
Puking is, like, so yesterday and last night.
l can't believe l'm paying 1 20 bucks for concert tickets.
- Am l not worth it? - You are, but the band? Fine.
We won't go.
But then these are off-limits.
You're giving me an ultimatum? Sometimes it's the only thing guys will respond to.
So either l pay for overpriced concert tickets Or the only rack you'll be seeing is the one that makes you wear that apron.
Yielding to the power of the boob.
And you just lived to feel me up another day.
[groans] Don't tell me Josh roped you into minimum wage hell.
Actually, l'm not getting paid.
Looks like the job does have its perks.
She said all she wants to do is be alone with me.
Looks like you guys are about to take the next step.
What's the next step? l think things are about to get a little bit more hands-on.
As in hands on butts, hands on boobs.
Don't you want to move beyond the hugs and no-tongue kisses? Well, l know that when l'm with her, l You get like you did that day at the pool.
- l can't help it.
- Kyle, that's a good thing.
lt's totally natural.
l'm just not sure Amanda's ready to take the next step.
[Amanda] Kyle? Could you help me in the storage room for a minute? Sure.
You were saying? Go.
- How can l help? - The protein powder.
Top shelf.
l can't reach it.
ls that it? For now.
Were you expecting something else? Lori thought you asked me in here to Oh.
But l kind of wish l'd thought of that.
That's OK.
l'm glad l could help.
Kyle Thank you.
You know, this storage room is our only chance of privacy, at least until my mom cools down.
- When will that be? - lt's hard to tell.
l think she just needs to get to know you better.
l do, too.
But you already know me.
Yeah, but now that we're together, l feel like there's so much l still don't know about you.
And l want to know everything.
[? Turn Off the Stars: I Wasn't Ready] [indistinct chattering] Small cappuccino, decaf Whatever.
Where have you been? lt's a madhouse.
- Sorry.
- Just go wipe the tables.
- l thought Sunday was a slow day.
- Yeah, somebody forgot to tell them.
Can l help? Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to uphold the principles of The Rack and not do anything that'll get me fired andlor sued for labor law violations, so help you, Josh? - What? - l'm deputizing you.
- Just say yes.
- Yes.
OK, Amanda's still new at the register, so keep an eye on her.
And fix the blender ASAP.
Can you multi-task? Right.
Stupid question.
Any questions that aren't stupid? Do l get a badge? You get an apron.
l don't think the smoothie machine is that damaged.
Speaking of damaged - Hi, Jessi.
- Hi.
Do you work here now? Special circumstances.
l'm just helping out.
- l could give you a hand.
- That's OK.
l think l can manage.
Um, the ground wire's not supposed to run back to the motor.
[laughs] You're right.
- Does it bother you that l am? - No, l'm glad you pointed it out.
Well, l was wondering if, maybe, we could talk.
- Um, But if this a bad time, l could - Oh, no, no, no.
Just hang out for a couple minutes.
l'll get you some coffee, and then we can talk.
- Promise? - Yeah.
[? The Stereotypes: The Lines] Easy, there, Lady Macbeth.
You've been scrubbing that same spot for quite some time now.
l hate to be the jealous girl, but l just l don't like seeing them together.
You've got that ''My boyfriend's with another woman'' expression.
- What does that look like? - [door opening] Probably a lot like mine right now.
Except he's not your boyfriend.
You're absolutely right.
He's a free agent.
We both are.
There is no reason at all why it should bother me.
But it does.
l'll prove it.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- l'm Lori.
- Kenzie.
And l'm a little confused.
What? l'm just stopping by to see my friend.
Your friend? - Aren't we? Friends? - l'll see you later.
- No, no, no.
You don't have to go.
- l think l do.
- Thank you for that.
- l was trying to be friendly.
- Yeah, well, don't try so hard.
- Excuse me? Friends want other friends to be happy.
You want me miserable and pining.
- That is so unfair.
- My point exactly.
- [gasp] That did not just happen.
- l'm sorry.
You should be.
Holding the door would get you, what, kicked out of the ass-hat society? Maybe you can put in a good word for me at the psycho bitch league.
Tell you what, let's settle this out of court.
Let me buy you a coffee.
[woman] Yeah, forget it.
Like you're ever gonna get that.
- [man] Should be free by now.
- [woman] l asked for no whipped cream.
Let's go somewhere else.
[man] Should be free by now.
l didn't want milk in this.
- Oh, l'm sorry.
l thought you did.
- Obviously, but l didn't.
- My mistake.
- Actually, sir, you did order milk.
Honey, hang on.
What did you say? You ordered a half-caf double espresso with skim milk.
Then you asked somebody on the phone, ''Do you want anything?'' l'm assuming they said no, because you only ordered the one drink.
We'll fix your order right away.
Not a problem.
- Just give him what he wants.
- But he's wrong.
The customer is always right.
lt's an expression.
l don't get it.
lt doesn't matter if he's wrong, you have to let him think he's right, or he'll take his business somewhere else.
lt's my first day and l can't afford to lose customers, so trust me on this.
Customer is right even when they're wrong.
- Yes.
- Every customer? Everyone.
- [woman] we have a choice.
- [man] l've been here before.
- [woman] there's no other place.
- [man] ten minutes ago.
[rock music plays] Crap.
l lost count again.
You did not seriously just count that.
Do you need serial numbers, too? Since when did the smart guy become a smart-ass? Wait, how much did you say was in there? $397.
That's not right.
There's supposed to be - So - We're short 1 20 bucks.
Josh, l was really careful with the register.
Yeah, when you were at the register.
You took off with Kyle in the storage room.
Anybody could have had their hand in the till.
lt could've happened anytime during the day.
lncluding the time you guys were busy making out.
l hope your little rendezvous was worth it.
[? Red Letter Agent: Under Starlight] - Same count.
- Great.
We were only gone for a minute.
Two minutes and 49 seconds, actually.
Maybe there's another explanation.
OK, full disclosure.
l gave to Andy for the Cow Keys tickets.
l've been saving for weeks to get those tickets.
No one thinks you stole the money.
So let's get back to blaming you and Amanda.
lt must have been a customer.
- Maybe Jessi.
- Jessi? She probably did it to make me look bad.
- No, she couldn't have done it.
- Right.
Jessi would never do that.
She beat up Lori and took her necklace, but she'd never steal any money.
Hey, you still gotta fix this.
lt'll give J.
one less thing to fire me for.
You think he'll fire you because the money's missing? Right after he fires Amanda.
So unless you can figure out what happened, we're both doomed.
l spent most of my job trying to get kids to open up.
Then one of them shows up, crying out for my help.
l slam the door in her face.
l know it's a tough situation, but you got slammed by that social worker.
You can't be Jessi's sounding board.
- She's a former patient.
- Well, l can't just ignore her.
You have to.
They're watching you now.
- Well, it's wrong.
- That's not the point.
Your license is at risk.
You can't jeopardize your career over this.
What's the point of my career if l don't? [Stephen sighs] Hey.
How's your first day going? Not great, actually.
Someone stole money out of the register.
- You think l did it.
- l wouldn't put it past you.
- l'm not a thief.
- Lori's necklace notwithstanding.
- l gave that back.
- Great.
Now give back the money.
l didn't take it.
You may have everyone fooled, even Kyle.
But l know what you're really about.
You don't know anything.
Maybe l should call your mom again and tell her that you're here hanging out with Kyle.
- What are you doing? - What does it look like? Opening drink bottles and not drinking them.
l'm trying to make up for the missing $1 20.
Drink company's doing a prize giveaway game.
Check under certain bottle caps, you can win cash.
- One in 20 is a winner.
- How much have you won? One free drink and a T-shirt.
But we sold eight drinks today, and nobody's won cash.
The odds are one in 20, so if l open twelve more bottles lt doesn't work that way.
The odds are one in 20 for all the bottles produced by the drink company, not just for the bottles that are in this case.
One in twenty odds? Drink company puts out a million bottles, 950,000 of 'em are not winners.
That's a lot of losers.
Even if you do find a winning cap, you have to pay for these bottles.
Yeah, you're right.
l lost my mind for a second there.
ls that all for you? - l'll get one of these, too, please.
- That's $4.
Oh, my God! l won 50 bucks! Thank you so much.
l can't believe it! l wasn't even gonna buy that! Hey! You! - Hey.
- Get away from me.
- Hey.
Whoa, whoa.
- Stay away from me! [screaming] - Lori! - Dad, he tried to attack me! [moaning] - Mr.
Trager? - Mark? Mark? l got those papers you wanted.
l can explain the coffee stains.
- You know him? - He's my T.
No, J.
, everything's cool.
All right, see you soon.
- [? Unkle Bob: One by One] - He'll be back in an hour.
l'm screwed.
ls this even close to working? l have to boost the motor's power, but to do that Don't explain.
Just fix it.
- Hey, l've been waiting.
- l know.
- You said we could talk.
- lt's a little crazy right now.
You promised.
Are you going to turn me away again? Josh needs my help.
Can you give me more time? - No.
- Jessi! Jessi! Let her go.
Why is that so hard? What makes her so important? She said she had something to talk about.
Kyle, Jessi is not your problem.
l love that you assume the best in people, but enough is enough.
Aside from everything else, she is the one who ratted me out to my mom.
- How do you know that? - She admitted it.
She is so manipulative.
She lies, and then she throws it back in your face.
She makes me so uncomfortable.
l know it's not the same thing, but How'd you feel if l said l wanted to keep hanging out with Charlie? - Guess l never thought of it that way.
- l know.
[? Film School: Two Kinds] Excuse me.
What have you done? What you asked.
l'm fixing the smoothie machine.
- With a grenade? - The blades were damaged, so the machine was too inefficient to blend the juice.
By boosting the motor's power, we can compensate.
Unfortunately, that means rewiring the electrical system.
l'm a dead man.
Someone just sprayed graffiti in the bathroom.
''For a good time, call Dava Vina 535'' l know the number.
What's going on? The smoothie machine's motor is broken, so until l fix it No, l mean with you and Amanda.
Are you guys fighting? She doesn't want me to be around Jessi.
Well Amanda doesn't have to know you're hanging out with her.
l won't lie to her.
Then try the four magic words.
- ''You're right.
l'm sorry.
'' - l should apologize, though l don't think l've done anything wrong? Hell, yes.
Sometimes you gotta let them be right, even though you know they're wrong.
Or they'll take their business somewhere else.
- What? - The customer's always right.
Yeah, something like that.
l'm telling you, those four words are an instant cure.
Your fight's over.
You can move right on to the makeup sex or in your case, makeup hugs.
Water seems to be working.
l'll go find some eye drops.
Well, look at the bright side.
l think the pepper spray got the coffee stain out of your shirt.
Yeah, and that's a real priority now.
Hey, l said l was sorry.
- Can l ask you a personal question? - l suppose you're entitled to one.
- Why are you so angry? - Um, let me see.
l guess it started when you let the door hit me in the face.
You branded me a callous jerk without proper provocation.
When it comes down to it, aren't you all callous jerks? l see.
So some guy did you wrong, and l'm the one who gets pepper sprayed.
- Aren't you insightful? - Oh, so l'm right? - No, you're arrogant and conceited.
- And you're bitter and hostile.
You sure you don't want a second spray? l'd be happy to oblige.
Man, l think you already emptied the whole can.
Don't count on it.
l'm sorry l snapped.
The stress is really getting to me.
- l know it's been rough.
- l thought l could handle it.
l mean, this job is the one thing l'm good at, and l've totally screwed it up.
l've managed to double the power to the smoothie machine.
Great, but the money's still missing.
Can't you do something Kyle-like? l can access my holographic memory.
lt lets me reexamine past events from every angle.
l thought you could do something cool, like make money.
OK, do your holodeck whatever thing.
[voices in slow-motion] [Kyle] In replaying the day, I once again saw every encounter with disgruntled customers.
It was a chaotic day where nothing seemed to go right.
Well, almost nothing.
There was one thing that made everything worthwhile.
Take the seed out of the avocado before you put it in the smoothie machine.
Amanda's reassuring touch.
l can't help it if all l want to do is be alone with you.
Her playful laugh.
Kyle? Could you help me in the storage room for a minute? Sure.
And most of all, the sweetness of her kiss.
These moments made all of my other problems disappear.
[Josh] Being somebody's first can mean something completely different.
- l want to be your first customer.
- l knew what you meant.
- ls this what you need? - Thanks.
That was it.
Well, what happened to the cash? - lt was never in the cash drawer.
- What? l replayed the day back to the beginning.
Right before Amanda took my order, l helped her with the cash drawer.
Each bill weighs one gram.
The drawer was nine grams too light.
Based on the levels of denominations, it looked like four twenties, three tens and two fives were missing.
That's a total of $1 20 that was missing before the cash was put in the register.
A superhuman memory bank with a built-in scale.
You count the money in the drawer before the start of the day? No.
l was training Amanda.
- J.
counted it.
- Maybe he made a mistake.
Yeah, blaming my boss, that'll go over big.
lt's OK.
l'll take the heat for this.
- Amanda's in the clear.
- But it wasn't your fault.
That's what happens when you're the man.
l cancered my way into front-row seats.
- Hey, Kyle.
- Hi.
FYl? l implied you had cancer, too.
So we might have to shave your head.
- lt's a fitting end to a horrible day.
- What happened? There's 1 20 bucks missing from the cash register.
l'm totally fired.
Well, if J.
busts you for that, you can bust him for playing hooky.
l saw him in line for the Cow Keys tickets.
Tickets that cost $1 20.
took the money to buy concert tickets? Doesn't make sense.
He'd know the register'd come up short.
He'd get caught.
That's why he put you in charge.
You're his fall guy.
That bastard's gonna be here any minute.
What do l do? [blender roaring] Maybe l boosted the power too much.
- [all gasp] - You think? You've got to be kidding me.
On the bright side, the missing money isn't the first thing your boss will notice.
[? David Condos: Right Where It Belongs] l'm sorry about the smoothie machine.
lt's fine.
Amanda, l just wanted you to know that Jessi didn't take the money, and it's not our fault, either.
The manager stole it.
That's great.
You're right.
l'm sorry.
- What? - You're right.
l'm sorry? Does that mean you won't hang out with Jessi anymore? Please tell me, why do you want to be friends with her? l mean, she's creepy, and she's strange, and she beat up your sister, yet everyone's fine with it.
l know it's hard to understand.
You have to trust me.
Trust you? Haven't l been trusting enough? Go on, Kyle and Jessi, stroke each other's bellies.
Have a nice road trip.
Hey, while you're gone, is there a love song l can play for the two of you? The problem isn't that l don't trust you, - it's that you don't trust me.
- l trust you completely.
Really? Then what's the deal with that weird box, the one l pulled out of the underground death trap? The one you almost got yourself killed for? Jessi knows what it is, doesn't she? Amanda You can trust her with your secrets and not me, and until you can do that, maybe l'm the one you shouldn't be hanging out with.
[? The Perishers: Trouble Sleeping] lt's a total no-win situation.
lf l say l don't know what happened to the money, l'm fired.
lf l tell J.
l know he stole it, but can't prove it, then it's his word against mine, and l'm fired.
lf l don't tell Amanda my secrets, l risk losing her.
- lf l do tell her, l risk losing her.
- You don't know that.
Secrets ruined your relationship with Lori.
Openness and honesty hasn't exactly worked, either.
Let Amanda cool off.
She'll be more reasonable.
l think she is being reasonable.
How can we have a real relationship if she doesn't know the truth about me? - Then tell her.
- Then she'd know l'd been lying to her.
She'll forgive you.
Like she forgave Charlie? That's different.
You lied to protect her.
Charlie lied to protect himself.
But what if she looks at me differently? What if she doesn't like who l really am? Then l guess telling her is one way to know if you should really be together.
Amanda! We need to talk.
Look, if you're going to break up with me, please, don't draw it out, just do it quick.
l'm not gonna break up with you.
l need you in my life.
l need you in every part of it.
So let's talk.
Well, l guess l'll see you around.
l mean, once l can see again.
Well, watch your step and l'll go easy on you.
- Declan.
- Hey.
l'll see you.
- Who was that? - Some guy l pepper-sprayed.
- Why did you do that? - He pissed me off.
- l'm sensing a pattern.
- Oh, l see.
l'm being irrational? What about you, Mister all-up-in-arms when l say an innocent hello to your girlfriend? A, she's not my new girlfriend, and B, your tone was hardly innocent.
Oh, what was it, then? Passive-aggressive mean girl comes to mind.
You are so not-allowed to use my own phrases against me.
Trager You're right.
- What? - You're right.
l'm sorry.
l'm totally not falling for that.
- Hi, Mom.
- [phone ringing] - Hey.
- [Brian] Hello.
Taylor Brian.
- It's Nicole Trager.
- Yes? l just wanted to let you know l saw Jessi earlier and she seemed troubled, and l tried to explain to her that it's difficult for me to talk to her now, since l'm not her therapist, but l want to let her know that l do care about her.
Well, l'm sure she'd be glad hear that.
She's just not in right now.
Well, could you let her know that I called? Please tell her that l'm thinking about her.
- Absolutely.
- Thanks.
- Who was that? - Nobody.
What's wrong? You were right.
Kyle doesn't care.
He won't even talk to me.
And neither will Nicole.
l tried to explain.
They're not family.
But l just want to be their friend, but they won't let me.
They're jealous.
You know what you're capable of, but they don't want to see you succeed.
Not like l do.
l'm your father, Jess.
l will never let you down.
[? Grace Potter and the Nocturnals: Apologies] The place is clean.
The smoothie machine is fixed.
Now if only l could find $1 20 lying around somewhere.
l scalped the Cow Keys tickets.
But l thought you were really looking forward to seeing them live? No, l was really looking forward to spending time with you.
[chuckles] So how did it go? - No worries.
- All right.
There's so much we don't know about each other.
And l want to know everything about you.
l want to know everything about you, too.
But l think we should take it slow.
Savor each new thing.
- One step at a time? - Exactly.
So how about this? l'll tell you something you don't know about me, and then you tell me something l don't know about you.
So that box you asked me about, it belonged to someone very close to me.
But you found that box underground.
Whose was it? - My biological father.
- Your biological father? A man named Adam Baylin.
He worked in that facility many years ago.
- l don't understand.
- lt's OK.
Eventually, you will.
Now it's your turn.
Tell me something l don't already know about you.
- l really like kissing you.
- That doesn't count, l know that.
- l really, really like kissing you? - Sorry, l know that, too.
- My favorite ice cream flavor is - Double mint chip.
- Register balances out.
- You sound surprised.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Good work.
So l gotta take off.
So, cool.
- Don't forget to lock up.
- Have fun at the Cow Keys concert.
Those tickets are really expensive.
What do they cost? Like, 1 20 bucks? Some people would do almost anything to get those tickets.
l guess you really lucked out, huh? Next time, you might not be so lucky.
With what you've got over him, l bet you get the raise sooner rather than later.
- Hush money.
- Or buy Andy something pretty money.
Has a better ring to it.
You know, l may have given up our tickets, but l was able to get the next best thing.
The Cow Keys; Live in Gainesville? When did this go on sale? lt hasn't.
Promo copy.
Doesn't go on sale for two weeks, but Mama's got people who know people.
Yeah, l figured you'd want to give it a listen.
Only if we can listen to it together.
There's a CD player in the storage room.
Sounds like an ultimatum.
Sometimes it's the only thing girls will respond to.
Two years ago, l actually went to band camp.
l saw the photo on your wall.
At this rate, l'll never learn anything about you.
Well, then l guess it could take a while.
You'd better get inside before your mom sees us.
[cellphone ringing] Foss? Foss, l got your message.
[man] lt wasn't from Foss.
Hello, Kyle.