Kyle XY s02e19 Episode Script

First Cut Is the Deepest

[Kyle] Previously on Kyle XY: - l don't remember taking this.
- lt's not us.
That's Adam.
l have to find her.
l have to know who this woman is.
Brian told me about the girl in the picture, Sarah.
He said he created me from Sarah's genetic material after she died.
- How sweet is this? - That's awesome.
You're awesome.
You're kind of awesome, too.
- Get away from me.
- Hey, whoa! - Stay away from me! - Oh! Aah! - You know him? - Yeah.
He's my T.
- You're arrogant and conceited.
- And you're bitter and hostile.
There's so much we don't know about each other.
l want to know everything about you.
[Kyle] l want to know everything about you, too.
l don't want you to see Kyle anymore.
He's the only one that understands what it's like to be me.
He doesn't believe in you.
Not the way that l do.
They just don't think you're as good as Kyle.
They're wrong.
You can be better.
Don't forget, l am more like you than any of these people here.
More than the Tragers, more than Amanda.
[Jessi] l thought you said Adam was dead.
l scattered his ashes.
Adam! Hello, Kyle.
[Kyle] The human body has its own built-in repair kit.
Our response to injury is automatic.
The skin is torn, the brain activates platelets in the blood.
Drawn to the injury, the blood forms a clot.
But you have greater control of your brain.
You can isolate the platelets and direct them to an injury sooner, and heal faster.
That's what you did after you were shot.
Well, what took me months, with your gifts, may only take weeks.
l can't believe you're here standing in front of me.
Now you know anything is possible.
Draw the oil through the water like platelets through your blood.
What Baylin was teaching me may have been true for wounds that pierce the skin, but I also knew of ruptures and breaks between people that were easier to cause than to cure, like my friendship with Jessi.
Foss has trained you well.
Adam, l need to talk to you.
About Jessi.
You made it seem like l was the only one.
Well, l thought you were.
According to Latnok, Brian Taylor's been acting in his own interest for years.
- l just didn't realize it.
- But you did.
You sent me that message not to trust him.
Based on a hunch.
l had no idea Taylor was still conducting the experiment after l created you.
- Neither did Latnok.
- But Taylor is Latnok.
Not anymore.
You may have noticed he's no longer wearing the ring.
Once l recovered and Latnok put the pieces together, he was stripped of his affiliation.
They don't approve of what he did.
- Jessi should've never been created.
- But she was.
And all she wants is to feel like she matters to somebody.
- You can't turn your backs on her.
- We're not.
On the contrary, we're all very concerned about Jessi's well-being.
ln fact, we're looking to you to take care of her.
That hasn't been easy.
And she's mad at me now.
You have to keep trying.
l know Brian Taylor.
He's gonna push her too hard to prove that it wasn't a mistake to create her.
And if Jessi is anything at all like her mother, she'll get carried away.
She won't know when to stop.
[heart monitor beeping] l'm increasing your incline and speed by five percent.
- You sure? - l said l'm fine.
All right.
- Move it.
- There's no water in it.
l can't manipulate the polarity.
You've mastered that.
Challenge yourself.
- lt's impossible.
- Not for you.
- How was that? - lncredible.
- [breathing heavily] - [heart monitor beeps increasing] - You need a break? - No.
l'm just getting started.
l think you do more homework than your students.
l'm the teacher.
l have to be the smartest one in the class.
Speaking of which, how'd it go? With Adam? Good.
He's teaching me about healing.
He healed himself from a gunshot wound.
l'm sure he has a lot to offer.
You know, we'd really love to meet him.
l don't think he's comfortable around people.
He's spent a lot of time on his own.
Well, no pressure.
Whenever he's ready.
He said it's imperative that l reconnect with Jessi.
You think we could go to U-Dub with you tomorrow? U-Dub? Why? Turns out Sarah was a student there with Adam.
l think Jessi'd like to see where her mother went to school.
- lt's fine with me.
- Great.
- What? - [sighing heavily] Kyle's coming to work with me.
That never ends well.
[gasps] What are you doing? Trying to put a lesson Adam Baylin taught me into practice.
- ls he teaching you how to shave? - Heal a wound.
Whoa! Cool.
Go ahead.
Seal it up.
- ls it working? - Shh.
Hey, if you pull this off and keep practicing, maybe you can give curing Andy's cancer a shot.
l can't even get this small cut to stop bleeding.
What's up with that? - Do you want to try? - Draw my own blood? Are you crazy? [sighs] What are you doing here? - l needed to talk to you.
- Did you ever hear of a phone? - You won't take my calls.
- How about the front door? l'm being direct, like you.
Can l come in? - l hope l didn't startle you.
- l heard you coming.
lt's hard to be quiet when you're scaling a building.
- l am.
l've done it lots of times.
- Oh.
Well, it's tricky.
The ledges are narrow.
So what do you want? Every time you've tried to talk to me lately, l've put you off.
- l want to make it up to you.
- Don't bother.
lt's not a bother.
l've thought about what you said.
You're right.
There is no one more like me than you.
You climbed all the way up here just to tell me that? l want to tell you Adam's recovered.
He's told me a way we could find out about our history, about Sarah.
Sarah? How? - ls this where she studied? - Could be.
- Well, what did Adam tell you? - Not much.
He thought we should discover things about her on our own.
He said we could start with articles from the archives of the school paper.
- She made the paper? - Uh-huh.
- What do you think she did? - Let's find out.
[? Adam Merrin: Summer's Almost Gone] Hi.
- Hey, you working today? - Worse.
Prom committee.
Since when are you not excited about a committee? Thought you had the word tattooed on your l'm not gonna let you finish that.
My mom's decided l need to keep extracurricular obligations that might look good on college applications, but not let me go to prom.
- Ouch.
- Bummer.
Since you're in charge, can you do something about the music? - What about it? - l don't know.
Make it not suck.
Or maybe just suck less.
Let's see.
l have less than four weeks to book a venue, plan a theme, decorations, food, transportation, security and photographers for an event l won't be attending.
l'll be sure to make the music my top priority.
When did Pollyanna learn to be facetious? Stop it.
[Jessi] She was amazing, brilliant.
[Kyle] No wonder she and Adam were friends.
l'll bet she was smarter.
l don't know.
But she was special.
All those honors and awards.
She was the best.
What else is there? ''Honor student sabotages biochem final.
'' ''The Biochemistry department cancelled the final exam after discovering honor student Sarah Emerson stole the test and vandalized the lecture hall in the science building.
'' Vandalized it.
Where's the lecture hall? [? The Stereotypes: Came To Say Hello] [panting] - ls your upper lymph node swollen? - No.
- What about on this side? - Eye on the prize.
- You feel hot.
- Thank you.
l mean, you feel hot, as in fever.
When l said l wanted to play doctor, l was expecting inappropriate over-the-shirt action, not J.
Trager, mini-MD.
- Sorry.
- Don't be sorry.
Be grabby.
You sure you're OK? lf your future self travels back in time to this moment, he'll slap you.
l am here on your lap bringing the sexy, and your mind and hands are everywhere but where they should be.
l can't stop thinking about your test tomorrow.
Aren't you? Thinking about whether l still have cancer or not? Never entered my mind.
[grunts, sighs deeply] You know what? Forget it.
- Don't get mad.
- All l want is a diversion.
- l'm just a diversion? - You know what l mean.
l think we need help.
[? Red Letter Agent: Hooked To You] - Hi, friend.
- Hi.
- Whatchya doin'? - Studying.
- Why? - Nothing else to do.
Come on.
Things aren't that boring around here, are they? You miss fighting the evil empire.
- l do not.
- You totally do.
l totally do.
l'm bored out of my mind.
l'm not plotting against bad guys, l'm not playing basketball, l'm not having sex.
- You're not having sex? - Not the point.
- l just feel - Restless? Sort of.
Do you have a Lori word handy for things like this? You think those little nuggets of gold grow on trees? We'll find you an adventure, l promise.
Well, whatever she did is long gone by now.
No, it's not.
She drew the Latnok symbol.
What does that have to do with canceling the biochemistry exam? Look closely.
She gave everyone the answers.
Why would the school leave that up there? The article said the professors couldn't help being impressed.
They didn't have the heart to paint over it.
My mother was awesome.
[Stephen] Since you guys are here, l could use your help.
Here's the deal.
Each one of these computers have been loaded up with the security encryption programs you've been working on.
But today l have a little surprise.
Two students from Beachwood will be trying to hack those programs.
- lsn't Beachwood a high school? - Yes, it is.
You have a problem with that, Alessandri? No offense, Stephen, but the NSA would have a hard time cracking my sub-laced elliptically curved 384-bit module system - with a 256-bit encryption.
- Did you actually just say that? Yes.
Why? Well, she might be in high school, but she's a girl, and she's talking to you, which means you're way ahead of the game.
So don't blow it.
All right, Kyle.
ls there anything you and Jessi need besides quiet? - A timer.
- For what? To judge performance and to see who wins.
Why is that important? Because that's how you find out who's the best.
l guess a timer will be fine.
Ready, set, go.
[? Red Letter Agent: Hide Your Love Away] Don't be shocked.
We're about to do something out of character.
- What? - Volunteer.
- For prom committee? - More like a subcommittee.
We're here to help you with your music woes.
There's this amazing deejay who spins out of U.
His mash-ups are ridiculous.
He's got this whole following online.
You should read up on him.
- He is fabulous.
- Sounds fine.
So what's the catch? A little matter of a thousand-dollar deposit.
But if you write us a check, we'll book him for you.
Want me to give you 1 ,000 dollars for someone l've never heard of? No offense, but the fact you haven't heard of him is an endorsement.
- Hilary.
- No, she's right.
When it comes to that kind of stuff, l'm behind the game.
Facetious and self-aware.
l think l might start liking you.
Given the fact you had sex with my ex-boyfriend while we were dating, l don't care.
Facetious, self-aware and spicy.
Anyway, SpinBrandt's working tonight at a bar on campus.
We could go there and track him down and convince him to do it.
l can't go to a bar.
They don't start carding until after 7.
lt's a regular restaurant before.
We could go, book our guy Be out before we're illegal.
- Even your mom can't find fault.
- Believe me, my mom can find fault in anything.
Well, then, just write us a blank check, and we'll take care of everything.
- We're gonna need a ride.
- l've got it covered.
l just cracked the fifth program.
- Me, too.
- Getting a little worried? - Hmm? No, not at all.
- You should be.
[Stephen] Kyle, how's it going? Putting together a second order differential attack - to focus on the weak keys.
- Weak keys.
There are none.
Actually, there's no way to check for them before doing the key expansion.
[computer beeps] - l'm locked out.
- Behold the victor! Not by you.
By Jessi.
[chuckles] Done.
- Your program's toast.
- What happened? - l'm not sure.
- Well, after l hacked in, l went back and reverse engineered the encryption so Kyle couldn't enter.
That was really nice of you to do that for Jessi.
- Do what? - Let her win.
l didn't.
She beat me.
l knew l recognized your face from somewhere.
- What do you mean? - You're famous.
Just for the record, l want to say l think this is a very bad idea.
Mom, we're out of options.
Teetering on the brink of a relational train wreck.
You are our last hope.
- So what's on your mind? - She never takes anything seriously.
- lt's all a big joke to her.
- He's like a TV with only one channel.
- lt's not even a good one.
- Not asking for soap-opera seriousness.
l have to jump on him to get him to touch me.
That's all she thinks about.
l'm not a piece of meat.
On a scale of 1 to 1 0, know what our make-out level is? OK, stop.
We have some work to do.
[? New Ruins: Booklung] [Jessi] So why am l famous? Not you exactly.
Unless, besides hacking computers, - you've managed to master time travel.
- No.
- Not yet.
- Funny.
But if it's not me, then why are we here? Well, l just wanted to see if the sequel matches up to the original.
Oh lt's Sarah.
- [? The Elliots: Cut Back] - [Jessi] Can't believe she played pool.
l play pool.
Lots of people play pool.
Sarah was an artist.
- What's straight pool? - lt's called 1 4.
1 continuous.
Considered to be the truest test of a billiard skill.
There's 1 5 balls in a rack.
lt's shooting as many as you can until you miss.
The world record was 625 balls sunk in a row.
Legend has it Sarah shot 626.
Six in the corner.
World record.
[Mark] Actually, she disappeared, according to the story, before anyone could really verify it.
Why would she do that? We should go.
Stephen's office hours will be over soon.
Eight in the side.
l want to play pool.
We don't really have much time, Jessi.
Then we better get started.
Excuse me.
You want to play? [sighs] You call this an adventure? Come on.
U-Dub? The return to the scene of your first secret mission.
Where you spent the night with some guy, and l stood at the side of the road waiting for Kyle to come back out of the woods - and not tell me anything? - The memory was better in my head.
- Coming in? - No.
Gonna go watch the team practice, see if l can grab a moment with the coach.
- Call me when you're ready to go.
- Will do.
- Let's go.
- [Amanda] Bye, Declan.
- Come on, girls, let's do this.
- l better not get in trouble for this.
[? The Apples in Stereo: Sunndal Song] - Yeah! - College bars.
- Good times.
- Hey, is that Jessi? Six in the corner.
Oh, no.
- What's the matter? - l can't go out there.
lf she sees me here, she'll bust me to my mom.
Come on.
She's not that evil, is she? - Alrighty, then.
- l'll wait in here.
- You guys go handle the deejay.
- [Lori] Um, yeah.
We kind of have a problem with that now.
- What do you mean? - He doesn't go on until 7:30.
- And they start carding at seven.
- Not a problem, little Brownies.
We'll hang out in the bathroom until They only card at the door.
That's a terrible plan.
Will it work? - Trust me.
l'm a professional.
- l don't think we should do this.
We've come this far.
An extra hour won't kill us.
Please, please, please, please, please! We're so close to musical victory and prom greatness.
l've totally just succumbed to peer pressure.
Welcome to our worlds.
OK, relationships are hard work.
Tell me about it.
And communication can be the hardest.
What many couples do is share private thoughts on a regular basis.
lt's a good way of maintaining their intimacy.
Thanks to me losing it at the Madacorp picnic, she knows everything there is to know about me.
- That's depressing.
- Andy.
l want you to share with Josh something you've never told him.
Everyone thinks that ''Andy'' is short for ''Andrea.
'' And l let people think that, but in actuality, my moms named me Andromeda.
Andromeda? They named you after a TV show? lt's from Greek mythology, moron.
lt means ruler of all men.
Better than having an O-Town poster hanging in my bedroom.
You promised you'd never mention that.
lf the tight pants fit, wear 'em, boy band groupie.
- [Josh] You are such a liar! - [Andy] You are.
- We are so done! - Right.
We are so done! For good! - That's it.
l'm outta here.
- Enough.
You, out.
You can't do that.
You're supposed to be our therapist.
Right now, l'm your mom and Andy's therapist.
Move it.
- [door shuts] - Tough love.
[? The Bell: Nothing is Logical] - 326.
- Seven ball in the corner.
- You seem to know a lot about Sarah.
- When you spend enough time in here, you hear all the stories.
She's a legend in the science building.
You should check out this picture she drew.
We saw it.
- lt's pretty awesome, right? - Yeah.
Do you know what happened to her? Yeah.
lt's sad.
l heard that she just lost it.
She went nuts.
She became obsessed.
She had to be the best at everything.
And, supposedly, it killed her.
[Kyle] Tell me more.
What is that? That's Josh's third birthday party.
He was going through his Tarzan phase.
l can see.
[laughs] l know how special he is, and l know how much he cares.
But? l have not one, but two moms.
l have three different doctors making sure l don't do one teeny, tiny thing wrong.
l don't need my boyfriend to do it, too.
We don't go anywhere or stay out too late or do stupid things just to do them.
- l'm - You're what? l'm going in for my checkup tomorrow.
lt'll tell me if l'm better or not.
And if l'm not, things are gonna get real bad.
l'm afraid he's gonna forget how much fun we have together.
l don't want to be that sucky downer he has to hang out with after school every day because he has to.
l couldn't deal with that.
This is ridiculous.
lt's past 6:30.
- Maybe he's already setting up.
- l'll go check.
God, l look pretty today.
[? The Stereotypes: Did You Know] - Crap.
- Does your father know you're in a bar? l know that you don't know me as anything other than the psychotic walking mood swing who pepper-sprayed you, but could you pretend you didn't see me? Want me to not tell my new boss his teenage daughter is hanging out at a college bar? What are you doing here? l'm trying to book the deejay for an event.
- What kind of event? - You know, dance thing.
- High school dance thing? - Maybe.
A prom! You want to ask a deejay who spins at the biggest parties on campus - to do a high school prom? - What's wrong with that? Well, for one, it's in high school.
High school kids are, well, stupid.
l'm in high school, jackass.
Making a good case for why l shouldn't bust you to your dad.
Do whatever you want.
Be a suck-up.
Contribute to me being grounded for the rest of high school, and then, maybe, when l come of age, l will come down here legally and personally kick your ass.
- Ten in the corner.
- [cheering] [Kyle] Jessi seemed so focused, driven, and trying to be like Sarah.
And I knew that Sarah's pushing too hard is what got her into trouble.
- Jessi, we need to wait outside.
- l'm not going anywhere.
- Jessi.
- No.
Not until l lose.
To get Jessi to leave, I needed to beat her at her own game.
OK, then.
Play against me.
l'll rack 'em up.
[? The Apples in Stereo: Energy] - [man] That means you're solids, man.
- Don't worry.
He's got nothing on you.
[woman] Wow, he's really good.
[crowd cheers] [man] lf he sinks this ball, she's done.
[crowd groans] [Kyle] I didn't know what she was trying to prove or how she could do what I couldn't.
Hot professor alert.
l just saw him walking across the quad.
[woman 2] l have never seen a teacher with shoulders like that.
[woman 1] And those cute little laugh wrinkles, l just want to lick 'em.
[laughing] l think that we need to take a class in software design.
l'm sure Stephen Trager can teach me plenty.
OK, that's it.
- Your dad's a total PlLF.
- What's a PlLF? - Professor l'd like to - Learn from.
l'm calling Declan.
We need to go.
Why? We're safe.
lt's almost seven.
- The problem's gone.
- Along with my innocence.
- Hey, yeah, we're ready.
- And what about the deejay? No prom music is worth what l had to hear.
[video game gunfire] Taking out the bad guys? What, you want to play? - [gunfire] - [indistinct shouting] G-Force is your favorite game, right? You're great at it.
Well Counseling is my game.
So here's the deal.
lf l can score a point off you in your game, you let me do mine.
First of all, it's not a point, it's a kill.
And l currently lead all level l honestly have no idea what you just said.
OK, you're in.
The screen on the left's yours.
By the way, l just showed Andy a few of the old family photo albums.
Oh? She really enjoyed your third birthday photos.
- What? No, you didn't.
- l win! [scoffs] No fair.
Those pics should've been burned years ago.
- l mean, l was naked, for God's sake.
- So? lt was a cold day and a pool party, remember? You told her l had just left the pool, right? You were three.
And she thought those pictures were adorable.
She did? You know, Andy appreciates that you're concerned about her.
She needs the fun-loving, G-Force-playing, hilarious side of you, too.
l guess l've been pretty boring lately.
l mean, with all the doctor stuff and studying.
No, you're not gonna use this as an excuse to get out of studying.
So she really thinks l'm all those things you said? She's not the only one.
[woman] Only the eight ball left.
She gets that, she wins.
Go for it.
lt's your turn.
l know.
l'm giving it to you.
[crowd gasps] [Kyle] Somehow, she'd gotten stronger, better.
But at a cost.
- You're bleeding.
- No.
l'm fine.
Try it again.
- We're leaving.
Jessi - No.
- Hey.
No means no, assface.
- l know what it means.
Apparently, you don't.
- We have to go.
- She'll leave when she wants to.
OK, if that's the way it's gonna be.
- l'm not gonna fight you.
- But l will.
[? Scissors For Lefty: Next To Argyle] Move! [grunting, shouting] - Get down! - What the hell are you doing? l'm saving you.
Your brother Kyle's crazy friend instigated a brawl.
- Kyle's here? - l may not bust you to your dad, but l'm not letting you get hospitalized.
You choose now to be chivalrous.
- You caught me on a bad day.
- What are we doing in here? - Hiding in my booth.
- l got that Your booth? - That's what l said.
- You're DJ SpinBrandt? - And l don't do proms.
- Oh, my God! l can't believe l got into this whole mess over you! [grunting] - Are you OK? - [indistinct shouting] Declan's facing off against a super cute frat boy - wearing a lovely Marc Jacobs sweater.
- Jessi! - Amanda.
- Kyle! What are you doing here? You OK? - You're so my hero right now.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- [girl screams] - Let's go.
l'm Hilary, and l'm in a bar fight.
l'm sorry about what happened in there.
- What happened? - Nothing.
l cut myself on glass.
- Jessi.
- Kyle, it's fine.
We'll find Stephen, get you to a hospital.
- No, l can fix it.
- You can't.
And neither can l.
Adam could.
l bet with how smart Sarah was, she could've, too.
Jessi, you shouldn't push yourself.
You don't know What don't l know? [Kyle] Jessi was able to heal a wound.
But keeping her safe and whole'd draw on my ability to break through to her.
You don't know how Sarah died.
She claimed she could move things with her mind, run for hours and never get tired, scale a building with her bare hands.
And then she died.
People said she went crazy.
- My mother wasn't crazy.
- Of course not.
She was like you.
She was doing all the things you're doing, pushing herself, trying too much too fast.
And when she tried something she wasn't ready for, it killed her.
- Don't want to see that happen to you.
- Kyle, l'm fine.
You can't keep doing this to yourself.
Promise me you'll stop.
l promise.
- You.
- That's right.
The real you or the prickly version? The ass-whoopin', kung fu, butt-kickin' version.
- Seriously? You know kung fu? - No.
But one time, Kyle showed me how to do a roundhouse.
- Cool.
Teach me? - Sure.
So is this the moment that we're supposed to old school Hollywood it into each other's arms? Because l'm not running.
- Neither am l.
- Especially not into your arms.
Those things are like chicken legs.
- You love my arms.
- They are cute.
l'm never getting rid of you, am l? - Nope.
- Good.
- And the cut was gone? - Completely.
l saw Jessi heal herself.
She might very well be more advanced than you.
But she's so impulsive.
And that makes you feel responsible for her.
More than ever.
She needs me to watch out for her.
Like Sarah needed me.
She was falling apart, and it was all just too much for me to handle.
And l left.
That can't be true.
lt is true.
l failed her.
And l had no right to ask you to be responsible for Jessi when l was incapable of doing that myself.
l thought if you went to the university, and learned what happened to Sarah That l'd make the choice for myself.
You're very brave, Kyle.
And l'm proud of you.
[? Cary Brothers: The Glass Parade] l thought your mom didn't allow nighttime meetings.
She doesn't.
She had a glass of wine with dinner and passed out on the couch.
Now l know what it feels like to be Lois Lane.
- Lois who? - You know, Superman's girlfriend.
She always wanted to be the center of his universe, but eventually she realized being with him meant having to share him.
And did she? lt was hard for her at first.
But then she realized that it was his destiny to help people.
l just can't help but think, though, he was so busy protecting other people, there was never anyone protecting him.
Well, that's why it's not real.
Everyone needs someone to protect them once in a while.
[Kyle] There's truth in the saying that time heals all wounds.
Physically, the healing begins in moments, and our bodies do all the work.
But when a relationship is injured, some wounds heal in a day.
Others lay bare for the rest of our lives.
Sometimes we only have to heal ourselves.
What was that for? For persuading me away from couples therapy.
Personally, l think you'd make a killing as a marriage counselor.
What about you guys? Anything eventful happen in your day? Hilary, Declan, Amanda and l went to a bar and got into a brawl.
Yeah, right.
Next time, leave Amanda out if you want to sell your story.
All right.
[Kyle] And, sometimes, our true work lies in healing others.
Hi, Andy.
Hey, Kyle.
Josh told me about your test tomorrow.
Keep your fingers crossed.
- Why? - lt's good luck.
- Can't hurt, right? - Right.
l just want to get it over with.
Waiting is the hardest part.
Andy, everything's gonna be OK.
You know, when you say it, l almost believe it.
You're really a good friend.