Kyle XY s02e20 Episode Script

Primary Colors

Previously on kyle xy, My mom and I talked, She won't let me see you outside of school for awhile.
She could be you.
What? The two of you Used to play that song all the time.
It's not there.
It's their song,d4, It's the missing record from the jukebox.
Where did you get this? I found it in my room.
I'm trying to book the dj for an event.
A prom? You're dj Spinbrandt? And I don't do proms.
Oh,my god,i can't believe I got into this whole mess over you! How sweet is this? You're awesome.
You're kind of awesome,too.
Maybe I am lazy and I lack study skills, But I've changed, And I'm going to do something important with my life And make a difference.
You don't know how Sarah died.
She was just like you.
Trying too much,too fast, And when she tried something she wasn't ready for,it killed her.
You can't keep doing this to yourself.
Promise me you'll stop.
I promise I'm going in for my check-up tomorrow, It'll tell me if I'm better or not.
Andy,everything's going to be okay.
You know,when you say it, I almost believe it.
When we sleep,the subconscious mind takes over.
Our dreams can reveal what's disturbing us in our waking hours, And there are rare occasions in the state between sleep and consciousness, When the things that most trouble us Can emerge.
Stephen, What are you doing? Happy anniversary.
That's the brace I loved at the art fair.
Yeah,i grabbed the designer's card.
I just ruined your surprise.
Hey,it's not the only thing I have up my sleeve.
I'm making us dinner tomorrow night.
And for dessert I thought we'd have these.
Kyle,what are you doing up? I can't tell what it is yet.
I think he's sleepwalking.
Kyle,why are you in the kitchen? I'm drawing a picture.
Should we wake him up? No,let's just put him back to bed.
I'm not finished yet.
I ran out of wavelengths 640 to 750 nanometers.
Frequency 480 to 405 theraherz.
Hex triplet number ff0000 What's he saying? He's basically saying he needs more red.
Come on,Kyle.
You need to put them in order.
You can do that in the morning.
Good night.
I guess I really was sleepwalking.
Why would I have done that? Maybe you reached a boiling point.
Sleepwalking is sometimes a symptom of stress.
I don't feel stressed.
Well,that doesn't mean you're not experiencing it.
You're restricted from seeing Amanda, Adam baylin has basically come back from the dead, And jesse-- Is still being jesse.
That's three major relationships in your life That are asking you to give an unusual amount of emotional energy.
You think that's why I'm sleepwalking? I think it's Kind of a drastic reaction to the pressure,but Yes,i think you may need to simplify your life a little.
Back it up! I won the coin toss.
Coin toss? Yeah,for your brain.
Form a line,people.
Okay,here's the deal.
Placement exams-- They're mostly crap.
But they're mandatory,so it must be important to do well.
Screw up,and you're looking at summer school.
Really screw up,and you have to repeat a grade.
How can I help? Mr.
callahan is,like, smoking hot for a 35-year-old math teacher.
As a result,i'm in desperate need for a trig recap.
A recap? I haven't exactly paid attention the last semester.
In every subject? not in every subject.
I'm just hung up on a couple of things in biology.
What,does everyone need to study today? Oh,no,i've already studied.
But I'm entering the prom theme song contest.
Losing is not an option.
I'm going to need to tap into your mental thesaurus.
Whatever you need.
So,i managed to convince my mom that it wouldn't hurt To have you tutor me for placement exams.
That's great.
I'd be happy to help you study.
Oh,i don't want to study.
I just want an acceptable excuse to spend time with you today.
A whole afternoon of unchaperoned quality time.
You're not free.
I should have asked you first.
No,it's fine.
I'd love to spend unchaperoned quality time with you.
And I'm think I'm sensing a thaw where my mom's concerned.
If she's letting us study together,a date can't be too far behind.
So I should ask her if we can go out? No.
You should ask her to think about considering the idea Whether or not we can go out.
She's a glacier, not an ice cube.
So if I told her that letting us study is symbolic of her trust in me, And that I'd like to continue to build that trust, Maybe in time I can earn the honor of having a date with you.
Yeah,something exactly like that.
See you later.
Nicole advised me to simplify my life To avoid distractions and commitments, But the people I cared about needed me, And I didn't want to disappoint them.
Kyle! steven,is something wrong? Yeah,the broth for my bouillabaisse .
Impressive, Nicole will love it.
Not if she can cut it with a knife.
It should be vaguely in the realm of soup.
Could you make something simpler? It's her anniversary.
I want to wow her.
I've never cooked before.
I have a cookbook right here.
It's all the basics in less than 2,000 pages.
You can swing that,right? I'll see what I can do.
Kill me now.
My headstone can say, "here lies Lori Trager, singer/songwriter, Choked on her own lyrics.
" It's a contest for a prom theme song.
Tap into your inner girl.
What does make the rest of me? You know what I mean.
Don't let it frustrate you.
I can't help it.
Study guide.
I cross-referenced placement test guidelines With your english class syllabus.
Factoring in mid-terms and quizzes I pinpointed the areas where you should focus To maximize your study time.
W-w-w-wait! My turn.
What rhymes with corsage? There are 12 interims for the word "corsage.
" Garage,massage, Barrage,mirage, Wait,there's also Four words is a start.
How's your study guide? Nice.
Bio with a focus on human analogy.
That's what I said.
Do you hear that? What is it? Someone's humming.
It's Jessi.
Why can I hear her? A little something called super hearing? I can only do that when I'm trying.
Your point? I'm not trying.
Thanks for this.
We'll get the study group going out to the house later.
Is four o'clock cool? Sure.
today? hi.
You were just humming that song.
How did you make it sound so loud? I didn't.
I was just humming.
You must've used the acoustics in here to direct your voice.
Have-- have you been sleeping? You seem kind of worn down.
I do? There's something wrong with you.
I can feel it.
I just need you to play my song So I can give it a pure listen and make sure it's going To mesh with my lyrics.
Five minutes and then you can go stop dad From burning down our house.
Um,that's not my song.
I played what you wrote.
Play it again.
B flat, G minor, I don't even know how to play that chord.
E flat major seven.
F major.
That's not your song.
I'm sorry,i've had this other song stuck in my head all day.
Whatever it is,it's pretty.
Thanks for bailing me out.
I really want this dinner to be something special.
When you're doing something for someone you really care about Jessi was right,there was something wrong with me.
My mind seemed to be playing tricks.
No matter how hard I focused, I was losing control of my abilities.
And I didn't know why.
You know,you're a natural in the kitchen.
Mom,huge problem.
Okay,Josh,could you give me,like,five minutes? Kyle draws weird stuff all the time.
This is an emergency.
what's wrong? How about every answer on the study sheet? Josh,this is basic high school science.
Come on,you've been doing so well.
That's the thing.
I didn't make that.
Kyle did.
When did this happen? This morning.
Plus,Lori and I both noticed he was being clumsy And he kept having brain farts.
He's on the fritz.
you gotta fix him.
I'm glad you're concerned.
Concerned? I'm flipping out.
I told everyone to come over so kyle can help us study.
What good is he going to be now? He's like the idiot king of stupid town.
Kyle has a lot on his plate right now,okay? Maybe you can try and study without his help.
Or I can find someone as smart as Kyle to fill in.
Yeah,good luck with that.
And I expect you to come straight home for dinner.
Thank you for letting Amanda come over today.
I'm still not sure it's such a good idea.
However, i suppose the proof will come when amanda's test results are posted.
All right.
I just wanna say that I appreciate your trust in me, And I want to continue to build that trust.
I hope you know that I plan on working hard at Earning the honor of a date with your giraffe.
I think he meant "date with me.
" I should certainly hope so.
That's what I said.
Just promise me you'll thank about it.
All right, I'll think about it.
I'll be on time.
Did I say something wrong? It's not a big deal.
you were nervous.
Plus,i think my mom kind of likes making you squirm.
At least we get to spend time together today.
Speaking of time together-- Josh's study group.
I got the text.
I'm sorry.
Honestly,i could use a bit of study time.
As long as I get to sit next to you.
Kyle? little help? That can be arranged.
I just have to finish something in the kitchen.
I'll be waiting.
How's the lobster sauce? I burned it before.
now it's too runny.
I'll give it a try.
I heard lobster.
You keep poking your head in here.
Stephen,i get the whole top secret thing,i really do.
And I appreciate it,but Will you quit snooping,then? Kyle and I have it under control.
Are you sure about that? The recipe says you can thicken the sauce by adding flour.
This isn't flour,is it? Maybe you should lie down for a while.
Go ahead.
I can handle it from here.
But Amanda,she I'll just tell her you didn't sleep well last night.
I'm sure she'll understand.
I'll be in my room if anyone needs me.
Maybe I was too stressed, Too busy trying to be everything to everyone.
Kyle? I drew the pictures again.
Nicole? I only closed my eyes for a minute.
You've been in here for almost an hour.
I checked on you.
You fell asleep at your desk.
Whatever is wrong with me? I don't think it's stress Thank god you're here.
I'm already feeling at least ten points above the 50th percentile.
What is she doing here? Josh called and said you needed help studying.
Kyle's letting you down.
He's not letting us down, he's just-- Not smart enough today? I know,but I am.
You ready to get started? I'm sorry I left you out there.
I think I accidentally fell asleep.
I heard you were tired.
Don't worry.
the study session's underway.
Josh brought in a ringer.
A what? He called in Jessi to help.
If you ask me,she seems a little smug about it.
She probably is.
Is everything okay? Sure.
I'm just You're overloaded.
We all put too much on you today.
But I wanted to be there for everybody.
How about if I'm here for you instead? That feels nice.
You know Jessi probably could help you With your geometry theorems.
What? We're not gonna waste another minute Of our quality time together talking about Jessi.
That's a good idea.
What is it going to take for you to remember? There's no such thing as the vision system.
The eyes are part of the Nervous system? Get up.
Nowname the six muscles That control eye movement.
Lateral rectus.
The medieval rectus.
It's the medial rectus.
wanna study with us? Not so much,no.
Looks like somebodywent to the two-for-one man sale.
it's my bar fight hero.
Not you,sucker punch.
Hey,how's the prom shapin' up? You found any bargain-basement d.
s yet? Funny.
I'm looking at one.
You ought to get your eyes checked,then.
I'm not the one with glasses,four-eyes.
That insult was so high school.
My dad's in the kitchen.
You should go there.
All right.
What? Hey,guys, this should be fun.
I can't study on an empty stomach.
I'm gonna go grab a snack.
I have a crappy high school song to write.
I think Lori needs help with her crappy song.
I'll be right there! Stay.
Thanks for taking care of this.
I usually go to Kyle with the mechanical problems I can't take care of myself, buthe's unavailable,so It's not a problem.
um,i'll have 'em back to you tomorrow.
Uh,is there a bathroom I could use before I head out? Upstairs and to the right.
excuse me.
Your ceviche looks perfect, mr.
Is that fresh cilantro? Yes,it is.
what else have you made? Well,you name it, and I've probably wrecked it Already once or twice today.
Started out trying to make a bouillabaisse, And Kyle helped me pare it down from there.
Wise choice! it took me three of four tries Before I even got into the french provençal cuisine ballpark.
Uh,Hillary,what was it You were expecting to study today? Trig.
I'd give you the lowdown On mr.
callahan and his massive shoulders, But we're not really friends like that yet,are we? Uh,no,not yet.
but did you know That when I was an undergrad I was a double major? And one of 'em was applied mathematics? For reals? Cause I'm sensing you need a salad course That'll stand up to your steaks Without overpowering your lobster.
How about a tomato, orange,and saved fennel salad With frizzled leeks? You frizzle, and I'll tutor.
See? I told you it would work out.
that was great.
Thanks,but that's not honest criticism.
You're being a friend, And there are times when I need that from you Or from my mother.
this is not one of them.
Did you just compare me to your-- Sorta,kinda,yeah.
Did you hear any of that song? Uh,not really.
Come in here.
what does his opinion matter? He knows music.
I need a disinterested Yet well-informed party to weigh in.
Go ahead,mark.
be completely unfiltered.
No holds barred.
Well,uh,the lyrics were catchy.
None of this weak-ass, college boy, Discussion group bull.
be real.
All right.
You need to work on musical composition.
That's what I'm talking about.
In-you-face gut reaction.
I mean, your fingering's a mess.
You handle a guitar like a-- a blunt instrument.
Real nice.
no,no,it's okay.
Come on.
There are more than three chords to a pop song.
You know? just because most people don't use 'em and-- You should push yourself to be not so derivative.
Jessi,can I interrupt? Absolutely.
we're not finished.
I'll take over for you.
Come on.
Over here.
I need you to try and read me.
I read that answer sheet you made for Josh.
That's about all I need to know.
When'd you get so ordinary? I'm serious,Jessi.
You knew something was wrong with me this morning.
Maybe you can get in my head and figure out what's happening.
All right.
I'll try.
You have to try,too.
I amtrying.
It's like the signal's weak or something.
What did you do? What do you mean? You did something.
you pushed.
That's not fair.
I-- I didn't do anything.
You made me promise not to push myself, And then you go out and do something new? Tell me what it is.
This isn't a game,Jessi.
I don't know what's happening to me.
I could really be-- You're the best.
did you know that? I guess I do now.
what's this for? The other day, when I was nervous about my tests To see if the cancer was gone-- I don't really know you,but-- Anyway,you were just there.
it's like You knew I needed a hug.
I don't really know you,either! Oh.
it's okay.
hugs are good.
What's all the lovin for? I was gonna text.
too impersonal.
Then I was gonna call, but again,digital.
This is a strictly analog moment that should be shared With real-time hugs and gushy feelings.
My test results are back.
I'm officially in remission! What did you do? You did it.
you cured her.
That's impossible.
why? Because it is.
I healed my hand.
Adam Baylin Healed himself when he was shot.
It's not the same,Jessi.
Andy's cancer was blood-related.
Manipulating blood cells to heal a cut That's not that far off from what you'd have to do.
But I didn't try to do anything.
I just wanted to make her feel better.
An emotional trigger Which is how we always discover new abilities.
Yes,but it-- why are you always Trying to deny what we're capable of? Can you just stop yelling? I'm not.
It's pounding in my head.
You're messed up.
You did something that taxed your system.
Now your system is punishing you.
Look what happens if we're not strong enough.
Jessi,i can't do this right now.
Everyone out there is relying on me.
For study groups? cooking? You and I are so much more than that.
I don't wantto be so much more! I wantto help Josh ace his exams Lori write her song, and steven prepare The perfect dinner for nicole.
I want to spend the afternoon with Amanda.
I want to be there for them Be the person they need me to be.
You wouldn't understand.
You're right.
I wouldn't.
Jessi,i'm sorry.
I didn't mean-- We should,uh-- you should get back out there.
I'm sure everyone's wondering where you are.
I really have to go.
my moms are taking me out to celebrate.
Pizza and batting cages.
I should get back to studying.
I'm glad I'm not with cancer girl anymore.
Well,i guess that means you need a new t-shirt.
I really have to go.
Hils,i'm gonna take off.
What about the study session? Not feelin' it.
Where's Lori? Upstairs.
mark gave here some feedback On her prom song.
my t.
mark? Apparently,he's some all-knowing musical big shot.
You're kidding.
is he still here? No.
he left.
Andhe's a little obnoxious, if you ask me.
all right,uh, where were we? Umright.
a cord Is just a straight line drawn between two points On a curve.
I think we're friends now.
Can I be honest? Sure,but could mr.
callahan wait? It's not about him.
it's about mark.
I'm not so sure Lori should get involved with an older man.
An older-- w-what-- uh,did I miss something? Apparently everything.
Once upon a time, Lori and Declan were leclan.
They were joined at the hip.
Then they weren't.
Personally I think they're meant to be.
so how does my t.
enter the picture? Oh,come on,like you haven't noticed.
Noi haven't.
Well,snarky mark's a hottie in dork's clothing, But I don't think Lori's seeing it just yet.
She has no idea their aggro-flirting Is thinly disguised sexual tension.
Sexual-- what Ex-- exactly are you talking about? Sexual nothing! What I meant was,could you pass the sherry vinegar? Hey,dad.
good news made Josh hungry.
Son,i'm happier for you than I've ever been, But if you touch my ceviche, I will kill you.
Is Kyle okay? he disappeared into his room again.
Hopefully,he's in there getting smarter.
I'm fine.
he's all yours.
It's been a pleasure, mr.
Bon appetite! No more study session? Let's just say I learned some things I'm not sure I wanted to know.
Are you feeling better? I am now.
Kyle,you all right? Yeah.
what can I do to help? We're pretty good here.
Hillary was surprisingly helpful.
UhJosh,how's biology? The medial rectus.
Jessi made sure I'll never forget it.
Not much,but there's no way I'm failing that test.
Okay,at least let me set the table.
Do you need any help? Plates.
Thanks for helping.
what's happening? Kyle! oh,no! Just step back.
dad! Dad? It's gonna be ok You're back so soon? Kyle's not feeling well.
Well,if he felt he was coming down with a bug, He shouldn't have offered to tutor.
You could've caught some Thing.
I remember that song.
I haven't heard it in forever.
how do youknow it? Kyle needed it to get through something once.
He loves it when I play.
Maybe it'll help him now.
Amanda's music was a comfort.
But I still felt lost and confused.
I knew steven and Nicole were worried Not sure how to help me.
All of us were hoping That answers were on the way.
You ready? no.
I'm-- Adam Baylin.
It's so good to finally meet you.
We've heard a lot about you.
Come in.
thank you.
This is,uh,my husband-- steven.
And Nicole.
Kyle speaks very fondly of you.
Well,he's told us a lot about you,too.
Not about the resemblance.
Uhit's pretty striking.
I didn't try to heal Andy.
I wouldn't.
you cautioned me against pushing myself.
Well,using your mind To affect another person's physiology Is conceivable someday.
But I don't think it's possible At this stage of your development.
Yetyou're experiencing strange symptoms.
Especially my hearing.
Sounds are louder distorted.
There must be a link between what you're hearing And what you've been drawing.
Where did you get this? Uh,someone left it for Jessi.
We don't know who.
It was missing from the jukebox When we went to the diner.
Well,have you listened to it? Yes.
how often? A lot lately.
I like it.
it relaxes me.
Listen again.
You don't hear anything else.
Am I supposed to be hearing something? Listen carefully.
How can you study when your whole life just changed? Andy threatened me with my life if I blew off placement exams Just because she's in remission.
She's tough.
Yeah,and without the chemo to make her weak, She could actually kick my ass.
I'm just trying to distract myself From figuring out what's going on at home.
You too,huh? Why'd they kick us out when things were getting good? I wanted to get a look at the mad scientist who brewed up Kyle.
You say it like that, it sounds kind of creepy.
You know what I mean.
The dude's smart.
I just hope he can help Kyle figure out What's up with his power outage.
And all the mental brown-outs.
And all the clumsiness.
All the drawings in primary colors.
Lori? Hey.
You left this sweater.
Yeah,and I brought you this.
What,did you take it upon yourself to rewrite my song? Well, "rewriting" implies you had more than four chords in it to begin with.
I'm a three-chord wonder, remember? You're also a great lyricist.
Like,rock-my-world poetic And funny and unexpected.
You like my lyrics? I do.
I mean,every time I try to write my own, I kind of just-- Handle the english language like a blunt instrument? Hmm.
So,you want to help me with the music.
And you're going to wow me with the lyrics.
I'd be happy to do that in exchange for I d.
the prom.
You're killing me.
Consider it a launching platform for our hot new single.
Lori trager, high school girl.
You have a deal.
Adam thinks this record has something to do With what's wrong with me.
What is it about this song? Well,it's not the song.
It's the sounds buried beneath the music.
Can you hear them? No,i still can't.
I can't either.
Well,you wouldn't be able to perceive them,Nicole.
They're subliminal.
It's not a frequency you'd be able to hear, But Kyle should.
This is why you're feeling peculiar, And why your hearing is exaggerated.
Your subconscious is trying to tell you to listen.
Listen? That's what the instant message said.
You need to clear your mind, Block out any outside sound.
I can hear it now.
Sarah and I used to take this record And bury messages for each other Within the music.
It was our secret game.
We'd translate the sounds into images.
How? Just like a fax machine transmits a series of tones To send a copy.
I fell asleep listening to the record last night, And then again this afternoon.
And each time after listening, you drew those pictures.
They all seem so random.
Well,yes,if you look at them individually.
But blended together Adam,if someone is sending Kyle A message this way I mean,you said it was your secret game with Sarah, And I'm sorry, but I thought Sarah was dead.
She does All the drawings have been scanned and put in order.
We're ready.
So let's hook it up so everyone can see.
So,how does this work? Isn't it just going to be a bunch of blobs in widescreen format? More like a flipbook.
We'll use the computer to view all 450 images in rapid succession.
And our eyes will knit together the individual drawings And the colors will blend.
We'll see what it is I'm supposed to see.
Try speeding it up.
No problem.
"i'm alive.
" I gave Sarah a latnok ring with a red stone.
It was one of a kind.
Then she must have sent this.
It's impossible.
She can't be.
Bet you're looking forward to a good night's sleep.
I am.
Oh,before I forget, happy anniversary.
I'm sorry I got in the way of your dinner.
No worries,Kyle.
This was definitely a memorable one.
It was? well,sure.
We had a house full of teenagers, A sick kid, a cancer remission, a secret message, And a visit from a self-healing genius Back from months in a coma.
How was it for you? Meeting Adam.
Well,i know I said he was welcome here anytime, But I did actually have some anxiety about it.
He's not used to being around other people, And the message bringing up All those feelings about Sarah-- Kyle,you don't have to make excuses for him.
It's just that you're both such an important part of my life.
We'll find a way to coexist.
Don't start worrying about how Adam will get along with the family.
You'll stress yourself out.
So what was it that made you anxious? Adam left us in charge with preparing you For some greater purpose, And all I could show him today was a sick boy.
You were right about calling him.
Doesn't every good doctor call in a specialist? I'm glad that I did.
But I don't think I'm supposed to know How to handle every situation.
You're too special for me to be able to handle all that.
Nicole I think you're special enough to handle it all.
Hasn't everybody we know already been here today? Amanda says you were coming down with something.
You look fine to me.
I was just tired, that's all.
Did I do something wrong? Something happened while Amanda was over here.
Really,nothing did.
She came home and played the piano.
My daughter hasn't struck a note Since she came back from the conservatory.
Not one single note until today.
She did it because she knows you love her playing.
You have no idea how much I've missed it.
I've missed it,too.
Well,whatever you did, thank you,Kyle.
I'll have to make an effort to be less wary of you, Even if you did come from a juvenile detention center.
Yes? I know it's a lot to ask,but Could I take Amanda to the prom? We'll see.
And by that,i mean I will think about it.
And don't you ever strong-arm me Like that again, young man.
Fortunately, this food survived Your little pyrotechnic display.
I have no clue what it is, But I think someone needs to sample it.
Uh,Stephen made that special for Nicole.
And? And maybe you should wait till leftovers? So,all your mental wires are in place again? I think so.
I had enough of Kyle unplugged.
I mean,i was getting kind of worried about you.
Well,i'm fine now, so nothing to worry about.
That's great news about Andy.
Yeah! amazing! She told me she felt better after you hugged her.
Everyone feels better after a hug.
But then your system went all out of whack.
It was just a reaction to the message in the song.
You can say what you want, But I'd like to think that you helped her.
I spent the day unable to be there For the people I cared about the most, Yet everyone worked to help each other When I couldn't help them or myself.
The problem was never that I'd taken on too much Or caused myself stress.
It was only that I didn't see The simplest way to solve a problem Is to be sure you have someone to help you.
Pretty good.