Kyle XY s02e21 Episode Script

Grey Matters

[Kyle] Previously on Kyle XY: l'm sensing a thaw where my mom's concerned.
She's letting us study together, so a date can't be far behind.
- Mrs.
- Yes.
- Could l take Amanda to the prom? - Maybe.
Maybe l am lazy and l lack study skills, but l've changed, and l'm going to do something important with my life.
My test results are back.
l'm officially in remission! l'm comfortable with where we are.
- Which is? - Friends.
- Friends.
- Without benefits.
- Brutal.
- Did you hear any of that song? - Not really.
- Come in here.
- What does his opinion matter? - He knows music.
Brian told me about the girl in the picture.
He created me from Sarah's genetic material after she died.
''The biochemistry department cancelled the final exam after discovering honor student Sarah Emerson stole the test and vandalized the lecture hall in the science building.
'' - She gave everyone the answers.
- My mother was awesome.
The way you've crossed boundaries, mixing personal and professional life shows an alarming lack of judgment and ethical integrity.
Challenge yourself.
- lncredible.
- [heart monitor beeping] - Need a break? - l'm just getting started.
l'm fine.
You can't keep doing this to yourself.
Promise me you'll stop.
- l promise.
- Where did she get this? Someone left it for Jesse.
We don't know who.
Sarah and l used to bury messages for each other within the music.
We'd translate the sounds into images.
l gave Sarah a Latnok Ring with a red stone.
- l thought Sarah was dead.
- She is.
[? The 1 990s: Cult Status] Never miss.
Every day we face questions of right and wrong and decisions about whether to take action or stay out of the game.
And it's when those choices are least clear that we draw upon our conscience, follow our instincts, and reveal our true character.
What? - Like l said, almost.
- l do have an advantage.
- Tell me about it, pod boy.
- l'm talking about your ankle.
You've been favoring your good one.
Just hope the coaches at U-Dub don't notice.
U-Dub? l'm working out there next week to show them what l can do.
Can't let this bum ankle slow me down.
So, what's up with you? How are things with you and Amanda? lt's good.
Her mom's letting me take her to the prom.
l just gotta think of the right way to ask her.
- Dude, it's not a marriage proposal.
- l just want it to be perfect.
Who are you taking? l love that book.
How do you like it? - l'm not reading.
l'm listening.
- Listening? That's a really bad habit, eavesdropping on people.
Tell me you wouldn't do it if you could.
So what are they saying? Kyle just asked Declan who he's taking to prom.
And? They're talking about Declan's ankle again.
Trager, l've just received the results from the placement exams.
Please sit down.
That's awesome.
Trager, l take great pride in what students at Beachwood can accomplish.
Thank you.
Which is why l find this situation so disturbing.
You're a former remedial student with a C average.
- C-plus.
- Yes, well lt's just not possible to make such a dramatic leap without assistance.
- Mr.
Hooper, l busted my ass studying.
- Mr.
Trager l'll take that test again.
Right now.
There are too many other average students who scored well above the norm.
Something is going on here, and l promise you l'm going to find out what.
l will not tolerate cheaters at my school.
[? The Kooks: Naive] That makes you feel better? The banana got Marie Antoinetted because l can't do it to Hooper.
Funny thing is, if you'd asked me who Marie Antoinette was three months ago, l would have probably said the French foreign exchange student with acne.
But l've been applying myself.
l found a new leaf, and l turned that puppy over.
l know how much work you've been doing.
You wouldn't cheat after all that.
Would you? You're the human lie detector.
You tell me.
You didn't cheat.
Now convince Hooper.
Make the world safe for bananas everywhere.
- Tropical Splendor.
Your favorite.
- l didn't order this.
- You're here.
l just assumed you'd ask.
- Thank you.
Amanda, speaking of asking Could l have a straw? Oh, yeah.
Awesome! Step into my office.
lt's about the prom.
Bloom said l could ask Amanda.
- But l don't know how.
- l'll take this one.
''Amanda, will you go to prom with me?'' [laughing] lt's that easy? l thought that lf it were that simple, you must be missing something? Well, yes.
And you came to your goddesses of all things estrogen for the real skinny.
You came to us for girl advice.
Just ask her.
- l'll do it now.
- No! You can't do that.
Look at her.
She's way too busy.
And she has a big chunk of kiwi stuck in her hair.
l'll do it when she goes on her break.
She'll have low blood sugar, and her feet will hurt.
l thought you said this was simple.
The question is simple, but the timing of the question Needs to be perfect.
- l heard your ankle hurts.
- Did it make the news? l think l can help you.
l know how to work through pain.
Maybe l could take yours away.
Um OK.
Not here.
lt has to be a secret, and you can't tell Kyle.
Why? Because he doesn't like it when l do special things.
You know, thanks, but l think l'll let it heal on its own.
[Adam] lt's good that you haven't told Jessi.
lt would be wrong to give her hope that her mother's alive before we're sure.
And l'm concerned that she might tell Taylor.
What do you think he might do? Use that information to try to restore his standing with Latnok.
The same reason he keeps pushing Jessi.
- To impress them.
- There's no point.
Latnok is done with him.
[train rumbling, whistle] Whoever sent this is very concerned about remaining unexposed.
But if it is Sarah, why would she fake her own death? Why would she stay hidden all this time? Because people hide when they're afraid, or when they want to reinvent themselves.
Or when they're secretly healing themselves from a gunshot wound.
But if she really is alive, why is she contacting me now, and not you? Because l failed her when she needed me.
l can't believe Principal Hooper.
He was completely inappropriate to hurl an accusation like that after the effort you've made.
l've been profiled based on past reputation.
We should sue.
You sure your case would hold up? Please.
l may have cut a few corners back in the day, but l'm an honest B student now.
Principal Hooper needs a good talking-to.
- l'll go with you.
- You don't need to miss your class.
- l can handle him.
- Go, Mrs.
[heart monitor beeping] Now this one.
- That's too heavy.
- Be positive.
That's right.
You can do it.
You can do it.
- [beeps increasing] - [straining] Why did you stop? [heavy breathing] - l'm bleeding.
- Just wipe it off and keep going.
You were doing so well.
Don't quit.
We need to show them that you weren't a mistake.
We need to prove to Latnok that we matter.
All l do is train in here day after day.
The time will come when we'll prove to them what you can do.
Meanwhile, why don't we change up your routine a little bit.
Tomorrow we'll take it outside.
- OK, yeah.
That sounds good.
- ln the meantime let's try it again.
[sighs] Hooper said there were other students whose grades didn't match? Apparently l was involved in a crappy cheating ring l didn't know about.
How would that work? l mean, if you could have cheated.
l guess the old me may have considered a cheat sheet.
lmpractical in this case.
Way too much material to cover.
Any other methods? Sneaking a peek at someone else's answers is an option.
But l sat between Darryl Tibb, who was wasted at the time, and Kim Tresa.
Hot as hell but no mental giant.
lf anything, they cheated off me.
My only crime was doing better than Hooper expected me to.
l should've bombed as usual and avoided this mess.
- No, you earned that score.
- l did, and l really wanna keep it.
[sighs] - Good night.
- Good night.
[computer chimes] You can't accuse Josh of cheating because his score has improved.
- lf you look at his records - That was last year.
He's finally made a commitment to his education.
You should applaud that, not condemn him without proof.
Trager, in my experience, numbers lie far less than people do.
Unfortunately, they show you have two suspected cheaters living in your home.
- Now you're suggesting Lori's involved.
- No, not your daughter.
- Kyle? - Come in.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Why would the smartest kid at your school bother to cheat on a test - he could take blindfolded? - Josh didn't cheat.
Neither did l.
lt has come to my attention that someone hacked into the computer system, downloaded the tests, and posted them on a secret website, the results being that students who were failing their courses managed to ace their exams.
l want you to show me that website and tell me who logged on to it.
l don't know anything about a website.
You can't target Kyle for posting those tests.
- Even l'd know how to do that.
- Yes.
But hacking into the district's mainframe is only slightly harder than breaking into Fort Knox.
Do you know any other student here that could do that, besides him? - What were you thinking? - What do you mean? lt's so Sarah.
Sarah got in trouble for what she did at U-Dub.
Because she got caught.
And she gave away the answers to the test.
- l just posted the questions.
- Why? For attention? No.
Everyone was complaining about the exams.
- l just wanted to help them.
- Except Hooper thinks l did it.
And now Josh and everyone who scored higher than expected is under suspicion.
Maybe they cheated.
Or maybe they studied really hard like Josh did.
All l did was post the test and help spread the word.
l'm not responsible for anyone who logged on to check it out.
[groaning] - What is it? - Nothing.
You promised you'd stop pushing yourself.
l'm fine.
You just got me worked up a little.
Are you gonna turn me in? No.
[The Bell: On And On] - Hey.
- Hey.
Why is everyone smiling at me? Word's out you're the hacker who posted the exams.
- l didn't.
- l know that, but they don't.
They're impressed by someone who helped people cheat? Everyone looks for an edge.
lt's human nature.
- Did you look up the website? - l would have if l'd known about it.
You've got a built-in advantage over everyone at this school, so a sneak peek at that test leveled the playing field.
They still had to look up the answers, so it's not.
- ls your ankle any better? - The same, which sucks.
l'll catch you later.
- [bell rings] - Been there, done him.
And him.
We've been watching the same parade of Neanderthals since seventh grade.
l suppose l could tap into my inner lesbian and go with a hot cheerleader.
You have an inner lesbian? To not have to go stag to prom, l have an inner anything.
Any news on the deejay? l need to finalize the budget.
- l'm working on it.
- On it or on him? - You have to stop it with that.
- You're interested in the deejay? l am not interested in the deejay.
ls there a smart-girl quote for what just happened there? ''Methinks the lady doth protest too much.
'' - Thank you, smart girl.
- You're welcome.
So, has anything delicious happened to you today? Hilary! - What are you talking about? - Nothing.
We're talking about smart girls and smart-but-clueless boys who need their friends' help to pave the glorious way to prom.
- Stop it.
You'll spoil it for her.
- Spoil what? Both of you, spill.
- l can't help it.
lt's too cute.
- You're gonna be so excited.
[indistinct whispering] - You really think you can help me? - What changed your mind? My ankle hurts.
lt's really tight, and l've gotta be at the top of my game.
- You want to be the best.
- l wanna be my best.
- l know what that's like.
- So are you still into it? Well, the truth is l've never done anything like it before.
Give it a shot.
Just promise that you won't tell Kyle.
l promise.
So he thinks you're the hacker? Does Hooper know who he's dealing with? You're Mr.
Pure As Snow, l Cannot Tell A Lie.
l don't know about that, but l guess he thinks l'm smart enough to do it.
Hooper thinks you're not smart enough to do well, so you must've cheated.
You're really smart, so you must be the hacker.
We're victims of Hooper's twisted logic.
l'm telling you, forget the bananas, 'cause l'm going straight to Hooper, and l'm - Mr.
How's it going? - Well, l'm very disappointed.
l'd hoped my students would show more conscience, but so far no one's come forward.
lt's forced me to consider cancelling the prom.
What does the prom have to do with this? Nothing.
As soon as you show me the website.
Hooper, l told you, it's the first l've heard of it.
Maybe you can tell me who is responsible, and l'll take your cooperation into account.
l am merely trying to protect the legitimate scores of honest students.
Yeah, me included.
Why do they look mad at you? l think they blame me 'cause Principal Hooper might cancel the prom.
Because of the website? He wants to know who posted the exams.
You want me to tell? Fine.
But a lot of people are going to get into trouble if l do, - and l don't think you'd like it.
- What do you mean? lf l show Hooper my website, he could trace the lP addresses of every computer that logged onto it.
- l started to already and kept a list.
- Why would you do that? Because l like to see the people l help.
l don't want to see that.
You need to, to understand why Hooper can't.
You still want me to tell him? [? Perrin Lamb: Be This Way] - Hey.
- Hi.
- The Hooper Patrol's got you down, huh? - Yeah.
Let me whip you up today's special.
You'll love it.
lt's fantastic.
Maybe later.
Amanda, l need to ask you something.
Please, ask away.
There was a website where someone posted the placement test in advance.
Did? lt's none of my business.
l didn't mean to make you feel bad.
l already do.
l'd heard a rumor about the website and logged on.
When l got to the cover page, l just couldn't go through with it.
l clicked right off.
l never saw any of the questions.
But why did you even go there? You always get A's.
l fell so far behind when l came back from the conservatory.
When l heard about the website, l guess l just couldn't resist.
- l'll tell Hooper what l did.
- No, don't do that.
You and Josh didn't do anything, and you're getting so much grief.
How many people were tempted or looked just because they were curious? Don't say anything to Hooper.
l'll figure a way out.
- [woman] Yes, Mr.
- Jessi's almost ready.
I know you don't approve of my creating her, but I appreciate the opportunity to show you that it wasn't a mistake.
And I think that you'll all be very impressed with what she can do.
Holy crap! How did you do that? Everything with an atomic mass has a gravitational field that can be manipulated.
That simple, huh? - lt was a joke.
- Oh.
[forced laugh] You and Kyle are so alike sometimes.
You haven't said anything to him, have you? No.
But why is it such a secret? l'm not supposed to talk about it.
My father would be mad.
So you're out here every day? Well, l used to train inside, but now l start by running 1 3 miles.
You warm up with a half marathon? l have to condition myself so l'm ready.
For what? Let's check out your ankle.
[The Bell: Steal It Back] Has your big brain figured out how to clear our names yet? l'm working on it.
But l think it's only fair to tell you l have access to a list.
lt's a log of all the lP addresses.
l that looked at the website.
- How'd you get that? - lt's not important.
But your computer's not on there, so it should help your case.
But l couldn't show it to Hooper without ratting everyone else out.
This is true.
Then forget it.
Nobody's taking a fall for me.
- Dude, l've got morals.
- l know.
lt's just nice to see.
Now show me who's on that list.
l may have morals.
l still wanna see who doesn't.
- l need to keep it confidential.
- Figures.
[Josh] Man, it sucks you may miss out, if Hooper follows through and cancels the prom.
- Have you asked her anyways? - Bad timing.
He's threatened to cancel prom? OK, that is unacceptable.
To strong-arm you like that? l'd like to take Principal Hooper and You and Josh like to take out your aggressions on food.
- Except he chops bananas.
- Pasta is much more satisfying.
l'll call the superintendent and tell him how Hooper's been handling this.
l wish you wouldn't.
With you and Josh both under the gun l know you want to protect Jessi, but She is the one who's responsible, isn't she? - l don't wanna get anyone into trouble.
- She made a mistake.
She needs to own up to it.
She's willing to.
But that would mean exposing some other people.
- How'd it go at school today? - Awesome.
Unless you count the big black cloud over my head.
What's the point of trying when no one believes your grades anyway? Well, l do.
[? Film School: Dear Me] Josh, l know it's been tough.
But l am proud of you.
l have to tell you, the way you turned your grades around And more important, watching you support Andy through her illness.
Being such a loving friend.
l don't think l had that kind of maturity at your age.
ln fact, l know l didn't.
So you just keep doing what you're doing.
Don't let the Hoopers of this world get you down.
[computer chimes] ''Taylor won't stop until he destroys her''? [computer beeping] What does that mean, Taylor's trying to destroy her? Jessi said she stopped pushing herself, but l can tell she's lying.
l can sense she's not well.
Maybe Taylor's behind it.
We don't know who sent those messages or whether to trust them.
- l know l don't trust Taylor.
- l hate to say this, Kyle, but l l don't think l can get involved when it comes to Jessi.
My professional conduct is in question.
That social worker who came here cited me for crossing ethical boundaries.
You're the most ethical person l know.
Thank you, but the truth is l've skirted the rules now and then.
When l've needed to, l've cheated.
lf you did, l'm sure it was to help somebody.
Well, l need to be careful now.
And since l'm not Jessi's therapist anymore l understand.
You've already done so much to help Jessi.
And that social worker was wrong about you.
When you think about it, if you hadn't skirted the rules, l might not be here at all.
- You look cranky.
- l can't get this verse right.
Can't help you there.
l'm tone deaf.
- Hils, these are lyrics.
- l can rhyme a little.
You have to be careful with rhymes.
Too pedestrian.
That's what Mark says.
Why do you care so much what he says? Once and for all, this is a professional, one-song-only relationship.
l hope so.
l'd hate to see you blow off Declan for a taste of college boy pie.
[laughs] Declan? Can you honestly tell me that you still don't feel the sparkage? We are in a good place now.
l don't want to mess with that.
lt doesn't have to be a mess this time.
Away with you now.
l need to be brilliant.
l've done my job.
Seed planted.
[indistinct shouting] - Yeah! - Good game.
Good job, Declan.
- Hey, what's up? - l was looking for Jessi.
l haven't seen her.
- lt seems better.
- Oh, it is.
Like magic.
[heavy breathing] - What? - Your heart is racing.
- l was just kicking ass in that game.
- Faster than when you walked over here.
Man, the ClA should snatch you up.
l told Jessi l wouldn't tell you, but the whole thing creeped me out a little.
She did something.
l'm not sure how, but she made my ankle not hurt anymore.
What did she do, exactly? She touched my ankle, and then she just concentrated.
l'm not into that whole faith healer mumbo jumbo stuff, but it does feel a lot looser.
Maybe she manipulated the joint in some way.
Or maybe it's just the power of suggestion.
l was desperate for a fix.
That tryout means everything to me.
l know.
You just need to make sure that your ankle's really healed - so you don't hurt it again.
- Yeah, l get it.
- l appreciate you seeing me.
- lt sounded urgent.
- Please, sit.
- Thank you.
l think it is.
[sighs] We both know it's dangerous for Jessi or Kyle to expand their abilities too quickly.
And it's come to my attention you may be encouraging Jessi to do just that.
lt's come to your attention? You seem to have this strange compulsion, Nicole, to interfere in other people's business.
When a child's welfare is at stake, it is my business.
You are no longer Jessi's therapist.
She's doing just great.
- l'd still like to talk to her.
- That's not gonna happen.
Well, l'd hoped we could deal with this privately, but l'll go over your head if l need to.
By involving Social Services? l don't think you're gonna do that.
You're already on notice with them.
And if you attempt to contact Jessi in any way, l will lodge a complaint with them, l promise you.
You'll just have to do that, then.
You went to see Taylor? Now l'm convinced he's up to something.
He threatened to make trouble - if l don't stay out of it.
- What do we do? l'm not backing off.
Jessi could be in danger.
- l'm not backing off, either.
- We've been through a lot.
We'll figure out how to get through this, too.
What made you change your mind about getting involved? You.
- What are you doing here? - l'm worried about you.
Declan lied to me.
He promised.
l don't know why Taylor's pushing you, but you need to stop.
Brian wouldn't let anything bad happen to me.
He cares about me.
Does he care that your nose starts to bleed every time you strain too hard? Jessi, please don't listen to him anymore.
What am l supposed to do? He's my father.
A real father wouldn't push you this way.
Well, he's all l have.
- Jessi.
- Go away.
Please, go away.
[bell ringing] [indistinct chattering] l understand.
l think l have what you've been looking for.
Well, Mr.
Trager, it's taken you a while, but l'm pleased you finally decided to follow your conscience.
My conscience has always been clear.
l didn't post the exams.
But l can give you the addresses of the computers that accessed the website.
But you should know, in total, there were 77 4 hits.
That's impossible.
The entire student body is only 81 2.
- Clearly, not all of us cheated.
- The scores don't reflect that, but l can give you the list and you can trace the addresses, but you can never be certain who checked out the rumor and logged off right away.
And you definitely can't prove who actually stayed to copy the questions.
[muttering] The entire school will take a new set of exams.
- [crowd groaning] - lt is the only fair thing to do.
Trager, if you have those addresses, you must know where the website is.
Who created it, if not you? By withholding, it makes you an accomplice.
Doesn't that also make you a cheater? l guess you could look at it that way.
But everybody needs to live with their own choices.
You think l should tell him? l just wish you'd be more careful about the things that you do.
[? Graham Colton: Let It Go] Hey.
Have you seen Kyle? Nope.
- Prom's back on.
Have you heard? - Woo-hoo.
You're such a sports movie cliché right now.
Feels like the right place to mope.
Are you gonna tell me why, or are you still stuck in the flashback of the glory days? My ankle hurts again.
lt started to feel pretty good.
But that was just temporary.
All in my head, or whatever.
Should have known.
Nobody comes back from a surgery like mine and rocks a college-level workout.
There will be other workouts, Declan, and other colleges.
lt doesn't matter if l'm not strong enough to play.
lt happens all the time, you know.
People get injured, dream over.
Well, look at the bright side.
There aren't many point guards who fight evildoers in their spare time.
But with Kyle, l'm just a sidekick.
But out here, with five seconds on the clock, 3-point shot l'd sink 'em half the time with my eyes closed.
- And cue sad, fallen hero music.
- Nice.
Really helpful.
What? You were on the express train heading south to Broodville.
l'm pulling the emergency brake.
Besides, l don't think you can make a 3-point shot with your eyes closed.
Ha! Fluke.
And your eyes weren't closed.
- Fine.
l'll do it again.
- You're on.
You're amazing.
l mean, you know when to listen and when to shut me up.
You totally get me.
Why wouldn't l get you? l mean, friends get friends, right? Right.
You did it.
You found a way out.
l'm just not sure everyone's too happy about having to retake the test.
lt was the right thing to do.
Which, l hope you know, l don't always manage.
Amanda, making the right choices isn't easy for me, either.
But somehow, you always do.
Kyle, you're such a good person.
And l know you see me in a certain way.
l just feel like l'm bound to disappoint you.
You could never do that.
You're you.
Will you go to the prom with me? l've been wanting to ask, but the timing's never been right The timing is perfect.
And, yes, l would love to go with you.
ls it Happy Hooper Banana Day? He stopped the inquisition.
l've been exonerated.
Now l know you've really been studying.
A few months ago, you didn't know the words ''inquisition'' or ''exonerate.
'' A shot of wheat grass to celebrate? l'll take one of those beauties instead.
What? Cancer couldn't do it, a pastry's not gonna kill me.
- l can cheat now and then.
- Don't look at me.
l'm no cheater.
[computer chimes] [Josh] Hey, Kyle.
Another shout out from Baylin's dead girlfriend? l'm still not sure.
But if she was smart enough to stay hidden all these years, why would she send me lMs, knowing they can be traced? l'm hoping that's a rhetorical question.
Maybe she wants me to find her.
Right, so call up and set up a date like a normal person.
Too risky.
Phone calls, lMs, emails can all be intercepted.
Then what are you waiting for? Start tracing.
- Why aren't you training? - l had a hard day, and l'm tired.
You've gotta push through the fatigue.
Jessi, this isn't a game we're playing here.
This is your future.
You told me l have to train so l can impress Latnok.
- When am l gonna do that? - When l say you're ready.
Now get up.
My mother wouldn't treat me this way.
Your mother's dead.
[computer beeping] ln the past few weeks l received four lMs, each from a different computer, and in four separate locations.
The four dots.
They make a perfect square.
That can't be a coincidence.
But even you can't meet up in four places t once.
Can you? lf it's Sarah, she must be leading me somewhere.
- Someplace inside the square? - Exactly.
When you're hot, you're hot.
What'd l do? X marks the spot.
l know that place.
l know where to go.
[? Shawn Hlookoff: She Could Be You] l realized the messages l'd received were my test.
Whoever sent them to me needed me to solve a puzzle.
- [bell rings] - And only when l found the solution was l worthy of knowing the answer.
- Hi.
- Hello.
l'm Kyle.
l know.
My name's Sarah.