Kyle XY s02e22 Episode Script


Previously on kyle xy Will you go to the prom with me? Yes,I would love to go with you.
I have less than four weeks to book a venue, Plan a theme,decorations,food-- Ouch.
And you're gonna wow me with the lyrics.
In exchange for I dj the prom.
Cause I'd really hate to see you blow off Declan For a taste of college-boy pie.
If neither of us meet anyone else before prom, We can finish what we started in the car today.
Yeah? totally.
My test results are back.
I'm officially in remission! I have to find her.
I have to know who this woman is.
Ryan told me about the girl in the picture,Sarah? You don't know how Sarah died.
She was just like you,trying too much too fast.
And when she tried something she wasn't ready for,it killed her.
I don't know why Taylor's pushing you,but you need to stop.
We need to prove to latnok that we matter.
Jessi,please don't listen to him anymore.
What am I supposed to do? He's my father.
Someone is sending Kyle a message this way.
I thought Sarah was dead.
She is.
Maybe she wants me to find her.
I'm Kyle.
My name is Sarah.
Life is a journey.
And the road we travel has twists and turns Which sometimes lead us to unexpected places And unexpected people.
It's amazing how much you look like Adam.
You haven't told him about us meeting tonight.
Adam knows about the messages, But I never mentioned them to Jessi.
They think about you a lot.
Well I want you to understand Brian taylor has always been a true believer in latnok, And by showing off Jessi's abilities, He thinks they'll let him back in, Even if she's harmed in the process.
Adam's explained that to me.
And I'm sure Adam's explanation Preserved his belief In latnok's noble intentions.
Aren't they? what Adam told you wasn't wrong.
The people in latnok aren't bad,they're simply scientists With a very clinical point of view.
To them everything's about numbers, Facts,hypotheses.
Nothing's personal.
But I took it personally.
That's why you disappeared.
To have a life.
To be free to make my own choices, Which is what you and Jessi deserve.
But Jessi wants this.
Because she doesn't know any better.
Taylor cares about latnok,he doesn't care about Jessi.
He sees her as an achievement.
And if he pushes her past her limits and she breaks down, Such is the cost of science.
She's just a means to an end.
You have to make her see it,Kyle.
You have to get through to her before it's too late.
You could get through to her.
Don't tell her about me.
But how will I find you? You won't.
I'll find you.
I wasn't able to finish the protocol Within the time limit,but I'll do it tomorrow.
Don't bother.
No,I can do it.
I just have to stay focused.
Jess,you're done training.
you're ready now.
I am? I set up a meeting with latnok.
That's how you're starting your day? Considering I spent all last night Listening to Lori battle with a guitar and lose-- It wasn't that bad.
yes,it was.
What was? Hey,we heard you working on your song last night.
How's it coming? blocked.
I think I need an inspirational cup of teen angst at the rack.
Lucky for you,that's today's special.
What are you guys talking about? Nothing says prom like watching your fellow students blow Their entire life savings planning a crass, Over-hyped,meaningless ritual of adolescence The sole purpose of which is to indulge In an orgy of underage drinking, Promiscuity,and unrealistic expectations.
you don't sound blocked to me.
I didn't know prom cost so much money.
Another 150 for dinner, Then a thousand for the suite.
For the sweet afterparty.
Lots of punch and chips.
nice save.
Yeah,not to sound too mom or anything, But I don't think you need to break the bank to have a great time at prom.
and no "mom" offense taken.
Okay,you ready? We gotta go.
See you later.
So,who signed up for the Declan prom extravaganza? Um,tux fitting's at 10.
ready to go? Actually,I have to take care of something.
Why are you so happy? Because I'll be hanging out with Andy While you go broke watching prince charming With his new cinderella.
Drop dead and die.
You should use that in your song.
It's the title.
Why are proms so expensive? You want it to mean something,to be special.
And that means spending thousands of dollars you don't have? It's about creating a mood.
Girls want romance and magic.
Romantic is easy.
magic requires cash.
But what if I want to give Amanda the magic, But I don't have the money? Nothing.
you're screwed.
Don't forget to vote.
You're actively campaigning? Why leave things to chance, When I found the perfect prom date? Who's the lucky guy? Well,he's round,sparkly, Weighs just the right amount, And keeps your hair in place.
You're dating the Tiara? yes,munchkin.
Plus he goes with anything,so my dress choices are unlimited.
Prom queen.
just add crown.
You really went all out.
You seem decidedly unfabulous.
Prom committee's become a nightmare of mix-ups with the decorators And arguments with the caterers.
I want prom to be this perfect night with Kyle, And all I can think about is table and chair rentals And nonrefundable deposits.
And to top it all off,now I'm getting crap for the prom theme.
Which is? The time of our lives.
Oh,come on.
patrick swayze? Nobody puts baby in a corner.
How many times have you seen dirty dancing? You poor thing.
Why does everyone keep saying that? You know there are other places we can meet.
Yes,but none that have your employee discount.
You owe me a buck fifteen.
They wouldn't believe me when I said I was you.
Actually,save your money.
put it towards your tuxedo.
Why,did somebody die? You don't wear a tuxedo to a funeral, You wear one to a prom.
Didn't you once tell me that going to a prom Would be a fate worse than death? I did,and then death and I were like next-door neighbors, Until he moved out of the area-- You are getting that this is a cancer metaphor,right? Actually,it's a cancer simile.
And I also know that neither one of us is old enough To actually get into the prom.
That's why mama got her josh to work out the details, While I'm off buying this smoking-hot prom dress, So what do you think? I think That you and the prom Should be required by law To stay a hundred yards away from each other.
Excuse me? "with the crepe paper moon and make-believe smiles, "we'll never forget this sight.
"swirling with laughter and fraudulent tears, Our hollow memory of prom night.
" I think it captured the mood.
You've annihilated an innocent teenage ritual.
Oh,I'm sorry it doesn't meet Your shiny,happy people musical standards.
Well,I guess I just expected more from you.
Since when are you working today? Since when do you drink coffee? I need enough caffeine to keep awake until the day after prom.
And I need ducats in a major way.
So you better tip well.
money? what for? For that fancy little dance You're willing to give up sleep over.
You're going to prom? But you and Andy aren't old enough.
Are you going with someone else? Oh,did you guys break up? I'm so sorry.
None of that.
It's-- it's the damn cancer.
I thought we had it beat,but it's still biting my ass.
Andy She of hamburgers and hippie skirts, Has decided she wants to go.
And you wanna make it special.
Andy's like the coolest guy I've ever known In a body I get to make out with.
I'm lucky enough I got her once, But now that she's not sick anymore, I feel like I've hit the jackpot all over again.
I don't care what it takes.
She's getting prom deluxe.
That is so sweet.
I wanna help.
First we have to figure out a way to get you guys in.
Aren't you the head of the prom committee? Even if I sold you tickets,you'd never make it past the door, Unless you had an upperclassman as your date.
And the costs keep rising.
Bribe decoy prom dates.
Josh? I think I might know a couple who'd so it for free.
Whatever you've come here to say,don't.
You'll ruin today for me.
what's today? It's happening.
I'm meeting them,Latnok.
They want me to show them what I can do.
Taylor wants to show them so he can look good.
Why do you have to say that? why'd you come here? I finally have the chance to prove that I'm worth something.
You already are.
And you don't have to prove that to Taylor or Latnok or anyone.
Yeah,well,maybe I need to prove it to myself.
So did Sarah,and it almost destroyed her.
You're wrong.
No one really knows what happened.
But I do.
Because she told me.
If you don't wanna listen to me,maybe you'll listen to Sarah.
She's alive.
She's been living alone all these years? She wanted to escape the pressure, Live some kind of life other than Latnok's experiment.
But she made everyone think she was dead.
I'm sure she had her reasons.
Why would she come to you? Why not me? She doesn't want anyone to know she's still alive Even Adam.
But she wants to meet me,right? She wants you to come with me.
But I'm supposed to go with-- No,you need to come to my house now.
So I can talk to her? I'll make sure of it.
Does Taylor know Jessi's here? No,but he'll start to look for her.
She's supposed to meet the people from Latnok today.
Who are these people? I don't know.
Their membership is kept secret.
Adam always described them As great thinkers and humanitarians.
But according to Sarah, They don't have Jessi's best interests in mind.
Well,until we know more,I'm glad you convinced Jessi to stay away.
Except I did it by telling her she's going to meet Sarah.
But Sarah said she'd contact you.
So if I can't find her soon, I've only made the situation worse.
So,where are we going? I'll tell you in the car.
Kyle,you can't leave.
why? what's wrong? I need 2,000 bucks by yesterday.
I'm going to prom.
you're not old enough.
I'm also not rich enough.
And your brain power equals my cash flow.
Josh,I'd like to help,but I really need to go.
To get Sarah? I'm planning on it.
Let me come with you.
I think it'd be better for you guys to meet here for the first time.
But I'm her daughter.
And she's been in hiding for 20 years.
It might be best for the two of you To meet someplace quietsafe.
Listen up,people shh.
it's contest time.
this is it.
If you're the 82nd caller, You win a $50 gift certificate to harville's caramels, Seattle's finest candy store.
What does winning that have to do with paying for prom? I win and I sell it.
It's a start.
Okay,82nd caller.
Lucky number 82,you're on the air.
Hello? I won? That's right.
I won.
You're not going anywhere.
Let's go.
Personally,I think the problem with my lyrics is your music.
Come again.
It's showy,yet dull and emotionally barren.
So it's the melody's fault? Just a little constructive criticism.
that from someone who thinks B-flat means to fully recline.
Oh,that's funny,considering your big talent Is mixing other people's songs.
what,did you need me to write you a pithy comeback? You know what,Lori? all you do is cut down Everything and everyone around you.
You're telling yourself you're being alternative and edgy.
What you don't realize Is that everyone knows you're just jealous, Because they've found something meaningful in their lives, and you haven't.
Looks like you could use a pithy comeback now,too.
How about,"i quit"? My thought exactly.
You can find yourself another dj.
No one inside remembers her.
Yeah,I told you it was a long shot.
Which means no one saw her drive away, So we can't even track her car.
You ever play driver/rider? What's that? I played it when I was a kid.
It's when you match the drivers with their rides.
Late 30s,lives off her tips, But still finds enough dough for highlights.
I was really good at it.
If I can describe every car in the lot last night, And all the people in the diner, Can you match them up? I can if you can.
That's something I'm really good at.
Besides the waitress's car, There's a sports car,a blue minivan, A rusty pickup, An old motorcycle, A blue four-door with a rental sticker, The other dark gray.
Who's inside the diner? You haven't told him about us meeting tonight.
Adam knows about the messages, But I never mentioned them to Jessi.
A man,mid 30s,in a nice suit.
He's with a girl,early 20s,in a tight red shirt.
They're having an affair.
She's the sports car,he's the minivan.
Minivan? It's his turn to carpool the kids.
Man,mid 20s,flannel shirt talking to the waitress.
He's the pickup truck.
And the cook with the tattoo on his hand Must be the motorcycle.
You're getting the hang of it! What Adam told you wasn't wrong.
what seems an old man, heavy look tired Salesman.
He's driving the rental.
Sarah's driving the gray sedan.
Okay,how did you do that? I just calculated the speed of the telephone lines, the radio station switcher, And the physiological requirements to dial a multidigit number.
We're going to win every prize On every radio station in seattle, Then sell the booty online for half off.
I'll be swimming in green by dinnertime.
You are up for this,aren't you? I mean,I could cut you in for,say,10%? I'm waiting anyway.
Don't you need money for prom? No.
no one would want to take me.
But I don't care because I'm meeting my mother.
That's really great.
I'm happy for you.
So,five percent it is.
"you know you want to; vote Hillary for prom queen?" Are you trying to get elected prom queen Or invade a small country? Well,I am like the einstein of social networking.
And I'm choosing to use my powers for good instead of evil.
"good" meaning your coronation? The trick to getting votes is research And making sure everyone gets laid.
Well,except you of course.
So,what's up with Declan? how's he faring? Look at you,curious kitty.
I'm asking for demonstration purposes only.
Well,there's no confirmed kill as of late, But four sharks are circling; two are cheerleaders.
No surprise.
Of course,it could be time for the resurrection of leclan.
I'm so not going there.
But relationships like yours bring order to the universe.
Nothing says "copacetic" like reuniting Beachwood's very own brangelina.
Whoever invented proms should be forced to plan one.
Great,I'm stuck with gloom and gloomier.
Unless we convince people to brown-bag it,the prom's ruined.
What happened with the food? Our caterer got shut down by the health department And I can't get our deposit back.
This might not be such a good time to tell you this.
Tell me what? We don't have a dj,either.
How'd you find me? Traffic cameras.
Traffic cameras.
I reviewed the seattle traffic database, Starting with the three near the diner, Then sequentially accessed 137 more to lead me here.
I just wanted to tell you that Jessi's okay.
Does she understand what Taylor's been doing? I don't think she'll really believe it Until she hears it from you.
That won't be possible.
She really wants to meet you,sarah.
Did you tell her? Why'd you do that? I didn't know what else to do.
I couldn't get her to listen.
But now you've made things complicated.
Jessi was so excited to find out That her mother is really alive.
I'm not her mother.
I can't be a mother to her.
To anyone.
Please don't slip away again.
You can't just disappear.
Look,I'm glad Jessi's safe.
That's all I wanted.
I don't believe that.
You didn't have to come back here.
Nobody had to know that you were alive.
But Jessi touched something inside of you.
You left Jessi the record of that song.
You didn't have to do that.
you could've left it for me.
But I think you wanted Jessi to feel That somehow you were around looking out for her.
All she wants is to know you.
And I think you're lucky to have this opportunity to know her.
I'll come.
This afternoon.
Wait,my address.
I know where you live.
Tell Jessi I'm looking forward to meeting her.
I will.
What did she say? She's looking forward to meeting you.
Well,when is she coming? This afternoon.
Kyle This is the best thing that's ever happened to me.
Okay,enough of that.
I need you.
we're on a roll.
What's going on? Thanks to Jessi, We're gonna prom it in style,bro.
Buenos ds,seattle! Hablas espal? claro que s? If it's food we need,then it's food we get.
French would be my choice.
Just remember,we can't afford anything-- Then french it is! The gourmet club will be psyched! Is everything all right? She's trying to save us from starving at prom.
A little setback with the caterer And then there's the issue with the music.
Prom sucks.
What's wrong with Lori? You cannot give me an opening like that.
what's Josh doing? Raising money.
In spanish? Apparently we're double dating to the prom with him and Andy.
Actually,I'm taking Josh,you're taking Andy.
Buti want to go with you.
Oh,you still are.
It's just-- it's a technicality.
It's called a "date switch.
" It's the only way underclassmen can go to prom.
We're still going together.
It's just I have officially asked Josh And you've officially invited Andy.
I'm sorry.
I didn't even ask you if it was okay.
It is okay.
it's more than okay.
Thank you for thinking of it.
Josh needed my help,so I just asked myself, What would you do? Mucho dinero! Uh,para Josho! Me llamo Josh Trager.
Me llamo Josh Trager.
whoo! What? Why do you hate prom? Jessi,I'm so not in the mood.
She comes in anyway.
You're sad.
No,I'm frustrated and annoyed.
Okay,maybe a little sad.
Why? I just don't understand.
I mean,prom's supposed to be this great milestone,right? The whole thing has just left me feeling Sort of lost and empty.
That's how I feel most of the time.
I just wanted prom to mean something.
Wasn't it about celebrating the times you've had With your friends? I guess.
You have lots of friends.
But it shouldn't just be this night where we all play dress-up And nobody looks like themselves anyway.
You should be who you are.
And who are you? The eternal question.
Honestly? no clue.
She even looks like me,you know? Like the way Adam looks like Kyle? You must be happy to meet her.
I want to remember every second.
That's what you do when you don't have a past.
You live in the moment.
The big difference is Sarah didn't have long hair.
If you want,I could change that.
Oui! c'est magnifique! Tr bien.
I had no idea you spoke french.
I speak french food.
So,we just need to give chef jacques A check for $5,000 by tomorrow and,voil? We're in for the gastronomical treat of our lives.
But I already told you we don't have any money left.
Well,you're just going to have to fix that now,aren't you? How are you doing? It's hard to just wait.
You've done all you can do.
I just hope Sarah wants to meet Jessi Half as much as jessi wants to meet her.
What do you mean? Sarah's pretended to be dead all these years.
She cut herself off from everyone she knew.
That doesn't sound like someone eager to make a connection.
You think she may not come? I hope that's not the case,but I'm more worried that if she does come,it won't be enough.
The last time I did this I was with Declan And we were both wasted.
Do you need a drink first? No! trust me,better sober.
I have been angry with you for so long.
I don't want to be anymore.
I'm glad.
You sure about this? Jessi,once we do this there's no turning back.
I know.
You're either lost or waiting for Kyle.
A little bit of both.
Is Kyle on board with the date swap? He'd love to help you go to prom, Except there won't be one.
Do you know how hard I've worked for that night? Do you know how many donuts I had to sell to raise money for balloons? I just should've kept the donuts so at least we'd have something to eat Now that the caterer's taken all our money.
One,I think you've had way too much caffeine.
And two Are you telling me there are problems with the prom? Yes.
and yes.
N-no,don't even think it.
Are you all right? No.
I just had the most terrible thought "what would Kyle do?" I think that's going around.
How much do you need? You don't want to know.
I hate Kyle.
You take cash? I'll get it! I thought you'd be here.
What did you do to your hair? I cut it.
Let's go.
You know what today is.
I'm not going.
That's not really your decision.
Yes,it is.
You can't force her to go anywhere.
I have every right.
I'm aware of your rights, But I'll do whatever's necessary To make sure Jessi stays safe.
I wonder what your licensing board Would say about that.
Let them say what they want.
You're not taking her.
What happens when they start asking questions about her? About Kyle? I'll answer them.
I can't believe this.
You know how important this is.
They think that I was wrong to even create you.
We have to prove to them that I was right.
I don't care what Latnok thinks.
I don't have to win them back.
I've done everything for our dream.
But they turned their backs on me.
And now you? You owe me.
I owe you? Is that the price of being your daughter? You're damn right it is! I gave you life! And they saved it.
So get out.
You heard her.
You'll regret this.
I'm all you've got.
Thank you.
Are you okay? I will be.
My mother is coming.
Ed the money and I didn't want to do it, But I did,which made me feel better, But now I'm broke,which means-- Exactly how much money is left? I can spring for the prom tickets, A sky-blue rayon suit,and a scoop of ice cream.
Twoscoops? God,you're such a moron.
I am? I'm the one who wanted to go.
It should be my treat.
But I just assumed that-- That it was this whole archaic thing Where you save your lunch money and mow extra lawns To take me out because you think I'm pretty? Uh-uh.
not having it.
This time,you're the pretty one.
But you wanted a night of cancer-free fun, And it's my job to pay the way.
Let me explain something to you.
This mouth upchucked a lot of lunches while in chemo.
And for some stupid reason, You never stopped wanting to make out with me.
Well,you were generous with the mouthwash.
I figured it was cool.
would you zip it? This is,like,a serious moment.
Yes,I'm glad the cancer's gone, And,yes,I want to party like a rock star But,Josh,you're the reason I want to celebrate.
You really think I'm pretty? So forget about tossing the couch for change.
Mama's got you covered.
Exactly how are you paying for all this? I recovered from cancer.
My moms will give us money for days.
It's beautiful.
I'm glad you called.
Well,I'm glad you liked it, Because in order to make those chords and make that key change I had to break two of my fingers.
I was referring to the lyrics.
I just wanted you to know that although I am a cynic, I'm only a partial cynic.
I timeshare an actual heart On weekends and major u.
Well,then I guess I will be sure to schedule Our future songwriting sessions accordingly.
We're having future sessions? Well,I guess we should Wrap this one up first.
Um,what prompted you to revisit it? You won't believe me if I tell you.
Try me.
A haircut.
So,uh,we should enter this in the contest.
I suppose.
Although,I'm sure some three-chord Trite piece of crap will win.
You're probably right.
What's that for? You just bought yourself a dj.
Although I don't plan on attending, On behalf of Beachwood high,I accept your offer.
You know,I never went to my high school prom,either.
I mean,when you're a 15-year-old senior With no driver's license,no one wants to go with you.
But I stayed home,I made fun of it a bit, And after a while I felt better.
And you regret not going.
I regret that it was just another thing I never got to do in my life.
Maybe you'd like to come back in for a while? No.
She's not coming.
It's only been-- 3 hours and 52 minutes.
Sarah said she'd be here.
People say a lot of things.
It doesn't mean they're true.
Where are you going? Don't worry,I'm not going back to Brian.
Uh-oh,am I in trouble? Should you be? I'm so not falling for that one again.
there's no reason I should be in troubledad.
All right,good.
then sit down.
So,it looks like Sarah's not coming.
And once Jessi gets back, There's no way we're sending her to Taylor's.
We've already talked about this,but it's a family decision.
We want Jessi to stay here Until we can find someplace more permanent.
I'm okay with it.
Are you sure? Well,we want you to be.
Especially you,Lori, Given what happened between you and Jessi.
We don't want you to feel uncomfortable in any way.
Of course she can stay.
I mean,that's what we do,isn't it? Can I tell Jessi? Of course.
I thought she took off.
She did.
But I think I know where to find her.
How'd you find me? I've gotten good at knowing where you'd go.
Did she ever show up? No.
Somy mother lied And my father lied.
It's true.
I'm a mistake.
Jessi,don't say that.
You're important.
no,I never mattered.
You matter to me.
and the Tragers.
We want you to come stay with us.
don't pity me! We don't.
we care about you.
Jessi,please! you could be part of our family.
No! that's your family.
it won't ever be mine.
Don't you understand? I'm alone.
Jessi You're not alone.
It's too late.
It never is.
No,Jessi! Her heart has stopped.
Seeing Jessi on the floor, I knew what I had to do.
I had to save her,to restart her heart.
But was it too late? Was I strong enough? And if I failed,would I kill us both? It's okay now.
I'm here.
When I saw Jessi laying there, The thought of losing her I focused all of my energy to revive her.
And you did.
I still feel a little drained.
But that's not what's worrying you.
In that moment,when I brought Jessi back, I felt like there was nothing I couldn't do, And that scared me.
Kyle,part of growing up Is learning how our actions affect other people And how we handle that power.
It's kind of what it's like to be a parent.
Or a friend.
I'm not worried about you.
I think you're going to be just fine.
The road we travel is unpredictable.
Sometimes it's smooth, And sometimes it's filled with bumps.
But if we're lucky We find people to travel with us.
I know this is gonna sound weird,but Remember that deal we made about prom night? Regrettably,yes.
Regrettably? Come on,it was a silly thing to promise one another, Especially since two cheerleaders Are getting your magic and romance package.
Where'd you hear that? I have my sources.
Well,I have a source,too,that says you're not going.
Then your source is wrong.
I'm going stag.
What,and miss the chance to mock the madness firsthand? Well,good.
So you don't have a date yet,either.
Guess your source is wrong,too.
Oh,my god.
You planned this all along.
You turned down girls so I would stick to the deal And hook up with you on prom night? I know we said we'd go with one another if we didn't have dates, But I didn't rig anything.
I'm not asking you to go to prom Because there's no one else.
I'm asking because you are the only one I want to go with.
So,then,we should go.
Our journey is really a search, A yearning for love and connection.
Sometimes it leads us back home.
Why didn't you come to the house? I was scared.
Of me? Of not being everything you want me to be.
I just want to know you.
I want to know you,too.
What about Brian? Kyle said he's taking care of it.
A one-way ticket? Trust me you don't want to come back.
Her heart has stopped! He's incredible.
More than we dreamed we'd ever see in our lifetimes.
I think it's time we introduced ourselves.