Kyle XY s03e01 Episode Script

It Happened One Night

Previously on Kyle XY: When you first came here, everything in the world was new.
Look at all that you've learned.
Look at all that you've overcome.
Tonight's a celebration of that.
Just breathe and enjoy it.
- Don't use this.
- You don't want me to have safe sex? I do want you to have safe sex.
But, no, I don't want you to have sex at all.
I really wanted to have sex with you tonight.
I just don't think we should.
Losing my virginity on prom night is the most cliché of all things cliché.
This song is written by someone who knows a whole lot more about who she is and what life's all about than she will ever admit.
I don't know where you stand with me or with what we're supposed to be or not be, but it's in your hands.
I think that means that we shouldn't be together.
- We should leave Seattle.
- Where would we go? Somewhere.
Anywhere else.
I'm gonna miss you, Jessi.
No, you're not.
Because no matter where I am, we're always connected.
The people in Latnok aren't bad, they're simply scientists with a very clinical point of view.
He's incredible.
I think it's time we introduce ourselves.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
- Oh, I left my other clothes inside.
- I'll get them.
- Got everything you need? - I do now.
Amanda? Put him under.
Though we like to believe we have control of our lives, in a single moment, everything can change.
My night of celebration had suddenly turned.
Leaving me afraid and confused.
I was trapped.
And the only thing on my mind was where was Amanda? Oh, the pain.
Broken heart, broken feet.
- Broken heart? - She dumped Declan.
Dumped is inaccurate.
We weren't an official couple anymore.
What happened? Let's just say he very graciously gave me the opportunity to move on.
Which I took.
I'm going to sleep.
What about the after-party? Give my regards to Andy and the dimple twins.
Where are Kyle and Amanda? They went straight to the hotel.
Which would sound a whole lot hotter for any other couple.
So, what about you? How was your night? Dad, I have to swap clothes and meet Andy.
I know, but anything exciting to report? If you're asking me about that candy bar you gave me, no worries.
It's still in the wrapper.
Josh, I know your father gave you a condom.
Is there nothing sacred in this house? Well, I didn't mean to embarrass you.
But since we're on the subject Rest assured, nothing remotely life-altering awaits me at this after-party.
Even Kyle's got a better shot at some excitement.
I couldn't search for Amanda, so I listened for her heartbeat.
But I could only hear voices talking about me.
He's nonresponsive.
Tell them he's ready to begin the procedure.
Brutus! Come here! Come here! How'd you do that? It's just a dog.
I hope he didn't send you packing.
All the barking.
It's just a new place, you know.
He gets kind of jittery.
No, we didn't hear anything.
We're just leaving.
We? Uh, me and my mother.
You and your mum.
Vacation or? Um Incredibly nosy.
I'm so sorry.
Well, my laundry awaits so I'm gonna get back to it.
When's a good time to use the machine? - The washing machine.
- After midnight.
Good to know.
Have a good night.
You too.
I'm feeling fine I'm feeling the same You know, we could just hang out at home.
This is all part of the post-prom experience.
Okay, just don't act all excited and weird.
Try to fit in.
How hard can that be? Is it hot in here? Like the surface of the sun.
Maybe we should just surrender and rip off all our clothes.
- What? - Nothing.
"G-Force" is the answer.
- Come here.
- Keep it together.
Wardrobe change.
Much more comfortable.
Are you ready for some bubbly? Where'd you get that? Compliments of the caterer, in exchange for a five-star review of his bistro on my blog.
You know, Trager hates champagne.
Makes her nose tickle.
Which is actually kind of cute.
But I shouldn't be thinking about that, right? I should be bouncing back.
Bounce away, most definitely.
I should be having fun.
Mindless fun, that is the goal.
- What should we toast to? - To hangovers.
Is that everything? Yeah.
I guess everything I own fits in one bag.
It's good to travel light.
Jessi? What is it? I don't know.
I think there's something wrong with Kyle.
You're just anxious about leaving.
No, he's in trouble.
- I can feel it.
- Jessi.
I know this is hard and scary.
For me too.
But you're gonna feel better once we get on the road.
I can't leave.
We have to get away from all this.
Jessi, we have to start our new life.
Not until I see him.
Please get in the car.
I'll be back.
- Hey.
- Get back.
Get him.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hey, hey.
There's nowhere to run.
Get him.
Stop! Faster, Josh.
Don't stop.
Almost there, almost Ugh.
I lost it.
I was hitting that little button as fast as I could.
You gotta keep hitting that, Trager.
It sounds gross when you Trager me, please don't.
We need more whipped cream.
Whipped cream, huh? Looks like your night's going good, Trager.
Whipped cream, unfortunately, is destined for the sundaes.
How come? My prom night's turned out to be a totally G-rated experience.
- You were hoping for an R.
- At least.
I wanna You know, badly.
Really, really badly.
And sometimes I think she does too because she says these things that So, what's the problem? In a moment of colossal stupidity, I panicked and told her I'm not ready for sex, but now Do you wanna know how to proceed? Here's what you do.
Forget about tonight.
You killed the mood.
Torpedoed your own sub.
Kicked the lock shut on her chastity belt.
What are you talking about? Was that even advice? The truth hurts.
Later, Trager.
Dude, quit saying that.
I hoped that somehow Amanda was home.
That she hadn't been part of what happened to me.
I've gone blind While you read my mind Hope, breathe I couldn't hear Amanda's heartbeat.
I had to check her room to know for sure she wasn't there.
I come bearing chamomile.
Thought it might help you sleep.
You just poured me a cup downstairs.
Mom, you don't need an excuse to come check on me.
Too obvious? So? I'm fine.
I mean, I know life with Declan has been a total seesaw, but it's finally really over.
And I can never go back to him.
And I don't want to.
I don't think.
Did I just make a huge mistake? Declan's been your safety net and it's scary to be on your own.
Actually, I think I might already like somebody else.
Who? - Kyle? - Kyle? She wasn't in her room and I told Mrs.
Bloom she'd be home by 3.
What if Latnok took her? - What are you doing? - I'm calling the police.
- Mom, and tell them what? - Amanda is missing.
And how is that conversation gonna go? "Oh, hi, 911, my adopted son, you know, the one with no bellybutton? His date was abducted.
" - I see your point.
- I can't just sit here.
- Is there any place she might've gone? - The after-party, but she wouldn't leave without me.
- We should still check.
- Josh is there.
Well, let's not involve him just yet.
I'll go.
Even if Amanda's not there, I can ask if somebody saw anything.
- Thank you.
- We'll find her.
- My phone.
- You left it here.
It's a text from Amanda.
They have her.
- Where are you going? - To check out that building.
- I'll go with you.
- We will.
I returned to the building where they had kept me, expecting to find Amanda.
I didn't know who I'd come up against, but I was prepared to do whatever was necessary to save her.
But she wasn't there.
Everything and everyone was gone.
Jessi? Amanda? Has anyone seen Amanda Bloom? Amanda? Has anyone seen Amanda Bloom? Sweet blond girl? Probably the one assigning designated drivers.
So back or not I'm the same Just all grown up Baby, where have you been? So you came after all.
If you're already feeling like a loser, probably should've rethunk the outfit.
Ignoring you.
Have you seen Amanda around? Oh, yeah, she's been doing Jell-O shots and swinging on a stripper's pole.
- No, why? - Is something wrong? Oh, no.
God, no.
Carry on.
Shampoo smells like her hair.
What are the chances that Trager's shampoo would be in this hotel? Damn this shampoo.
It's mocking me.
Nugget, that is generic hotel shampoo, definitely not something Lori Trager would use.
And this is exactly why I cannot allow you to wallow in here alone.
- There's room for two.
- Get up and let's go back to the party.
- Don't think so.
- Aah! There's bubble bath.
Not in this dress, muffin.
- Carol.
- I am right next door at the Tragers', so if you cannot reach me on my cell, then do try calling me here.
Oh, do you have any idea what time it is? Almost 1? Oh, yes, you just say that so calmly as if your children are commonly out until all hours.
Well, it is prom night.
I understand that, but Amanda said she was gonna check in with me and I have not heard from her yet.
I have been calling and calling and she doesn't answer.
Well, everyone's at the after-party.
It's probably so loud, she can't hear her phone.
What after-party? Where is that? Oh, uh - Why? - Why? Because I have to go there.
No, Carol, no, no, no.
I mean, please.
We're talking about Kyle and Amanda.
We don't have anything to worry about.
Let the kids have their fun.
I understand that you are very loose with your children, Nicole, but I need to see for myself exactly what kind of fun they are having.
But Stephen and I would love it if you would stay here with us.
- With us? - Of course.
We're just waiting up too.
In fact, we were just about to crack open a bottle of wine.
Carol, red or white? What's your pleasure? You know I don't partake ordinarily, but, yes, I do think a little something just to help calm my nerves.
A nice Shiraz would be divine.
- Jessi, I don't want you getting involved.
- Well, it's too late.
Besides, how many times have you saved me? I owe you a few.
- Why would they have taken her? - Why would they want her? It's all we've got.
And I can't wait around for them to contact me again.
Well, trace her cell.
It's turned off.
Wait, you already know when this message was sent.
And I know what time we left the prom.
Assuming they took Amanda from the school to where she is - Are you thinking what I'm thinking? - A radial tracking map.
Lori Trager.
Hey, did you see Amanda after? Wait.
Am I in your cell? Have you programmed me? What did you say about Amanda? Did you see her and Kyle after the prom? He came into the gym, grabbed something, but I didn't see her, no.
Why? - She borrowed my lip gloss.
- Well, this is an emergency.
You must need it for the after-party.
Actually, I'd rather be home.
- Home? - Or, you know, somewhere.
Somewhere where? I gotta go.
Booze is just a Band-Aid for a broken heart.
What you need is a hot and sweaty mack session.
- With who? - Who cares? As long as she's the anti-Lori Trager.
So just go out there, find a girl, preferably a hot one, but with your beer goggles, it may not matter.
Find her, grab her and just rebound.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, no.
He He's drunk and I got wet.
That's okay.
Stop there.
Have you seen Amanda? - Best guess, she's with Kyle.
- Not so much, no.
- I can help you look.
- That's okay.
Go back to your bathroom fiesta.
Here's Beachwood High.
If their best speed through the city was 30 miles an hour, this is the furthest they could've traveled.
We need to narrow it down.
Looks like the back wall is curved.
Maybe it's some sort of round building.
Here, play the sound.
Is that a foghorn? We can make it louder.
What's that popping noise? A train.
It's not a foghorn.
It's a train horn at a railroad crossing.
If we can find that, we can find her.
That's 350 points for Carol.
I guess that makes you the winner.
I would have never taken you two for Word Buzzers.
- Shall we play again? - I think I'm all buzzed out.
- Hello? - I haven't found her, but I need your help.
Can you log on to View-it Earth? Hang on.
Who on earth would be calling at this hour? Work.
We need a cylindrical building, maybe some sort of silo, within 200 feet of the railroad tracks and somewhere between Cedar and Blanchard.
I'm looking.
A 3 a.
What was I thinking? Looks like there's something on the corner of Fifth - and Dexter.
- Thank you.
Okay, so I was all up and through that after-prom and no one has seen Amanda dancing like that.
She and Kyle are just Just dancing.
A respectable distance from each other.
Having an awesome time.
Well, shall we pop another? I'm awfully parched.
All clear here.
How do we get in? We'll have to wait till they go back inside.
This could take a while.
We'll slip past them.
No, they'll see us.
No, they won't.
Hey! What happened? Great, now we can't see either.
I'll take care of it.
Now, this is Enhance your vision.
This is amazing.
You've been holding out on me.
What are you worried about? I got wasted and I screwed up.
If anything, Lori hates me.
You don't understand.
She's my BFF and you're on-again, off-again.
Yeah, and her and me are off-again for good, so, what does it matter? It matters absolutely.
Yes, I may have transgressed in the past, but under no circumstances will I ever hook up with my best friend's ex.
She may have made a major mistake by rejecting you even though you're this incredible guy that went to great lengths to win her over, but I will not, cannot allow myself to like you.
Are we clear? Aw! So, what do you think? Wrap it up? Yeah, I don't have the heart to kill you any more ways tonight.
I'd like to show you This world without pain Blue skies Ah.
The lost puppy dog look.
Let me guess.
You're thinking, "Are we really gonna be that couple who went to prom and played video games all night?" Maybe.
A little.
But only because you look so hot and everyone else is doing it, which is not an argument I imagine you're gonna fly with right now.
- Is it? - You're the one who didn't want to.
- You didn't want to either.
- But you went on the record first.
Total jerk.
So you really did want to.
Do you? There are so many arguments against.
I know, the cliché of it all.
There's that, and there's the "what happens after?" I just wanna get to the during.
Say you have this amazing pair of jeans.
You love them, they feel great and they hug your ass.
And then you cut them off to make shorts.
You can't ever get them back.
So we're the comfortable, ass-hugging jeans, but what if we're not great as shorts? Exactly.
And I would hate myself if I gave up a great pair of jeans for some sucky, raggedy cutoffs.
I think the jeans are worth cutting so we could try them on as shorts at least once.
Josh, it'll happen when it's right.
Not because it's prom night or because we're supposed to.
But when everything comes together in the moment, we'll feel it.
We'll just know.
How will we find her? I'll hear her heartbeat.
We have her in the container.
- Come on.
- Okay.
- I'll handle this.
- No, Jessi.
- We don't have time to argue.
- Then listen to me.
- Next time, we do it my way.
- I don't want you to get hurt.
- Don't worry about me.
- Jessi.
If we have to separate, get out and head straight back to Sarah.
- Kyle.
- Promise me.
I need to know that you'll be safe.
I promise.
You know, it's only a matter of time till they realize we're here.
And when that happens, you'll have to fight.
See what I mean? We do it my way.
No choice.
I like my way better.
I can hear it now.
It's Amanda.
- Kyle.
- Come on.
- Jessi, go.
- No.
I'll be fine.
Go get your prom date.
What do they want from him? Please.
They have a plan.
What plan? I don't know.
Amanda? A security breach in quarter six.
Come on.
Security breach in quarter six.
Over there.
They're coming.
- There they are.
- Come on, let's go.
- They entered the silo, let's go.
- Yeah.
Take her.
Put her down! - Put the girl down.
- Go.
- Put him in the chair.
- Okay.
It was a rubber bullet.
Waited a long time to meet you, Kyle.
Glad you're here.
- What is this? - Been through a lot tonight.
But you were amazing, man.
You handled everything we threw at you.
- What do you mean? - The way you used and controlled your abilities even though you were upset about Amanda.
She'll be fine by the way.
You planned all of this? You have a big future here, Kyle.
We have a lot we need to talk about.
I don't want anything to do with you.
Look, you're angry.
Fair enough.
Our methods can seem a little extreme.
You took me.
You frightened my family.
You took Amanda.
- She won't remember a thing.
- Don't you ever go near her again.
We're not the enemy, Kyle.
We just wanna know you.
Work with you.
I'll never be part of this.
It's too much to take in for one night.
Give him our bag.
Don't forget your bow tie.
They'll charge you an arm and a leg if you forget it.
Go home.
They're all waiting.
See you around.
I don't wanna wake them.
Aah! Here's my key.
At least you didn't lose it.
That again? I meant your key.
You found your key.
I swear.
What I want What? Nothing.
I just I don't know.
There's something about the way All the disappointment So hard to handle This was the best night.
It was, wasn't it? And now it's over.
So I guess good night? Right.
Think I should go Catch a train Well, don't make me ask you for one.
- One what? - A hug.
A hug? Oh.
I'm still in the dark Lighting candles I'm still in the dark Lighting candles I'm still in the dark Still lighting candles Ooh Kyle.
Jessi, what are you doing here? - I couldn't leave without you.
- Amanda.
No, she's here.
She's fine.
I think she might be starting to wake up a little bit.
- What time is it? - It's about 2:30.
- I have to get her home.
- No, wait.
What happened? What did they want? He'll do anything for the girl.
She'll do anything for him.
Thanks for all your help.
Did everything work out the way you wanted? Exactly.
They went to all that trouble to meet you.
And I was right there, but they didn't care about me.
Jessi, that's a good thing.
You need to go that way to get home to Sarah.
I know.
Will you be all right? Aren't I always? Thank you.
You'll be late.
- Carol, please stay.
- It's 2:58, I need to see if she is back.
All right, I'll walk you home.
You need to stay here with your wife.
Send my wishes on To the hour Just come back home You're awake.
I must've fallen asleep at the after-party.
I'm sorry.
Tonight must've been so boring for you.
I'm just glad to be standing here with you right now.
The whole night felt like a dream.
Did I? Aha! Amanda, you're home.
You had me very worried.
No need to worry, Mrs.
Home by 3 as promised.
And I'm supposed to be impressed that you followed my simple instructions? Oh Was it everything you imagined? Better.
Home, home Now they're coming home Home Sorry.
Did I scare you? No, I Um Ahem.
You're still here? Obviously.
You're standing right in front of me.
Yes, well Thanks for the tip.
I never caught your name.
I'm Cassidy.
Have a good night.
Now they're coming home Home, home Now they're coming home Home, home Now they're coming home Home Sarah.
Home Sarah, I'm home.
Sarah? Send my wishes on Send my wishes on Send my wishes home Now they're coming home Home, home Now they're coming home Home, home Now they're coming home Home Did I wake you? No, I'm still awake.
Not for long.
That spiked punch must've really done a number on me.
Amanda didn't remember what had happened at all.
You'll feel better in the morning.
I wanna thank you, Kyle.
My night was perfect.
Sweet dreams.
The most important thing was we were home and she was safe.
And for her, only happy memories remained.