Kyle XY s03e02 Episode Script

Psychic Friend

Previously on Kyle XY: It's a text from Amanda.
They have her.
- You're leaving with Sarah tonight.
- Yeah.
It's good to travel light.
I think there's something wrong with Kyle.
He's in trouble.
I can't leave.
I don't know where you stand with me, or with what we're supposed to be or not be, but it's in your hands.
I think that means we shouldn't be together.
What you need is a hot and sweaty mack session.
- With who? - Who cares? Just rebound.
- Oh, my God.
- No.
No No, that's okay.
Go back to your bathroom fiesta.
- My prom night's a G-rated experience.
- You were hoping for an R.
- You're the one who didn't want to.
- You didn't either.
Josh, it'll happen when it's right.
When everything comes together.
We'll feel it.
We'll just know.
That spiked punch must have really done a number on me.
- You'll feel better in the morning.
- I wanna thank you, Kyle.
- My night was perfect.
- Sweet dreams.
You took Amanda.
She won't remember a thing.
Don't you ever go near her again.
We're not the enemy, Kyle.
We just wanna know you.
Work with you.
I'll never be part of this.
See you around.
Thirty-seven dollars and 26 cents.
That's it? I worked a double today.
Eight hours, minus lunch and two breaks, that's 5.
32 an hour.
I need to get a new job.
I gotta clean up the back and then we can go.
Are you all right? Amanda? Kyle? How'd you get by me? Amanda, wait.
Kyle, help! - Amanda! - Kyle! It's too late.
It felt like it was really happening.
It's anxiety.
I mean, Latnok really put you through the wringer.
And even though she was never in any real jeopardy, you still experienced the trauma of losing her.
I still can't get over what they did to you.
Listen, Kyle.
Could you ask Jessi to have Sarah call me? I've left her like a dozen messages.
I wanna talk to her about this Latnok thing.
I've been trying to meet up with her all week.
I wanna see her before they leave.
I hope they're okay.
This can't be easy.
Well, let's face it, Sarah does sound a little weird.
Latnok put her through a lot in her life.
And she was right about them.
They didn't even listen when Adam Baylin told them to stay away.
You think they'll listen to you? I don't know.
I guess that's why I'm having the nightmares.
Maybe Foss could, you know, take care of it.
I knew we should've never told him.
You're implying that I'm not man enough to handle it? That stings a little, Stephen.
You're kidding me, right? Kyle, you ready for some summer street fair fun? The Josh Trager bus is leaving in five.
The Josh Trager bus still needs a new fuel pump.
The actual bus, then.
- Good day, parents.
- Good day.
- What is up with him? - No idea.
A total disaster.
Best friend making out with ex-boyfriend.
What did they say about it? Nothing.
I've been dodging both of them all week.
So how many songs have you written about it? Nine.
That's why I called you.
That's why you called me.
To exploit me for my musical genius? Yeah.
I mean, that's okay, right? Exploiting you? Yeah, yeah.
No, I just I thought maybe you called for another reason.
Like what? Like maybe you wanted to hang out with me? What would make you think that? Well, I don't know.
Because I'm smart, I'm clever and I'm intuitive and And you're blushing.
- It was so not blushing.
- Totally blushing.
Crap, are you going to make me ask you out? Uh Depends.
Do you wanna? No.
I was kind of hoping for the traditional gender roles here.
Oh, the guy asks the girl out and the girl plays hard to get.
- Yeah, something like that.
- Well, how about this, the guy asks the daughter of his boss and the boss kicks guy's ass.
- Hmm.
You're afraid of my dad.
- Yeah.
Well, I mean, your dad technically holds the keys to my future in his hand.
But I could ask him, you know, first.
- You would do that? - I mean, if we're being traditional.
Okay, yeah, no.
All right, it's settled.
Operation: Date With Lori Trager is in effect.
Hey, Amanda, it's me.
I think I'm in the right spot, but you're not here.
Just give me a call when you get this.
One time and you can win any one of these stuffed animals.
It's only 25 cents per ride.
Sorry I'm late.
I got a late start this morning.
I wasn't feeling well.
My name's Anne I got a plan I may lack virtue But I'm penitent Ah-ooh Ah-ooh - Hi.
- Hi.
I came to talk to your mom.
She hasn't been returning my calls.
- Maybe she doesn't wanna talk to you.
- Why wouldn't she? I don't know.
She's not really a talkative person.
You know, she keeps to herself a lot.
I understand.
But still, this is important.
She's not here.
- I'm happy to wait.
May I come in? - It's probably not a good idea.
Jessi, is everything okay? Yeah.
Never better.
I know this is a difficult transition.
I don't think you know anything, Nicole.
And I think you should go.
I'm coming inside.
Suit yourself.
My name's Anne I'll take a stand I'll hold my head up Dig on in Oh, ah-ooh Please don't tell Kyle.
Are you feeling okay? It's just this stupid headache I've had all week.
It's the world's longest spiked-punch hangover.
Let's get you some water.
- You think they can tell? - Tell what? - Tell that You know.
- That you're a man now? When you say it like that, it sounds stupid.
It is stupid.
A girl's considered a woman when she gets her period.
Real nice.
Real manly.
I just wonder if anyone can tell the difference.
- You didn't tell anyone, did you? - I said I wouldn't.
Did either of you drink the punch at prom? I share enough germs with this one on a daily basis, no need to take on more.
They'd already confiscated it when I heard the news about it being spiked.
I don't know what was in it, but it really messed me up.
I can't remember anything about the end of the night.
I really hope I didn't embarrass myself at the after-party.
You weren't at the after-party.
We were there.
Weren't we? Of course you were.
- Andy just didn't see you.
- But I Nothing embarrassing other than being passed out.
Oh, look, a psychic.
Come on, honey.
Honey? Is there something I should know? No.
You're keeping a secret.
Apparently more than one.
I'm just helping Kyle out with a problem.
A "lying to your girlfriend about where you were on prom night" problem? - It's a long story.
- Which you were going to tell me when? - Never.
A man is bound by his honor.
- Oh, for the love of God.
- Did you want me to continue? - Yes.
Let's move on from all the secret stuff.
You'll come into a sudden windfall.
Maybe you can go buy yourself some more honor, honey.
Amanda? - Amanda! - What? - Where were you? I didn't see you.
- I went to find a garbage can.
Okay, what's going on? - I thought I lost you for a second.
- You're obviously on edge.
- There's something you're not telling me.
- Amanda Is it about the after-party? Josh and Andy were being really weird.
Did something happen? You have to tell me the truth.
I came out of the school after getting your bag, and you weren't there.
You were just gone.
I was scared, I thought something had happened to you.
- I don't remember any of this.
- I know.
- What then? - I looked everywhere for you.
When I finally found you, you were asleep, out cold.
- Where? - A ways away from the school.
I wandered off and passed out? When I found you, you were fine.
So we never actually went to the after-party? I took you home and you didn't remember anything.
- You didn't say anything? - Your mother was there.
- You let me believe that I just - Amanda, I'm sorry.
You lied to me.
I didn't wanna ruin your perfect night.
You just did.
Your turn.
- Okay, so? - We should go.
- No.
- Amanda I don't feel like going anywhere with you right now.
Um Maybe you guys should check out the psychic.
Yeah, she's really great.
You guys should totally check her out.
You should.
Because I'm going home now.
Put your money on the table.
You don't wanna be here.
- No.
- You don't believe? It's scientifically impossible to predict a future action without having complete knowledge of all the variables.
If you're only looking at it scientifically.
How else can I look at it? Faith.
Haven't you ever felt certain you knew something was going to happen? I've sensed things.
There's always been an explanation.
A change in the weather, a pattern of behaviors, a predictable outcome.
What about a gut feeling? Perhaps a dream? A nightmare? You're afraid.
But it's not for yourself.
You know there's no one who can hurt you.
The only way to get to you is through those you love.
There is a girl.
You're soul mate.
But you've missed the signs.
What signs? I see something white and water.
It's swimming.
- A rabbit.
- Rabbits don't swim.
- The white rabbit will swim.
- I don't understand.
How? When? Tonight.
Be ready.
Your soul mate is in danger.
- Could you tell if she was lying? - I don't know.
Her heart rate was all over the place but that could have just been from the trance.
Well, you have to understand empaths.
The best ones are usually just picking up on the cues from their subjects.
Your anxiety must have been pouring out of you.
And she exploited it.
She's a two-bit carnival hack.
But she knew about Amanda.
It's a con.
She was deliberately vague.
Why would someone do that? It's an unfortunate reality.
But people prey on the innocent.
If you ask me, they're all a bunch of crazies looking to make a buck.
Again with the eavesdropping.
The sound carries.
What did she say to you? She said I have a secret.
A secret windfall coming.
Yeah, speaking of windfalls, you owe me 20 bucks for your fuel pump.
You're robbing me of my last bill, sir.
Yeah, somehow I think you'll survive.
Another 20.
Must have missed it when I counted my tips.
A windfall.
- Heh.
Dude, $20 is hardly the lottery.
- I gotta go.
Make mine a double.
What's the matter with you? Unresolved friend drama.
You? Boyfriend problems.
Do you think I'm too innocent? Is this a trick question? Kyle treats me like I'm a child.
Like I'm this fragile thing that needs protecting.
- Uh-oh.
Number 27.
- Number 27? I can break down relationship troubles into 42 parts.
The higher the number, the worse the problem.
What's number 42? Devastating breakup.
And number 27 is over-protective boyfriend? Followed shortly after by woman exerting independence.
- What's so wrong with that? - Absolutely nothing.
If you're the woman.
- Hey, man.
- Is Amanda here? Out back talking to Hillary, the source of many of my current problems.
Would you like me to play wing woman or should I skedaddle? - Do you wanna do something tonight? - You mean like a girl date? I just I need a break from Kyle for the night.
Number 28, woman exerting independence.
I have tickets to this great band playing down at the street fair.
I was gonna ask Lori and Declan, but Actually, I was thinking stay in, eat some chocolate wallow our way through The Notebook.
That could be fun too.
Lori's still not talking to you? Neither is Hillary.
Apparently, kissing your ex's friend is a major violation of something called the Girl Code.
- There's a Girl Code? - It was news to me too.
I need to talk to Amanda.
May you have better luck with the female persuasion.
Just give me a minute.
Stay strong.
Hey, Hills.
You need to keep your distance.
I can't be seen with you.
This is ridiculous.
I was drunk.
Why can't we all just pretend like it didn't happen? Because it did happen.
And now my best friend isn't speaking to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry it's some weird violation of the Girl Rule - Code.
- Whatever.
You and I are friends.
You helped me through everything with Lori.
Don't bail on me now.
You have got to be kidding me.
Trager, come on.
Come on what? Choose a guy over your friend? - That's not what happened.
- Lori, it wasn't her fault.
Are you sure about that? Because she certainly has a history with the boys.
I can't believe you just went there.
Oh, well, that makes two of us.
- I wanna talk to you.
- I'm not in the mood to talk right now.
I understand that you're upset, and I'm sorry.
Look, I just need some time to think.
A night off.
- But - Kyle, I'm not asking for your permission.
I think I really blew it.
Amanda's mad at me.
- Well, that's a first.
- She doesn't wanna be around me.
- I don't want her out of my sight.
- Do I need to give you a lecture on the perils of stalking? I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to her.
Earlier, I think I saw that guy from Latnok, the one that kidnapped Amanda.
And then a psychic told me my soul mate was in danger.
The one from the street fair? I saw her yesterday as a joke.
She didn't make any sense.
She just kept on babbling ab - What? - Nothing.
Declan, what? She told me I'd be caught between enemy lines.
Which didn't make any sense until just now.
Hello? Sarah? - Hi.
- You're back.
I told the landlord I'd locked my keys inside.
Thankfully, he'd never met Sarah and he just assumed I was her.
What are you doing? I want you to come home with me.
- I already said - I know.
And I'm not gonna force you.
But, Jessi, I've counseled a lot of teenagers over the years.
And I've seen them through some terrible situations.
Some of them I've been able to help, some of them I haven't.
But I've never given up on any of them.
And I'm not giving up on you.
- Everybody else did.
- No.
Sarah did.
Just Sarah.
The first thing you and I are gonna work on is a way for you to understand that, that it is not your fault.
But in order for that to happen, you're gonna have to come with me.
You're gonna have to trust me.
Does Kyle know about Sarah? Not yet.
But he should.
I just need some time to pack.
- Amanda.
- What are you doing here? I know I've been acting strange and keeping things from you, - and I'm truly sorry.
- I'm not in the mood to discuss it.
So let's talk about it tonight.
Cancel your plans and stay in with me.
I can't just cancel my plans.
Please, Amanda.
Just spend tonight with me instead.
Why? Why is tonight so important? I'm worried something might happen to you.
One visit to the psychic and now you can predict the future? She said that Wait a minute.
This is actually about the psychic? She said that tonight when the white rabbit swims, my soul mate will be in danger.
Kyle, come on.
You're so trusting of everyone.
You can't let that scam artist get to you.
You don't need to protect me.
I'll be fine.
The psychic had warned me of bad things to come.
Wait, I'm wrong Was it possible for someone to see danger? Should have done Better than this Had my nightmare been a way of predicting trouble for Amanda? I'm finding it Hard to resist I needed to understand the message.
Decipher its meaning.
Save me, I'm lost Oh, Lord, I've been Waiting for you Show me What I'm looking for And more than anything, I needed to do what I could to keep Amanda safe.
Even if I needed some help to do it.
The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, The Princess Diaries.
- I'm sensing a theme here.
- What do you mean? Never mind.
Let girl's night commence.
- What the hell is she doing here? - What the hell is she doing here? Tuesday's pasta.
Thursday's pot roast.
Where's Monday's chicken? I think it's sprouted wings and flown the coop.
All right, I'll cook.
You'll what? Don't sound so surprised.
Any moron can boil a noodle.
Well, it's just so grown up of you to offer.
Face the facts, Stephen, I'm growing up.
Okay, first of all, Stephen is my name only to people your mother did not give birth to.
Secondly, what's going on with you? - Nothing.
- Nothing? You're acting like you've been body swapped.
So you're either up to something or My God, you're having sex.
- What? - You're having sex.
I can't believe I didn't see the signs.
I'm such an idiot.
- I was - You said it didn't happen.
- Well, actually - I believed you.
I didn't think you could keep that from me.
- Well, Andy didn't want anybody to - I trusted you, Josh.
Damn it.
- Hey, Mr.
- Mark, did we have a meeting? No.
Actually, I I came by I wanted to I wanted to talk to you about your daughter.
Oh, I feel for you, Mark.
Because if you're standing on my doorstep at this moment about to ask permission to date my daughter, then you have the worst timing in the history of the universe.
So I'm just gonna cut to the chase.
One hundred percent, absolutely not, over my dead body, no.
Got it? - I just Because I wanted - Good.
Oh, good.
I'm almost ready.
I just need - Jessi, I need your help.
- My help? Amanda's over at her house with the girls.
I need you to go over there and watch out for her.
You want me to help you with Amanda? I know it's a lot to ask, but I have a feeling something bad is going to happen to her.
And you're the only one that can protect her like I can.
Please, Jessi.
I need you.
I'll text Lori and have her tell Amanda she invited you over.
Are you okay? You seem like something's wrong.
I'll take care of it.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know you guys were in a fight.
I swear I didn't plan this.
- I think I'm gonna go.
- So soon? - Great.
- What? Hi.
I forgot to tell you Jessi was coming.
Nicole, thank God you're home.
What's the matter? While you were out saving a teenager, I've gone and lost control of ours.
What? Hey, how'd everything go with Jessi? Great.
I asked her to watch over Amanda for me tonight.
She needed to talk to you about something.
She didn't mention it? I guess I didn't give her the chance.
Oh, no.
Oh, Kyle.
Is she your new best friend now? Because if memory serves she made out with Declan too and then bitch-slapped you.
Yet for some reason that didn't seem to sting as bad as what you did.
I didn't do anything.
- What? - Jessi, I'm so sorry.
For what? You got what you wanted.
Isn't that all that matters? You know that's not true.
I should have noticed that you needed me.
Look, I'm doing what you asked.
I'm watching over your precious girlfriend.
I promise I'll make this right.
Don't bother.
You still have tickets for that band? - Yeah, why? - Because we're going.
- Hallelujah.
- What's going on? I'm not gonna stay in my own house and get spied on.
I wasn't spying.
I was watching.
There's a difference.
Not to me, there isn't.
Let's go.
Is she going? Not if you are.
You know what? I needed this night.
I needed a night off from Kyle with you two.
I'm gonna go alone if I have to.
You're not coming.
You can tell Kyle I'm off being putting myself in danger.
I have to go, don't I? For Kyle? Lovely.
- Hi.
- You've got a problem.
- I'm in trouble.
- Wow, that bad? I really messed things up with Amanda.
And now Jessi.
Do I wanna know what you did? - Everything wrong.
- Well, that makes two of us.
They're gonna see a band play, I don't know where.
- You call Lori? - I tried, her phone went to voicemail.
Try again.
Let me guess, Kyle? No, it's Mark actually.
I'm just gonna - Hi, Mark.
- Just tell me where you're going.
- That's all I need to know.
- Oh, I'm just on my way to see Faber Drive play.
Where are you? Thanks.
Okay, great.
It was great talking to you too.
Lori? Mark.
I'm really sorry.
- Uh, I was gonna call you tonight.
- Sort of wishing you just had.
I talked to your dad.
To say that it went horribly would be a massive understatement.
- Talked to her dad about what? - None of your business.
You're giving me all this crap about Declan, and you're busy lining up the DJ on the side? The best friend, I presume.
You know what, Lori? You're a hypocrite.
- I'm having a bad night.
- We can talk later.
- Where you guys headed? - To see Faber Drive play.
- I'm sorry, I have to go.
I'm sorry.
- Yeah, yeah.
Don't worry about it.
Where are they all running off to? - Faber Drive is playing.
- Sounds like fun.
Maybe I'll go check it out.
Look, I'll take you wherever you wanna go, but you know if she catches you following her, she'll hate you.
What if something happens and I'm not there? Then you have to ask yourself how much you believe in the prediction of a street-fair psychic.
What would you say if I told you I could predict the future? I've learned from experience never to doubt when you say you can do something.
So what if, no matter how crazy it seems, the psychic is right? What if Amanda really is in danger and I don't do everything I can to stop it? What do you wanna do? I wanna go to the Faber Drive show and watch over her.
Just in case.
They're going to Faber Drive? - Yes.
- Oh, man.
We gotta go.
What's the matter? This psychic, she saw water in her prediction? - Yes.
- That band, they're playing on a boat.
Here you are.
Kyle? Put it out of your head.
- We're gonna have fun, right? - How could it be anything but? Great.
My headache's back.
It's not too late to go home.
I'm gonna do this.
So the psychic was right.
My secret wasn't safe.
I knew it.
You couldn't help yourself.
You had to blab to the heavens you got laid.
I didn't blab to anyone.
My dad figured it out.
Your dad? Your parents know? Well, usually where one knows the other follows.
- Josh, this is a disaster.
- For me, yes.
Why are you so pissed? Now every time your parents look at me, they'll see the girl who's having sex with their son.
What if they tell my moms? They'll freak.
This doesn't have to be the end of the world.
- No, but it's the end of our sex life.
- What? Why? It's just I'm not ready for people to look at me like that.
- Like what? - Like a walking statistic.
Like a possible Juno in the making.
Like every other idiot girl who gives it up too early and has to suffer the consequences.
That's not gonna be me.
I'm sorry.
I really am, but it The sex is done.
There you guys are.
I'm glad I caught up with you.
Good, you made it.
Need a ticket? - I can't believe you just did that.
- I can't believe you refuse to speak to me over something that doesn't even matter to you anymore.
What doesn't matter? The fact that Declan kissed you or you let him? - I didn't let him.
- I know what I saw.
You liked it.
All right, fine.
I liked it.
Happy? You dumped him.
You decided he wasn't good enough for all your "woe is me, I need to find myself without you" crap.
It's not crap.
Face it, Lori, you had a good guy, and you blew it.
- This whole thing's your fault.
- It's not my fault.
Get off of me.
- Hey.
- Oh.
Serves you right.
- Ooh.
- Oh, I hope that doesn't stain.
- You so did not just do that.
- Oh, I think I just did.
Where is she? Where's Amanda? She's in line for the boat.
The white rabbit swims.
Are you two 12? - You followed me here? - Don't flatter yourself.
Yeah! - Just happen to be at a party by yourself? - Aren't you? Get down! Amanda! Jessi? Hi.
Are you feeling okay? I should have seen that beam coming.
I guess I was distracted.
With good reason.
I'm sorry, Jessi.
I've been a terrible friend.
- You didn't know.
- But I should've.
You're always saying that we're the same.
I should have picked up on the fact that you were having problems.
You're right.
You should've.
But I shouldn't have kept them from you, either.
- Sarah just left? - Yep.
I would never do that to you.
You know that, right? I know that.
Why did you go after Amanda tonight? You asked me to look after her for you and I didn't wanna let you down.
'Cause I want to be seen With a fresh pair of eyes Does it hurt? A little.
In a black hood of disguise I want I want to be seen With a fresh pair of eyes Is that better? Yeah.
In a black hood of disguise I miss God Your girlfriend's waiting for you.
You should go.
She's mad at me.
She'll get over it.
No one can stay mad at you.
I'll be right there.
I have to pick up Kyle and Jessi.
I'll stay here with Josh.
Great, so you can yell at me some more? I love you.
- We'll talk later.
- Goodbye.
Uh Sit.
Okay, before you say anything, I have to tell you that I'm sorry.
You are? When I gave you the condom, I knew I was putting the choice in your hands.
I'm not upset that you had sex.
I mean, I'm a little upset.
But I'm mostly disappointed that you didn't feel like you could talk to me about it.
Dad, come on.
It's embarrassing.
It shouldn't be embarrassing, Josh.
It can be a great thing, when it's right.
But I don't want you to feel like you have to handle this alone.
Apparently Andy was the one who couldn't handle it.
- She's cut me off.
- She has? I mean, she has? Girls are confusing.
Oh, this is only the beginning.
So do you feel like you wanna tell me more about it? Yeah.
I can't sleep In this room What's next, mud wrestling? You can't stay mad at her forever.
What, are you choosing sides? Honestly, Trager, if I'd have known about the stupid Girl Code, I never would have done it.
I was just drunk and feeling sorry for myself.
I wasn't trying to hurt you.
But I did, and I'm sorry.
- Are you into her? - No.
I don't know.
But it shouldn't matter.
You made the choice to move on.
It's not fair for you to hold me back.
Silence keeps Our stories straight I owe you an apology.
Do you? The psychic was right.
You were there to save the day, in spite of everything I did to make sure you weren't.
But I don't think the psychic predicted the future.
I think I created it.
- How? - Everything I did put you on that boat.
If I hadn't of made you angry or been a better friend to Jessi, neither of you would have been there.
But we were.
And it's funny.
What is? The psychic said your soul mate would be in danger.
And after all was said and done, it wasn't me who needed saving.
And find the spark That's buried deep It was Jessi.
So please My mom's here.
Good night.
Don't let go Don't let go We can crawl out Out of the shadows Don't let go Don't let go We can find a way back home Let's go home.
Don't let go We can find our way back Settling your tab? Yes.
Thanks for all your help.
That was a terrible joke to play on your friend.
Well, that's why I paid you a little extra.
I felt him, you know.
That boy, he's special.
He is.
I see great things in his future.