Kyle XY s03e03 Episode Script

Electric Kiss

NARRATOR: Previously on Kyle XY: - You took me.
You took Amanda.
- She won't remember a thing.
Are you feeling okay? It's this stupid headache I've had all week.
I hope I didn't embarrass myself at the afterparty.
- You weren't at the afterparty.
- We were there.
Weren't we? Are you going to make me ask you out? Your dad technically holds the keys to my future in his hand.
But I could ask him, you know, first.
One hundred percent, absolutely not, over my dead body, no.
KYLE: Sarah just left? I would never do that to you.
I know that.
I want you to come home with me.
- You're gonna have to trust me.
- Okay.
- Everything work out the way you wanted? - Exactly.
AMANDA: Psychic said your soul mate would be in danger.
Amanda! AMANDA: And after all was said and done, it wasn't me who needed saving.
It was Jessi.
JOSH: Uhn.
LORl: Okay, you got plenty of room.
Watch out.
To the left.
Good, straighten it out.
You got it.
Keep going.
We can put a bed here, maybe get her an armoire.
Are you sure you wanna give up your space? Well, we don't have much choice.
Not unless you know a family dying to adopt a teenager grown in a pod.
It's the right thing to do.
And it's gonna be okay, right? It's gonna be okay.
This is so not okay.
Right when I can finally put this room to good use, I get a roommate.
Will you look at the big picture here? Jessi 24/7.
It's in the house.
We're so screwed.
Try not screwed.
- What? - Well, for one thing, Andy's out of town.
I thought she said she was never gonna have sex with you again.
Oh, she'll change her tune.
Like she's gonna resist this.
We're smart people.
We can deal.
It's gonna be okay.
This is gonna be a disaster.
[PIANO PLAYING] KYLE: The first time I met Amanda, I was drawn by the sound of her music.
It was like her soul was calling out to me.
And mine was answering.
I never questioned what it meant.
This indefinable connection.
I just knew she was the one.
What should I do? - What? - Do I help cook or? Jessi, your job is to eat.
I don't eat eggs.
- Oh.
You want a waffle? - Okay.
- I'll take a waffle.
- Just eat your eggs.
How'd you sleep, Jessi? Good, I guess.
It's a cot.
- At least you've got your own room.
STEPHEN: Give it up, Josh.
[PIANO PLAYING] What's wrong? Nothing.
LORl: Has anyone seen my cell? Did you check outside? Maybe you left it out there when you were talking to Mark last night.
You were talking to Mark? - I told you, you're not LORl: A different Mark, Dad.
Well, it better be.
Well, this different Mark must be really funny.
You were giggling a lot.
- So, Josh, when does Andy get back? - Not soon enough.
Two more days and the wait is killing me.
Is she gonna do it? Do what? You know, re-open the store and be generous with the merchandise.
- That's what you said on the phone.
- You're like a human wiretap.
I guess privacy in this house is a thing of the past.
Kyle's doing it too.
He's listening to Amanda play right now.
I'm sorry.
What? You're listening to Amanda.
Except she stopped playing.
You're right, she stopped.
CAROL: Amanda? You fainted.
CAROL: I'm calling 911.
Mom, please.
I stood up from the piano too fast.
There's no reason for everyone to hover.
Why now? Your audition is in two days.
Is there anything I can get you? - I'm gonna make you something to eat.
- I'm fine.
She didn't have breakfast this morning.
No appetite.
Something was upsetting her.
Maybe it was you.
How long are you going to be staying with the Tragers? As long as she wants to.
It's turned into a regular orphanage.
KYLE: You look really pale.
So is this how it's gonna be now? The two of you rushing over to protect me? Maybe we wouldn't have to if you were capable of taking care of yourself.
- I can take care of myself.
KYLE: I know that.
Jessi, thanks.
You can go home now.
Yes, I'll go back to our house.
I hope you feel better.
- She means well.
- Does she? Honestly, Kyle, I am preparing for the most important concert of my life.
- The thought of you two living together - It's not like that.
She needs a place to live, a family.
- I know, but - Amanda, you're the only one for me.
There's nothing to worry about.
Now go home.
Seriously, I have to practice.
If I'm not absolutely perfect, I won't be able to win that scholarship, which as my mom keeps reminding me, is the only way I'm paying for college.
- Let me stay and listen? - You'll distract me.
Go home.
[PIANO PLAYING] [MUSIC STOPS] [BANGS ON KEYS] Amanda's concentration's just off.
Don't worry.
She'll get it back.
I don't know.
It's not like her.
It's nerves.
Happens to everybody.
Trust me.
Last year I couldn't hit an outside shot for three straight games.
Suddenly, I'm nailing every one.
I just wish Jessi could have moved in after the concert.
Oh, right.
Hottie in the house.
Of course your girlfriend's freaking out.
I have to keep reassuring Amanda while trying to make Jessi feel more comfortable.
Sounds like a high-class problem to me, dude.
High-class? I just want them both to be happy.
I've got no advice for you when it comes to managing women.
I think my current situation speaks for itself.
So is Lori seeing that Mark guy now? Stephen told her he was off-limits.
Like that's not gonna drive her straight to him.
- Hi.
- Lori Trager.
Are you slumming it college-style now? Just passing through.
Really? Sure.
I mean, I know we're not allowed to go out with each other.
But as far as I know, there's no rule against accidental run-ins.
- Oh, is that what this is? - Mm-hm.
A hundred percent purely accidental run-in.
Scout's honor.
I don't know, something tells me you weren't a Girl Scout.
Not even remotely.
Well, it is nice accidentally running into you.
Would you like to do it again here tomorrow? Oh, see, now you're pushing it.
Is that a yes? Well, it's not like you can prevent an accident.
Do you want a ride? How about another game? They're both gonna be there, Kyle, no matter what time you get home.
I'll walk.
- Thanks.
- Later.
[DOG BARKS] [CHUCKLES] MAN: Somebody likes you.
What's wrong? Not a big fan of the canine? It's not the dog I have a problem with.
Look, I wanna apologize.
Okay? We could have handled things a lot better.
I told them.
I said, if we wanna make a good first impression, then abducting you and your girlfriend, probably not the best way to go.
You're lucky no one called the police.
Could have.
Wouldn't have found anything.
Our membership is very exclusive.
We like to keep things just between us, you know? Kyle, hang on.
Can we start over? Who are you? Michael Cassidy.
KYLE: What do you want? Okay, to put it bluntly, you are our greatest achievement.
And we wanna make sure we have a relationship with you.
A relationship to do what? Anything.
Come see what we're about.
We are making state-of-the-art advances - in science and technology - Right.
A group of visionaries and humanitarians.
Not me, I don't have the smarts.
I'm more of a frontman.
Scientists, terrible social skills.
Anyway, they sent me to convince you to give us a second chance.
Let us show you we're the good guys.
- I'm not interested.
- I'm hoping you'll change your mind.
Humor me.
[DOG BARKS] Here, boy.
[WOMAN MOANING] You've been a very bad girl, Amber, haven't you? [TV CLICKS OFF] - Dad! - What the hell are you doing? I mean, I know what you're doing, but what the hell are you doing? I'm sorry.
I'm going crazy.
Andy's been out of town and, you know, I miss her.
I get that you miss your girlfriend, but this is not okay.
When the bill for this program comes in, you're paying for it.
Is there a charge? I unscrambled the channel.
Why would you do that? Josh asked me to.
- Grounded for a week? - Two.
[PIANO PLAYING] Dude, you gotta do something about Jessi.
She can't keep a secret for five minutes.
She ratted me out to Dad.
She's not used to living with a family.
Remember when I first moved in here? I told Stephen I took that test for you, but you forgave me.
Give her time.
Well, she did provide me with a fairly excellent dose of porn.
You really miss Andy, don't you? I thought I was thirsty before, but now that I've had my first taste? With her gone, I'm totally dehydrated.
So Andy's a drink that doesn't quench your thirst? No, she does.
She did.
It's just, since we went there to that place, I'm going crazy.
That's all I think about.
You had that accidental run-in with Jessi in the bathroom.
Why aren't you messed up? Why would I be messed up? You saw her boobs and they're right downstairs.
Both of them.
I love Amanda.
She's my soul mate.
JOSH: Your soul mate? That's intense.
KYLE: I felt it from the first time I saw her.
We just connected.
As if we were meant to meet each other.
Amanda's always been the one for me.
[SIGHS] You still haven't gotten it right.
And coming in every second isn't helping.
I broke a string.
I keep messing up in the same place.
It's like I can't hold the piece in my head.
That's never happened before.
You'll get it.
You always do.
What if I don't? I need this scholarship.
It's like I'm carrying all the stress in the back of my neck.
Here, let me.
Feels good.
It's been one thing after another lately.
What do you mean? First the headaches, then this pain in my neck, forgetting my music.
You're just nervous.
I guess.
[SIGHS] You know, now that I think about it, I just haven't felt like myself since prom.
We know that Latnok sedated her.
It must have been a very strong dose.
KYLE: So strong that she's still having side effects two weeks later? - And why is there pain in her neck? - Stress.
She's nervous about her concert.
But what if it's more than that? What if they did something to her? Kyle, I think you're being paranoid.
They kidnapped us.
It was all a sick game.
Who knows what else they're capable of? Let's say you're right, they did something.
Now what? [SIGHS] Amanda keeps getting stuck in the same place in her music, as if her memory's misfiring.
It could be neurological.
Well, it's not like you can just scan her brain to find out.
Okay, you could figure out a way.
This never would have happened if it weren't for me.
I have to make sure she's all right.
Anything for your precious Amanda.
- Fancy meeting you here.
- Oh, what a wonderful coincidence.
[GRUNTS] For me? I just like to keep them on hand in case of accidental run-ins.
That is so nice of you.
Why do you sound so surprised? No, it's just people don't buy me flowers very often.
You've been dating the wrong people.
I mean, accidentally running into the wrong people.
We're really doing this, aren't we? I'm willing to take the risk.
I mean, that's assuming that you want to.
I took three busses just to get here.
Of course I do.
It's just never been this easy before.
No games, so direct.
Just honesty.
Yeah, well, no, it's not easy.
I mean, we're being bad.
Downright duplicitous.
We are so evil.
Would you care to be evil over pizza? I would love to.
Ice breaking Why's it always feel fine? Best accidental run-in ever.
[PIANO PLAYING] - Is that what happened to my Xbox? KYLE: I needed the wireless controller.
What do I get out of this deal? Knowing that you helped Amanda.
That's no reward for me either.
Do you see her? I need to install the scanner under the piano.
I don't want her to see us.
Oh, yes, you know, that would be terrible.
Jessi, you wanted to help.
I'm here, aren't I? Amanda's next.
You'd better fire up that scanner thingy.
Find a place backstage for the receiver.
- What should I do? - Make sure we don't get caught.
Excuse me, - are you a performer? - No.
- Performers only in the stage area.
- I'm just Who are you? WOMAN: I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to be here.
- Please leave.
- Oh, my God! This is the wrong piece.
Aah! This is Tchaikovsky and I wanted Spandistropapovovich.
Mother! Where are you? How could you do this to me? I hate you! - Young man.
- Are you in charge here? - I am.
- This is completely unacceptable.
You need to come with me.
[DEVICE BEEPS] AMANDA: Kyle? What are you doing here? Wishing you luck.
It's a closed rehearsal.
And I need to focus.
Well, then, good luck.
- The device is working perfectly.
- Great.
JESSl: We make a good team.
Thanks for helping.
[STOPS PLAYING] - Leave me alone.
- Amanda, I just wanna help.
By showing up with your housemate? You know how that makes me feel, especially now.
I shouldn't have brought her.
No, you shouldn't have.
But somehow she's always around helping.
Let me ask you something.
- What? - That night, after prom, when you went looking for me.
- Yes? - Was Jessi there? - Why would you think that? - Just answer the question.
- Jessi helped me find you, yes.
- I knew it.
Look, I know that night must seem very strange.
Strange? It's this big giant question mark and now I know she was there, it makes it worse.
Wherever you go, she goes.
- I know it may seem that way, but - No, that's how it is.
And honestly, Kyle, I can't take it.
I've got to nail this audition and I can't be worrying about what is and what is not going on with the two of you all the time.
I just can't.
There's nothing going on.
Then maybe you could try not spending every second with her.
See how that goes.
[TYPING] I fight enough With myself I give it up When you're not here Hey.
Oh, cool, you got it to read the data from the rehearsal.
KYLE: This is all of Amanda's brain activity.
- Were you up all night? - Not all night.
Maybe most of it.
You know, you could have used your computer.
- It wouldn't have bothered me.
- This one's fine.
Call out the numbers, I'll input them in the program.
I should do this by myself.
Why? It's just Maybe you should go see what everybody else is up to.
It's Amanda, right? She hates me.
She doesn't hate you.
She just thinks that we spend too much time together.
- I've only been trying to help.
- I know.
But she doesn't know the real story, so it looks different to her.
[SIGHS] It must be hard being with someone when you have to keep so many secrets.
It is.
I wish I could tell her everything.
Why don't you? Then think about how worried she'd be.
And who knows how much more danger I'd be putting her in.
I feel like she'd be more protected if she didn't know the whole truth.
I know the whole truth.
And thankfully, you can take care of yourself.
Yeah, I guess.
There's something there.
You were right.
They put something in her brain.
What did you do to Amanda? - What? - You put something in her head.
- Kyle, you're being really very - Tell me what it is.
Okay, it's something new we've developed.
It's safe.
Instead of a typical sedative, we use a nanoscopic neural block.
It attaches itself to the receptors in the brainstem.
Why would you do that? So she wouldn't remember anything from that night.
- It should have dissolved by now.
- Well, it hasn't.
She's having side effects, I need to get it out.
You can't get it out.
But we might be able to disintegrate it.
We? You mean Latnok? I'd like to help.
Kyle, don't try anything on your own.
You could hurt her.
Let me make a phone call.
You've done enough.
Hillary, where are you when I need you? Where are you off to? Amanda's concert.
Oh, crap.
You can totally tell when I'm lying, huh? Just like Kyle.
You're going to meet Mark.
Let me break it down for you.
When it comes to living in this house, I know we all gather around the kitchen island and yuk it up and we're all smiles and hugs and touching moments.
But underneath, it is us versus them.
Everyone under legal voting age is honor-bound to keep each other's secrets.
Well, I can keep a secret.
- So that's it? - As long as you don't rat me out, you're in.
- I won't.
- Fine.
You know, you should wear your hair down.
Long, healthy hair helps signal a prospective male to your reproductive potential.
Okay, thanks.
That's good to know.
How's it going, man? Good, man.
I've been really good.
I'm close to a breakthrough on the three-dimensional algorithm.
Glad to hear it.
Look, I heard through the grapevine you've been spending time with Lori Trager.
Uh I guess.
She's a great girl.
No doubt.
But, you know how we like to keep things confidential.
And our goal is to get our guy back in the fold.
You were never supposed to make contact with his sister.
Yeah, I know.
And l Look, we met by accident.
It was just a Look, I'll keep things separate.
I mean, we're just hanging out.
Not anymore.
- Jessi.
- Your pants are down.
Oh, would you look at that? What are you doing? I was just thinking of - Hey, she's pretty.
- Don't look at that.
[JOSH GROANS] Are you okay? Knee.
Out! - Hey.
- Good.
I need your help figuring this out.
I thought you couldn't be seen with me.
I don't have time for that.
What we saw is a neural block which hasn't been dissolved.
It's keeping Amanda's memory of what to play from getting to her fingers.
But I think I can eliminate it with an electrical charge.
- How do I do it without electrocuting her? - That's a risk I'd be willing to take.
I know.
You don't have time for this.
- That's Amanda's head? - Right.
- It's empty.
- You don't have to be here.
Except this is my room now.
I have to regulate the voltage and apply the right amount to disintegrate the block, but without hurting her.
- That's not enough.
- I know.
- More power if you want it to work.
- I know.
Let me concentrate.
JESSl: That's it.
You're doing it.
More, more.
I think I need to touch Amanda to control the electrical flow more precisely.
She'll feel it and know what you're doing.
Not if I can distract her.
While you're zapping her? Hey.
Does someone wanna explain why my laptop just fried like my brain on drugs? It must have caused a power surge.
I'll fix it later.
Later not so good for me.
I was in the middle of something important.
Charlotte Cam Live.
See, it's you.
You are the problem.
Eavesdropping, barging in without knocking, blowing out electricity.
- That was me.
- Fine.
Then you get the assist.
I can't take it anymore.
I can't get a minute alone.
Why don't you go somewhere else then? Because this is my house.
Not yours.
Does he think I don't know that? When I first moved in, nobody wanted me here except for Nicole.
But I had nowhere else to go.
They'll come around.
It just took time.
How much time before Josh isn't mad at me? Probably until Andy comes back tonight.
One welcome-home kiss from her and he'll forget why he's upset.
- Kyle, that's it.
- What? How you can help Amanda without her knowing what you're doing.
Pass the electricity through a kiss.
I won't know how much power to give.
And if I'm wrong, I'll electrocute her.
Then you'll have to practice.
On what? Me.
Are you all charged up? Ready? Okay.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - Either of you seen Lori? - No.
She's been out all day.
- Did she say anything to you? - Nothing at all.
What was that? - What was what? - You just gave her a look.
That was your "I know you're lying" look.
I don't have that look.
Did Lori ask you to lie? I knew it.
She's with Mark.
I thought you ran off with a girl your own age.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I got held up.
Lucky for you I'm not high-maintenance.
Do you want me to come to you? Listen, Lori, uh, I don't even know how to say this.
Is this the part where it's not easy anymore? Look, my future's really important to me, I don't wanna I don't wanna jeopardize I got it.
- No, Lori, come on.
This isn't about you.
- Mark.
I said I got it.
And now I'm going to hang up.
Lori, I'm really sorry.
This is weird.
- It's science.
- I know, but I've never kissed you before.
- You've seen me naked.
- You're not helping.
I shouldn't be kissing anyone other than Amanda.
Go kiss Amanda.
Give her your best guess about the voltage.
Maybe you'll be right and you won't kill her.
[GRUNTS] Sorry.
You need more practice.
Amanda, hi.
I think Kyle's in his room.
I wanted to see you.
But if you're on your way out the door No, that's okay, please.
I was hoping you could teach me some relaxation techniques.
You nervous about the concert tonight? The entire scholarship committee from U-Dub is gonna be there.
Watching and judging.
I haven't been able to get through the piece and my mom's all over me.
Well, sometimes parents don't realize the pressure they're adding.
It's not just her.
I'm off my game.
It's not the easiest thing to have Kyle and Jessi living under the same roof.
I can see how that would bother you but you can trust Kyle.
I know.
I guess I don't trust her.
Is that awful? Amanda, you and Kyle have a very special connection.
He would never do anything to hurt you.
Okay? Trust that.
- I don't wanna hurt you again.
- I can take it.
Maybe if I touched you.
Used my hands to complete a circuit.
Any extra current will flow back through me.
It's worth a shot.
Do you have enough charge left to try again? I think so.
How's that? It's not bad.
I feel warm.
And it tingles a little.
Are you ready? Just try to be gentle.
I can hear your heart beating.
Yours too.
[GASPS] Amanda.
Amanda, wait.
- Let me explain.
- You are always trying to explain.
Explaining why you keep secrets, explaining why you didn't tell me what happened on prom.
But there is no explanation for why you were kissing Jessi.
There is.
I'll tell you everything.
I don't even care anymore because none of it matters.
It does matter.
It will help you understand why all of this is happening.
Kyle, the only person who doesn't understand what's happening is you.
- Please.
- I'm late for my recital.
I've ruined it.
I've ruined us.
I'm so sorry, Kyle.
She's gonna get to that section in the music and she won't be able to play it.
I can't let that happen.
I have to help her.
Is there any other way than kissing her? No.
Then I guess you have to go make it right.
Thanks, Jessi.
[DOOR CLOSES] Comfortable? I need to clear my head.
The tub always works for Kyle.
I thought you'd be with Andy.
I mean, isn't tonight the big homecoming? Her mom's extended their vacation rental for another three weeks.
Oh, sweetie.
I'm sorry.
I know you're frustrated.
I just wanna see her.
I thought it was for, you know, other reasons, but today I got all mad at Kyle and Jessi, and all I could think of was telling Andy about it.
I just I really miss her.
The Jessi thing, you know it's not gonna be easy, right? JOSH: I know we all got used to Kyle, and that turned out great.
I just hope we can get used to her.
NICOLE: So do I.
Everything okay? Fine.
Well, you've been gone a while.
Do anything exciting? Not really, no.
Well, how about I phrase it this way? See anyone exciting? Actually, no, Dad.
I didn't.
And thank you, Jessi.
I knew you couldn't keep your mouth shut.
Jessi didn't have to say a word.
Oh, I'm sure she was a real pillar of secrecy.
I'll just go.
This isn't her fault.
Oh, that's good, stick up for her.
Let's see how else you can destroy my day.
I didn't destroy your day.
No? Because it was going pretty well until Mark told me he won't date me because he's afraid of his future.
Good, he should be.
Why do you get to decide who I can and can't go out with? I'm your father and you live in my house.
Real original, Dad.
Does it feel good to be a walking parental cliché? Oh, you want a cliché? Go to your room.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] - You are not allowed back here.
- I need to see her.
I don't know what you did to her, but my daughter is back there crying her eyes out.
- I have never seen her like this.
- I can help her.
- Please.
- Don't you think you've done enough? - Keep him out.
MAN: Yes, ma'am.
[PIANO PLAYING] Two minutes.
What are you doing here? I couldn't let you perform without trying to make things better.
I just I feel so sad.
I did this to you.
Amanda, I'm so sorry.
I trusted you.
And I broke that trust.
I hurt you.
I never thought I'd do anything to hurt you, but I did.
I love you so much, Amanda.
I love you too.
That's why it hurts so badly.
It's not that you kissed her.
It's that I can feel what's happening between you two.
- There's nothing - You may not see it, but it's there.
And I can't be with you when I know I'm losing you to someone else.
You could never lose me.
I already have.
WOMAN: I'm sorry.
One minute.
I can't do this.
I can't go out and play.
Let me help you.
I know how to fix your problem.
How? If you have any trust left for me at all, let me show you.
Still lost I'll be Still lost I'll be Still lost When you come When will you come You're on.
To look for me? You have to go now.
If I was to [SIGHS] Call you [SIGHS] Would you come? If I was to Call you Would you come Oh, my love? When will you come? KYLE: Amanda's music had brought us together.
We had connected that first time I heard her play.
And now, somehow our connection had been severed.
'Cause I'll be Still lost I'll be Still lost I'll be Though she had never played better, it broke my heart to know that because of what I'd done, she would be playing on without me.
Why don't you come To look for me?