La Brea (2021) s03e01 Episode Script



When we fell
through that sinkhole,
we ended up some time
around 10,000 B.C.
There is a building
with a portal.
It can connect to the future.
Every time that portal's
bent to a new time,
it creates a new sinkhole.
We can fix the machine so it
won't cause any more sinkholes
and we can still get home.
New sinkholes,
they just keep opening up.
We have to stop them.
It's our only way home.
- Hey, guys!
- You don't have to do this!
I'm trying
to protect everyone.
I gotta stop it.

Every day since we've
got here has been a struggle,
and we've certainly faced
our share of hardships.
But we've also had
our share of blessings.
I'm pregnant.
My entire life
I've been fighting
to put my family back together.
We're not giving up.
There is another portal.
We may still have a way home.
This is where
the coordinates end.
Why are there nothing
but dead bodies here?
It's okay, I'm a friend.
- Where are you from?
- Here.
How did a military barracks
get to 10,000 B.C.?
If you help me find
my mother,
I'll tell you
everything I know.
This is it.
- It's the machine.
Something's wrong.
Look at these dates.
They're all over the place.
Those auroras,
anything could be coming
out of them right now.
- Run!
Wait a minute!
- Take this and go.
- No, no, no, no.
We found each other once.
We can do it again.

She's gone.

Life's good, isn't it?

You get some breakfast?
Heard someone found some hens.
They're making eggs.
Dad, I'm not hungry.
Hey, I I know
this seems hopeless.
But Scott and I,
we're gonna fix the laptop.
It was connected
to Moore's portal.
Maybe it can show us
where your mom went.
Okay, then what do we do?
Who cares where Mom is?
All of the auroras
are closed, Dad.
There's no way to get to her.
Iz, I'm not gonna give up.
I'm gonna bring your mom back.
You've been saying stuff
like that since the beginning,
all of these promises.
Look where we are.
Hey, Iz, Iz, Iz, Iz.
I get how you're feeling.
I feel the same.
I miss her too.
Maybe we could, uh,
work on this together.
C-could be good for us.
I can't do this right now.

Okay, security has to be
our top priority now.
We need to light fires
all around the perimeter
of the Clearing.
And we need
to make that perimeter
as hard to break through
as possible.
So you see these, these spikes?
We're gonna do the same thing
until we got ourselves
a good defensive wall.
Not an easy job,
but it's doable.
Dude, we got dinosaurs
down here now.
Gavin, didn't you say
you and your kids
barely got away from a T. rex?
Yeah, we did, but, uh,
well, thankfully,
that was a long way from here.
See? Gavin thinks
it's dumb to build a wall.
No, I I didn't say that.
Listen, no animal likes fire.
And they sure don't like
running into spikes.
Look, I know it's not perfect,
but it's better
than we got right now.
It's just
I mean, two days ago,
we thought
we were all going home.
And now it looks
like I'm gonna be
taking orders for
the rest of my life,
from a guy who
used to deal heroin.
Easy, Judah.
Let's just calm down.
Lucas is our leader.
He was elected fair and square.
All we can do now is
push forward.
- Got it?
- Okay.
Look, I understand
people are frustrated,
and we're scared.
I mean, I feel the same way.
But I still think
there's reason for hope.
And you're right, Judah.
I did use to deal heroin.
I was no good to anyone.
I hurt people.
I didn't care.
But I've changed,
and now I have
people relying on me.
And I'm not I'm not just
talking about you guys,
and I'm not just
talking about Veronica.
Well, soon we're gonna have
more people to protect.

I want to make sure our home
is safe when they get here.
You're having a baby?
That's great.
Family's everything.
I would have donated
a bottle of Malbec.
- Ah.
- Congratulations.
Look, all of this to say,
hope still exists here, right?
So let's get to work,
build some spikes, yeah?
- Here.
- Weren't you the one
who just told everyone
they need to get to work?
What kind of example are
you setting, Mr. Leader Man?
I know.
I know.
But trust me,
you're gonna want to see this.
You wanted to show me a bag?

It is an extremely
comfortable mattress.
That's much better.
It fell through
one of the auroras.
Anyway, we can
put this in the bus.
- What?
- Yeah.
The rest of the group seemed
cool with us taking it over.
I think they're, you
know, excited to have a,
uh, Clearing baby.
Oh, they are, are they?
You're upset I told everyone
you're pregnant, huh?
Mm, "upset" might be
a strong word.
Well, I'm sorry, I just
I'm I'm excited, you know,
to be a dad.
I mean, we had
to tell them anyway.
It just kind of slipped out.
It w-won't happen again.
I'm sure it won't
because I think Judah
pretty much told everyone
in 10,000 B.C.
Okay, so you are upset?
I'm excited
to be a mom too.
I'm just nervous.
I mean, we don't even have
any medical equipment
down here and
You okay?
What's going on?
Oh, that.
- You all right?
- You feel better?
Well, we might not have
medical supplies,
but we got that
your morning sickness,
every eight hours,
like clockwork.
Sam said that is a great way
to tell the baby's doing okay.
So my extreme nausea's
a virtue?
Okay, well, it's not ideal,
but it's it's something.
I mean, we got a home,
a mattress.
And we're gonna put a wall
around all of it.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be great.
It is.
Grab your mattress.
I need a nap.
As you wish, milady.
Hey, Gavin Harris,
the man I was looking for.
- Yep.
- Hey
Why don't you go ahead to the Clearing
while I talk to Gavin.
So what are you doing out here?
Just trying to get
this computer to work.
This solar battery's fried.
You didn't find anything
to charge it with, did you?
Did I ever.
A potato?
Okay, you look like
you're being serious,
but I don't think
you should be.
Okay, a potato can be used
as a source of power.
All you need is some zinc,
some copper nails, some wires,
- and a bit of good luck.
- Uh-huh.
And this is something
that you have done before?
Okay, look,
you're missing the point.
The potato means progress.
You should be more excited
about this, because I am.
Hey, hey, not that
I don't appreciate it.
I do, and thank you,
but you don't need to do this.
Don't you have your own
problems to sort out?
I do.
Meeting Petra has totally
messed with my head.
I was supposed to have a job
interview with her mother,
Maya Schmidt, back in L.A.
before the sinkhole opened.
But, Petra told me that they're
from a military base
that somehow ended up
in 10,000 B.C.
And you're certain
that Petra has no idea
where this base is?
She doesn't, and she doesn't
know where her mother is
or why her mom reached out
to me in the first place.
So since I can't figure out
any of my problems,
I may as well
help you solve yours.
All right, well, thank you.
You're a good man.
All right.
Let's give this thing a shot
What the hell was that?
I think it came
from the Clearing.
Hey, Petra!
Are you all right?
Veronica, hey, hey, hey.
What's going on?
The dinosaurs,
they're in the Clearing.
- Where's Izzy and Josh?
- I don't know, I'm sorry.

Get back.
Hey, hey!
- You guys okay?
- For now.
They're destroying
Should we run?
No, no, it's too dangerous.
And we're too exposed.
Wait, wait.
Dad, it's gonna collapse.
Go, go now!
Go, go, go!

You okay?

You sit right down there.
Someone will fix you up, okay?
Gotta say,
we're lucky no one died.
Eh, you're right.
But that's where our luck ends.

I mean, the Clearing
as we know it, it's gone.
Are the dinosaurs leaving?
It's worse.
There's more of them there now.
So whatever anyone grabbed,
that's what we got
in terms of food and supplies.
I have to go back.
Look, we can find shelter
and water in other places.
Nah, what I need,
I can't find anywhere else.
I have to get that laptop.
Couple days, we see
if our friends have left,
and we can get it then.
Right now, we got frightened,
injured people we got to get safe.
On that front, I talked to Ty.
He said that we can
regroup at the Fort.
That's exactly
what we need right now.
We got a couple of stragglers
we have to grab too.
Josh and Riley were
off gathering berries
by the dry creek bed.
- I can find them.
- Hey
I can get my own son,
thank you.

All right, we'll grab a group,
to find our kids.
Why don't you take the rest
back to the Fort?
Keep in contact, okay?
Happy to help.
Let's go.
Have you ever been to
Finn's Bakery on Third Street?
- Nope.
They have this
raspberry cobbler thing.
It should be illegal.
It's that good.
I'm gonna make one.
Little side hustle,
I like it.
Maybe set up a little kiosk
under the Petersen?
But this is our life now,
and in life,
the little things matter.
Raspberry cobbler means
more than you think.

You're beautiful.
I'd hunt a saber-tooth tiger
for a mani-pedi,
and I haven't
changed my clothes in a week.
You're kind and smart.
You've shown me
a better version of myself.
Have you been drinking
the fermented corn again?
You help me forget what
we're up against down here.
When I'm with you,
everything just feels normal.

Those are all the reasons
why I love you.
You know, sorry.
I maybe I
I love you too.
You do?
Like, a whole lot.
Don't move.

There's something behind you.

Hey, that is my pancake.
I I called dibs
on the last one.
Then I get last bacon.
Oh, oh, h-hold on.
Didn't you say
you were going vegan?
That was
a thought experiment.
I'm okay with all this
as long as you save me
some coffee.
Ah-ah, that's mine.
All right, everybody.
Hold up.
Let's take a break.
Uh, there's a
a creek over there.
We can refill our water.
You got a little blood
on your forehead.
You all right?
Oh, yeah.
I fell over in the attack.
I guess I hit my head harder
than I thought.
Let me see.
You can't fool around
with head injuries.
Why didn't you say anything?
Because these people
put me in charge,
and that's when
they needed me most.
And honestly, I didn't
want to worry Veronica.
I get it.
You want to be her rock.
That's not always
the best move.
It-it's better
than being a burden.
Trust me, my dad was
barely there for me,
put all the responsibility
on my mom.
And, dude,
look how that turned out.
I made a promise to myself.
I'm not gonna be like him.
Whatever Veronica wants, needs,
I'm gonna give it to her.
Okay, that's admirable,
but it might not be
the whole picture.
What does that mean?
Listen, being a parent,
it's a beautiful thing.
I mean, I love my kids more
than anything in the world.
But it's hard work.
And you can't do it by yourself.
You need a partner,
someone you can be open
and honest with.
You can tell me
to shut up any time.
Nah, you're fine.
Okay, well, once I get Veronica
settled into the Fort,
- I'm gonna work on that.
- There you go.
- Help!
- Was that Josh?


What happened?
We were
we were attacked by
by a raptor.
I-I tried to stop the bleeding
the best I could.

Is there anything we can do?
There's nothing.
She's sutured and bandaged.
All we can do now is pray that
an infection doesn't set in.
Hey, look, I can watch
over her if you need a minute.
That's okay.
I'd rather be alone with
my daughter if you don't mind.

I'm gonna make sure
everyone from the Clearing
has a warm meal and a place
to lay their head.
- Will you thank Paara for me?
- Yeah, of course,
when she returns.
She and Silas left this morning
to shore up alliances
with the neighboring villages.
A lot to discuss, given all
the new threats down here.
I'll, uh
I'll catch up with you soon.
Riley's unconscious still,
but she's stable.
Is she gonna make it?
All I know for sure is,
she's a fighter.

Maybe you should get
that wound cleaned up.
No, it's fine, I
I just got a couple scratches.
But but Riley
Hey, Josh,
it's not your fault, okay?
You did everything you could.
It wasn't enough.
Doesn't matter.
All that does is I
I-I couldn't save her.
J-Josh, hey.
Dad, I've got him.
I know things look
pretty bleak right now.
I hope this can help.
You went back?
I hope you find
what you're looking for.

And this is why you pay
attention in science class.
Because if you don't,
you wind up eating your best
source of electricity.
Okay, tough crowd.
You all right?
Do we have to turn
the computer on?
Well, yeah.
If we want to find Eve,
the computer's kind of key.
Is there a problem?
What if it signals them?
Signals who?
I didn't tell you this
before, but
me and my mom didn't just
leave that base.
We ran away.
You did?

Because my mother said
there were bad people,
and, they wanted
something from her.
What did they want?
I have no idea.
She told me it was safer
if I didn't know.
Petra, why didn't you tell me
any of this before?
I was afraid you
wouldn't help me.
I promise that no one is
gonna make you go
anywhere you don't want to.
And this thing,
is not gonna bring any of
those bad people here.
All right?

Hell yeah.
You did it.
Okay, Scott, how long
does it take to power up?
Don't know.
Well, apparently,
not that long.
What's that mean?
I'm no computer engineer,
but I think it means
that there's
an electromagnetic transmitter
broadcasting a linear signal
to this machine's receiver.
Uh, this computer here is
talking to something out there.

There's someone else
on the line?
Uh, I mean, technically, yes.
Gavin Harris.
Who are you?

Is this some kind of a joke?
How do you know my wife?

Where the hell is she?
How do I get my wife back?
Come on, answer me.
Come on.
Sierra? Who's that?
[WHISPERS] Sierra.
- What happened?
- Hey, where'd it go?
- Scott? Scott.
- Uh, here.
Can't you get it back?
No. I can't.
It's disconnected.
Gavin, you okay?

You're awake.
Well, I had a pretty good
doctor patching me up.
I don't know what's
gonna happen,
so I'm gonna say a few things
while I still can.
No, no.
You just need the rest.
You can tell me
when you're better.
I have internal
and external wounds.
My heart rate's fluctuating.
Fever's high.
The edges of my vision
are blurry.
I mean
I think
it's an infection.
No, no, no.

I don't have much time.
Just rest.

It's funny, when that word
"Sierra" came on the screen,
I thought you might have
recognized it.
I have no idea where
it comes from or why, I just
I know it means something to me.
This might sound strange,
but I feel like, uh,
it's connected
to my family somehow,
to a breakfast we had together.
I bet it's less strange
than you think.
Our minds often hold answers
whose origins are
at first inexplicable,
until they're not.
So tell me more.
A few days ago, I was looking
at the laptop with Scott.
All of a sudden,
I had a flash of this memory.
Haven't been able
to stop thinking about it.
It's just a morning with Eve,
the kids, Levi.
Same day like any other,
simple, we were happy.
I don't know what the
connection is to the word "Sierra,"
but I feel like
I feel like it's
related somehow.
You know, in my practice,
when people needed to recover
repressed memories,
I'd often suggest they find
something or someone
connected to that memory.
Like my kids?
I don't think Josh or Izzy are
in the best headspace to help.
I was thinking
more about,
a friend.
You want me to bring it to Levi?
I do.
Look, I know,
- his actions affected all of us
- That's an understatement, Ty.
But when it comes
to helping your wife,
he's your best shot.
I believe he's
still your friend.
I come bearing good news.
So I was trying to get
that chat screen back online,
but I think I found
something even cooler.
Whoever you were talking to,
they were transmitting a signal.
Now, the origin
of that signal is nearby.
- I think it's within a few miles.
- How would you know that?
Uh, pretty simple.
There was a map on the laptop,
had a blinking dot.
I don't know
what we're gonna find.
Whatever it is,
might help us get back to Eve.
Thank you, Scott.
What happened to Riley
It's so awful.
Yeah, I know.
I checked in on Sam,
and, uh,
I think he's just in shock.
Makes you think about
how fragile life is.
Look, I know things
are hard and scary, but,
we're gonna be okay.
Really, we're gonna build
a home here,
for-for us,
for, um
All of us.
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
You don't look good.
You should sit down.
I'm good, I'm good.
I think I just
I need to eat something.
You know, I thought I saw Judah
picking some fruit
for a smoothie,
so I get some food,
so I might, um

How is she?
Not good.
I've been trained
to handle a lot of things,
but nothing
prepares you for this.
You need to know,
wh-when that thing attacked us,
she fought back.
Riley fought back,
with everything she had.
You know
you know, the truth is
she saved my life.
And if you could,
you'd trade places with her.
In a second.
That's not what
she'd want, Josh.
I I just
I just don't know what to do.
Lucas passed out.
Can you help him?

All right,
keep your eyes peeled.
If the bearings
in that computer were right,
I think the signal
should be in this area.
What exactly are
we looking for?
Uh, that's
the million-dollar question.
Something that can
relay a signal, a
a radio tower,
something metal.
I think we'll know it
when we see it.

I don't see anything.
No, no, it's gotta be
in this area.
Let's split up, keep looking.
All right?
There's something
we need to talk about.
Yeah, sure.
Something from our past
I gotta be honest, it's not easy
for me to talk about with you.
I understand.
Gavin, I'm here to help,
so tell me how I can.
Look, I keep having
this one memory.
It was at a breakfast.
Eve was making
these smiley face pancakes.
You were there. Might be
hard for you to remember.
It's not.
It wasn't just
a random breakfast.
It was Izzy's birthday.
It was?
I still remember
exactly what I got her.
Hey, that's my pancake.
I-I called dibs on the last one.
Then I get last bacon.
Hold on, didn't you say
you were going vegan?
That was a thought experiment.
I'm okay with all this
as long as you guys saved me
some coffee.
Happy birthday, kiddo.
That's so strange.
Wh-why can't I remember that?
Your visions, Gavin.
That was the year they started.
Changed everything.
Your mind was
completely scrambled.
Yeah, everything was a blur.
My drinking didn't
exactly help that.
Anything else you remember
from that day anything?
Yeah, yeah, um,
at some point,
you went outside.
I figured you were
just drinking, but,
when you came back,
you were really upset.
Hello, Gavin.
It's my daughter's birthday.
You can't be here, Sierra.
I-I know it's not ideal,
but this is the safest way
for us to talk.
There's nothing
for us to talk about.
I'm done with the program.
we're not done with you.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
This doesn't work for me, okay?
You come here,
you know where I live,
you know who my family is.
I don't know a damn thing
about you.
I don't even know
your real name.
No, I'm done here.
I'm going back
to my daughter's party.
You're right.
You deserve to know who I am.
My name my real name is Maya.
Maya Schmidt.

It's not a name.
It's a military call sign
for a woman I used to work for.
- What are you talking about?
- Levi, I remember, okay?
I spoke to her that day,
outside Izzy's birthday.
Her real name,
it's Maya Schmidt.
That's Petra's mom,
who's down here in 10,000 B.C.
We have to find Petra, now.

There you are.
I need you to come with me now.
Gavin needs to ask
some questions about your mom.
Are you all right?
What the hell?


- Petra!
- Hey.
What's happening?
Levi and I were
looking for Petra,
but I can't find
either of them.
Oh, no.

It's Petra's locket.
Where the hell did
that Huey come from?
It must be from the base.
Petra was worried
that they'd come after her.
We have to go after them.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
There might be something
you want to see first.

I think this is where
the signal was coming from.
It's an aurora.
But why is it
two different colors?
Because it goes
to two different places.
My mother told me
about dual auroras.
So it's possible
one of these leads to Eve.
Yeah, we just don't know
which one does.
Hold on.
What are you all doing here?
Sam, what's going on?
Scott radioed back
what you guys found.
We gotta get her
through the aurora,
maybe get her to a hospital.
Okay, Josh, I appreciate
you want to help her,
but it's too dangerous, okay?
If Sam wants to take
that risk, it's his choice.
Look, there's something else
you all need to know.
What do you mean?
Look, Petra's mother, I
I used to work with her.
She's the key
to getting your mom back,
but she's here in 10,000 B.C.,
so we need to stay.
You you want us
to stay here?
No way.
I I can't.
Josh, you're not
going through!
You need to stay.
We do this together.
Uh, guys, it looks like
the aurora's about to go away.
Dad, I have to go.
I can't lose her too.
- No! No!
- Josh!
Dad, what do we do?
He's gone.
They're all gone.

- How you feeling?
Like I should be
the one taking care of you.
You know, you don't always
have to be the protector.
You just have
to be honest with me.
Sam said the same thing.
So why didn't you listen?
Because I'm stubborn.

And honestly,
I don't want to be like my
My dad.
You're different.
- You want to be a good parent.
- Of course I do.
So then you're gonna be great,
as long as you don't
get in your own way.

So you want honesty?
All right, well
I'm really excited to do this.
But I'm also terrified.
Why does that make you happy?
Because I'm terrified too.
I I want to be in this
together with you.
I don't want us pretending like
everything's fine if it's not.
If something sucks,
then we'll say it sucks.
And if it's great,
then we can say it's great.
You want some more honesty?
Every time you throw up,
it kind of makes me want
to throw up too.
I'm just being honest.
Would now be a bad time,
to tell you that I just threw
up before I came in here?
I mean, I guess
I'm just gonna
have to kiss you anyway, so
- Mm, papaya.

Jesus, man.
What are you doing
in the middle of the road?
I don't know.
Are we in Los Angeles?
What kind of question's that?
Of course we are.

Can you tell me
what date it is?
- You all right, friend?
- Please, the day and the year.
It's September 12, 2021.
That's a few weeks
before the sinkhole.


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