La Brea (2021) s03e02 Episode Script

Don't Look Up

I'm going to bring your mom back.
There's no way to get to her.
I'm not going to give up.
All of these promises
look where we are.
Sierra it's not a name.
It's a military call sign for
a woman I used to work for.
Her real name it's Maya Schmidt.
She's the key to getting my wife back,
but she's here in 10,000 B.C.
- That's Petra's mom.
Me and my mom didn't
just leave that base.
We ran away.
Petra was worried that
they'd come after her.
It must be from the base.
The clearing as we know it is gone.
I talked to Ty. He said that
we can regroup at the fort.
You were attacked by a raptor.
I tried to stop the bleeding.
It's an Aurora.
It goes to two different places.
We got to get her through the Aurora,
maybe get her to a hospital.
Josh, you're not going through!
- I can't lose her, too!
- No!
Josh! Josh! Riley!
Can you tell me what date it is?
It's September 12, 2021.
That's a few weeks before the sinkhole.
This ain't the heartache ♪
That I thought I knew ♪

This ain't the party ♪
That I thought we'd do ♪
You got your limit, baby ♪
Oh, no, I didn't order a beer.
But you look like you need it.
You've been sitting here for
hours, staring out the window,
eating literally everything on my menu.
It's just nice to eat something
you don't have to catch.
Anyway, thanks for the beer.
Mm, you're not getting
away with it that easy.
What is it? Breakup?
[SCOFFS] It's a bit more
complicated than that.
It's not something I can really explain.
Well, it's a slow afternoon,
and I like that accent.
So try me.
Well, let's just say, um
I used to live here, and I took a trip.
It wasn't my idea, but
I gained a sense of purpose there
made friends, found love.
The people I met on that journey,
they're stuck there.
And I'm here.
I don't know how to help them.
Sounds like a pretty big burden
you've put on your shoulders.
Maybe you need someone
to help you carry it.

Figured you could use something to eat.
How you holding up?
I have no idea, not until
I know if Riley's okay.
I know this hurts.
I'm there, too, but
maybe we should just
calm down and make a plan.
If you have one, I'm all ears.
Okay, look, we both just
want our kids back, right?
I figured the Aurora that
Josh and Riley went through
maybe went to same place Eve did.
That's wishful thinking.
We have no idea where they are.
I might know someone who does
Maya Schmidt.
Even if she can help us, we
don't know how to find her.
Find the people who are hunting her.
They might have Maya at their base.
Look, a chopper from that
base took Petra and Levi, okay?
Sam, let's track it.
Gavin, that Huey has a 200-mile range.
- Good luck with that.
- Sam, Sam, please, hey, Sam.
I need your help.
So does Riley.
I'm going to where I lost her.
If that Aurora comes
back, I have to be there.
That Aurora is gone!
I know it's not much
but it's better than what you got.
Now move, or we have a problem.
- Come on.
- Move!

This is not cool, man.
We just lost our home.
We should be reflecting and healing.
Instead, this Ruth lady has got
us weeding the frickin' garden.
Dude, dude, shut it.
While Paara's gone,
Ruth is in charge, okay?
I mean, we're lucky we
have a home, all right?
This this village is our life raft.
I mean, we should be thanking her.
But I'm not the only
one with a bone to pick.
The locals say that Ruth likes
to rule with an iron fist.
Hey, hey, keep your voice down, man.
And just stop complaining.
I don't know.
- Be grateful, for once.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's my family doing?
- We're good.
- Yeah?
But you, you got that adorable
worried-leader look on your face.
- Oh, I got to look, do I?
- Mm.
- Is this is about Judah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, him and everybody else
bitching about our setup.
This is all new. They'll adapt.
Yeah, well, what if they don't?
I mean, think about it, right?
To the village, we're just a
bunch of new mouths to feed.
And we we don't have Ty
or Paara to plead our case.
We actually have to step up,
and we got to show our worth.
And and I'm worried if we don't,
we're going to be bringing
up our kid under a fern.
I'm serious.
We are going to raise our kid here.
Everyone will settle in soon.
And if Judah keeps complaining,
I'll just kick his ass.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, now I kind of hope
he does keep complaining,
- 'cause I would like to see that.
Something's wrong.
Hey, stay here. I'm
going to check it out.


Sam, what happened to him?
Not sure.
I found him on my way out.
But the way he's lying there
like this, it's not natural.
Why would you let a Sky Person examine
the body of one of our own?
The man said he's a doctor.
Sorry, Ruth, we meant no disrespect.
Sam was just trying to help.
Fine. Tell me what you think happened.
Given the transverse fracture
and numerous contusions,
I'd say he fell, from somewhere high up.
This tree would be a strong candidate.
Mm-mm. Micah was a skilled warrior.
I don't believe he'd fall.
What exactly are you suggesting?
That someone pushed him.

Well, none of us would have done that.

He was on patrol, but I
don't see any of his weapons.
We find those, maybe we'll learn more
about what happened to him.
Divide up, search the area.
You want to be of use?
Tell your people they
can help with the search.

Honestly, I don't know how we're
going to integrate with these people.
Well, you could start by
not saying "these people."
Oh. Point taken.
But, seriously, I have been
in full-on charm-offensive mode
since we got here.
I've brought Ruth flowers
every freakin' day.
I haven't even got a smile.
And now they think we might
have killed one of their own.
We're different cultures.
It's going to take time.
We just need to calm down.
Well, I'd feel a little calmer
if I hadn't heard that
Ruth killed her husband.
Oh. Oh, you didn't hear.
Yeah, word is, she stabbed
him and threw him in a river.
Who does that?
Have you seen a husband anywhere?
How about we just keep our heads
down and do what we're asked?
That could be the warrior's bow.

Look. Look at all this stuff.

- What are you doing?
- Getting a better perspective.

Look at that.

What the hell is going on?

The ouroboros
the Ancient Greeks believed
that it symbolizes eternal return.
So maybe this marks
the return of a killer?
Ah, I mean, on the other hand,
other cultures view the spiral
as a winding journey, so maybe this
is a message announcing the start
of a terrible game or contest.
I think if someone's
trying to send us a message,
there's an easier way
than a crop circle.
Are we done playing
conspiracy theory for the day?
- I know I am.
- Hey. Hang on.
- Where are you going?
- To that Aurora
- where I should have been this whole time.
- Sam, hold up!
Open the gate. I'm heading out.
Can't do that, Sam. No one leaves today.
According to who?
Ruth and the Leadership Council.
The gates are to stay closed
until we find who killed our warrior.
Look, I got no issue with your council,
but I got to get out there
I'm trying to find my daughter.
I'd let you go, Sam,
but I don't want an issue with Ruth.
Get out of my way.
Hey, hey, get off him!

Stop this now!
Hey, hey, we don't want any trouble.
That's not what it looks like.
Take them to the cell!

- What are you doing?
- Izz, I'm sorry.
Hey, I'll fix it.

Don't lose your cool.
This job will test you in
ways you can never imagine.
You're going to want to
scream, yell, put your hair out.
- But what's my advice?
- ALL: Don't lose your cool.
Okay, I'll see everyone tomorrow.
- Bye.
Dr. Velez?
- Can I help you?
- I hope so.
My name's Dr. Ty Coleman
and in the simplest of terms,
there are people who are in trouble,
- but I believe you can help.
- Well, hang on. Who's in trouble?
It's complicated.
And, honestly, it will
be hard to believe,
but I can prove it's
worth your time to listen.
This is a list of
things that will happen
in the next 24 hours, things
that haven't happened yet.
what are you talking about?
There will be a mudslide
on the PCH this afternoon,
a presidential assassination
in the Middle East,
and Arsenal will score against Liverpool
in the 94th minute
and go on to win 1-0.
Buddy, are you feeling all right?
I'll be waiting
at the Sand Dollar Bar later on today.
When you're ready to listen,
I'll be ready to talk.


- Impressive.
Good thing mammoths are big,
because that's about the only
thing you're going to hit.
Thanks for the tip.
- Okay.
Time for you to get
back to pulling weeds.
I'm good here, thanks.
You can be good somewhere else.
That's my bow.
You can have it when I'm done.
You sure about that?
I'm a warrior.
And you clearly are not.
You don't even know my name,
and you're already insulting me.
- That's not fair.
- Haven't you figured it out?
Life's not fair.

See what I mean?
What are you doing?
Just welcoming her to our home.
Where I'm from, people
usually start with "hello."
You want to learn the bow?
Then let one of our
best archers teach you
my daughter.
It'll be good for both of you.
We need to set the example here.

Are we understood?

We are.

You don't get to hold that yet.
Show me your stance.

This is gonna to take a while.

Ruth, where do you want us to go?
- Station at the front gate.
- Let's move.
Ruth, hey. I heard what
happened with Gavin and Sam.
Considering what's going on right now,
I don't think locking up
our only two military guys
is such a great idea
Do you know how many years we've gone
without an altercation amongst our own?
You've been here for two days,
and we've already had a fight.
Why do you think that is?
- Ruth, I'm sure they're sorry.
- I asked you a question.
What's your answer?
- I don't know.
- I do.
In this place, we value
community above all else.
That's why we avoid
violent confrontation.
Your people are different.
You value the individual
and punch whatever gets in your way.
That's not how you build a society.
We haven't been a community
as long as you guys have.
We're still learning, but we're trying.
Well, you better try harder.

Oh, my God.

What did this?

Archers to the East Wall! Go, now!
Everyone else in the
huts! No one outside!
Uh, should I get a bow?
- You know how to shoot?
- No, he doesn't.
Well, then get in a hut, now!
- I got to find Veronica.
- Oh, no.

Hey. Come with me.
- We got to move, Izzy.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Go!
- Let's go!
Go, go, go!
I don't see Izzy anywhere. Izzy!
Hey, open the door. Let us out.
Hey, open the door! Let us out!
Will you stop? You're not helping.
You've caused enough problems today.
Try not to make it worse.
I was trying to get back to my daughter.
Oh, yeah, and now I can't get to mine.
That turned out great, didn't it?
I can't believe pterodactyls
used to be my favorite dinosaur.
Oh, God!
Okay, okay, we're good.

- Oh, no!
No, no, no!
It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.


It's gone. You can come out now.
Did you kill that thing?
Barely scratched it, but
enough to scare it off.
- Did they all leave?
- For now.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Veronica! Hey.

Oh. Oh.
I was so worried about you.

What is it?
I'll be I'll be right back.
Ruth, we need to talk.
What is it?
I kept my opinions to myself
because I really want to make this work.
But you locked up two
of our best fighters,
people who could have
really helped today.
Seriously, Ruth, look around.
What do you think happens
when those things come back?
My warriors can defend our home.
Apparently not.
You need our help, and you know it.

Those creatures may well return,
and the last thing we need
is a dangerous distraction,
like you and your friends.

Is that what you think of us?
Today I had to deal with a public brawl,
another conflict
involving my own daughter,
and now you questioning my
authority in my own home,
which is not yet yours.
I'm just trying to
help protect this place.
So am I
which is why, as of this moment,
I am confining all refugees
from the Clearing to the Long
House until this crisis is over.
No, Ruth, you don't have to do that.
- No, we can work something else out.
- No, I have wasted enough
time on this conversation.
Either your people go
into the Long House,
or you can all leave our village.

You okay, dude?
Uh getting there.
Yeah, um
there's something you need to see.
Come on.

It's the same type of spiral you
found outside the fort, isn't it?

When I was a kid, I literally read
every dinosaur book in the library,
and nobody ever discovered this.
But apparently pterodactyls
make these spirals.
But why would they do that here?


You know you're supposed to
be in the Long House, right?
I'm good here, thanks.
Look, I get it you want to be a hero.
That's why you saved that kid.
It was pretty brave, but mostly stupid.
How? I saved her life.
No, I saved her.
You ran her into a hut that was
being attacked by a dinosaur.
[SCOFFS] Look, I get
that you have issues,
but don't take 'em out on me.
I'm not the one taking
out my anger on a hay bale.
You know what? Yeah,
I have issues, okay?
I just lost my mother and my brother,
and today your mom locked up my dad.

Back home, I was as lost
and confused as anyone else.
No one really understood me,
but at least I had people to talk to.
Here, all we have time to do is survive.
What do you care?
You still have to go to the Long House.

I told you these people,
they're out to get us.
- They're not out to get us.
- They put us in a pen.
Those flying monsters come back,
we're an all-you-can-eat buffet.
- We need to do something.
- Yeah, we do.
But I don't have a plan
right now, so just calm down.
Then what the hell did
we elect you leader for?
Guys, I think I figured it out.
The reason the pterodactyls
are making the spirals
is because they're nesting.
Hold on. Why do you think
that they're nesting?
I knew those spirals looked familiar,
and then I remembered
when I was a kid,
I saw leatherback turtles
making shapes just like them.
Well, smaller, of course, but still
when the turtle colonies nest,
they make spirals like these
that cover whole sections of the beach.
Okay, you think that these things
are turning the area around
the fort into a nesting colony?
And they don't want to share their home.
Okay, so what can we do?
What wildlife biologists
do all the time
give them an alternative.

- I owe you an apology.
- Ah, forget it.
Now, look, I don't give many of them.
But in this case, I
really do owe you one.
I know what happened isn't
what you wanted, okay?
I understand what you're going through.
I know what it's like to want
to be there for your daughter
and you can't help her.
All I'm trying to do is fix things.
Well, maybe she doesn't want
you to fix anything right now.
[SCOFFS] She hated when I
tried to fix her problems.
She said the best thing
to do was just listen.
But I didn't.
I couldn't change.
Before I fell down that sinkhole,
I was a different guy.
I was stubborn.
I mean, if someone told me
something that wasn't in my worldview,
I shut it out.
It was easier that way.
But now I'm thinking everything
would have been better
had I just taken Riley's advice.

I mean, if she was here
I wanted to take her fishing,
'cause for years,
she'd asked me to teach her.
I never found the time.
I thought being stuck in 10,000 B.C.,
we'd have time.
Now we don't even have that.
Sam, I'm sorry.

How the hell did you know all this?
I promise, I will talk
you through all of it,
step by step.
First, why don't we get you a drink?
Glenlivet 18, neat, right?
Enough with this fortune-teller crap.
Just tell me what this is about.
In three weeks, a giant sinkhole
will open near the La Brea Tar Pits
and swallow a chunk
of midtown Los Angeles.
- A sinkhole?
- Yes, but it's more than that.
It's a portal that will take people,
including you and me,
to the year 10,000 B.C
- That's insane.
- Yeah, we thought so, too.
But we came to see the truth.
I managed to escape,
but we have friends who
are still down there.
I want to bring them back.
And you expect me to believe all that?
Yes, I do, because it's the truth.
It's impossible.
But I showed you the news reports.
I showed you the scores.
Oh, it's some kind of trick.
I know you're getting a divorce.

- What did you say?
- I'm sorry.
I know this is a lot,
but I'm just trying to
show you that this is real.
I know that your wife
gave you divorce papers
you probably have them on you right now,
and that you haven't
told anyone about it.
I know that you have PTSD,
that you're secretly on medication.
I know you think Riley is
in pre-med, but she quit.
She isn't going to tell you for weeks.
- Who the hell are you?
- I'm your friend
just like our many friends that
we need to try and get back.

I can't do that on my own.

The only lead I have is a
secret Air Force project,
and a woman named Maya Schmidt.
But I need help finding out more.
I need you.
I don't have anyone else to turn to.
There's no one else I trust.
I don't know what your game is,
but you stay away from me.
I never want to hear from you again.

Just give me a minute, okay?
Why aren't you in the Long House?
Because we have a way to stop
the dinosaurs from attacking.
I put your people in there
to stay out of our way,
and already you disobey me.
Look, I spoke out against you
because I was afraid, okay?
I was worried about
Veronica and our child
and everybody else here.
But I was wrong.
Ruth, I'm just trying to
protect the people that I love.
I mean, you have a daughter, right?
Isn't that something
you you understand?
So what is the plan?
First thing we're
going to need to do is,
we're going to need to let
Gavin and Sam out of jail.
- We have been over this.
- Yes, I realize that.
But you don't know these men like I do.
They've both lost family
members in the last few days.
They're acting out of
grief, and they want to help.

Don't worry. It's a
simple two-part process.
The first part is building the new nest.
Which Sam and Veronica are on top of.
- And our part
- Moving the egg?
And one of them, I believe, is buried
right under
this mound of dirt.
Okay, let's start digging.
Come on.
And you believe you can convince
a 60-million-year-old dinosaur
it's just better off somewhere else?
Well, it's not like I
met Mama out for coffee
and asked her about her dream home,
but, theoretically, it should work.
Don't think, just dig.

I never imagined myself
holding a dino egg.
Why isn't there a
camera when you need one?
Hey, we can make a TikTok later.
Put it in the bag, and let's go.
Come on, Scott, come on.
Okay, move.

Work faster!
We need to be done with this
spiral before that egg gets here.
Motherhood's made you mean.
Oh, yeah?
If you don't keep working,
I can get a lot meaner.
While the Sky People attempt
to relocate the dinosaurs,
we need to protect our home.
Warriors, take positions.

Take this.
When you shoot, keep your back
straight and your elbow high.
So you're training me now?
What you said about
people not getting you
they don't always get me either.
Want to learn the bow,
I'll teach you anything you want.
- Thanks.
- As long as you don't die.

How much farther?

That's a Huey
same type that took Levi and Petra.
It's got to belong to that
base we're looking for.
We've been spotted.

Uh, new plan hide.

Barrels twisted. Weapon's no use.

No weapons here either.
Okay, we're going to
have to fight our way out.
Uh, with what?
Have you guys seen "Jurassic Park"?
We need something substantial.
Okay, if we have no offensive weapons,
maybe we deploy defensive ones
set off some flares.
If we start this chopper,
we can shoot them off.

- Yeah!
- Ha!
I guess we have some luck.
Now that plan B's failed,
someone please tell me
they've got a plan C.
We stick with plan B.
Whoa, whoa, didn't the
chopper just fritz out?
But all we need is a spark
to set off those flares.
- You want to hot-wire it.
- Exactly.
We just need a battery
that's still got some juice.
There should be one under the hood.
On it.
Okay, I need you to find me some wires.
I'm going to set up the flares.
Let's go try and scare
off some dinosaurs.

Got it.


- Do we need anything else?
- Oh, yeah.
Just some luck that this
thing doesn't explode.
Now or never.


- It worked.
- We should go.
- We should go.
- This is when we run, Scott.
- Yep. Okay.

Better be finished making that nest!
We are.
Tell me a bunch of angry pterodactyls
aren't about to burst through
those trees and kill us.
Not if we move quickly.
Come on.

Come on.
Good, good, good.
Here, here.
Sounds like our friends
are on their way.
- We good, Scott?
- Uh, yeah.
- Come on!
- Come on, come on.
- Go, go!
- Veronica?
- Yeah.

Eat your heart out, Michael Crichton.


We're still at separate tables.
You'd think after we saved their asses,
they'd want to at least
have a meal with us.
Maybe [SNIFFS]
They think we need a shower.
Maybe they'll always be
suspicious of outsiders.
It's not your fault,
just just human nature.
This is for you
for a job well done.
It's something very
important to me, but
I wanted to give it to you
as a token of my appreciation.
It's a rocket.
- How did you get this?
- Yeah.
It was my grandfather's.
He was a Sky Person, like you,
from the 1960s.
He was one of the first outsiders
to join this community.
We're a lot more alike than you think.
thank you.
You're welcome.

What are you doing? It's
not even my birthday.
Yeah, I, uh Listen
I'm a terrible person.
I'm sorry.
You're forgiven.
So mint chocolate chip ice cream
is surprisingly hard to
come by in 10,000 B.C.,
but these corn cakes
well, apparently they're to die for.
You gonna make a wish?

So I was thinking that, uh,
tomorrow maybe you and
I could go for a walk
two of us.
You can, you know, tell me
whatever you want to tell me.
I'd like that.

Sam, hey, hold up.
I know you're going out
there to get Riley back,
but there's something
you got to see first.
I've been held up all
day. I got to get moving.
Hey, hey, just a minute, just a minute.
I went back out to the chopper,
and I got the tail number.
So what?
It's from Ladera Air Force Base.
Sam, that's in Los Angeles.
If it's in the same
place it was up there,
then I can find it down here.
It could help bring Riley back.
Hey, you told me earlier
you're a different man now,
that you knew how to
listen when it mattered.
Prove it.
If we go to that base,
maybe we find Maya Schmidt.
Maybe she has the answers we need.
All right, I'm in.

Hey. So I spoke to Riley
about her pre-med program.
- She denied it at first,
but you were right.
She dropped out, just like you said.
I also had a military buddy
of mine look into that woman
that you mentioned Maya Schmidt.
He found a connection between her
and a top-secret military
program on quantum physics
being run out of Ladera Air Force Base.
Can I make the assumption
you believe me now?
Let's just say, at the very least,
you've got my attention.
I'm very grateful to have it.
Now that I do, what
would you say is next?
I think we need to find someone
who knows more about that program.
I think I know exactly
who we can talk to.
Who the hell are you two?

Why'd you bail me out?

Perhaps we can discuss
that over a coffee.

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